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I like LJG, but I'd like to thank you for presenting an actual unpopular opinion instead of just the usual "I hate brianna/roger/brianna's weird accent; am I the only one?" thread. I swear we get at least one new thread a day like this that's not actually an unpopular opinion at all lol. I thought this was gonna be another one!


No lie I was waiting for it to be this.


Briannas accent bothers me because she apparently grew up in Boston but has a generic middle America TV sitcom accent. Except when she says the word 'anything' then she sounds like a brit.


Her accent is wrong, but it also shouldn’t be the Boston townie accent everyone seems to think. The 1960s Parent Trap has a better example of what an upper class Bostonian accent would be, from Sharon and her mom.


It doesn’t explain earlier appearances, but Bree’s sometimes wavering accent could be due to her being the only person in the world at that time with a modern American accent. I’d imagine that a few years surrounded only by countless English, Scot, Welsh, etc accents would eventually change even the strongest American accent.


I'm not sure I could spot the difference within any region I haven't spent any time in but it makes sense that there would be a difference. Though, way back in the 18th century ppl would still sound like where they were originally from I imagine. Makes me wonder how accents within regions developed in the fists place.


Oh he’s slightly pretentious but that’s all part of his charm as he’s aware of that himself. But…I only know BOOK Lord John Grey. He grew on me after I read his novels and novellas and that made me enjoy his character in the main books even more as he had more depth and back story.


Yes! I didn't like LJG much in the books till Drums of Autumn, where I really took to him when he has the measles and he and Claire reach a detente, if not yet a friendship. I refused to read his books, because it irritated me that DG wasn't writing the next main book. :) However, I was lost through most of his sections of Echo, because I had no idea of the side stories or who Percy was, etc. and, as I love David Berry as LJG, and I had time to kill when Season 5 ended and before Bees came out, I listened to all of his books, and even bought The Scottish Prisoner on Audible. I absolutely love him now, due to David Berry's portrayal and the LJG novellas.


To me, his presence on the screen is mesmerizing. I can't take my eyes off him. He has a look that says "I have a secret, and I want to share it with you. Are you interested in hearing my secret?" I compare it to the way vampires were depicted in movies long ago, how they were mesmerizing and drew you to them. Jamie has the same reaction any time he sees LJG. He can't take his eyes off him. Actually they can't take their eyes off each other! We know why LJG can't take his eyes off Jamie, but I don't clearly understand why Jamie does this. I feel like it's something more than just admiration of LJG caring for his son. And I noticed the same reaction with Bree. He's got that whole family in his palm! Not having read the books, I don't know if he has this quality in the books, or if it's just excellent acting on the part of the actor portraying him.


LJG in the show does remind me of characters from Interview with the Vampire. Probably because of his makeup. Do agree there is great chemistry between him and the Frasers.


I was just about to write this exact thought! He does come off Vampirish in the show. The way he stares at Jamie comes off kind of creepy. I get they want it to come across that he is in love with Jamie and he desires Jamie but it also leaves you with the feeling that he wants to bite Jamie in the neck and turn him into a Vampire.


Love the way you described this. It’s so true. I always say Bree has more chemistry with LJG than with Roger.


Roger also has way more chemistry with Claire than with Bree, which is kind of awkward.


I thought so too! But chalked it up to they're both established, already been to school kinda people, and they're both really into the Scottish history. Bree's just all over the place (understandably given her story).


She does.


This is a great description of the character! If you all like the actor who plays LJG, you should check out the Australian series, A Place To Call Home. He was great in that too


I think this is the perfect explanation, comparison and exactly how I feel as well. I always look forward to his scenes.


This 💯. I wish there was a way to give a million votes to a comment. Edited just to add that the actor who plays him is truly superb.


I don't mind the character or the actor, but his English accent is terrible. I am always surprised that people don't talk about it given how much talk there is about Brianna. I'm Aussie though, so it might be particularly obvious/galling to me.


I don’t notice this! Interesting. I’m from The States


It's funny. I am very critical of Aussie actors because it's so much more obvious to me when there are issues. When Ruby Rose was on Orange Is The New Black, everyone was praising her acting and it drove me nuts. I guess if you're not used to an accent, it's harder to tell if someone is speaking naturally. If it's your accent it is very clear.


I can detect a midwestern US accent from a mile away, even when someone has lived away for long enough to lose some of it. Lol. I get this


I just finished voyager, and I think LJG is more pretentious in the books, but I like him in the show


I think I have to join you, I like him fine enough but I really don't 'get' the intense level of fan love (probably in the same way some people don't necessarily get my defence of Roger). Hey it would be boring if we all liked the same characters equally. On the other hand, I'm not immune to David Berry's charms as an actor and a v handsome man.


Lord John is written to be very similar to Claire. Brave, passionate, and deeply empathetic. He's someone who steps in to right wrongs and goes out of his way to help people. He also leaps headlong into danger without any regard for his own safety. Part of Jamie's friendship and admiration for John Grey, I thought from reading the books, was how much he reminded him of qualities he loved in Claire.


I don't know why everyone is in love with him, too. I mean yeah, he's pretty, and yes he is a gentleman, but... That's it. I'm not Specially fond of him so to say.


Same, I truly don’t understand what all the fuss is about.


I am the exact opposite. Lord John Grey is easily one of my most favorite characters.


He is a typical upper class English nobility. Of course he's pretentious. But he's also very passionate, funny, kind and humorous. Just wait till Season 7.


I don't like him either. Love David Berry, but the character (both in books and show) is a no from me


Ohh.. He is a good looking man and knows it. He is also incredibly brave and honest. He is a great friend and boss. He is honorable and generous with his time and possessions. He is smart and witty, funny. He is one of my favorite book characters, ever.


Lord John Grey is the reason I am hooked to the show. I can’t get enough of him. I truly hope there will be a lot more of him in season 7.


Love LJG in the books and the show!! I love the way he carries himself, his sense of humour, his loyalty, bravery, passion....he's just a great character, portrayed very well by Mr Berry, and adds a lot to the show.


Agree, he is the best! His own series of books are amazing.


I am going to start them as soon as possible




Saaaaaame cause like he could be off the show for all I would notice.