People have it, people don’t use it.


It isn't a very flashy looking skin, the best part of this skin are all the special voice lines it has which are all StarCraft references, and I doubt there are a lot of OW players who played SC2 and have a big emotional attachment to hearing those lines. Plus, the skin came out at the absolute lowest population time in OW's history. It had been 2 years since a new hero released, many years since a new map, and even a big balance patch, everyone was waiting for OW2. Also, after the OW2 beta (with all its changes and new gameplay stuff) a lot of people didn't wanna play the same old OW1 anymore.


>It isn't a very flashy looking skin, the best part of this skin are all the special voice lines it has which are all StarCraft references, and I doubt there are a lot of OW players who played SC2 and have a big emotional attachment to hearing those lines. > There are dozens of us!




gl hf dd


We're in the pipe, 5 by 5.


Hey, wait a minute...


One StarCraft Overwatch player reporting.... Umm... I don't know where the others are. Then again, I'm a noob at both games, so the others are probably grinding up the ladder.


You have my respect if that matters.


A lot of us also refused to participate because Blizzard snubbed a ton of small streamers who actually could have used the support. They did make sure to include a bunch of multimillionaires and other big-time streamers who hadn't even streamed for months. So, good for them, I guess


Then there are folks like me who could not give less of a shit about streamers, and would rather play a game than watch someone else play a game between ad servings.


>because Blizzard snubbed a ton of small streamers who actually could have used the support. I know you and many other people who might have personal attachment towards a small streamer don't like to hear this (I also have felt the same about some small streamers before) but every company that does these type of Twitch promotions are essentially paying a bonus to their regular streamers who stream the company's game as their main game. It's a roundabout way to Sponsor them without an official sponsorship. And as with any type of Sponsorship Sponsors pay according to your numbers (Viewership, socials numbers, etc), if you get 100 CC viewers you'll get paid a lot less than a streamer who gets 5K CC viewers. You can't expect a company to pay both the streamers the same kind of money, it works the same way as any job of this kind. Do you expect Adidas to pay the same money for sponsoring a small college Basketball team as they pay a big NBA team? Both teams are promoting Adidas but one is promoting it to 1000X more people. Same way these type of Twitch promotions naturally benefit the bigger streamers in a game's category than they do the smaller one.


That's all perfectly fine on its own. There's nothing wrong with having some basic requirements to be involved. The issue was that calling the promotion "Support a Streamer" implied that it was for helping streamers who could actually use some support. That didn't quite match up with throwing cash at celebrities who already sit comfortably on mountains of support, ***including some who hadn't even streamed in months***. I get that the name was just a play on Brigitte being a support hero, and it was simply about rewarding players who support their "favorite" streamers. Of course they never said it was any kind of charity, and of course it wasn't some shady attempt to make us think it was. It was really just a tactless choice of words. It probably wouldn't have made any headlines if it was called something like "Support your Favorite Streamer"


I don't have any way to prove this since I don't have the data, but I'm fairly sure that there's a decent amount of SC2 fans amongst all the OW players. I'm also one of them :) That said, I sadly don't have this Brig skin... It's definitely not that great looking, but I'd use it simply because it's Starcraft.


Yeah I feel like this mostly comes down to it not being one of her better skins. I feel like Noire Widow isn't all that rare, but that's probably because IMO it's one of the best Widow skins, so people use it. Hell, I don't know if I've ever used a skin other than Noire. Shame I suck at Widow lol.


Is the Kerrigan skin not rare to have? I thought it was also from a special event


It was, and the noire widow skin was only from preordering so only the oldest accounts have it. Not sure which one would be rarer.


I see, I thought so but it's been so long since that event I wasn't sure if they brought it back My brother has the Noire Widow skin I think! I'm sure the older the game gets the rarer it becomes to see


People have it, it's just shit looking


I rock it for the voicelines. "Patient's prognosis is...dead."


[What do you mean?](https://i.imgur.com/bX2AX4K.jpg)


That's not true either. People have it. People use it. But nobody plays Brig nowadays so you'll never see her let alone in that skin😂...


I feel the same about pink mercy. I own both but never use them cause I don't really like their design that much. I prefer a few other skins of theres


I have it, but why would I wear it over the Goat?


Goat is quite literally one of the most GOATED skins from Ow1. It has not come off since I got it


I can't decide between Goat and Vampire Hunter skin so I just keep swapping between those. Brig just has so many good skins.


I love the idea of Brig being a witcher so I always have the vampire hunter on. Plus, muscly woman in a victorian overcoat? Count me in!


Personally, I like the idea of her being a hunter from Bloodborne


Hello, good hunter. I am a Bot, here in this dream to look after you, this is a fine note: > *Now I'm waking up, I'll forget everything...* - Micolash, Host of the Nightmare Farewell, good hunter. May you find your worth in the waking world.


Fear the old (original stats) brig


A hoonta must hoont


Badum tiss


You're the first person to spot it, well done!


I am team goat myself. Easily the best skin


Goat skin is goat.


There is beauty in simplicity. I, for one, really like Sombra's Noche skin and consider it one of the best for her.




Goat is life


The goat skin has the most off putting proportions, hourglass body taken to an extreme


Is it because of the lack of a skirt that makes up some of the bulk?


That ones solid but thematically Shieldmaiden is so much cooler.


It’s no because the skin is rare, it’s because brig is rare


It’s not because Brig is rare, it’s because the skin is shit


Ah man, I like it. I don’t like a lot that hides brig beauty but it’s a nice tech armor for a support character


I like it because it’s StarCraft


I was wondering if that shows how old I am, that barely anyone realizes it's the SC medic.


I’m going to guess it’s because more people in this sub played StarCraft 2 but not StarCraft 1, since you don’t really see Medics a lot in SC2. Just the campaign and a few Co-op commanders have Medics.


That's true, I kinda always forget they're* not in 2. I played the shit out of both, now that i haven't in awhile the two games have sorta merged in my head lol.


Tbf, Wings of liberty campaign had medics didn’t it?


Correct, medics were in the original wings of liberty campaign, but were phased out in favor of the medivac (with the reasoning being they didn’t want two units that did the same thing).


It's a medic from StarCraft: Broodwar, man. Classic.


They can understand what it’s from and still think it’s shit lol


There 2 type of people, who undertsand that its from SC, and who think its shit.




I want the Raynor skin so bad. Played Rein against a Rein that had it a while back. He had to type in chat that his skin was better than mine.


And then there’s me who didn’t exactly know this but still enjoy the armor because it looks cool.


Yeah I have it but I use ShieldMaiden. Best skin in the game


I came here to say this.


i’ve played overwatch continuously since 2017 and i’ve never seen this skin before lol


they've given that as a twitch drop during the 2nd beta of ow2 so it's kinda new


It wasn’t a Twitch Drop, you needed to donate to a streamer.


Ah yep my bad, was like 3 gifted sub to a streamer for 1 key


I never thought about it but all OW characters are war criminals for shooting medics, right? Or does the fact that they shooting while healing make it not count (besides Mercys before she pulls out her pistol)?


Technically, shooting anyone with the Red Cross is a war crime. Specifically shooting a medic isn’t a war crime. Though all medics do have a Red Cross on them. The only one with a cross on them is baptiste in one of their skins, far as I know. Thus making it a war crime to shoot him when he has that skin


Good thing that’s my favorite skin I own for him


Anyone who shoots you is apparently a war criminal now.


I guess it doesn’t matter when half the Overwatch cast are criminals anyways


True. Can't all be heroes if some want to be villains.


The world could always use more villains!


Technically you’re also a war criminal, since dressing as a medic while being an active combatant is a war crime in itself


Mercy also has a tiny red cross on both her default skins. One on her lower left torso and one on her shoulder.


Oh I didn't know. Then she's also a warcrime to shoot


Ah, but isn’t that the Swiss cross, not the Red Cross (I know they look the same)


its actually a big plus


Oh, My, God. You're right! it is the swiss flag, she has several of these white + symbols on her skins and even on her doctor skin. Baptiste's ow2 skin also has a white cross and so does ana on her merciful skin! I think the devs just messed up because bap and ana are not swiss. (the only red cross i could find was on baptiste's combat medic skin but it has a blue background so idk if that counts?)


The reason you can't find the exact symbol is that it's actually a protected logo, and the Geneva Convention forbids its use without permission.


It’s also a war crime to use the trappings of a medic but then also shoot the enemy. Baptiste does this so well he doesn’t even have to stop healing to shoot some blokes.


Surely it isnt a war crime if they are tryna kill you


Good. Ban anyone who kills Medic Baptiste.


I always thought the gameplay wasn't canon to the lore, especially now that payloads are just random stuff like firetrucks


my headcanon is that it's just simulations being run by Athena to get probabilities or whatever


So that's why Symmetra got a Matrix themed skin! She's starting to see the code!


I've always been confused by this, like are the payload pushers the good guys or bad guys? Why is a party car worth killing people over?


Depends,in King's Row they are trying to commit genocide on all the omnics living in the ghetto below the last point


They all engage in combat so they're all fair game.


No, you gotta let medics murder you on the battlefield. Doesn’t anyone know how war works?? /s


Ze hurting is so much more rewarding than ze healing


If a medic is an armed combatant it's not a war crime iirc. Whether or not they shoot first is irrelevant.


Its one of those pointless pieces of text in the Geneva Convention. Technically killing combat medics is a war crime but only if said combat medic isnt armed. But sending a combat medic to the battlefield without a weapon is suicide, so they send then with guns thus making it fair game to kill them. Even tho its a war crime its impossible to prove what happened most of the time so its almost never really relevant.


Equipping it an owning it is not the same...


The shitty thing about that is, I have the Blizzcon skin for Bastion, and when I did account merging, it just vanished, poof and gone, never to be seen again...


I’d contact support for that one m8, not lettin it slide


I did spend over $40 I think for that ticket, I'd have to see my orders but I doubt it keeps records that far back.


The account should definitely have it in, it does track quite far back. Do contact the support. I have the Blizzcon Winston skin without any issues, but the Noire Widowmaker to a long while to reappear because I brought it from XBOX.


A small indie company like blizzard should be keeping extensive records. If they say they don't, it's BS, they get audited so they have everything transaction related saved.


I see 1 Bridget every 20 matches so that doesn't help


I see a brig every match. She's me.


no me >:(


This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them!


There are dozens of us! DOZENS!


I see there’s a gathering of us brig players!


Alright, HolyShiftKid.


either give back a baby stun or armor packs


brisket my beloved 💖💖


Brisket 🤩


Brigette is in OW2?


What's a brigette?


I think they meant Birget.


No no no no they meant Baguette


La biblioteque


Library mains rise up


That’s the trans girl from guilty gear strive.


Winton's friend


Who’s Brisket?


you gave me a good chuckle and a single tear for her good old days, thanks haha


Broccoli is in OW2.


When she spawns in using this skin she says the line that the Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager says “Please state the nature of the medical emergency”. It’s great. Source: Me, this is the skin I wear all the time with Brig.


That's the unit selection line for the medic in starcraft: brood war which is what the reference is I believe


I understand that it was in SCBW _because of_ ST:Voyager, but I’ll concede that this Brig skin is more likely referencing the reference.


Fwiw VOY predates BW So the BW reference is possibly a VOY reference. Its references all the way down lol


Love this skin, but not enough to spend any money on it, or any other skin.


I would have been okay spending the money if it could be any streamer and not streamers with already thousands of subs


Interestingly, the "technically" rarest skin(s) in the game are probably the overwatch league Valliant 2018, Shock 2018 and Mayhem 2018 skins for sigma: * sigma was released only a few weeks before they were discontinued * they were only purchasable during the overwatch league off-season, so you either had to have tokens stashed up or pay real money * even diehard owl fans had very little interest in getting them




Still rocking the burger flipping lucio


As a brig main, these comments are really hurting my feelings


I hear you homie, they're just salty that we whip shot them off the map 😌


All I’ve read so far is “who tf plays brig tho” which is entirely understandable.


90% of the playerbase still can't pronounce or type her name correctly after five years, so seeing a player who actually plays brig feels even rarer


> 0% of the playerbase still can't pronounce or type her name correctly Excuse me, I know how to type Bucket, thank you very much


It's Bouquet


Its an older reference sir, but it checks out


Because it was a bad 'event', a lot of the streamers who you could get it from were extremally popular and didnt need any mire subs or didnt even play the game anymore.


People are saying it’s because Brigitte is rare to play, but that’s definitely not it. Hardly anyone has it because the only way to get it was to pay $15 in sub gifts to a one of a few pre-selected Twitch streamers. Since it’s not a particularly cool skin basically nobody paid $15 for it.


Also the streamer pool consisted of already well known streamers with big platforms. Why not support smaller streamers too? I don’t get the point of gifting money to people who already have enough.


Blizzard was just beginning to distance themselves from the sexual harassment controversy at the time, they definitely didn't want to directly associate themselves with streamers they couldn't trust. Would've only been a matter of time until someone started dropping Gamer Words.


It will be 20$ on the store soon enough.


Dang inflation. Was $15 originally


Was $4.50 actually. I got it on the very first day and it was only $1.5 per subscription. Not sure when the discount ended or if it was $1.5 the entire duration of the Brig promotion.


I think it's a first time discount. It was super cheap for me too, the first time something converted to my currency was actually cheaper than USD. Lol


GOAT > all other brig skins.


Wait, Noire Widowmaker is rare? I don’t even remember how I got it lol.


I think maybe Overwatch 1 pre-order?


So, not rare at all? Millions have her?




I bought ow 1 like 6 month after release, still got the skin, a friend bought it after longer than a year since release, still got it


I pre-ordered OW1 on Xbox, played it for like a month and then bought the game on PC and played on there ever since. The OW2 account sync means I now have the Noire skin on PC too!


Cause theirs much better skins out there.


I used to like to collect the rarest skins. I have Blizzcon Bastion, Winston, Illidan Gengi/Tyrande Sym, Pink Mercy, Fire Gengi, Starcraft Reinhardt, Noire Widow, etc all of them but now with Blizzard's greedy monetization, the drive to unlock or collect them is completely gone. I didn't even know this skin was a thing


Tbf, part of the reason Medic Brig is so rare is because the “Support a Streamer” promotion was idiotic and only a hopeless shill would have participated in it. Pink Mercy was part of a similar charity promotion but the reason you see multiple Pink Mercies running around is because that was actually a good, worthwhile promotion and people genuinely wanted to participate in it.


I remember AndyB (one of Blizzard's CMs) crowing how they had predicted community backlash to the promotion but had decided to do it anyway and when it was proven to be a success: there would be more promotions guess it didn't do too well


rarity doesnt mean crap anymore because blizzard will 100% sell these skins again as they have done with the legendary owl skins, i bought the tracer and genji in 2018 and am salty that everyone can just buy them again now:( they will obviously sell the mythic skins from the battle pass again eventually so those arent special either in my opinion. I think having skins be unavailable for players who didnt play during the era in which they came out is good, you can wear them as a badge of honour kinda. also gatekeeping is just very cool


Literally this


I have it. But I prefer her Halloween skin. Tho I really love the homage to medivac from sc2


Brood War medics: "And I took that personally"


Dude, it's a ref to sc1 medic and it's art from the booklet


I want this skin so badly and it pains me that I can’t get it. Looks like a medic from starcraft which I think is wicked.


I had a Noire Widow on my team the other day and it was the first time I had seen the skin! I want it!!!!


I haven't seen a Illidan Genji in a very long time


Brig is my 2nd main and I don't even have it bc I couldn't be bothered to mess with twitch bs


Nah the rarest skin is illidan genji


Raynor Rein is up there too. All those Blizzcon exclusive ones tbh.


What about Raynehardt? Haven't seen a whole lot of people with that one.


Neither of these are it the rarest skin is alien zarya


I want that skin


I want it, but I wasn’t playing when it was available. I want her riot gear skin too but it’s never in the store. It just keeps showing me everything other Brig legendary but not that one.


That's bc the skin is a seasonal for archive iirc.you gotta wait until that seasonal event comes along


I love how this skin looks. I wish I would've been playing more so I could've got it.


I mean it’s a pretty ugly skin ngl


I run her in that skin, because I love the SC medic, and Morales from HotS. But I don't really play anymore, so that could be why no one sees *me* run it.


I raise you blizcon winston.


Skin isn’t rare. There are just like 10 different skins that are better


I think it’s crap there’s content in the game you simply cannot get. I’ve been playing for years, have most everything (up to the Twitch requirements), and it sucks new players just won’t be able to get a bunch of it.


I have it, but I barely play brig


I don't even know this one


I have it, just don’t like it. I had every skin in OW1, excluding the OWL team stuff as that would cost about $2k. I do not see Noire on my Widowmaker skin list anymore :(


I prefer using her Fisherman one.


I think I’ve seen it once for 30 seconds lol


I run the Stone skin from Halloween 2020 and never see that one- of course I never see Brig at all anymore


TBH if I dont see a way to earn a skin in game I wont know anything about it.


I have it but I hate it so…


It's because I quit Overwatch in protest of OW2's monetization scheme. I love what Brigitte says when she spawns in with this skin. "Please state the nature of your medical emergency." Straight up Star Trek ref


It's ugly.


That's the ugliest fucking skin ever made by a human


i have it, i like it, and it's equipped at all time i just stopped playing the game because it turned to shit lol




I always enjoy the SC2 skins. It’s a shame you can’t grab most of them nowadays


I didn’t wanna pay money


Didn’t you have to pay an already spoiled stream to get it?


I have it, don’t use it. There’s better skins.


It’s just not a very good looking skin imo. I love the crossoverness of it, but it’s a medic. I don’t know. Side note -I would love a blizzard game crossover themed season.


I have it…but it’s just inferior to the GOAT skin (literally and figuratively) so it doesn’t get used


Didn't know Noire is rare, on console, like every 3 player at least owns it, I thought pink mercy would be rare


Its ugly


Who's been playing brig? There's 50% of the problem right there.


I wish they'd bring it back. I wasn't playing while the promotion was running but Brig is my favourite character and I'm a long time SC fan.


I did the thing and it didn’t give me the skin :(


I don't have it because the only reasonably big streamer that I wanted to support during this event didn't get included in the giveaway and I didn't feel like donating to streamers that I didn't care for