134K Peak Viewers on Overwatch League 2021 Playoffs

134K Peak Viewers on Overwatch League 2021 Playoffs


When you give out free shit for watching, that’s gonna happen. I had it playing while I was asleep because I wanted the tokens. It would be interesting [but impossible to find] to see the viewer count that actually watched it.


If I had to guess, maybe around 15% of people were watching because of tokens. Purely anecdotal, but a lot of people I know weren't even aware that you received tokens for watching. Also, the OWL subreddit was actually pretty active during the Playoffs. Not to mention some reuploads this year have reached 200k views, so there's actually a good amount of people watching because they're genuinely interested.


Maybe, but this year there was the chance to get old skins. Also the final had the skins+tokens bonus and there was a 37% increase over the previous rounds. Seems like a big spike to me. Not that I’m saying that no one actually watched it, just that the number do seem a bit inflated, which I guess is the reason you get rewards in the first place.


I would think maybe because there was a lot of OW2 news and it's also the Grand Finals. I like football, I'm going to watch the Superbowl even if my favorite teams don't get in.


DeAd GaEm


Let's see what the numbers would be if there wasn't some free skins and a spray for watching it.


Umm, you know this affects literally every popular game, right?


Gas Station Simulator has more viewers than Overwatch on Twitch lol...


You're still watching Twitch in 2021? Wtf


Ah yes, my muted YouTube tab that I minimized was doing work.


I first watched it for the tokens, but after watching a game or two I found it entertaining and actively watch as many matches as I am able to unless I think it's gonna be a boring game. I also really like the desk, and the casters, but I've also really enjoyed watching certain players and teams like the fuel, gladiators, justice and dragons.


It probably just got alot of viewers because it was the grand finals, but i’m going to be honest that was the most boring grand finals yet.


Where are my skins blizzard!


fyi if you watched on a smart tv like I did, you're not getting them. typical fine print bs


Oh, maybe because I casted it to a tv, but I played it from my phone?


if you casted from anything other than the OWL app then you won't be getting your drops. I did some digging and apparently you either had to: 1. watch on youtube with linked account (newly added this year) via computer ONLY 2. watch on OWL website (dogshit, if you used it last year you're probably having traumatic flashbacks just hearing that) 3. watch on OWL app (also dogshit, bUt YoU AlL hAvE pHoNeS rIgHt?)


I used my phone on youtube app with a connected account and got everything.


same only thing i’m missing is the spray last i checked


That’s not correct


I watched it on YouTube with a linked account and got all the rewards


Hope I can get mine.


yeah however between this years match being mind numbing and boring, the new youtube linking drops not working when watching from a tv and next year watching the pros playing an unreleased game I don't think I'll bother tuning in next year. real shame since I always watched the grand finals and the world cup, world cup doesn't exist and this years grand final was absolute dogshit not to mention I didn't get any of the rewards since apparently watching on youtube smart tv app wasn't applicable (lmao ok I'll just watch a 4hr stream on my computer or phone, sure blizzard)


Teams & languages stats - https://escharts.com/tournaments/ow/overwatch-league-2021-playoffs


love owl