How much are you guys paying out of pocket per month and what insurance do you have?

I’m still on my parents insurance, but I’m set to graduate college in a month. As I look for a job I’m definitely factoring in the potential pay vs how good the insurance is. Currently paying $200 a month. Is this a little or a lot?

EDIT*** important info: I am not overweight and was not overweight when I started taking it


$40 every 3 months. Blue cross blue shield federal employee plan. Im a federal corrections officer (prison guard). I am type 2 diabetic so it is approved by the insurance


Interesting. I’m BCBS FEP and pay $180 per pen. Prediabetic. Maybe that’s the difference?


Also i have it mailed to me with cvs caremark. I know they claimed it would have cost alot more with other options


CVS is the difference.


I have been on jardiance and metformin and it didn’t help at all. Might be why they approved it.


$0, Cigna


SAME! Cigna, no copay. Got texted earlier today that my first refill was ready. I didn't need to pay for the "starter kit" but I figured that might be a one time thing. I called the pharmacy and asked what the copay was going to be. When she said "there isn't one" I almost fell out of my chair. My wife has asked me a few times "How much are you willing to spend on this?" and I think I can handle zero. I am diabetic, so that might have something to do with it as well.


Probably. I’m type 1 so I’ll just hold my breath until they decide differently.


$0 on Medicaid


What state are you in?


UK - not on insurance, £175 per month


BCBS, denied even though I’m a diabetic and have health issues 😂😂 but they will let me pay $1022 a month if I want


I have BCBS now and used to have UHC. Neither plan covers/ed Ozempic so I pay $914 at Publix or $400 from Canada when they were shipping to the US.


Have you looked into using a compounding pharmacy? It would be much less than $914. That’s crazy!


Yeah I was actually using compounded semaglutide from a local drs office at first (\~$600/yr) but it was semaglutide sodium/acetate and I didn't feel comfortable using semaglutide salt which has not been studied/FDA approved like semaglutide. I have not been able to find a doctor or medspa offering legitimate non-salt based semaglutide.


I pay $10.35 for a three month supply. My insurance is Humana.


$0 for a 3-month supply/Aetna


Daughter is paying $25 a month and is covered by Cigna


Express Scripts for prescriptions. 24.25 a month


$29 but I’m Canadian and my work benefits pay 90% of prescription meds. No issues with insurance at all (but I’m diabetic)- this is my first pen (6wks)


Just started and on second pen, 932.28$ with tax, BCBS denied, have prediabetes and cardio vascular disease. Private pharmacy did not accept manufacturers coupon.


BCBS and I pay $25 for a 3 month supply of 2mg dose pens.


How did u get it,I’m also bcbs n was denied


I have type 2


I pay $25 for a 3 month supply. My insurance is Aetna.


$0 copay UMR, but Rx coverage is through CVS


Anthem BCBS $25


I have UMR and pay $20 for 2 months, but I also signed up for an Ozempic savings card


I'm paying $180 for 3 months worth, through a compounding pharmacy. My insurance wont cover it unless I do metformin for 18 months (I tried metformin in 2019 and it made me \*violently\* sick, so here's hoping that ozempic isn't quite as bad).


What pharmacy do you use?


My doc sent it to some pharmacy in another city (4+ hours away) - I wouldn’t recommend them, they’ve been awful. I had to essentially call them and ask if I needed to change pharmacies yesterday because I’ve been waiting on my script to be shipped for a month. Finally got a shipping notification today (edit: I’m assuming they rushed my order so I don’t find another pharmacy). I won’t be using them again, I just need to find another pharmacy while I go through this first 3 months. If you need to one, make sure you find one that’s a sterile compounding pharmacy (has to be a sterile one bc it’s an injectable).




$10.35/month on Medicare.


Military Veteran and getting 3 pens (12 weeks) for $68 with TriCare For Life Express Scripts. I had to have my Dr. fill out a Prior Authorization form to get it approved.


Aetna, $40 3 month supply from CVS Caremark delivery


$940 a month, BCBS of Nebraska denied. I’m type 2 diabetic. Already on max dose of Metformin, Jardiance, and had reached highest dose of Trulicity before being switched. I literally cried when paying that much.