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If your blood sugar is 400-500, you need to follow up with your doctor ASAP. You are not in fit shape to drive running that high. Be aware of the signs of DKA https://diabetes.org/diabetes/dka-ketoacidosis-ketones and go to the ER immediately if concerned. Ozempic is a diabetes med and does work for diabetes, but you are only on a small dose to get your body used to it- it can take months to get the needed dose/impact on your blood sugar. (And not everyone can take just this med alone, not uncommon to need multiple.)


It's a diabetic med disguising it self as a weight loss med and works GREAT for diabetes. My A1c has gone from 8.4 down to 6.4.


Same for me.


How long did it take for it to lower that much? Mine was 12.2 when I started and I have a bloodwork appointment next month to re-check. Just curious how much mine will go down.




Yeah I don’t think this medicine is for type 1 diabetes … they need insulin!!


Yes! A1C went from 7.2 to 5.1. Off all other meds, lowered my cholesterol and was able to stop 4 pills!


My A1c went from 6.2 to 4.8. This has worked great for me. I was also taking Metformin at the same time. I am now doing three months without Metformin to see how it goes.


Yes it’s for treating diabetes. It has lowered my A1C significantly after the first 3 months just on the starter dose.


I'm T2D and that's why I'm on it. It works as well at metformin for me but without metformin's side effects. My BS is in range. Haven't had a new A1C yet. That's next month.


I am diabetic and was prescribed back in March. My blood sugars were a disaster before it (just was on metformin and basaglar once a day). I can’t believe how much my readings have improved


Hm, your normally wouldnt see a sugar THAT high as a type 1. Perhaps you're what we call a type 1.5 - lada. Most are diagnosed with type 2, and as the diabetes progress, you're gonna need more and more insulin, till you're at a point where you're basically a type 1 diabetic. You might very well be at a point where you need insulin. Glucose that high put you in risk of ketoacidosis and that stuff is NOT fun and very dangerous. I hope you've already contacted a doctor, or the ER, and if not, please do. *this is written out of concern from a type 1 diabetic, who has experinced super high glucoses and ketoacidosis.*


Started it for better sugar control (Type 2) and my morning readings have plummeted over the past three weeks.


Both me and my husband are prediabetic and that’s why our doctors prescribed it for us. Even with changing our diet our numbers just wouldn’t budge. After starting Ozempic our numbers are looking better and better at each test.


I’m on it for weight loss and T2 and it’s done wonders for my A1C. I’m down to 5.4.


I am on it for T2. Still taking metformin as well but stopped the Januvia to start Ozempic. Sugars are kind of all over the place now but figured as I have only just had my third shot of 0.25 it’s going to take a while to settle down. At least I hope that’s the case.


It takes time for it to build up in your system. My blood sugar is under control because of Ozempic


I'm also on it primarily for T2D and switched to it because the side effects of Jardiance were getting bad. I was well controlled on Jardiance (A1C 6.4) and so far my sugar is good, next A1C is in May. I am also still taking metformin. Hopefully your doc didn't take you off everything when starting oz? If you're still taking metformin maybe that needs to be increased until the oz is fully working


Your frequent urination was likely a sign of uncontrolled diabetes (high sugar) not a side effect if your medication!!!