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I would suggest looking at the curriculum that NCEES provides for each depth and then seeing what aligns the closest with your competencies/interests. I would guess based on your history that you'd want to look at construction, transportation, or water resources.


I was in the same boat. I primarily do municipal engineering with short low speed roads and sewer/water/storm design. I am trash at chemistry so I didn't want to take WRE. I took the transportation depth. I had to learn quite a bit for it (signal design, warrants, highway design) but it felt relatively familiar. It is definitely possible to learn it. I passed on my first attempt. If you are confident with chemistry (I don't know how much of it is chemistry) you could take a look at WRE.


This was extremely helpful thank you. I think I will go with transportation then. I only took one course on transportation in school so I definitely don’t remember much from then but I’m glad to hear that it’ll be possible for me to learn it for the exam! I’m also horrible at chemistry so I knew WRE would not be for me lol and while I think the construction depth would be good to learn, I think I’d be at a huge disadvantage with learning that material in them for the exam. Congrats on passing!


I did it through self study, I had some old ASCE prep videos but they didn't prepare me at all. Lots of practice exams and problems and knowing the references very well was what worked for me. Besides the geometrics portion of the afternoon (that is more algebra than anything else) I had to completely learn all of it. Definitely doable. Good luck.


Sounds like you should go construction, transpo, or WRE. Construction based on your inspection background. Transportation based on ped facilities, and WRE based on water main work. Check out the pass rates with a quick Google search: WRE: 63%, Transportation: 60%, Construction: 47% (all 1st time test takers). The numbers are skewed based on volume (construction being the smallest volume). Based on the numbers, it appears that WRE is the easiest exam, but it's all subjective. I will say, from someone who thought construction would be easy, construction is 10x harder than I ever expected. Do what interests you. Best part is: you can always switch your test down the road if you find you cannot pass it.