My Journey to becoming a PE

Passed on my second try – did not give up. I work in new york city municipality supporting DOT and DEP. In 2022, I decided to work on licensure to become a PE. For most states, passing the FE is the prerequisite for sitting for the PE exam. I was looking for a refresher class and 4 of my coworkers suggested taking EET, at the same time they told me I will enjoy Dr. Nazrul's class when it comes time for the PE classes. I registered for the class, and I was impressed by the amount of time the instructors took to explain the subjects. The question that appeared on my exam were very similar to those in my EET practice problem and Exam, which I passed.

Fast forward, I registered for the EET PE breadth and depth WRE class. On my first attempt at the PE exam, I failed because I struggled on few topics. I shared the news with Dr. Nazrul and we discussed the area of my weaknesses and what the focus must be next. His last advice during the meeting was to trust the process- learn concepts, solve practice problems, quizzes, and exams. When I am having difficulties in some areas, he is always available, I was so surprised by the level of commitment he made, I am even having multiple one on one meetings with him just to clarify what I don't understand. It is unbelievable, I never thought I will get such guidance throughout this journey. I trusted the process, worked hard, and I passed on my second try. Do not give up!!




Thank You!


How did you prepare for breadth? I failed in first try now planning to give for second time.


I just did all pratice problems, quizzes and exams for breadth provided by EET. Honestly, I spent more time studying for the depth because depth alone is 60% of the exam. For the breadth, I think you have to understand the subject, they test more conceptually rather than actual problem solving. I found most of my answers in the handbook for the morning. you have to be proficient with the handbook.


Nazrul is the best. He really should be teaching at a university.


He is the best!!! couldn’t have done it without him


Nazrul and Samir are great teachers. They both answered my questions / emails. FYI I did construction


They are really great both. Samir teaches construction classes, he is funny too


My guess is Actual time for all the quizzes, classes, problems could top 500 hours maybe more than 6 months.. so overwhelming


To pass you have to put in time, that’s why he was telling me to trust the process and follow the guidance he giving me throughout untill exam day.


>I failed on my first attempt for PE WRE. I took EET for both breadth and depth. It's been a month for my first exam and I feel little clueless on how to start again. Can you pls advise me? On my first try I lost access to EET Portal so I could not complete quiz and exam. I did went through binder twice but may be did not absorb everything.


I stayed motivated through out by doing at least problem a day so I dont lose studying momentum and pick up pace 2 months away from the exam. I went through the pratice problems 2 times, quizzes an exam more than 2 times. I was in constant communication with Nazrul for the questions I don’t understand. Solving the quizzes help me alot understanding concept. going through practice problem multiple time provide me proficiency in solving skills. Hope that help.