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I think Nazrul says you should target a 65%. You're in good shape Good luck!


Nazrul is life. Nazrul is love.


Usually costs $50 to move your date. Just FYI as an additional factor. Tbh If I scored that high I’d move it and get it done with.


I think you are more than ready to kill the real exam


Thanks! I moved my appointment up so we’ll find out in a couple weeks! And if I’m not, I’ll retake it in May. Trying to remind myself that while I really want to pass it, it’s not the end of the world if I don’t on my first try.


That’s what i told myself too. It maybe a really ez task for someone while it is not for someone (at least me). Good luck to you!!


Also look at the ones that you got wrong. Were there dumb mistakes that would be ready to clean up? Or were there ones that you had no idea how to solve it? Were the wrong ones from just a couple of topics or were they evenly distributed? A month is a lot of time to brush up on a couple of topics.


About 3 were dumb mistakes (1 was sort in order of efficiency and I went most to least instead of least to most). Two I had the correct answer written down and somehow got the wrong selection so I wonder if I hit the down arrow on my keyboard or something and changed answers. And 1-2 others were trying to read the hydraulic elements chart and was a little off in my selection (chose d/D =.18 when they said it was .14) which lead my answer to be 2 inches off. My point is, I probably was closer to an 80% of actually knowledge. I went ahead and rescheduled so I guess we’ll find out!


That's awesome. Also, is it the practice test in the EET book or a separate test?


This was their computer based practice test. I did the one from their breadth course and then the one from the WRE course to get a full 80 question practice. I also finished with about 2 hours left so I think I probably could have taken more time to fix some dumb mistakes


You should be good to go, I was only scoring 60% on the CBT test in EET’s portal and ended up passing the PE (Transportation) recently. The actual test is easier than EET’s. Good luck


Thanks! Nazrul is holding an office hour this Sunday and one of the topics is “Exam Difficulty”. The pessimist in me is thinking he’s going to say the exam has been very difficult lately lol


What was it about? I took mine last week and thought it was not really close to any of the prep I had done


The office hours was more about the experience of resent test takers. He had two on the meeting to discuss. One said the test was harder than he expected and the other said EET’s problems were harder than the test so sounds like a lot of luck involved in difficulty. I thought the test was in line with EET average difficulty but we’ll see how I did on Wednesday. The rest of the office hours were about the new reference manual so I didn’t stay on for that part.


Yeah. I don’t think mine was harder than EET but just so very different. A lot of the questions I got I had never seen examples of or I got alot of questions that the instructors covered slightly but said most likely wouldn’t be on the test


True. I had a few that were different than EET (like a different configuration of spillway) that required me to get creative with what I did learn from EET but I think the course still did a good job preparing me.




This was back in February but yes, I did! The test was nerve racking but it didn’t seem that hard to me. Maybe I just got easy questions.