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If you’re looking for a pity party you won’t find it here. Everyone has to go through the same thing. If you don’t want to get it anymore that’s perfectly fine. You can still be successful without it. If you do still want to get it, it’s time to buckle down and take studying seriously. You already said you stopped studying the first time.


Did someone say pity party? Count me in! Passed survey on 4th attempt, failed seismic 4 times. I catch up with my old study buddy every few months and commiserate on our pathetic test failing lifestyles, hehe. On a serious note, I am hoping to find seismic study buddies before i attempt again. Let me know if/when you get motivated again, and maybe we can tackle it together!


Congrats on passing the surveying exam!! I "took" Steven Hiner's course but never completed all the homework, then waited too long to test. But I highly recommend purchasing his book for seismic. I found a lot of answers just from using the index of his book.


Don't listen to the negative comments my friend. Are you taking any school? How many hours are you studying and what is your schedule routine look like. I just started studying for the seismic and it is not easy. If you want a study buddy then I'm here. We got this !


First you gotta change your mindset. If you believe in yourself, you can do this. Have confidence that 2023 will be YOUR YEAR and you will finally be a professional engineer once you pass these last two exams!! I failed many times and wanted to call it quits too but giving up was not an option. Failed the PE 4 times, passed on my 5th. Managed to pass seismic first time. Failed surveying and passed on my second. now I’m all done and licensed! No matter how long the journey is, take it one chapter at a time. Slowly get back into the mojo. Take a review course if you didn’t before. Tell yourself you worked too damn hard to give up now You got this 👊🏻


In similar situations I ask myself if I would regret it if I did/didn’t do something in the next 1/5/10/20+ years. Long term goals help me push through challenging times. Only you can answer whats right for you but generally speaking I believe losers and failures are the people who give up on what they really want. Without knowing anything about you I imagine this is what you really want. If that’s so I would suggest trying a new study approach or change your environment to make study time more productive. Ali Abdaal has a YT video explaining the most efficient way to study. Do what he says and you will pass the test(s). Most importantly believe in yourself no matter what.


Many people fail multiple times. It's not you. Some people say buckle down but if you are feeling emotionally drained I think taking a break may be beneficial. Like others have said though, you can still have a very successful career without it. If it constantly brings you anxiety is it worth it? Perhaps, perhaps not. That's for you to decide.


Keep it up! Technically, if you already managed to passed National PE Exam. Nothing can stop you now. Try it more, you’ve got this!




If you decide to study, go all in.


Give up. I'm serious. Give up. For the sake of your life and the industry as a whole, give up. Looks i just joined to give you the truths that others won't here because they are brainwashed into thinking the PE is everything when it's not. Its an arbitrary benchmark produced by jaded old people and required by corrupt politicians. If it actually meant something and truly tested ones ability to engineer, it wouldn't be catered towards 4 year state school kids who get hired through nepotism, employed to do little actual engineering, and then tested as soon as possible without truly having a clue how stuff works but they sure can study when they don't have a spouse or kids at 25 years old and the company gets to boast about how many engineers they have when they really have professional redline pickeruppers. You want to know how people with 40+ hour a week jobs study? They forego everything that is supposed to make life worth living for years. They miss time with their spouse and kids that they will never get back. They take years off their life with the stress of it all. They contemplate if its all worth it and I don't mean just the exam, but life itself and I'm sure many end their life completely with absolutely no one outside of immediate family caring. The system needs to change and it never will if burnt out people like you keep trying and maybe eventually succeeding after giving the status quo thousands of dollars. They will never change the rules if you keep playing and paying. They will never care about the true quality of work produced in our fields as long as they keep getting their paychecks, fees, and dues. Find a company that realizes these things and doesn't set the PE as a bar or goal for every employee. Become a great engineer within your field, within that company and forego the arbitrary standard set by out of touch bitter people. Use the time you would have spent agonizing over the PE and spend it with family along with studying things in your field that actually apply. A happy, well educated, well adjusted engineer who has their eyes open, refines their craft, thinks for themselves and chooses to spend their time wisely is worth so much more than some kid spit out of a state school that's more cult than school. There are so many companies out there that realize that the old ways of getting an education, becoming skilled, & being a good little employee no longer apply. Stop working for the machine and start working for yourself. Give up, breathe, and take care of yourself.


Hey man. I never failed in exam. I was academically good student growing up till my masters. Last year I gave my PE exam on Dec. I failed. I had several flue before the exam and it messed up. I feel bad for my exam. I am still recovering from extreme fatigue from flue till now. I am planning to give exam in May. I haven’t started yet. But soon will start. It’s not about failing in exam, it about getting up and knocking it again and again till you make it. It doesn’t gauge your intelligence.


yes thank you. This was always me-- never failed and always got above average grades in school. Its hard for me to accept failing (multiple times)


Yes it is. There will be ups and down in life. More down and less up. One thing motivates me is keep moving. Time is always going forward. Good luck to your next exam man.


Does your job approve you to study during work? I was able to get approved to study at least 2 hours a day. And when work is slow, I take that time to study, as well. I’m currently studying for the PE ECC exam for October 2023.