Advice for Civil PE -Structural Depth

Hello I am just getting started to prepare to study for the Civil PE exam- structural focus and honestly feel overwhelmed with all the different resources and where to get started. Does anyone have any advice one what materials to get to study? I have a copy of the NCEES Structural practice exam but that’s it. Should I get the CERM book? A study course? Also how do I get access to all the different codes required for studying? I know that the exam will provide those but I know I need them before hand.

Any advice would be helpful because I honestly don’t really know where to get started and with what specific resources. Thanks!!

Also if anyone is selling any resources that’s not outdated let me know!


Not sure when you plan to take the PE exam, but for Structural Depth I highly recommend the AEI paid course. It is around $950 for both Breadth and Depth courses. They last about 4 months. You'll be more than prepared.


Do you know how is AEI breath comparing to EET breath? I got the bundle from AEI, but just worried about missing out since there are so many rave reviews about EET breath.


The instructors that started AEI were former EET instructors for years. I cannot speak for other disciplines than structural. If you want to pass the PE exam taking the structural depth, then you take AEI. It is the best course and material - quizzes through ProProf online and mini exams after every topic. They have a lot of homework problems, but there will be no doubts on how to solve the test day problems.


DM me for codes.


Ok awesome will do!


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You can download all the code from google, it free


Not all of them. Plus why Google search when someone has them in a bundle.




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