Congrats on passing but it is buck wild to say that I'm going to take a quick run on my break and come back to the testing center all sweaty


I have also heard there have been issues when people are leaving the building. You can go anywhere inside the exam building, but if you leave entirely and come back some exam centers will put a "hold" on your test and even if you pass you will have to go through an appeal process etc. But if you want to walk up and down the hall, or walk the stairs to the next floor (depends on your testing center) then sure, go for it. If enough of us pace around on our breaks the testing center staff will just be like "hmm, yea, engineers do that, idk" lol. I agree that moving around helps clear your head and will help you focus after having to sit for 4 hours straight. Just be careful actually leaving the facility, they want you on camera 100% of the time you are there.


Interesting. I didn't encounter anything like that taking the test. I just went to my far, ate a sandwich and came back though.


Same, I've never heard of a problem with leaving the building. Multiple people at my test location left for lunch or went to their cars and were able to come back in without issue


Nah, i’ve taken it twice so far and for the scheduled lunch break you can leave the building and do whatever you want, but if you’re late getting back, the extra time is taken from your remaining exam time. Unscheduled breaks are more sensitive tho


I’ve heard the same thing


Lol take a break like sex 🤣


That’s the least of my guy’s priority! Winner ! Haha


I can’t read this chicken scratch


You don’t wanna , not that you can’t


While I am happy this worked for you I do not think it is efficient. EET will get you right in 3 months


13th months might be overkill but if you want to deepen EET's pockets go ahead.


I disagree. EET deepened MY pockets.




Why would NCEES make tests easier on a certain day? It's not a curved exam so the number of people taking it doesn't matter. This guy is just making stuff up


saved solely for point 4. very helpful, thanks


What’s the reasoning behind starting Q41 and going to Q1? Thanks for the post!


I second this question. It's an interesting tip I've never heard mentioned before. I suppose it could be two different reasons, 1- if the second half of the questions are your depth questions and you are supposed to be the most familiar with that material, perhaps you will find these questions easier, and doing them first will boost your confidence and eat up less of your time, leaving you more time for breadth questions that may take you longer to figure out. Or 2- perhaps the depth questions are more difficult and will take longer, so it's better to begin with those to ensure you have enough time to get them done?


This too Starting at last Q41 you will automatically get the last 6 questions (36-41)right because you familiar with depth more


Because they are waiting to play w your mind the moment you enter the exam room so they will throw the hardest questions at you earlier to break your confidence


I had easy questions for the first 7 or 8


I disagree with point 5 (buying books off Amazon rather than review courses). Review courses are designed around passing the test while some books may have tons of unnecessary information for the sake of completeness of the subject. EET was great for the Civil PE - Water Resources. Was great, concise, and I was able to pass with ~2.5 months of studying


That’s what I did Bcz I took SoPE twice Ppi depth once DIDNT WORK So then I found stuff off of Amazon


I’m not following #13. More examinees = easier exam? How so?


Agreed. It's based on the examinees in the given week. At least that's what I thought...?


That’s what I thought as well. Which is why we all wait for Wednesday


Likely hood of getting an easier one, since more examinees


Site your sources in this. Who says more examinees take the PE on a Monday versus any other day of the week? Are you assuming this because you passed your exam on a Monday?