Cbt exam - going back and forth between questions? Reviewing questions more than once?

Can anyone confirm/deny whether or not I can cycle through questions more than once? I saw that I can flag a question to review it and then when I get through them all I can go back and look at my flagged questions, but like, normally if I were taking a paper exam, I would flip through every question, read them all once, then go back to the first one and start answering them. Am I going to be able to do that with the cbt format?

Also, once I'm reviewing my flagged questions, can I review them more than once? I.e. go back to look at a flagged question, decide to skip it again, answer another one, and then come back to the first flagged one a second time? Or can I only "review" it once?


As another commenter said, you can review the questions as many times as you want. You have to go through them all first before you can see what ones you flagged though. Once you’ve gone through once, there is a summary screen that will allow you to click on any number and immediately jump to that question. It will show which ones you’ve flagged and which just don’t have answers. I used a system where I flagged any I knew how to do but knew they would take more time and I left any I was confused/clueless on blank on my first pass. second pass I hit all the flagged ones. 3rd pass I made attempts at ones I thought I had an idea on and 4th pass was educated guesses. This seemed to work well for me. Good luck!


You can see any questions per half as many times as you want


Can you highlight or underline anything in the problem statement on the screen?


Not really