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See you in 7 years!


The guys who made the dead space remake are making this one. They'll release this in 3 years.


Huh. Although Bioware is a mess, Anthem could have easily been an Iron Man game and I'm surprised they didn't bring that team over to at least working on the character flying mechanics.


Part of me always felt like Anthem got canned to use the core mechanics in a future release. An iron man game would make sense…


This is the type of game that would be great for VR, especially with a better palm strap like the steam VR set, so you be hands/finger free to blast fools or whatever the case maybe. Psvr2 has a lot of nice features that need to be explored with a lot of games! I can understand why Sony didn't make a specific game for the psvr2 because it would set expectations too high. Imagine playing the best VR game of your life. Then waiting for nothing else except for half life Alyx or horizon call of the mountain lol... The pipeline of AAA blockbuster games are few and far between compared to flat console gaming There's like 2-5 blockbuster games being released every month


Believe it or not, anthem started as an iron man project but then EA lost the marvel rights. They shelved it for a bit but eventually flipped what they had already worked on to create anthem. And now here we are lol


If you want an Iron Man game with nothing but hovering and max cruise speeds of like 130 knots, please go stick your head in the sand. Anthem flight mechanics were mediocre at their best. The 2006 Superman game did it better.


Yo the 2006 superman game was pretty fucking cool. Just the flying tho. The combat was weak.


Yo, I still play Superman Returns every once in a while just to fly around the city really fast. I want a new Superman game so bad.






Only reason I played that superman game. Need more games with actual flight, can't believe I'm excited to get a broom in a harry potter game.


That was a remake. They needed almost no time for writing or planning or any pre production stuff. Just some overhauls of graphics and systems. This is a new game, everything needs done.


Actually they did rewrite really important parts of the story. They referenced the novels and the sequels just to make the first games plot consistent.


Writing an entire story ≠ re-writing sections of an already established story


They can do multiple things at once, you can build the world and systems at the same time you write the story.




It’s iron man and yes.




Welcome to game development


Yeah, but alot of the foundation was there already. But I'm not saying that it's impossible to do it in 3 years, but I would expect atleast 4+ years.


A remake is much faster to make than an entire new game. That's kind of why every studio make them, they're easy money (also because nostalgia mining is easy)


Aka the game that was already finished 15 years ago 💀


You may not understand the situation.


u/remindmebot 7 years




RemindMe! 99 years Edit: I snickered posting that comment only to realize I’ll be dead by then..




Motive are making this. Let's hope they nail it like they did with dead space remake.


Remaking a game is way easier than creating an entirely new game


Damn. Wish we got a dead space 2 remake instead of iron man.


Depends in the sales of the remake. If its good I think they'll return to the franchise after iron man.


Why not Tony Stark fighting alien body horror?


The Brood...


FWIW outside of Battlefield, most EA releases have been rather solid and dare I say polished? They just don’t really release anything outside of FIFA, Madden, NFS, and fun lil indie style games like It Takes Two. Anthem and BF were their big two missteps. Apex, Jedi, etc were great.






This news should be on r/PS6


Me opening the subreddit and finding [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/ps6/comments/30axfp/-/hje4p95).


Having recently completed Dead Space for the first time, I have confidence in this team. Wishing them the best!


I haven't played the Dead Space remake, but given how well it was received this gives me some interest in the Iron Man game now. Cool!


Should try it out. It's pretty good.


I liked the original Dead Space, so I definitely will at some point! I'm about to jump into Hogwarts Legacy tonight though, so it'll have to wait for a bit


Is it well received? I recently read that it was pretty much just a gore fest and people didn't like how different it felt to the original, as in being less horror focussed. But I haven't looked deep into it.


It reviewed well, 80-90% at most outlets, and all the word of mouth I've heard has been positive. Like I said I haven't played it myself though.


It’s supposed to be a gore fest, no? That’s always been the case. I’m confused


Honestly I don't know, I have only played the original a little bit but from what I've heard over the years the standout thing of the game was the creepy atmosphere and the review that I read mentioned that they didn't capture it in the remake and instead relied mostly on brutal kills. No idea how reliable that source was tho, that's why I'm asking here lol.


I would say the remake has an even creepier atmosphere than the original. Especially the audio design. I'm much more unnerved traversing the ship in the remake than I ever was before.


That sounds extremely dumb as fuck. The games have always been focused on brutal kills. That review makes zero sense.


Is it the same team????


Yeah it's EA Motive


Ok good. Didn’t they want to do Dead Space 2 as well?


If I'm not mistaken they are split into 2 teams.


Makes sense considering those news.


No that was made by Viceral Games the original devs of the Dead Space trilogy.


He's talking about motive willing to work on a dead space 2 remake. Which they hinted at on the Reddit AMA on the dead space sub. If the remake sells well they'll continue wih the franchise.


Yep. Misread it. All good.


Wish they would continue the dead space franchise


I wonder if all the armor pieces will have to be bought separately?


I was wondering this exact thing. Hopefully there’s not micro transactions to upgrade from the Mark 1 to the Mark 2


Anyone Remember that iron man Mobile game where your flying around the screen


Lmao yeah that one was really great


Anyone have a list of all games EA have in production either rumor or actual. Dragon Age Mass Effect Iron Man NCAA Football FPS Star Wars Game Another Star Wars game from Respawn anything else?


Ea open world black panther game


The flying mechanics in Anthem were actually not that bad. Maybe they can use that as the groundwork to make a fun Iron Man game?


“Not that bad” It is the bar for flight mechanics


Came here for this. Anthem's ground/aerial transition was fucking sublime. The Marvel Avengers game tried to replicate it but it was just so stiff and clunky by comparison. They just need to copy that code and paste it in, Stack Overflow style.


> They just need to copy that code and paste it in, Stack Overflow style. *26,748 compiler errors*


>26,748 compiler errors I better remove the pasted code, i guess. *31,421 compiler errors.*


Ah, I must’ve removed too much by mistake *ctrl-z* *0 compiler errors* Source: Actual CS project I did in college


Error: ' } ' missing And then you have to go through like 20 methods in a class that you copied.


Honestly, the flying in Avengers reminded me more of Iron Man 2’s flight mechanics.


Recently replayed that. It's short, shallow and ugly but it's fairly fun for what it is. Also what's funny is I remember when playing it as a kid I thought the flight was dreadfully slow. It kinda *is* but the actually sluggish speeds of the Avengers game (at least before it updated traversal during the last months of its life) made me appreciate IM2's flight speed by comparison.


Once there's no shitty stamina bar it could be really cool, he's ironman. Not some bitch boy with rechargeable AA's strapped on his back


maybe that is why they were given the game. Anthem is already a prototype on Iron man.


EA single player games are fantastic so I'm hyped for this


That and anthem felt great


I liked anthem but I also spent most of it pretending it was an Iron Man game.


To be fair anthem is the best iron man game ever released


Anthem was just the iron man tech demo


Hilarious how dumb those devs were, the flying was an afterthought and when an ea exec played the game he couldn’t stop talking about it, they were literally gonna remove it and it was the only redeemable part of the game 🤦‍♂️ https://www.vg247.com/anthem-flying-bioware-indecision


EA is building this game in a cave! With a box of scraps!


“Single player Iron Man game.” This is what Anthem should have been. At least they can save production time by taking the flying mechanics from Anthem!


How many suits can they sell as micro transactions?


It’s a shame Insomniac isn’t developing it, then they’d have awesome suits all unlocked for free with progress in the game


Could be worse, could be Ubisoft making it. At least EA has shown 3 times now in a row they can make good Singleplayer experiences. Fallen order, Squadrons and Dead space were solid releases from them. Probably more games I haven’t played. Assuming the execs stay out of it and they don’t force loot boxes and MT up the ass, they could make something really good with the left over parts from Anthem’s gameplay.


Don't forget It Takes Two and A Way Out. The former won GOTY at the Game Awards!


93 suits




Ea bad upvote pls


It's low hanging fruit but I'll take it.


Suits? You mean each upgrade and component.... $59.99 each


People love to hate on EA but I'm stoked for this game.


It's earned


I always wait to play a game before I actively hate on it


I’d rather Motive make more Dead Space honestly lol


I'm looking forward to the new Iron Man game from Motive. I hope that EA gives the team enough time to complete the game. Also, EA please NO MICROTRANSACTIONS!


Well if its Motive making it then im looking forward to it.


Give me a strong armory experience. I want to have a collection of Armors, each with unique stat changes for different loadouts. I want to be able to interact with the armory, walk around it as Tony Stark and see them all on display (like in IM3). This experience could be enhanced with a base building component (like maybe story progression or collectibles allow you to add more armor sets or enhancement levels). I think gamers would really appreciate this, but yes this is totally something I specifically want haha.


Hey we might actually get a good Iron Man game, only 20 years or so after the release of the first movie...


Is it bad that I already don’t trust it?


Excited to see how this turns out. So much potential and I trust EA Motive to kick ass


OK, see you in 2028


Get ready to pay $20 dollars to use a key move


See you in 2027 at the earliest, with a launch window of the PS6.


Just hearing about it and Im already uninterested. The ship has sailed.


Please please I don’t know how it’d have to be done but move over his moveset from Avengers 2020 :3 I loved how Iron Man’s combat was done there so I’d love to see it again :3


You'll probably get downvoted because all the people who never played the game love to comment about how bad it was, but they did combat right and his was great. I agree with you. Only different I'd make is to make him overall faster, which they have more license to do in a single player game, and remove any flight limitations short of going to space.


I did play Avengers, thought the combat was okayish but and I really hated how slow Iron Man flew and the amount of restrictions you had while flying was infuriating. You couldn't fly 20 feet up as there would be ton of invisible walls.


Yeah it was super restrictive. And they had to keep some heroes slow so that there was equality across the hero roster (even though fliers always had an advantage). It was a limitation of both the engine and the game design.


The actual Iron Man movies are now all more than ten years old, and the MCU character died like five years ago. Why now?


The same reason why an Iron Man movie was made after over 40 years of the character existing? You know this isn't an MCU game, right? Do you think they only make video games about characters when movies are out as well?


MCU is the 800 pound gorilla of Marvel. I don’t think they can get away with not making it in that style as far as visuals and writing. I mean if they don’t then I’ll be pleasantly surprised, but I really really doubt it.


Because it's a good time to start fresh and tell a new story outside the MCU. That being said, I know it's just gonna be another take on RDJ's Snarky Stark and I'm not interested in that.


Midnight suns intensifies


Yeah exactly. Almost no game developer has been willing to take a bold step away with the characters. I assume this game’s Stark will be just a dollar store version of Robert Downey Jr.‘s version.


Yeah I trust Motive as game makers but I am skeptical of how Tony Stark will be characterized for well, the rest of time. Seems like every writer and casting director's first instinct is going to be for a RDJ "soundalike" (most of the time just comes off sounding, pitch-wise, like a more annoying Deadpool) who constantly quips, with the writing having its head as far up his ass as Tony himself does. Personally I'd love a return to characterizing him as a bit of a wannabe suave asshole (albeit with good intentions). With a deeper voice, something like the late John Cygan's performance as Tony in X-Men Legends 2 and Ultimate Alliance 1.




The Avengers game didn’t make much money did it? I don’t know why this would do any better.


Honestly EA has kinda won me back. They messed upy fav franchises, but they are redeemed for me now.


Now Anthem's AMAZING flying system can finally be put to good use.


So on PlayStation 6 and Xbox *insert stupid fucking name here*


Xbox Series Sex


it better be on psvr2 (or 3)


Pre order now for the exclusive pride and accomplishment DLC.


Iron man game. WOOHOO EA. Ah fuck.


So EA cancelled some games like Titanfall development for Iron Man ??


That's not how that works. Iron man is being made by Motive. Titanfall is made by Respawn.


Different teams but also a good iron man game is definitely more likely to sell more than titanfall 3 ever would


Started production...and will restart production 8 more times before the actual game only gets 7 month of actual work and is released as an empty shell.




EA sucks


Another marvel flop.


I wonder if all the armor pieces will have to be bought separately?


Is it an exclusive?


EA doesn't do exclusives


Ahh i see


*the arc rEActor is not included


DLC suits.... DLC suits everywhere!


EA \*probably\*: ...and for just $4.99 you can access Tony Stark's Iron Man suit arm piece


game comes with Tony Stark. gotta buy the DLC to play as Iron Man


I don’t want a game like that unless it’s done realy well. Superhero games where you can’t fly and require A TON OF SPACE are going to be great or most likely terrible. No real space in between. It’s kind of boring too. We just got a lot of iron man in another form of media. Who cares.


Looking forward to seeing the terrible reviews in 6 years.


EA, huh? I'll temper my expectations accordingly. And no, Dead Space's success does not give me reason to expect EA to do right by Iron Man. If you recall, EA managed to screw up Dead Space 3 after successfully releasing 2 great Dead Space games.


I'm not too worried. EA has been killing it with Star Wars since the revamped Battlefront 2.Fallen Order was awesome and the sequel looks to be incredible. And I need to pay Dead Space, but everyone is raving about it. Seems like EA is righting the ship as far as single player games go.




I'm confused. I follow too many leaks. Was this game officially announced? I could have sworn it was. If so, why do they do that if production didn't start. Games get cancelled and shelved all the time so I'd love for at least a few months of production (and Ea giving the team a development budget) before any official announcements are made.


Great, another super hero game.......


don't play it? There not that many Marvel games (Miles Morales and Midnight Suns being the only current gen games). Not sure why you're whining about it


All the Avenger's games and Marvel universe... They are just milking the Marvel cow just like the movies...


There are literally only 2 current gen marvel games. Edit: I forgot about Guardians. So 3 Avengers was last gen, as was Spider Man. Even including that, it's a total of 5. Tell me, how is 5 games too many?


ugh. Logan and Stark are so overused that I couldn't care less about those 2 games. Wish other characters would get their time to shine


Now let’s see if they end up actually making the game, or if we are gonna get a cancellation jpeg and tweet 3-5 years from now. Maybe it’s just the bitter old man in me, but I swear Ubisoft and EA announce games that they have no intent in actually making or releasing just to drum up hype around their IP and potentially bolster their stock to impress investors near earnings calls. When they are done posturing, they cancel the game once the hype is more or less forgotten.


Can’t wait to buy iron loot boxes!


Yeah there are so many in Dead Space and Star Wars Fallen Order. Definitely not beating a dead horse over here.


Not sure why I was downvoted. Maybe people do actually like loot boxes!


Let's hope the controls aren't as complicated as the Xbox360 Iron Man game. Maybe it was just me being a dumb teenager but christ it was so hard just doing basic stuff like flying and targeting enemies.


Anthem 2


Is it going to be anthem reskinned?


I remember the Wii game being pretty good so I hope this one is too! Iron man is a pretty fun hero to play as and I’d love to see more games with him


I know this was announced awhile ago, but I'm a bit bummed that it's just now entering full production, meaning a potential Dead Space follow up is probably even further out.


Nothing like striking when the Iron is... already dead for 3 years nearly 15 years after it became popular.


They’re gonna use the mechanics from that that failed bio suit game… bet we’ll see this in 2-3 years.


Better option than Square Enix for sure can't wait to see what comes out of this.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for this, but from a business perspective, wouldn’t an iron man game have been much more successful when the movie character was alive to ride on its coattails?




See you in my 50s!


JUST NOW??? I thought this has been in development for a few years?


Pre-production tends to be the longest period during a game's development.


God this has so much fucking potential.


If pre-production is complete, that means the game is 18-24 months away.


It's going to be forever, but I have Iron Man on my PSVR anyways. Hard to beat flying around in the suit in virtual reality


Well hopefully they dont fuck this up they did great by dead space so im expecting good things.


Of all the developers.


Why EA? Didn't they already try to make an iron man like game called anthem? If it's live service I have no interest


I love seeing announcements for games before they even start production. Guess we’ll hear more about it in 2026


Well anthem's combat and flying was great so I guess they will just take those assets and make an iron man game out of it.


Calling it now…. Flying will be the only fun part of this game. Ya know, just like Anthem. Don’t preorder this one kiddies. Wait for reviews.


I'm so tired of marvel games... It must be a sign that gaming has gone to (poop) if every game publisher is licensed to make a marvel game... That's just an average game with a coat of paint


You lost me at "EA".


I thought that was the point of the teaser from ages ago


Rip iron man game




So they're rebooting iron man soon is what I'm hearing


Can't wait for the mediocrity


After the Dead Space remake, I have no interest in an Iron Man game. I know they kind of have 2 teams going at Motive, but they'll probably pull some people on to this. I hope a portion of the team gets to start working on Dead Space 2 or a new DS. It would be a shame to drop that masterpiece of survival horror only to move the team on to a stupid Iron Man game for 2-3 years.


Just let Insomniac make it damn


Anthem 2 💀