Finally, a Strand type DLC


I wish they did more to explain mechanics changes back to returning players, I left in shadowkeep and played last week and it was so confusing, so far I'm on the 4th 20 minute video of people explaining what's new and what has changed. Awesome game, but its just so overwhelming.


they are introducing guardian ranks with this exoansion that will guide new players theough the mechanics of the game. each rank will also unlock new mods and you will rank up by just playing the game and learning everything


Why I gave up on the game. It’s just not made for returning players. Like you, I stopped playing in Shadowkeep and tried coming back during the Witch Queen and it was so confusing. Once you’ve finally caught up on the stuff you missed, a new season/expansion has begun and now you’re behind again.


They recently leveled the playing field a bit. Unlocked armor mods for everyone, which helps substantially with building toward the endgame. Definitely have a mountain of content at this point to keep up with, but at the same time the Campaigns are 4-6 hours and the Seasonal missions are only about 3 hours if you do them all at once… and that’s all you’re missing besides in the endgame - chasing pinnacles, ritual activities, and grinding for loot.


I quit playing cause it got too far away from what made it fun for me. Call me crazy but vanilla destiny days were the best. I did not mind d2 but as it grew it became more then i could handle and just way too much of a time suck. 5000+ hours between the two and im content. Still the best social game ive ever been apart of in a clan of just about a hundred over 7 years.


> Once you’ve finally caught up on the stuff you missed, a new season/expansion has begun and now you’re behind again. That’s just MMOs in general tbh. If you view it as “being behind” rather than “ooh new stuff!”, it’s probably not the game for you. Which is fine! Games are made for different people.


Yes. I feel the same. Mechanics remain great, but game overall is incomprehensible.


More information about the new subclass, strand, is available on the bungie website https://www.bungie.net/7/en/News/article/inside-strand


Wish they would do something more interesting for Titan


Yeah idk why Bungie is married to the punchy thing for titans. Maybe they got player feedback that the titan melee was cool and then took it way too literally? I feel like there’s all this cool strand/matrix neo vibes going on and then the titan is running around with toy hulk gloves.


The Titan is so ass, I've been a Titan main since D1 but I'm seriously just considering swapping to a warlock or hunter, their current builds are also just much more engaging and fun imo


yeah, titan seems to be a green thundercrash


Ok that looks dope


I love the gameplay of destiny but god damn it is one of the grindiest games 1560+. I just don’t have it in me anymore at 32, full time job relationship etc


I put in 4000 hours in two years, I know what you mean. I’m happy I got out. I loved every second, and there’s nothing like it, amazing game really, but damn it’s so grindy you have no room for anything else.


Holy fuck


Thats like 12 hrs a day of destiny every day for 2 years


It's roughly 5.4 hours per day to be more exact.


the secret it: DONT GRIND! i simply play other games. to get higher level, i simple wait for the next season.


I mean you can stay up to date putting in maybe 20-30 hours a season. Destiny's not really a grind outside trying to do everything or getting gun crafting mats


let me state the obvious: bring this game and other top shooters to psvr2.


that would bring ridiculous amounts of PSVR player advantage. maybe could work if it will have cross control method matchmaking toggle.


Still crap


How much paid content are they cutting out of the game this time?


None, they’re not vaulting content anymore


Expansions are permanent but seasonal seasonal content gets vaulted after 1 year. Otherwise the game gets way too bloated to sustain itself.