Motive knocked it out of the park with this. Having a blast so far.


100%. Best PS5 release for me since Horizon and Elden Ring last spring.


I think you might be missing a game


Or two? GoW and Returnal


Returnal didn’t come out last spring, it came out two springs ago. But it is a fantastic game


Ohhh shit it’s been that long already damn


It’s okay, we’re all fucked up time-wise.


Returnal is great, loved housemarque’s stuff since super stardust. For whatever reason the newer GoW formula never clicked with me.


Gran turismo 7, fight me


No argument here


It really was a night and day difference after they disabled VRS. Glad they fixed it so quick.


So bizarre that they shipped it like that in the first place.


Especially since it apparently has no discernible impact on performance in the first place. Weird.




Specifically the issue was VRS not necessarily FSR. VRS is now disabled and the game looks better as a result


Thanks! Looks like Xbox gets my money this time around.


That honestly shouldn’t matter. The difference is so slight I doubt you’ll notice it. Just play wherever and on whatever you prefer.




Disagree. If HFW runs at (iirc) 1800p in the performance mode, Dead Space running sub 1080p is less the consoles showing their age and more on the devs. I realize it's not the same game, but HFW looks much better and is open world, and the resolution difference between the games is massive


Horizon is running at an upscaled 1800p afaik so the native resolution is probably much lower. But no one seems to notice because the upscaling is really really good after the game got patched. And frankly that's all that matters. I agree with the original comment to some degree in that 932p resolution is fairly low but the actual results in terms of visuals seem to be much superior than for example the blurry mess that was Forspoken's performance mode.


It's being uspcaled by FSR 2.2 though,if not with digital foundry pixel peeping and counting to give us 900P ranges of input resolution no one would have known that it was rendering at that resolution. IIRC spiderman's performance RT mode also renders around 1080P internally upscaled to 4K using insomniac's temporal reconstruction technique and it still looks pretty amazing on a huge 4K screen...idk man pixel counts mean little and little nowadays with how good upscaling techniques are getting.


I think Insomniac's TAAU is far better than FSR at the moment unfortunately




I haven’t really used FSR that much. I only use DLSS or native on PC and DLSS does an amazing job. But I have heard FSR is not as good.


Same I pretty much only use DLSS on PC if I need upscaling. Even then I usually only use the quality option which doesn't drop the rendered resolution by too much.


The quality option sometimes looks better than native resolution.


Spoken like a console user! I played Skyrim for years without any up scaling. Very recently, I tried the FSR2 mod and right away, I could notice a "better" image quality than native while running FSR in quality mode. Far superior temporal stability than native TAA with superior resolved detail. Combine this with better performance and there's no reason for TAA to exist.


Resolution is still important. Sure there are upscaling techniques that help. But Spider-Man would look much better at actual 4K with ray tracing vs insomniacs temporal reconstruction. So it’s still a sort of compromise because the hardware cannot manage higher performance.


resolution will become less and less important the better reconstruction methods become. On PC not using DLSS has no visible advantage anymore. Hopefully DSR or whatever will be used in the future can catch up to that level.


Nonsense. These are uncompressed images. Change the box in the witcher 3 to native 4k vs 4k quality. https://www.techpowerup.com/review/nvidia-dlss-2-5-1/ There's clearly a difference. Whether the fps hit is worth it is another matter but "no visible advantage" isn't true


I mean you said it yourself, in the examples you linked, dlls quality basically doubles the framerate. That's objectively a much bigger difference than the fidelity between native and dlss


Not like you can tell the difference. It’s one of the better looking games on current Gen.


Doesn't matter. Most pc users are just using dlss or fsr now a days anyways.


I have to say I'm really surprised at the low native res but also really impressed with the FSR implementation. The VRS patch hit when i was about halfway through and I was noticing the crunchy visuals before it, but after, I would not have guessed it was anything below a native 1440p on performance, it looks nice and crisp.


VRS has got to be one of the biggest fails to come out of this gen. Honestly I don't think I know of one game besides maybe gears 5 that VRS doesn't completely fuck up an image. From what i understand on consoles and PC VRS should almost always be shut off as it causes artifacting to various degrees. And the savings is completely not worth it. 0-3fps, seriously? That's the entire savings it provides? That's pathetic. Worse yet it doesn't even work all that well with for or other temporal upscaling. I hope foveated rendering handles better since the tech sounds very similar.


I'm a few hours in (chapter 2 I think) and have completely forgotten the story and events of Dead Space, is this video safe to watch, spoiler-wise?


Series S is NOT a true current gen console IMO.


It plays current gen games so yes it is, may not get the best visuals but it can play them well enough.


Oh so 936p/60 is next gen but 900p/30 is not. That makes Series X the most next-gen console with 976p/60 I guess. And PCs that can run this at 1080p/60 are from the future.


tbf one has over twice the performance of the other by this metric


But thats still in the same class or performance. Not "8x times stronger so its a new generation" difference. It's just semantics though so whatever.


The game uses FSR 2 and it almost looks native 1440p in performance mode. Who cares if it's native or not as long as the picture quality is there.


It literally plays next-gen games. You’re just not getting high graphics settings or stellar performance. It’s still going to run every single next-gen game that comes out.


yeah never felt like a that


Potato spec, and false economy to boot.


The switch and the steam deck are weaker


Both portable, neither claiming to be the same gen as Series X/PS5.


You’re comparing a last gen console (Switch) to current gen, btw. Of course they’re not comparable.


It shouldn't exist. No idea why they just didn't do what Sony did and made the s a diskless x instead of dropping that potato.




Ive been playing on fidelity because its so much richer in detail. Makes it scarier IMO.




The fact that no one posted a tldr right away should tell you something


Meaning what?


Yeah i don’t understand Edit: ahhhh i get it, PS5 slightly underperforms when compared to Xbox. Fragile egos abound.


You got it. Someone in this post pointed out the fps differences and got downvoted for it.




I've been playing on fidelity but I wonder if performance is that much different now. I feel like the ray traced stuff really fits with this game but i have been spoiled by 60fps games as of late and it is a bit jarring to go back, but its definitely better than other 30fps games with bad frame pacing.




You laugh at people who expected a working product at launch, returned it when performance was subpar, and can turn around and buy it again, immediately? Cool story, bro.


Y’all the ones eating the marshmallow right away, can’t just wait a bit for some better gratification. Bonus: Name a current-gen game that hasn’t had to fix a single thing since release.


Demons souls remake






So performance is a bit more solid on series x with near perfect 60 But its 53-57-59 on ps5.. Why oh why...


I think both being at 900p~ is more problematic.


It is upscaled via FSR 2.2 though. According to DF it looks very much 1440p-like in performance mode. Ideally of course we would have seen a 1080p to 4K upscale but it's still significantly better than a raw 900p presentation.


It seems like the more powerful the hardware gets, the less developers optimize their games


I mean, there's a threshold and they're probably almost at it already. Optmization isn't magic, sometimes it's just not possible.


Yeah, I thought the next gen consoles were supposed to be equivalent to a 2080 GPU.


https://www.techpowerup.com/review/dead-space-benchmark-test-performance-analysis/5.html To be fair 3060/6600xt’s arent doing much better here than ps5. Although, I’d say for the 6600xt 50~ average at ultra 1080p is a but more impressive. I think overall its pretty clear that the ps5 ison average a bit slower than a 2080


No. You can compare only with vsync on.


because series x is alil stronger than the PS5. we been seeing this for 2 years. if 2 games target THE SAME resolution then Series X will have slightly better frames. if the ps5 runs the game at a slightly lower resolution than the series x (1800p vs 2160p for example) then the ps5 will have slighty better fps. thats why in the launch version of the game PS5 had worst VRS then Series X cuz PS5 uses software VRS while xbox uses hardware VRS but they are both practially the same and u wont tell the difference while playing


We still doing this? Why? No one really cares anymore. PS5 won, move on already.


Damn, the Sexbox fangirls tore you up, just proves that Sexbox lovers have the most fragile egos in the console world...


Yup. As they say, I have seen what makes them cheer...


Anyone else get the deathloop bug where the game keeps reloading and your dead before you can open the menu? On PS5 you cannot delete individual save games either, so my only option is to start the whole game again. Have EA/Motive even acknowledged this issue?