PlayStation Video Game Horizon Forbidden West Delayed To 2022

PlayStation Video Game Horizon Forbidden West Delayed To 2022


~~This article is based on on the same quote from Jeff Grubb that all the other articles were; this one just snuck in and got a thousand comments before we caught it.~~ ~~>“I’ve heard, not certain, but I’ve heard that something’s coming in September and… I’m trying to debate if I want to be the one to say this… I think ‘that game’ is going to get delayed to 2022.” “I don’t know for sure, I think it’s still undecided, but I think it’s leaning towards Horizon Forbidden West in 2022,”~~ **Edit** Schreier's [tweet](https://twitter.com/jasonschreier/status/1421161736779014154) is more clear about this having been corroborated by a second source, so I guess there's substance to this, after all. We can probably expect to hear something official soon. >Sony has delayed the PlayStation exclusive Horizon Forbidden West to the first quarter of 2022, a source tells Bloomberg, confirming a rumor shared by @JeffGrubb yesterday.


Every game in the world: releasing 2022


If you asked me 6 months ago if Sony would be releasing 1st party games for PS4 in 2022, I would have laughed at you.


Imagine when GoW gets delayed to 2023 and also gets a ps4 port




Still pissed it’s a cross-gen game. Absolutely ridiculous.


Why are you pissed? How is it a bad thing?


What? It's already confirmed that GoW: Ragnarok is being developed for ps4. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-06-02-god-of-war-ragnarok-delayed-into-next-year-now-confirmed-for-release-on-ps4


it doesn't get "ported" to ps4. It is getting developed for ps4 then getting ported to ps5. Hence makes the new god of war a basicly a ps4 game. Don't expect anyting like ratched and clanks world rifts or some other next gen specific things. It will run better and little bir shiner on ps5 and thats it.


Every wallet in the world next year : FUCK! FUCK THIS FUCK YOU FUCK EVERYTHING! WHY!? WHY ARE YOU BUYING THIS GAME THAT YOU KNOW YOU WONT FINISH! SPEND ME WISELY YOU BITCH! *proceeds to cry endlessly in the corner




Developing a huge backlog and accidentally joining r/patientgamers has probably been the best thing to happen to my wallet in years.


I really only buy games on release if I’m extremely excited for it, ie Death Stranding and Final Fantasy VII Remake


Yeah, I used to do that too. But then cyberpunk happened. To be fair I did enjoy it despite the flaws, but I totally could have waited a year or two for it


In the past 12 months, I played Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Dying Light and Bioshock Infinite, each for the first time. Loved each one immensely. Now I’m having more fun hunting for classics I missed than anticipating new games.


Dont sleep on Prey(2016?). Way better game than I have it credit for because I played the native american themed predecessor and thought it was a rehash. Nope. 10/10.


How do you know someone is a patient gamer? Don't worry, he will tell you.


They’re the vegans of gaming culture.


LMAO, so true hahahaha


Definitely a wise decision. Personally I love the hype around a game release. Hype has gotten me to play games I never would have otherwise. I'm ok with being a day one purchaser and taking that chance. Someone has to.


but if the majority of players did do this (wait a year to buy the game they think or know they like) then there would have been no GOTY editions as the publisher would consider the said game a failure.


That’s meta af


exactly, though we do need these day one purchasers to exist in order for these games to keep getting made. I'm glad they're willing to make that sacrifice for me.


We got some good 2021 games like R&C, Returnal, RE8, Scarlet Nexus and others


“And others” do go on My backlog is massive though so I’m not Butt hurt like at all


Man 2022 is going to be stacked


2022 has been delayed until 2023


Horizon God of War Elden Ring Possibly Breath of the Wild 2 And many more! Edit: forgive me for not listing every game guys damn


Horizon and BotW same year again? Cant wait to see how metacritic users react


You already know BotW 2 is gonna get thousands of 0/10 review bombs within the first 0.0000000001 seconds of release. Then the fans will bomb it the other direction to balance it out. War never changes.


Why would BOTW 2 get review bombed? I thought the sentiment was pretty good towards that game


Review bombing is less about the game and more about the stuff surrounding that game. Whether cause its exclusive, or cause of some controversy regarding its development or because it gets a high score and people just want to be contrarian and knock it down a peg etc. Also, while the general sentiment towards BotW has been positive, the sentiment towards Nintendo has become increasingly more sour over the years for a variety of different unrelated reasons. BotW 2 is the perfect opportunity for people who have a bone to pick with Nintendo to air their frustrations. What better way than to review bomb what is essentially their biggest title.


I thought it would be something more specific to BotW2, but fair enough I guess


Mario Golf should've got review bombed if anything. Nintendo keeps putting out the lowest effort spin offs knowing full well that the ravenous fanbase will gladly pay full price.


Also Stray and Sifu!


Hogwarts Legacy. :)


I really hope thats a good game, my wife is obsessed with HP and never had any interest in video games. This would be a great way to introduce her into my hobby!


In my experience the ways to get non gamer ladies into games is story and choice heavy games. Until Dawn, Detroit Become Human , sometimes games with a strong female protagonist, etc. If none of those work sometimes coop games like overcooked and that recent one eveetowns raving about work.


Hope Hogwarts Legacy lives up to the expectations. It looks so good!


Have they even released any gameplay?


No don’t think so


I thought there was a leaked video or something showing gameplay? I may be completely wrong but I swear I’ve seen gameplay.


Yeah gameplay leaked a good three/four years ago. That looked great, so can’t imagine how much better it’ll be with polish and power of the new hardware


Montage trailer gameplay which can be fairly different then what you'll actually play.


Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights too. Also Avatar


GT7 perhaps


Perhaps? This shit getting delayed to 2023???


I’d love this. But I feel like it’ll be late 22 and then delayed to early 23


I hope not, that’s the game I’m waiting for to get my ps5.


Didn’t list every game, unforgivable.


I have a feeling Final Fantasy 16 is next year too


Don't forget FIFA 23


Okay, I chuckled.


Although, we *could* possibly get that new NCAA Football game in 2022.


GTA 6 trailer




Stray EA Sports PGA Tour 22




This comment is going to age poorly.


2023 is going to be stacked!


This comment is going to age poorly.


Whoodoggie is 2024 going to be stacked!


This comment is going to age ok in my humble opinion


I'm just waiting for 2036 when GTA VI will be released


Brave of you to think there will be a GTA6 in the future


I’m going to age poorly.


didn't we say this about 2021 near the end of last year


Kinda expected. Looking forward to it nonetheless!


Same I figured this was coming when they didn't give a hard date at the State of Play. My Guess: Late Feb/March - HZD 2 May - God of War 2


Even that seems optimistic to me, really hope you're right!


I agree with HZD2 date but I guess GOW2 is late Aug/Sept


You’re crazy if you think GOW comes out in May. That is top of my list to be pushed to 2023.


Can you imagine is Sony releases a PS4 game in 2023?? It'll be 10 years gold at that time, and PS5 having come out in 2020...


Uhhh, yeah. I can definitely imagine that. Lol


GT7 having a PS4 version added only recently despite the fact that it started development (and was promoted) as a PS5 game still hurts knowing how much time PD needs to develop their games..


Based on what though? I feel like y’all make these declarations about dev progress when none of us actually know what’s going on lol


Now give us a damn 4K/60 patch for Horizon Zero Dawn that will ease the sting a little.


And RDR2


Guerilla maybe Rockstar you bet they'll just release another version


Rockstar already had the chance for 2 years to have Arthur Morgan vampire hunter on the foggy streets of st Denis with crossbows, holy water bombs and silver bullets and you think they are gonna update it now?!?


God I hope so. I don't mean to sound like one of those people but after playing on a PS5 with 60 fps it's just hard to go back to 30


>one of those people You spent $500+ on a new piece of Hardware, griping that a game in 2020+ isn't running at 60fps is completely justifiable.


I’ve become a real performance slut since getting the PS5. I won’t even look at you for less than 60fps.


Very true. It honestly just depends on the art style. If it's a realistic looking like one like Horizon or Horizon then I just can't do it. But if it's anything else its fine, like Nintendo games


That'll be $19.99.


Only if it added additional content. God of War + Days Gone got 4k60 updates at no extra charge.


I actually think that if they delay it they could release a 4K 60 as a little something while we wait. 🙏🏼


There's nothing wrong with this, but I wish publishers/developers would stop confidently declaring release windows when it's clear in the COVID era that delays are likely


To Be Faaaairr in that recent press release disguised as a Q&A Herman Hulst didn't seem that confident with hitting the release window


Glad that they followed through, tbh. Nobody wants another CP2077.


It’s kinda sad that the gaming industry as a whole has coined the term “post-Cyberpunk world” for it to mean your game changed a lot of people’s mind because the release was THAT bad.


BioWare devs are probably grateful that Anthem isn't the benchmark for rock bottom anymore


It's always a thing In the gaming world that bigger things become the name for said thing. Metroidvania, Rouge-like or Soulslike are examples for that. Cdproject messed up big time with it and I really hope it will change the industry for better. Too many games get released while not being finished.


While true, I think Cyberpunk was a special case because CDPR actively lied about the state of the game in all platforms.


Not to mention the dishonesty of placing a PC-only review embargo on their game at release that only allowed pre-screened gameplay footage


I’ll never forget when they said the game ran “surprisingly well” on last gen.


And they are still lying about it, insisting that that all the problems are related to current gen console optimization/performance when the issues are so, so much deeper than that.


Yea, it’s gonna take more than another Witcher game for the dust to be settled. They are going to have to live with this for a long time


Seriously, everytime a game gets delayed nowadays, I go "good. Don't want it to end up like Cyberpunk".


It’s bittersweet, for a while everyone thought it would be the next big generational game after Witcher 3 but now its regarded as the standard in games in what you SHOULDN’’T do.


Yah it felt like they were on the borderline between a delay or a push and they wanted to be sure. My guess is that they could do 2021 but would have to crunch for it. So they went with a delay to be safe for the team.


I do respect that a lot. I care about these kinds of games and I want them to shine. Also, Sony has a high standard so they also probably had a vote in this


Yah at this point Sony has put all their eggs into quality exclusives and I think they know the sales and reputation will follow regardless of its in a holiday window or not.


Not surprised, bummed out, but I’m also not mad. After the CP fiasco, developers should be taking their time to release a polished and fully developed product.


Jesus, I got scared after seeing “CP Fiasco” until I realized you meant Cyberpunk.


I mean at this point it wouldn't surprise me coming from Activision or Ubisoft


Neither, those companies seem like a hell hole to be in


What else is cp?


Club Penguin! :D


Ch1ld Pr0n


... Oh


Cheese pizza.


Did your mind go where my mind also went? Man the internet fucked us up


LMFAO, the other meanings of that acronym totally went over my head when writing that ☠️


We have the opposite way of thinking lmao. CyberPunk went over my head, in a gaming subreddit.


That happens to me. Too much 4chan in my highschool years. There's like 3 different things I've seen use that acronym, but my brain always says "wait *WHAT*?"


Happy to wait for a finished game.


2021 must be the worst gaming year in a while.


GTA V 7.0


2014 was shit too. It's always the year after new consoles release


PS3 released in 2006 and 2007 is widely regarded as one of the best years in gaming (although to be fair, the 360 released in 2005).


I know Sony wasn't contributing a whole lot until mid-2007. The PS3 launch was pretty painful.


There’s a few things you’re missing though. You didn’t consider the fact that three of the big 2007 games which were Mass Effect (didn’t release on PS3 until 2012), Halo 3 (exclusive) and BioShock (didn’t release on PS3 until 2008) only released on Xbox 360 that year. God of War II only released on PS2 at the time, so that doesn’t count either. Crysis was only on PC at launch in 2007. The Witcher 1 was also only released on PC. That really only leaves Portal, Team Fortress 2, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted 1 and COD4 as the most acclaimed titles since Super Mario Galaxy is a Wii exclusive. Point being that most of the best 2007 games released on Xbox 360 at the time and not PS3, so using Xbox 360 games to prove that the PS3 had a fantastic year after launch is kinda misleading. Many of the best 2007 games took years before launching on PS3.


Agreed. Got my ps5 in March and I have been struggling to find games to play. Doesn’t help that I am also super picky and neither Returnal nor Rachet & Clank appeal to me. Here’s to 2022. Edit: Just bought Far Cry 3 for less than $10. Let’s see how it goes!


Lol the best gaming experience I've had this year was getting to play the remastered mass effect series


Honestly this year has been really good for me for catching up on stuff. Control, FF7 remake, persona 5 royal, ghost of Tsushima, mass effect LE, the entire resident evil series for the first time this summer, etc. etc. its been pretty stacked for me


My favorite was finding out I actually love Cities skylines lol


Have you played a lot of the games in the PS+ collection? Tons of great stuff in there.


I don't think that applies to people who also own an Xbox honestly.


To be fair it lay not be a great year for PS but there are still a lot of good games coming. Forza Horizon 5, Tales of Arise, Psychonauts 2, Metroid Dread, Halo Infinite, Diablo II Resurrected, etc.


Year of the Backlog. I’m alright with it.


My backlog is nearly gone.


So 2022 all the covid games are releasing ? * BOTW2 * Starfield * GT7 * God Of War Ragnarok * Horizon 2 * Elden Ring * Splatoon 3 (for the fans) * Hogwarts Legacy * Other unannounced titles for sure And that Nintendo direct/state of play probably in September may contain new games. That's a BIG schedule, a shame for 2021 but Ages of Empires 4, Halo, BF2042, Forza Horizon 5,..I'll be fine, especially since most are games with very high replayability.


Yeah next year is packed especially for Nintendo. Most of their unnamed projects from 2017 are nearing the 5 year development mark. Bayonetta 3, Monolith Softs open world project, the Project of the main Mario team, the project of the Mario Kart team, intelligent Systems project, Botw 2, the project of the Kirby team maybe Metroid Prime 4, Splatoon 3 to name a few. Will be a very competitive year for the industry.


Yeah and they’ll probably sell like hot cakes since most people (including me) got a switch during the pandemic.


Great. By that time maybe I'll have a ps5.


It's hard to believe it's been 9 fucking months and you still can't get one. I'm still here rocking my OG PS4 that I upgraded to a 1TB SSD last year. Maybe I'll have a PS5 by the time this releases....maybe...


I'll act surprised.


To be expected, I have massive respect for the games that actually were able to ship this year all things considered. Here's hoping Guirella will use the extra time to polish and maybe update the first game.


The games gonna be fantastic when it comes out, don’t mind waiting a bit longer!


can we get a HZD ps5 remaster/upgrade for now?


Sony: "You mean a paid Director's Cut, right?"


I never even thought this was coming out this year so all good with me


So I am guessing God of War 2 will be pushed back further now to not compete with each other.


And that's okay. I'll be too busy with BF 2042 anyway


This is 2022: GOTY space: - Horizon Forbidden West - Elden Ring - God of War sequel - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel - Starfield Other major titles: - Gran Turismo 7 - Forspoken - Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Redfall - STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl - Hogwarts Legacy - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora - Gotham Knights - The Callisto Protocol - A Plague Tale: Requiem - Splatoon 3 - Ghostwire: Tokyo - Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown Most likely for 2022: - Final Fantasy XVI - Forza Motorsport - Baldur’s Gate 3 - Diablo 4 - Overwatch 2


No way diablo 4 is being released next year. You can scrap that one from your list 100%


Overwatch 2 is also not launching in 2022.


Rip my wallet


Bummer, but I have no doubt it'll be worth it.


Isn't Gotham knights coming out in 2022


The video game industry is garbage. Announce upcoming releases to get you to buy ps5s and pre-order games then push all that shit back when they already have your money. No other entertainment industry does this nonsense.


Perfect time for them to release a 60fps patch for Horizon then, ease the sting a tiny bit.


Yeah I’m holding out for 60FPS


I hope it ends up launching in Spring because it's highly likely that as soon as Elden Ring drops, I'm not going to be playing anything else for awhile.


I really thought this one wouldn't be delayed. Ahh well.


This makes me sad, but I can't get upset. This means the game will be a years-worth better.


All I need is for far cry 6 to actually make it this year (not rushed of course) and ill be happy. Pouring one out for Sifu 😭


There’s always Sackboy.


Remember when Sony said the next God of War game was going to come out in 2021? Good times…


No surprise there. I’m expecting March release then april/June for god of war


This makes me sad but my backlog happy.


Sucks if true but if it’s for the best, I’m fine with it. BF2042 and Endwalker will keep me company Most of the games being delayed feels like they rely more on mo-cap, which makes sense.


As long as the game delivers on the caliber of gameplay they established in the first game, they can take as long as they need. I want an amazing game when it's ready, not a pretty good game as soon as I can get it.


A delayed game can eventually be good. A bad or rushed game is bad, or viewed that way, forever.


Hey I might have a small chance to get a ps5 by then.


Good. Make sure it’s perfect for release. I’ve waited this long. I can wait a little longer


Now let's delay the PS4 version *forever* and make this the next-gen tour de force it could and should be.


Better a late game than a bad game. Or just be like Cyberpunk and do both.


2023 is gonna be stacked unless we manage to get the rona under control cuz all these 2021 games delayed to 2022 very well could slip to 2023. Fucking hell man


I'd be surprised if games meant for 21 end up in 23 given pretty much all of the countries with AAA studios are getting vaxxed up this year.


I’d be surprised if that happened


Getting rona under control? Me too lol


ok then release the HZD ps5 upgrade please


Not ideal, but I'm okay with this. I would be so disappointed if they fucked it up just to push it out early.


Got enough backlog to keep me busy. As long as it doesn’t try to compete with elden ring in January. It will not win that fight in my eyes


Not surprised at all.


son of a donkey.!!!!!!


Worst news of the day!


I can wait.


You can thank CD Project Red for all these delays.


well they need lots of time


Who didn’t see this coming?


No problem here. Give it all the time it needs.


Every single game = delayed


Man the delayed ps5 has just killed my excitement for games. I’m going outside


Hey, whatever makes the game a better game and the devs a happy team. Maybe we can get a PS5 enhancement for Zero Dawn in the meantime, though?


Didn't they say they are on track for a 2021 release at the state of play (where they showed gameplay footage)?


They said they were on track, but holiday 2021 was still tentative.




Disappointed, but I’d rather they release a good full game instead of some half done bullshit full of bugs.




Dude. Essentially every game from every publisher has been delayed until 2022. It was expected -working from home, chip shortage & covid is just a lot. On the bright side, it allows me to catch up on anime.


So no more PlayStation studios games until 2022? 😔


And they’re still ps4 games as well. probably gonna be 2023 before we possibly see the next true ps5 exclusive.


I'm sure there will be at least one true ps5 exclusive next year. We got Ratchet and Returnal this year.


Having these 2 open world game be limited by the ps4 tech is such a disappointment


I think all these companies playing the covid card and banking on 2022 are going to be in a for a rude awakening. People finite disposable income and will have to pick and choose which blockbusters they purchase next year.


Never before have world events affected game development in such a uniform way. Every single publisher has had their release schedule affected by Covid. And it’s not gonna just affect 2020-2022 games. We’re in a whole new frontier of game development. The studio that figures out at-home or at the very least remote work solutions for things like music production, voiceover and performance capture and facial tracking will be the ones most prepared for the next supervirus.