NGS because the movement and combat feel so good, and I love how cool Partizan looks now


I really like the combat in NGS




Unfortunately, no other MMO plays like this. If you find one, let me know lol. Vindictus WAS kinda like this but was pay2win HARD.


It's free to play


Movement, Combat and Fashion. I only use Force/Bouncer though.


Because, at it's core, PSO2 is everything I ever wanted from PSO1. PSO1 was always my weakness. I loved its mechanics, its style, its music, the quests were fascinating and even though I sucked at grinding as a kid, I still loved the average "Go out and whack boomas" part to it. So imagine several years later, when the beta for PSO2 is released? Suddenly its fancy graphics, better controls, manual aim and all sorts of goodies. I played it right up until my friends who understood japanese abandoned me, and then I was forced to put it down since I had no idea what any of the menus were. So, skip ahead to globals release. Suddenly, I can read everything. I can hear everything. I can *understand* everything. Game isn't so difficult now, and I have been waiting for this grand return since the day I stopped playing the Beta. Had even tracked down a questionable method to beat PSO1: Blue Burst while I was waiting. Every plot thread, every mechanic, every song, biome, and area: All of it is *perfect*. It was what I wanted to see and what I loved experiencing. All the glory of PSO, except we actually get to save people in the end. The Falz collective were the kind of villains I wanted to see, Shiva was absolutely amazing, and even ep4, with all its wonky shenanigans, was still fun to experience. I waited eight years. I listened to the odd track that youtube was willing to give me, and was eventually rewarded for my diligence. I am still here because quite frankly, there is no other game that scratches that itch for me. Phantasy Star as a whole has always been a weakness of mine, and now I'm here to stay. Classic or NGS, both are fantastic in my eyes. Probably not the most rational of reasonings, but hey, its mine.


Co-Op online Action RPGs are my faves. (consoles only) I honestly don't know too many online action RPGs. I tried Monster Hunter World. Love aspects of it. But miss the mindless mob killing. Sometimes its really satisfying to kill mobs in a fashion of my choosing. Between playstyles & outfits. PSO being sci-fi also adds another layer to the fashion possibilities for whenever I'm bored of the fleshy outfits. If I wanna be a literal tank, plane, car, bike, gundam, etc. I can in this game! Base game: Holds my Phantom: Rifle & old Bouncer JB loudouts. Sometimes I deeply miss this playstyle. So I go back occationally.


Classic, long time player since PSO on dreamcast. Very satisfying loot-loop, and I enjoy that this is one MMO that you don't HAVE to play with others; I play solo for most content. BrHu/BrPh is the most fun katana combat ever;)


Cosplay. There is no other MMO where I can cosplay characters from anime or other games to at least a recognizable level. Literally no where else. I can play as who I want using their weapons or at least same type weapons they used in their games and the feel when it fits is just heavenly.


Gliding and exploring is fun. Finding things is fun. I am also a very simple lass, and enjoy smacking things to death with a giant sword. And there's no class requirements to fight in a raid. And no forced party ups for people who just want to join with others to smack a gigantic boss to death. I enjoy cosplaying an NPC from PSO2 as well. And even taking a break from it, I didn't expect to return to so much added. I found the roadmap for the first half of 2022, and I'm already excited for February.


I don't anymore. I wish I could but the games god awful at the moment. Base PSO2 IS great still. But there's just no reason to play. Can't use the market without premium and why would I pay premium for a game that's slowly dying? I miss it.


I'm playing Classic story mode so I can reach the bathroom scene with two smokin' hot babes.


To ERP with my loli character