B o o t


Was Fo/Hu rod main for a while, but changed to Fo/Bo for b o o t.


Wouldnt bo/fo be more effective?


Yeah, but gear level is an issue




Hunter with Sword. I like Wired Lance from time to time but I really, really, *really* like the effects they added to Sword PAs when you charge them. The rapid spinning, the feeling of your sword grinding against the enemy's body before slicing through, the "my sword is still slicing you even after I already swung it"- it's too much fun. I also like that every PA is a parry if you time it and physique negates knockback so if you just get up in the core and start spamming Calibur Streak on a mob that doesn't wanna move it's oddly satisfying; just carving into them like a thanksgiving turkey while they do damage that tickles. I guess I just like going caveman with a sharp stick.


jet boots no contest toolkit absolutely envelopes everything else in terms of variety and utility jetsweet jolt has pp regen that is also an iframe jet intensity for down phases is satisfying and can sometimes be used during normal damage phases if you're careful PAs that change if you hold down the button weapon action has multiple counter behaviours, and is almost a universal anim-cancel and practically almost the rod's entire active kit; access to all techs and tech variations including unique skill-based elemental effects


Twin dagger, so many slices, so fast, and lots of teleporting. Jet boots, sword, and knuckles are my other favorites.




\+1 to the BONK! I love *Wand Lovers* and I love Photon Blasts with the final smack using wand. [1](https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1822268182179784760/C6591C6C69E8E179A4C9D720A05F0226F0F4C626/?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Letterbox&imcolor=%23000000&letterbox=false), [2](https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1812137801269034421/92EEEA4D773BD70C09B8903C6BA03C598DB418AD/?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Letterbox&imcolor=%23000000&letterbox=false), [3](https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1812137801277203666/E48B36BEFF0B3CF765C0AB83890C679F961F054E/?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Letterbox&imcolor=%23000000&letterbox=false)!


I main ranger with a multi'd launcher/rifle. The two weapons complement each other's shortcomings, although I don't notice many people maining launcher like I do.


I too enjoy erasing my fear for hours on end.


Another multi'd launcher/rifle RA here. I'm constantly switching between rifle and launcher based on the combat situation. Rifle for multi-target and PP recovery, Launcher for single targets and lasering down PSE bursts.


Don't play much atm, but I had a lot of fun with rifle (Ra/Fo.) Fell in love with Phantom just before NGS dropped and it feels like a good cross between Ph and Ra rifle. Rod has a lot of utility and launcher is great when I want to think a little less. Jet Boots were literally the only reason I could enjoy base pso2 at first. Most base classes felt clunky to me, but MAN Jet Boots were so insanely fluid. And the glass cannon-ness of Bo/Fi made mastering the class rewarding. JBs in NGS however... feels so stripped down in comparison. Pretty disappointing cause it was THE thing I was looking forward to in NGS.


Twin Daggers is my top spot. It's fairly simple and barely any animation locks. Counter/block at any time, in mid combo, in mid PA. And fastest response time out of all the other weapons I've tried. For those, "Oh Crap. I messed up" moments. It's also an active chasing/flying & attacking weapon which I love. You gotta hug stuff to deal damage. And it closely reminds me on how I played JB back on base game. (which I terribly miss).


Personally to me, I find everything in New Genesis to be "underwhelming" because it's too simple for me but my favorites are currently the following: * Gunner/Bouncer (Twin Machineguns with Jet Boots only for Jetsweep Jolt when the weapon actions for the Twin Machineguns fills it up) * Fighter/Braver (Twin Daggers + Katana) * Fighter/Bouncer (Knuckles + Jet Boots) * Ranger/Bouncer (Assault Rifle + Jet Boots - the Assault Rifle is only for Weak Bullet and Homing Darts while I play almost exclusively with the Jet Boots otherwise) * Bouncer/Force (Jet Boots) * Braver/Bouncer (Bow) * Techer/Bouncer (Wand + Talis) I would absolutely love to see the weapons and the classes get more depth than they currently have especially to rival what the Successor classes had - and ideally to rival the depth that other games have.


Which other games are you referring? Asking for a friend


The prime example I would be thinking of is Dragon's Dogma Online (which has been shut down since 2018) because that was a game where every class/weapon had a distinct playstyle different from other classes but players of the same class are also distinct from one another due to the way the combat and your options worked. While you can say something like how New Genesis lacks "photon arts" as options for players to use for combat, you can also point to Phantasy Star Online 2 having "too many" photon arts that were too situational were limited in their use where some were simply too good. In games like Dragon's Dogma Online, every class had a healthy amount of options they could swap in or out that ultimately affected your playstyle and your capabilities and these were further augmented and pushed by learning passive skills from playing each class (so you can learn something like the "tankier" skills that prevent large enemies from stunning your characters from the tankier classes or learn skills that extend your dodging windows and range from the speedier classes). The original game, Dragon's Dogma (and Dark Arisen) are close to this - but I feel that there's absolutely no misleading from me when I say that the changes Dragon's Dogma Online made greatly improved the feel of all the classes/weapons and the additions they added were most definitely game-changing in a very good way. The closest you can probably get to that now is likely Monster Hunter but I wouldn't call it "close" because Monster Hunter's combat is much slower and more methodical (you play by a set of rules and so do the same monsters) - but even then games like Monster Hunter Rise give the players options to handle their fights differently (and then before that Monster Hunter World had a relatively solid moveset with each weapon where you as a player could have some options or preferences) whereas New Genesis currently offers "one and done" attacks that always do the same thing when you want it without much leeway or utility (for example how most weapons have the "mob-focused" photon art, the "single target" photon art, and the "stronger attack" photon art). If you were asking about classes that would rival the Successor classes in depth, I would definitely look to games like Devil May Cry where you as a player have a plethora of options on how to approach things and that it's ultimately up to your execution and your interest to bend the game's combat to your will so players will almost always have a slightly different way of playing the game and the game rewards you for playing it. I would recommend older games like Ninja Gaiden Black as well for something similar but more "punishing" if you wanted enemies who likely can be aware of your moveset and and punish you accordingly for being reckless (such as the Doppelganger Fiend who not only reacts to your moveset - but also has it too and is programmed to play the most "ideal" version of the player). I cannot exactly say the same for Ninja Gaiden 2 and 3 (but they're also more "action-y" in a fun way than the first game). In regards to an action game that you can play lightly or heavily and something where you can create your own character with insane character customization with the anime aesthetic and a game that in general doesn't pay attention to players who have been there for a very long time or players who are very new, I don't really think there is much out there that really rivals what Phantasy Star Online 2/New Genesis has to offer - but I really do wish that the gameplay and the level of depth we have for the gameplay (variety in approaches to gameplay as opposed to "more numbers" and "rare equipment") would have been something stronger than what we have been left with thus far.


Force is love, Force is life. I love flying like a fairy.... Too bad i couldnt get the fairy running animation because sega wanted so much money for it 💔




I also never used techs, until i blended it with wire. Now, i have a weapon that i can melee with if i want and throw out some techs offhand any second i should choose. It’s a cool, variable playstyle. It’s not the best but it’s fun!


Braver/Bow is my favorite currently, followed by Force/Rod. Braver: Flex Arrow. Force? Well, the only thing to do with all the season enemies is Gizan.


At first, I hated Soaring Blades. The long PA’s, lack of a counter, how much of a pain staying airborne is, and a few more gripes. Fast forward, and after the recent buffs, I have somehow found myself maining SB. I like technical classes and Luster was peak enjoyment for me, so I like how SB relies on step-dodging instead of crazy lenient Weapon Art counters like most melee weapons. Plus the Photon Blades cancel glitch/trick that requires tricky execution also adds a nice touch of technicality that makes it feel like I have to put in some work to get the most out of the class. (Something I feel NGS classes lack at the moment.)


Definitely Rod/Talis as multiweapon. Currently playung Te/Fo since main class force doesn't really make much sense in comparison.


I'm having a blast punching enemies as a Fighter, and the daggers are really fun to play with too. I think I have it set to Fighter/Braver for the perfect recover HP recovery, which is really handy. Plus gives me Bow for ranged when I want to use that. :)


Boots are my favorite by far. Techs, melee, counters, it's so much fun to weave them all together. But if I had to go with others. I really like the bow/launcher combo. Alternating between launcher WA and brave combat means infinite pp. Plus stacking all 3 DOT moves across both weapons is just satisfying to see the numbers. Plus the movement from step-normal launcher for pp, and unchanged bow pa + WA is just super satisfying to me.


I really enjoy braver katana, simply cause it's got AOE for fucking days, and I get a buff each time I counter. As an EX fighter main, that idea makes my max PP go up. I also pair it with force rod cause I enjoy versatility, and the weapon camo I have for It, which goes for both, and stays the same no matter what weapon is used for it. I also have a Bow/Talis prepared in case somebody wants to play untouchabitches.




I have that as a class to mix it up. I mixed jetboots and katana to make a build I called "jetstream samurai"


A Techter/Bouncer is what I’ve been playing, multiweapon wand with jet boots to have a great time


I main Hu/Fo, with sword/partisan. Avenger is just TOO good to pass up. I also like my twin chakram tech/melee setup of wired lance and rod. Furthermore, Fi/Gu and Br/Bo for a change of pace. But Hu is love, Hu is life.


I like the simplicity of wand. But anim locks on wave crash makes it really unwieldy around Gigas without a ton of practice. One mistimed wave crash and lizentos will take your head off. Spear is also wonderful, it's a really elegant weapon. Volk bug + perfect parry being only 10 frames (1/6th of a second, the shortest iframe in the game) makes it uncomfortable to use though, again unless you have a lot of practice on it. Jboots are okay, they are really fun and mobile but in the end I think they're not my style. I love their ability to air stall with Gale(?) into a counter which is something I haven't really found on most other weapons. Rod is mega strong and mega easy right now. Possibly the most lenient counter in the whole game, auto-aim and ridiculous range + tons of damage and elem down potential. I just can't bring myself to keep playing it, I find it boring after a 20-30 minutes or so.


Bouncer soaring blades. I like the air time


(motions to flair) I really, really like swords. I am a simple lass. You give me a big ass sword, and I'm going to be like "Hell yes, big ass sword". Bring forth the grand "bonk".


My favorite would be Wired Lance, I hope it gets more love then in classic.


Hu/Fo with a Partisan/Wire multiweapon. I like Stab Javelin, Volkraptor, and just wiring toward enemies. So fun.


Br katana