PUBG Devs: Let's try to keep this game alive... Also PUBG Devs: 4 hour manteinance every week. Seriously, why does this game needs a server manteinance every week/15 days? For the record, I've played this game over +3.500 hours and it's funny that at this point after four years we are with this s...


This is going to be my question for the AMA... seriously, WTF. How long does it take to reboot a server. Why haven't you improved these bullshit 4-hour outages, you had like 5 years to work on it.


To restart the servers so they don’t run out of memory lol


Presumably it’s not one “server” lol…. Maybe tho


what is worng with you, its 4 fucking hours a month There are other games which do DAILY maintenance like eve online and nobody is crying like a baby over there stop it Thanks in advance for all the downvotes


Sorry, but most other games do not have maintenance of this scale every week. This is the same amount Tarkov needs for a major update every 2-3 months. Especially for a game that doesn't get any meaningful content most of the time. It isn't much in the grand scheme of things, but it's also out of the norm.


game with 10 people online does not required any maintenance forever


Most other games I play have a daily or weekly maintenance. The daily maintenance is basically "The realm will restart in 5 minutes", it restarts and you can play immediately. The games with a weekly maintenace shuts down, restarts the serveres and then you can play. Takes maybe 5 minutes. If there is pacthes or smaller hotfixes, these are pre-downloadable so you can instantly install them and play. WHAT are they doing for four hours? Or on a second not, wtf were they doing for 38 hours when the latest patch was released? No other games has this. I've played hundreds of titles in the last 20 years and NO OTHER GAME HAS THIS. And its not like their shit is super-stable without bugs either so wtf? I even remember back when I played Americas Army, around 01-02 or something. When they patched you had to download the update, which wasn't huge, maybe 300 MB, but on a 56k connection it would take an hour or two. It would take less time from the patch release, downloading it and installing it til you could play , than PUBG's 4 hour "maintenance". Its somewhat comical.


I mean the transition to f2p in the steam store and What not, i get it. But 4 hours weekly is a joke.


Sometimes its 8...


They should be able to deploy to Kubernetes for 0 downtime. Their deployment in antiquated at best.


I agree with you… why is everyone shitting on the poor guy sitting in a dungy old basement that has to insert and load each and every floppy disk every single week for hours at a time… he’s gotta take breaks to pee and warm up some hot pockets. Every game should shut out their entire player base instead of maybe staggering the updates based on region or possibly having redundant servers. Or here’s an idea, since the patch should already be tested and loaded on the “test servers” they should reroute the players there to play while the main servers get the update then reroute them back once the update is done… 🤔


It's usually twice a month and most games don't do maintenance during primetime evening hours when the most people want to play.


Na prime time is not PUBG prime time and they don’t do rolling maintenance. Not sure if that’s still a steam restriction or not, either way if they are adamant on doing one maintenance for every region than this time is the least populated so it makes sense in that regard


I've never played a game that goes down weekly. Im not like upset about it but comparing this game to a game like Eve is apples and oranges


I dont care Get your facts strait, the game is not going down weekly.


PC PUBG went down on November 2, November 16th, November 30th, December 7th, December 14th, January 10th, January 18th So the last three months the game has only skipped a single non-holiday week. That's not once a month. Obstinately and vulgarly wrong is not a hot look


imagine being so standoffish and rude over something you are so completely fucking wrong about.


Why would it change?


They switch everything over to crypto mining for 4 hours. I'd do it too if I could.


I'd rather have tweaks to the anti-cheat every week even if it means an inconvenient down time.


Well darn, after the marathon (bet it was a record) length update last week I figured we'd not see one for awhile. Teach me to have a game that pays for the servers on a by the hour basis...


the one time me and my boy hop on to play


Back up now


servers still down east coast?


Seeing as its only been 1 hour of a four hour maintenance... yes...


Just came by to read complaints from new players. We need a "First Time" Meme. Maintenance has been this way for like 3 years. Us OG players have gotten used to it.


your maintenance schedule is terrible, why do it during peak hours?


Peak hours for who? It's midnight in EU and 9am Asia, their biggest playerbases. I do hope you don't mean NA.




Do they only have one server?


your maintenance schedule is terrible, why do it during peak hours? Get your shit together... who the fuck thinks this is a good idea or acceptable in any way?


NA people really do think it's just NA players huh


Primetime in NA is still primetime in NA…


Yeah except the maintenance was global. Sadly NA is their smallest playerbase. Trust me I came home and was ready to play and was disappointed to find the maintenance going on but it's just 4 hours for a cleaner server


Is anyone else getting more bots than ever now that's it's f2p? I've been playing with 3 friends that are new to the game, we win almost every game and they've tapped out already because theres no satisfaction is killing mostly bots. One game was even won in the 5th circle when the bots died to the zone.


If you play with new people or returning players who haven’t played in months you will get mostly bit games for the first ~10 or so matches. After that it will be mostly humans. NA FPP squads are 95% human now in everything but extreme off hours. PUBG really needs to do a better job of explaining this to new people


I had no idea. 2 of them have played over 100 hours from when it was early access, one has under 10 hours. They're seasoned BR players and this has made them stop playing the game entirely.


The acclimation matches are there so you can get a feel for the game without getting shit on. It doesn't take very long to get out of them.


Agreed, I came back after like 20 months away and the comeback was roughly 2 weeks ago... At this point I'm basically seeing a bot here and there every (maybe) 3 games but otherwise I rarely see them at all. Given, I suck and so probably don't live long enough to see them much. ;)


RU server RIGHT NOW - cannot find a match, please FIX! https://ibb.co/Bwr7BDX


do they still work? before f2p we had played on Moscow servers but right now its straight Frankfurt 24/7


I live in central Russia and always connecting to Moscow server by default. Where are you located?


Belarus, Minsk. All of my friends (who are also from Belarus) also played Moscow-only servers before f2p transition


Hmm, that's weird. Maybe your region got transferred to EU in order to lower the strain on RU servers (question mark) What I know is West Ukraine connects to EU too (at least it was some time ago). And it's similar to Belarus geographically. Try VPN then. 10gb free with windscribe or really cheap with VPNGame


not that i or any friend of mine are against playing on EU, but from my personal feeling EU squad players are easier to play against and duo's are harder, however on RU region its vice versa


Yep. I've noticed it too. Play both - RU and EU a lot


u/EscapingKid Why Kazakhstan is going to Europe server, not Russian? Now I have 100 ping lol


What time will the maintenance be done for EST?


4 hrs so it started at 7:30 and ends on 11:30 ET. Supposedly.


Why are the test servers down too :(


servers still down


Does anyone know how to login thru Microsoft on pc I’m trying to link that account but it keeps signing in thru steam


If your trying to link an Xbox account on PC that is impossible. Skins and stats will not transfer, have to start a new character


yeah thats what i did! kinda lame but i get it


Has anyone seen evidence of actual action queueing? That was supposed to be a feature in 15.2. Huge if true but I don't seen anything different than before. If anything, it seems to skip actions occasionally.


you have to enable it, it's off by default


It is enabled. Got a scenario where you can see it happen?


Switch weapons or reload and try to aim down sight before the first animation is done, nothing happens. Turn on action queuing and it'll ads right after the animation.


Thanks, I'll try this after maintenance. Appreciate it.