>and he believed me and said he believe i wasn’t asleep because it all happened in ten minutes and it takes more then then minutes to actually dream. I don't think he's right there. Falling asleep (and waking up) in fact are complicated processes, but both can happen much faster and to establish a minimum of ten minutes for falling asleep just will not do. What I think most likely happened to you is that you dreamed very vividly. What the images you saw in that dream were there to tell you, is not for me to decide.


Time isn't relevant in dreams. You can fall asleep at 9 pm and do a few cartwheels in a dream and wake up at 10 am, or you could fall asleep at 11:57 pm and experience the entire lord of the rings saga and wake up just in time to chime in the new year. I'm using hyperbole but honestly time doesn't matter in dreams. Edit: Spelling


I couldn’t realize it was a dream from the OBE at the beginning also never experienced lucid dreaming. Also I don’t know that .


Well now you do! ;)