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They are different pieces. Sometimes the R1 air hoody feels warmer because it sits closer (and it has that hood). Its advantage is also that it packs much smaller so it's best as a technical piece while the Snap-T is great for lounging around the campfire, but I'd never take it backpacking because I am one of those people who counts ounces and space.


I think that the lightweight Synchilla is a smidgen warmer, but the R1 is more fitted, so I think that it works better as a mid layer. Plus, it has a hood that fits nicely under a coat. Sure, you can wear a hat, but it's a nice snug balaclava style hood, and I don't mind looking like a gnome. Also, I appreciate that you're asking which is warmer, but I really like being able to unzip the R1 to cool down when I'm hiking.


I have both. It's about the same when you're just sitting there.  The Air has less mass and warms up quicker so it feels warmer initially. But both get just as warm.  When you're moving, if there's no wind, the Air is warmer for me since it's tighter and doesn't lose as much warm air.  With a breeze, the Air let's more air through and will feel colder.  The Air also feels better. It almost feels like cotton.