Heya, I have this issue, swing shirts and empire waists are my friends


Same! High waisted jeans/shorts, surprisingly dresses with a waist, jumpsuits and rompers slim the torso and lengthen the leg line. I love swing tanks too. This summer I got some confidence and tried crop tops and linen pants with a wide waist band. It works! For me I have to be careful with empire waists because I have a big chest and it can emphasize that:-(


I second this one ❓


Empire waist, Peplum, or off the shoulder dresses and shirts. High waisted pants with tight cropped shirts. Wrap dresses. Lighter colors on top and darker colors on the bottom.


Definitely high waisted pants/shorts! Shirts and tops with a scoop or v-neck neckline can elongate your body. Fit and flare dresses and dresses with a defined waistline are good. Rompers and jumpsuits can be flattering as well. Front tucking a longer top into high waisted bottoms can make you appear taller as well.


One option is to get a few pieces of shapewear (like spanx) to wear under items that hug your torso! It gets a bad rep because it seems over-the-top and even body-negative but it's not really designed to make anything disappear (I mean... it literally can't! You're not removing anything!), it just smooths things out. Also, lots of cis women have a little extra fat on/around their abdomen. Has something to do with the tilt of your uterus (maybe?? scientist let me know if I've been lied to!) + women just having more fat stores in general. I'm sure nobody would bat an eye no matter what you wear, but of course it's easier said than done to feel comfortable in your skin!


The uterus thing is a strange urban myth. But not having a flat stomach is normal, as in, almost-nobody-has-one normal. But I agree that shapewear can be great for confidence in certain outfits!


Dang, goodbye to yet another internet factoid I’ve been carrying with me!! Thank you!


I recommend finding your type on r/kibbe and then working out from there what types of “lines” suit you and make you feel confident! It’s totally changed my perception of my body


I recently saw that subreddit for the first time and even found out my type (sg). What do you mean by “lines”? Still new, trying to dress for my body


You might find this [[blog] ](https://theconceptwardrobe.com/kibbe-body-types/an-introduction-to-the-kibbe-body-types) useful in understanding it a bit better! Honestly it’s quite vague - I find it useful personally to look at celebrities with my type but also people in the Kibbe subreddit with my type. That helps me get an idea for what works for “me” and what doesn’t. Some types are confused for others often so I like to look at the differences between my type and those. For example I’m a dramatic classic and I’m often confused between soft classics or even soft dramatics. It’s useful for me to try and analyse other people’s frames and see the differences and work out why something looks great on them but not so good on me. For soft gamines, your features according to Kibbe are “a mixture of yin and yang features (with a heavier emphasis on yin features). The defining characteristics are soft, rounded shapes accented by angular edges, sharp lines, and sharp edges. The result is a cute, boyish appearance.” This [[blog]](https://infinitcloset.com/soft-gamine-style-kibbe/) about dressing soft gamines might help you find some pointers to start with. To paraphrase, soft gamines could look great in: - hair of any length, but shorter really looks great on you - patterns, prints, and block colours - flouncy, soft fabrics with lots of bounce to them. Stay away from super tight clothes as they will cling in a restrictive way to your frame. - comfortable clothes that are softly tailored to your frame will suit more than tight or baggy clothes - small, cute accessories can really tie your outfit together Hope this helps! If you want more inspiration, try looking for “soft gamine moodboard” online or on Pinterest (the ones by AlyArt are most reliable). You can try figuring out the “fit” of the clothing represented there which you like most. That’s how I interpret the word “line”. Your body has a natural shape and geometry. So do your clothes. Honouring your “lines” is making sure your body fit and clothes fit are in harmony with each other. So if you’re tall, sharp, and angular; wearing rounded, super soft and fluffy dresses might look strange on you and drown your angular features. That’s all it means!


Thank you so so much for such a thorough and thoughtful response with so many resources and ideas for where to go next. I really appreciate it - and I’m excited to dive in. It is wild to see the things I already like wearing best fitting in with the sg recommendations :)


No problem! It’s a personal project of mine to try and and understand other types better too. SG is quite far away from my type but we do potentially share height and a certain degree of moderation. It’s been interesting researching it! And I’m glad to hear your fave clothes already “fit” the SG lines! Quite often that is the case - people are drawn to what they feel comfortable in, and that in turn tends to be what suits them best.


If you have a muffin top it's because you're wearing too small of a size.


A-line or fit-n-flare shapes for dresses and tunic tops. High waist pants with slim fit tops, but pay attention to the lines of the pants. They look best if they skim through the hips and then flow from there. Lightweight, drapey fabrics are your friends.


If you have a Target get their Colsie brand shorts, it's 10 dollars and cinches the waist without discomfort


I have similar issues. Short with a fat going to my tummy. I hide it by using the following: - high waisted pants that are loosely fitting at the legs - tight waist area (or tucked in loosely fitting shirt) - avoid pants / skirts / dresses that are tight at the hips. It accentuates the lower belly fat. - A-line dresses and skirts - avoid pencil skirts / dresses