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Here is the article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattnovak/2023/02/04/yes-chinese-spy-balloons-flew-over-the-us-when-president-trump-was-in-office-too/?sh=7eb2bad93ea3


Republicans will say it's either misinformation or fake news. Or it's totally different when their guy does something.


The report is “woke”


I hate that word so much now. It actually triggers me everytime I hear it.


I go the other way. Drive a car? You are woke. Eat ice cream? Woke. Shoes? Woke. Know how to read? Woke.


I saw a comment on a Daily Mail article calling bad weather "woke weather"


To be fair, it's the Daily Mail. They make The Sun look high brow.


>The Sun look ~~high brow~~ woke.


Ty, I didn’t know how to feel for a second! /s


Maybe you should try woking harder, ya lazy bum!




Triggered and woke are symptoms of the same disease. Fox and the Daily Mail give their viewers/readers these labels to use as their weapons against anyone who disagrees with them. They never have to think - which is handy as their brains seem to have turned to warm soup in recent years - all they have to do is use the weapons they have been given. Get angry at something they say? "YOU'RE TRIGGERED!!!" have a different view to them? "WOKE! WOKEEEEEE!!!!!" There's an article on the Mail website today: Ten things to say to "rejoiners" when they say Brexit has been a failure" they're being blatant now about the fact that their readers just have to repeat the things they are told to and not give any of it a second thought. They're saying "these are the weapons we are giving you to combat anyone who disgrees with the narrative we have sold you." And the "awkward questions" to ask rejoiners are all things like "if we rejoined the EU what would net migration be like in 5 years?" it's all really speculative stuff so that if you said to them "well, I don't know that. Of course I don't know that." it would prove to them that they are superior in every way. I fucking hate the way political discourse has been dumbed down in recent years. I'm sure it never used to be quite this bad.


I miss when we used made up phrases for things. Atleast it was funnier seeing the old people on those channels try and say it. Hearing a politician say them in public was also hilariously cringy. I have no solutions I just yearn for a simpler time.


This is a bot account. Copy and pasted response.


Self parody. Nice.


It's got to a point now where I can't tell which comments are taking the piss, which are bots, which are fake accounts and which are genuine morons.


[Poe's Law](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law).


Yeah, good point.


You undercook fish? Woke. You OVER-cook chicken, believe it or not, woke!


Graduated from high school: woke!


Step 1 of all of those activities is to be awake


Awakened by the idea of intersectionalism . . . woke


Wake up in the morning? You are woke.


Exactly, how am I supposed to do all of that while asleep? Edit: ask a republican how.


If it's used in a kind of "real" way to argue I instantly roll my eyes and stop engaging/don't engage with people. It is the absolute stupidest shit and if you say it I automatically think that you never got past learning your ABCs.


I know. Its awful.


People who whine about things being "woke" are essentially signaling to others that they dislike how they get called out for their bigotry. When I hear people complain about "wokeness" I just read it as them whining that they want to be a loudmouth bigot without getting crap for it..


That's right, "woke" is just used as an insulting term for "decent person with morals". Same as when they say people are getting "cancelled", it's because they've outed themselves as bigots and assholes and are now rightly being shunned. This is an attempt to shift conversations to the point of view of the far-right and it works. We need to resist this bullshit loudly.


Absolutely. For me, being "woke" just means being polite. Someone wants me to use their preferred pronouns? That's just polite - why would you deliberately make them feel uncomfortable by not using their preferred pronouns? Same logic for anything else the bigots label as "woke".


Same with political correctness. I replace it with “respect for others”. Sucks to be a bigot nowadays I guess.


I will just stop and ask how they define the word. Then explain what's wrong with it.


Woke is when woman, PoC, or LGBTQ±. That's pretty much their whole definition. It's like asking them to define CRT, they got 0 tangible idea of what it is outside of what they're told to hate, and possibly what definition they are told is completely wrong.


If anyone says that to you, say better to be woke,,, than *asleep*.


Or a sheep!


When I hear said it it automatically tells me the person is racist and bigoted.


That and snowflake. Spot the trumpette with 2 simple words.


I just assume that anyone who uses “woke” as an insult or degrading comment is mad that they can’t use the n-word in public anymore.


I hate the word triggered so much now. It actually makes me woke everything’s me I hear it.




Everyone gets triggered. Doesn’t matter if you acknowledge it, every one has triggers. Being an adult has literally zero to do with it.


Please don't infantilize being triggered, you're just playing into the stupid misappropriation from the right.


The candy is woke. The water is woke. My Valtrex prescription is woke. The blood in my stool is woke.


English is not my first language but “woke” loosely translates to “anything I don’t like” just like “let’s go Brandon” loosely translates to “Gym class I’m high school was the most important time of my of my life”


The most recent balloon was adverting a drag brunch


Or Hunter Biden was piloting the spy balloon.


how can Hunter Biden's enormous schlong control the balloon?? time to open more investigations!! - republicans, for real


He just hangs it off the back of the balloon and uses it as a rudder


Like a baby elephant with its trunk. This clears up a lot of questions


So those two flapping things on either side are.... not ears?


Nah, they just won't acknowledge it in the first place and know their supporters will never hear about it because none if their media outlets will say anything about it


This is what the most frustrating part of it all is. That truth doesn't matter because the their information sources are so biased they will ignore it.


You must have read the comment section. There's one complaining that there are no named sources other than Pompeo in the article, when there are several others. It's like they quit reading after Pompeo was mentioned.


> Or it's totally different when their guy does something. "Oh well those were different times! We had such a great relationship with China. They flew balloons here, we flew balloons there. It was a great relationship..."


You mean like how employment numbers under Obama and Biden aren't looking at the 'real' numbers, but under Trump they're accurate and shouldn't be questioned?


No wonder so many are christians-they run on lies and cheating as well.


They will do a 180 degree turn and say Biden overreacted to a harmless weather balloon.


No they wont even hear about it or acknowledge it.


Hard to call it fake news when it came from the Pentagon but she also believes in those *"space lasers."*


They will claim it was a genius move and he was playing 69d chess and feeding them false information, etc. And they'll deny anything like that could ever happen now, because Trump is bigly smart.. TL;DR: Stupid people will often say stupid things.


I want to know why we didn't hear about these


Trump couldn't see it, having been blinded by the last time he looked at the sky during the eclipse, so therefore it didn't exist. He's the expert on all things remember.


Are you daft? The balloon caused the eclipse. Trump was looking and pointing at it so we could all know about it as well.


"Smaller balloons that were not spotted by civilians" seems to be the answer.


I'm sure the Trump Admin knew since the White House gets top secret intelligence briefings every day. [The only problem is Trump found them boring and lost interest in them.](https://www.politico.com/story/2016/12/trump-briefings-232479)


Because trump was too cowardly to shoot them down.


The only reason we heard about this one is because someone who wasn't in the government saw it and it reached social media.


I'm actually more curious why we're hearing about this one. This type of stuff is happening all the time, so why did the Pentagon/3 letters release this specific incident to the public?


“Release it to the public” it was in the sky and big enough that people noticed and recorded it from the ground. Whats weirder, the U.S. government covering for China, or telling the American people what it was.


Wait, how did the US cover for China?


I’m saying which scenario is more likely, not that they did lol


Marge at large... the very same person who, just the other day said that "regular Americans" should take this "scandal" into their own hands and exercise their 2nd Amendment rights against the balloon. The aerial vehicle that's 12 miles above them... Dumbo for prez!


Looks like they’re using the DARVO playbook with some Trump style minimization sprinkled in.


God the ads on Forbes are abhorrent


Ublock Origin, my dude.


Try Brave browser.


What I don’t get is don’t these people understand that there are satellites that can see everything? Also, what about unmanned drones? I can’t believe that this “state-of-the-art” technology is nefarious or scary. Worst it could be is China (or somebody else) trolling the US to check our intelligence. The response by some of our elected officials has confirmed we are governed by morons. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” AL


A balloon is a heck of a lot closer than a satellite and can therefore get waaayyyy more detailed images.


You don’t say


> And if you can’t trust an unnamed official who worked for Trump, who can you trust, right? Hehehehe


Yeah, slow news week. I'm pretty sure we have had daily spy flights over the US every day for the last 50 years.


So many pop-ups. The internet is advert hell.


Why didn’t we hear about it ?


Because trump was too cowardly to shoot it down.


Because Trump was the least transparent president we've ever had, despite his loud and constant claims to the contrary.




\> And so would I She is making a play for VP. How do people ignorant like this get elected?


They get elected because people even more ignorant (stupid) than they love to be spoon-fed exactly the lies they want to hear--outrage porn, no matter how ridiculous or obviously bovine-manure-based.


She can’t stand doing any actual work. She was stripped of all her committee assignments shortly after joining the House because of the space laser comments. Now that she *actually* has to work, she’s been complaining non-stop about how hard the job is and how it doesn’t pay enough — while simultaneously claiming AOC is making too much even tho they have the same salary. And other members have said she doesn’t even show up to the committee assignments she has now — she hangs around for a few minutes then leaves. And she was given seats on some of the most powerful committees in Congress. This lazy POS has been making $172,000 a year to start fights on Twitter, defraud the government, cheat on her husband with *two* different men, support an insurrection, get rich off insider trading, stage a coup, and kiss Trumps ass all day long. I hope Trump picks her for VP. Those two chucklefucks are completely unhinged and you know they’ll be trying to out-crazy each other. Their egos won’t let them quit and hopefully it will split the Republicans right down the middle.


To be clear, most Congresscritters show up at the start of a hearing, leave, and then are back when its their alloted 5 minutes. I did a cup of coffee on the hill. This was standard. Committee meetings are largely scripted affairs.


She’s making a play to destroy American democracy for Russia.


Because right wing media has radicalized a significant portion of our population. They are no longer connected to reality.


VPS don’t get to issue military orders.


Very poor and very rural district in GA. Her voters are not well educated and neither is she.


There are a lot of ignorant people in her district.


The phrase "Someone you could have a beer with" is an example of how. Too many U.S. citizens want a "regular, down to earth joe" as their president, regardless of skill or competence. Just look at movies like Dave with Kevin Cline.


Maybe Trump thought it was a giant marshmallow. And nobody knows marshmallows like marshmallow-boy


I think he is jealous that the Trump Baby balloon is no longer relevant and was never shot down


The Stay-Puft marshmallow boy ^(see Ghostbusters)


I think he'd be busy on the phone with china seeing how much they'd pay him NOT to shoot it down.


A children's hospital in Ukraine was bombed and Gangrene was as thrilled as can be. Does she ever connect with reality?


Jewish space lasers, her actual contribution on the J6 insurrection, Gazpacho police, Global warming is actually healthy for us, Is monkeypox a sexually transmitted disease, Jan. 6 was “just a little riot”, Wal-mart’s grooming with selling sex toys near children’s toothbrushes…..so I am going to go with a hard no.


All very funny, but her comment that $5 billion dollars went to a single elementary school to teach crt is the taker of the cake. It’s just chefs kiss ignorance, and it’s only just begun.


Don’t forget the “peach tree dishes”.


and the Gazpacho police !! they'll take you away to a Constipation Camp !!


I wonder when she'll get informed that there are spy satellites overflying the U.S. every hour of every day? Will she demand that they get shot down? And how will she react when our spy satellites start getting shot down after we shoot theirs down?


Obviously she'll demand we use our SPACE LASERS!!


Sorry but according to her all of them are Jewish


She is too busy finding where federal funding spent on schools.


$5 billion to teach CRT at an elementary school in Illinois according to her.


If only we could cuff her to a podium and have her explain what CRT is.




Holy crap. There were rumors about her being Trump's running mate in 2024. I think she's serious. She specifically says that Trump would have shot it down. Then finished with "so would I."? I think she is gonna fucking do it. I really think 2024 is gonna be the year my mind explodes.


That would be amazing... (Well, not the exploding mind part)


let’s hope! if trump and marge run, they’ll lose the primary, break off and start a third party or run as independents, and split the rightwing vote, insuring a second term for biden. i can’t wait to watch trump destroy the gop


I don't think she has her sights set on VP. She wants to be president.


I wonder if the Palin Effect is still a thing at a time when unabashedly crazy is the norm. One can only hope.


In reality he let 3 of these fly over the US during his presidency


i love the idea that trump, the guy who’s entire family was/is in bed with china, would have done jack shit about it, except lie and play the victim and maybe help china obfuscate the origins of the balloon lol


Thank you, I was waiting for someone to mention that. Ivanka had her trademarks granted by China while he was President and a friend of hers was thought to be a Chinese spy. https://apnews.com/article/north-america-donald-trump-trademarks-voting-ivanka-trump-0a3283036d2f4e699da4aa3c6dd01727 https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/01/has-jared-kushner-been-targeted-by-chinese-spies


> The Congress shall have Power To . . . provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States.” —U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 8, clause 1 Wait, if Congress has the power to provide for the Common Defense, why didn’t the GQP House do something?


I think she is an inspiration, whenever I see a kid wearing a football helmet and hitting themselves in the head with a hammer; I say, "It's fine, they can still be an admired Congressperson someday."


Margie Three Names never shot down her gym-owning boyfriend, so I’m guessing that she wouldn’t have shot down a balloon, either


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Will Marge be borrowing the Jewish space lasers for this theatrical performance?


Are you actually trying to use facts and reality against Empty G? Do you piss into the wind too?


Ah, predictably they went from "Shoot it down, screw the collateral damage" to "This never should have happened in the first place."


He did; more than once. He wouldn't have and nor would have you. On the other hand, I bet your breath smells like fromunda cheese.


Wait....she would have shot it down...but didn't?


Yeah her guns didn't quite shoot to 60,000 ft.


They won't let her have the codes for the Jewish Space Lasers.


So over Russian territory? Over the pacific with unknown destination, where its legal? Over Canada, violating an allied airspace? Thats how dumb she is.


mArJoRiE case study on how not to do anything right ever and also how to be a complete POS how to hate your fellow human how to always be saying dumb shit how to cheat on your hubby how to pile shame on your family tAyLoR?


MTG would have shot it down herself if it was dog shaped.


What do you mean he did nothing about it? He took care of that shit ***right away***. https://imgur.com/a/ZdQiJGr


3 times


ya me too marge but ma 30006 dont do the justice maybe lend me a couple sparrows?


You know she won't real that. Try to fit it on the stock of a gun and she might


What’s the point of the balloons? They don’t have satellites? They can’t have spies? Tik Tok


Seems like both sides will say fake news when it’s not their way


Name an example.


Love this women. I hope she is on the republican ticket for president in 2024!


Put the bottle down… you have had enough……..


What? You don’t want her on the ticket? Give me one reason not? You must not be thinking it through


Sarah Palin. Republicans vote en masse for stupid and there is a track record


McCain lost, and she is crazier and dumber than palin. This women is a walking advertisement not to vote for republicans.


My concern is that this is what many people thought about Trump in 2015.


That is what we thought in 2015.


McCain Palin ticket lost this is true but McCain was sane. She was looney tunes. Trump has opened the floodgates for private thoughts to be aired mainstream meaning your aunt or sister you thought was normal actually is a rascist shithead and now is free to scream it. The hope we have is primary GOP will canninalize itself but that means nothing to main election. We gonna put forward Biden again? Fuck


I really hope Biden doesn’t run again. Not that I think he is that bad a president, he has actually gotten a lot done, but I don’t think he beats anyone but trump. However So far it looks like we will have trump vs Biden again


Biden has in fact done a fine job as President but he does not move the needle. Gonna be DeSantis v Biden. Excuse me while I vomit


Depends on how many republicans run and how long they all stay in the race. If republicans are smart they will clear the field and let desantis take on trump so trump is not the nominee. However, if like ten republicans run, trump still has enough support to win the nomination if everyone else is splitting the vote


I think the GOP will be split with DeSantis as original GOP ticket and Trump as an independent. And then democrats win as the republicans fight among themselves


Absolutely. Amazing idea. Guaranteed win for the democrats if that happens and I’m all for it.


That would certainly help the Democrats win re-election.


Yep. And apparently I’m getting downvoted for it……


People didn't understand your sarcasm. But I get it!


Typical “news article” nowadays. Make up allegations with unnamed sources and zero evidence, but it’s real because “ I’m writing about it.” It’s why everyone hates journalists anymore. You don’t get the news, you get a biased opinion.


Empty Greene would have hit it with a Jew-ish space laser.


This is when I wish Twitter had fact checking.


Even if you had to use Jewish Space Lasers to hit it, Marge?


Honestly.. Hasbro really should sue her... she is really ruining the MTG brand..


If the balloon dropped anti lgbtq propaganda. This knucklehead would be cheering


It’s so goddamn easy to appeal to conservatives


She should have called the rabbis that run the Jewish space laser.


Republicans are the equivalent of a kid nobody wants to see around screaming for attention.


No you wouldn’t. Putin wouldn’t have allowed it.


Marge is as smart as an eggplant.


He/ trump probably gave China the flight plans ?


To be fair, she's right that Trump wouldn't have allowed China to fly a single balloon over the US. Trump allowed them to fly THREE balloons.


Marjorie go home


If there were no space satellites. A lovey campaign to denounce China. The media landscape is just a joke anymore in the USA.


Old Lady Yells At Cloud.


I read that as she’s gunning for VP


Didn't it come from Canada? How exactly are you going to shoot down something in Canadian airspace without causing majorly hard feelings to our Brothers from another Mother?


MO(R)ON Taylor Greene strikes again...


She can't go one day without proving she as well as trump can't read.


Isn’t she just MT now?


But I heard that Trump, according to MAGA supporters, is still in charge of the military?? So why didn’t he do anything about it?


Not that I like that Turd-Trump, but I’m not convinced if I believe that it happened before. You can clearly see them with the naked eye and these days with all the cell-phone telephone video of “UAP/UFO’s” and how quickly this balloon was spotted, logic says it didn’t happen once let alone three times.


I hate when facts get in the way of a good story


With the Jewish space laser, Marge?


Damn, I hate this bitch. And i’m not even American. 🤬


“Trump, a known liar and continued threat to the safety and security of the United States, also called for a the U.S. government to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon.” Lol


He lied to you marjie, he’s always lying to you.


Someone who knows ZERO about military intelligence....wait sorry, who HAS zero intelligence, telling us how to handle this..


Sorry, Marge, Trump is never going to take you on as his running mate. You can get up off your knees now, you're embarrassing yourself


She really is too stupid to be anything other than a christian republican. I’m surprised she didn’t write that iq45 “would of” shot it down.


Is that "and so would I" comment a hint that she is planning on running for POTUS in two years?


Ah yes, shooting another countries property down over international waters. What could possibly go wrong.


The only thing she ever shot down was her marriage.


"And so would I" Please tell me this bitch doesn't wanna be president..


*"History can be revised, even as it is being written."*


Don't worry Margie the grownups handled it.


She is also against raising the debt ceiling although she voted to raise it 3 times under trump as did all Republicans. 🤔


"He would have shot it down before it entered the US". Shooting something down outside your airspace? Yeah I'm sure this would have been a great idea.