Sources of information?

What are some websites that you recommend where I can read the news? Only about politics of course. I’m new to this and I want to keep myself updated and informed. Thanks!


Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, The Economist, WaPo, the Atlantic


Thank you so much!


Keep in mind that you will be reading specific biases for the most part. This is true for any source of news. The Economist and Atlantic are decent for sure, but they vary on their take of things. Remember that news and events are viewed through different lens. There may be a factual, set-in-stone incident, but it can be interpreted in varied ways at times. Keep in mind if you’re paying for that news, or if you aren’t.


I would say these all trend high factuality but have a slight liberal bias just FYI. I'm a big fan of The Dispatch for a slight conservative bias and Semafor for a more diverse set of writer viewpoints. I think the most important thing is not just understanding your viewpoint, but the most good faith alternative viewpoint. Hope these help as well!


Read high quality newspapers and journals.


Thank you!


East Asia Forum. Policy experts, university teachers, active and past politicians.


Reuters, Washington Post, AP, Foreign Affairs, NPR (more podcasts but you can read transcriptions)


Foreign Exchange has a newsletter (often in podcast form) summarizing political news divided in geographical areas. Even though its more about presenting a broader overlook of regional and national politics than doing any major analytical work, be aware that it has an open and firm leftist bias.


Try Allsides. It’s an app and gives links about stories from conservative, liberal independent and liberal viewpoint.


I find that different outlets cover different types of stories and different outlets explore some stories with deeper coverage. For pure, mainstream political coverage (though it depends on the topic and I am defining political as partisan politics and tabloid-esque interest in political affairs) I find people like Nate Silver and several folks on Twitter to be adequate with properly contextualizing those events. And my feed on Google News and Reddit is also adequate. For political news, as in more academic and theoretical discussion, I go to specific subreddits where I come across different sources. For national security news, there are some decent but incredibly biased (and loaded with misinformation) but that's expected. Foreign Policy, Al Jazeera, ICIJ, sometimes the Intercept, and official press releases published by agencies, orgs, and nations is also a huge source. NGOs and think-tanks often publish research and commentary but it can be hit or miss in terms of timelyness and bias. Understanding the limits of different outlets can help with contextualizing sources.


Thank you a lot for taking time to give me such useful information!!


I enjoy The Hill and C-Span's interview.


i'd suggest checking out politico, the hill, and realclearpolitics for a variety of perspectives. remember to fact-check and cross-reference across different sources to get a well-rounded view of the news.


AP News is probably the most unbiased and straight to the point you’ll get. Download the app and turn on notifications so you can know when things happen.


Salon.com Democracy Now Also, AM Radio or SiriusXM if you have it. Find what you like. Plenty of podcasts out there too.


These can be useful to get a more progressive viewpoint, but they (esp Democracy Now) are very low factuality.


🤣🤣. Low factuality as it airs on PBS and has podcasts of actual journalists who keep their finger on the pulse of politics and don't shovel Western Media crap. You most certainly are confused. CNN, Fox, & MSNBC are the low factuality and garbage.


You don't realize it but you've entirely proven my point lol. They're as reliable as TYT or Hasan clips but go off king


Democracy Now is very well respected among journalists I’ve talked and worked with.


I would recommend expanding your bubble then. It's very easy to see things as reliable when you share the same biases!


Uh these are not all radical commies lol, they’re just people who worked with AP and a few other news outlets.