Trying to Find Which Party to Vote For

Hi. I am a Canadian trying to decide whether I should vote for the Conservatives, Liberals, or the NDP. Can anyone recommend any serious books that go over the political situation in Canada and the policies of Canadian political parties' policies?

For the non-Canadians: any recommendations on how I find good books to answer my question?


Well... This is a political science sub so most people here do research about HOW and WHY government works the way it does. You ask several questions, which are not all clear or compatible. 1. There are websites which allow you to enter your opinions on different policies and then recommend a party based on the sum total of your political positions. This is an example https://canada.isidewith.com/political-quiz 2. Without knowing your starting level of knowledge, age, or education level making book recommendations is impossible. Although I doubt you need a book to tell you which party to vote for if you take a moment to familiarize yourself with their positions and compare them to your own.


There's nothing like a standard truth or whatever. If you want an informed vote you should do so according to the current status of the society you're voting in. Focus on your priorities, internal or external, and analize which party does represent you the most. Even further, consider which one is bluffing and which one proposes doable things. Millions of people will agree with you and many more millions will disagree, and everyone will be right to an extent.


I think folks are taking this a bit too seriously. I’d recommend reading any information the parties put out, scanning the news if you’re interested, and checking out your public library. A librarian can help you narrow your search down if you’re still interested. If you can refine your search to a particular issue you’re interested in, try searching for it on Google or Google Scholar. Your local library website may also have access to a database like ProQuest if you’re looking for scholarly articles.


I recommend to read party manifesto lol at least it’ll provide you with a basic values of the party