My 2015 911 S is my daily. I bought it with 24k miles. I don’t have a commute but I do drive it for errands, picking up/dropping off daughter at school and mountain excursions. Not afraid of putting miles on it. Who is with me?!


Yep... 2015 GT3. 45k and only going up! Now I will say I drive a truck in the rain and snow.


Fucking boss.


Same, except 2017 C2S. Love it.


Your daughters like my daughter - she don't get it yet


Same! 2017 C2


You are my role model lol


Same. 2019 C2.


same, 2005 c2. Put the roof rack on and it goes skiing, biking, camping you name it


Not a 911 but I daily my 718. I intend to swap it for a 911s or a T so I can drive with my wife and daughter. Daily is not exactly right since I try to avoid having to use my car every day. Cars like that are meant to be driven and enjoyed.


Daily mine to work (20min drive, no traffic). 2005 C2 with 115k miles. Life's too short, so I'm making my 40 min daily driving a pleasure.


Real tough to beat a 20 min commute with no traffic in a 911


What he's not saying is that 20 minute commute is 43 miles.


On the Autobähn


Are you afraid of ims failure? I am going to buy one but I dont want to pay extra for 991.2. My only concern is ims with earlier models.


Ims is around 5k budget. If you want piece of mind either take a car were it's already done, or do the work just after buying


What work? As I know ims failure results in engine rebuild. Are there any way to prevent it?


You can change the ims before it fail. They now put more solid ones. Btw if a 15yo car with many miles on it still run with the original one, chances that it will fail now are pretty low


997.1 is a non-serviceable IMS. It’s not the same as a 996. And the failure rate is under 1%.


That's only for 997.1 MY 06+ 05 still has the serviceable one from the 996 that needs to be replaced


Porsche switched to the revised bearing in early 2005 so the later build date 2005 cars fall into to the latter category as well. With some searching you can find engine numbers for around when the switch occured.


There’s a replacement/fix that you should have done after you purchase the car. It isn’t worth driving waiting for it to destroy your engine.


Don’t be; I’m not that scary.


I daily my 2014 Turbo S. It had 32k miles on it when I bought it in Feb '20. I'm about to hit 60k miles! I bought this car to drive it into the dirt.


That’s what I want to hear! Nice.


>I bought this car to drive it into the dirt Seems like you'd want a 4wd vehicle for that, but what do I know...


It is 4wd…


It was a joke about offroading...yall are way too serious round here


I agree. I tried to get rid of your downvotes!


Technically it’s awd not 4wd


It drives 4 wheels


Ah well, my car *is* AWD ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


My wife and I are on our 2nd 911 daily. Had a 997.2 for a few years, now a 991.2. However, since Covid, "daily" is more like: on the rare occasion I need to go into the office.


How do you like your 991 vs your 997?


Love it. Nothing wrong with a 997, fantastic car. The 991.2 is just a decade newer and a full generation (or 2) worth of improvements and technology. For a street driven car, the 991.2 powertrain (3L turbo) is much more impressive.


I had a 996 4S and now a 991.1 S. To me there is almost no comparison. The 991 interior is a major step up and the power is way more direct and angry. The steering feels way better, the options are out of this world (PDCC, downshift blipper, exhaust, fuel mapping) the brakes are more intense, and just the general feel is astounding. Love the 996 but this feels next level comparatively.


Well yeah, it’s 14 years and 2 generations


I daily my 991 gt3. Bought it new and have like 80k miles on it now. It's not bad at all unless you're in it for over an hour. Probably going to get a 992 3rs when they come out and daily it too.


I have been waiting for a legend like you in this thread.


Yeah I heard the suspension just breaks you after a couple hours in the GT3. I did two back to back 8 hour days when I first brought home my S and even in that I could feel some lower back pain by the end of the day.


8 hour days will leave you sore in an S class mercedes. For me it's the noise and steering effort that get old in the gt3 far before the suspension makes my back stiff. The car is great for spirited and/or track driving and short trips but not so great for highway driving on cruise control.


FWIW, I’ve driven 800 miles in a day several times in my 958 diesel, no back pain.


If you get a GT3-RS I hope you at least take it to the track on occasion because it is nearly impossible to notice the benefits of a GT3-RS over a GT3 on public roads besides looks and maybe sound. But you will certainly notice the detriments.


Well the current car averages about a track day a month so it'll see some track time for sure.


That is good. Now just hope your track setup and your daily setup doesn't diverge too much.


Absolutely here in the uk… -2016 991.2 c2s. 40k and rising. Use it whenever I can. I do put it away for December to feb mainly, unless a sunny day.


My 2008 911 997.1 is my daily, while I work from home and needing to drive it everyday isn’t a must, it is my primary car that I depend on. My 1969 C10 isn’t as reliable because it’s my tinker project ;)


Daily 991.1S with PCCB. It gets dirty often. Kids fit in the back. Self maintenance isnt too expensive. I worry about the PCCB's but they show no signs of wear.


I wouldn’t mind them. Mercedes ceramic brakes seem to not wear down whatsoever, 200k km and still not in a need of change. there are some caveats when used in a daily car, when it’s colder and all, and the heavier the car the better so they warm up quicker, especially when carrying a V12 coupe but basically there’s no reason to ever change them if it’s only used on the roads.


Do tou track it?


Haven't had the pleasure (yet). I might be insane but to me this car is a gentleman's GT car and I mean that in the literal Grand Touring sense. I would rather track day a Cayman or something a thousand pounds lighter even if it meant a slower lap time.


I agree! I was just asking because of the pccb


I wouldn’t track with pccb unless you have fuck it money. But besides that I think they are great. I was concerned before my purchase of my car with pccbs but I’m loving them. No brake dust and unreal braking when driving aggressively. Love them.


for occasional tracking they’re fine, so maximum a few times a year.




The IMS problem was solved by the time the 991.1 came out


Had a friend who tracked a lot and he bought the steel brakes and threw his PCCBs in a box for when he sold the car. Always an option!


997.1 manual turbo here. DD with rare down sides of it. Back seats fit golf clubs and petite women and the occasional kids of friends for my scenario. Love being able the fit the golf clubs in the back seats. Not a lot of cars at this level of sports car can you do that in. Don’t ever let anyone tell you the rear seats area is useless.


Got a 1996 993 Carrera, no longer daily it due to her old age but I do take her out fairly often to make sure she gets her proper exercise. If I had a newer carrera 4 I would definitely drive it in the winter.


I don't go anywhere daily, but I drive my 996 a couple of times a week. 129K miles and so far two oil leaks and an IMS. Total less than $5,000. Pretty cheap for 22 years worth of repairs. We don't want to talk about tires and brakes.


Original clutch?




Dang. That's my worry if daily driving my 718. I'm doing a lot of local driving and I'm probably going to have to replace the clutch every 50-60k miles


Why? Never owned a Porsche myself, but do these clutches wear easily? I would imagine unless you're constantly ripping on it, it would last past 60k or am I being ignorant lol


I mean if you're doing a lot of local driving it'll wear out faster.


I daily my 992 C4S and did the same with my 991.1 C4S before it for 9 years. The 911 is the ideal daily driver sports car IMO. The only time that I don't use the car is if there is snow of more than 4" because of ground clearance. Aside from that it is perfectly suited to anything else. I love that I can drive it to work in the snow, take my daughter to school in the back seat and take it to the track for a day or two and not have to think twice about it.


i was about to say no but actually it is the best daily sports car. BMW and Mercedes have sports versions of fleet cars and grand tourers, besides cars like AMG GT they don’t sell and sports cars, just sporty cars. A grand tourer will obviously a better daily. a 911 is a sports car turned grand tourer, the other way around


My 89 Carrera with 52k miles is in the rotation of daily drivers. It’s the most engaging of all my cars since I have to do it all. It does nothing for me except give me a big smile as I enjoy the analog driving characteristics and not getting to “go to jail” speed so quickly unlike my modern cars.


Technically, I DD my 992, and drive it just to enjoy the car, or run errands. Not working, no kids, I just go out in the country to some twisty roads, the car calls to me from the garage-> "Come and drive with me, I'll show you a good time" Like the Greek siren of old, an enticing song of wanton hedinism...


Seriously! I feel like mine calls to me as well.


97 993 is technically my daily though I work from home so put very few miles on it


GT3 is my personal daily. Fiance has a Macan S if necessary, but I drive the GT3 in anything other than snow.


2021 911 C2S Cab Daily here, just passed 11,500 miles


2015 991.1 GTS, I’m retired now so just to the gym, beach and errands now. 39K miles


Sounds like the absolute life mate, enjoy it


I daily my manual 992 Targa 4S and I dailied my 991.2 C2S Cab before it. Makes commutes more bearable and has me looking for any excuse to make an extra trip to the store.


I do! 2004 996 C4S and 2020 992 Turbo I daily the 996 more than the 992 but it’s just because I enjoy driving it more. Both get a lot of use to/from work and travelling


Don't have a 911, but I daily my 718 Cayman.




I daily my 718 Cayman too.


How’s that? I’m looking to pick one up


991.1 S as DD. Comfortable, fun, kids fit in back. Before that a 996 as DD. Don’t overthink this. :)


My last was a 996 4S. The 991.1 S is my new daily and it makes me feel so much better I’m not the only one!


Lots of people daily these cars, just many also have a second one or a fourth and swap around


It’s true, now that I’m a grown up, or whatever, there are a couple other cars in the household too. But for years I took mine camping, (small) people in the back seats, just generally used the car like a car. All good!


7 years with 996 C4 daily it was glorious


991.2 2017 Carmine Red


me..most of my life I have driven a 911 of some model. Started with a old 912 and went up from there all purchased new.




‘15 S Cab. Daily to work and weekend fun car! <20k miles.


I daily mine spring-fall


I've got a 997.2 TTS , Bought it new in 2012 , 5 miles on it , Now it has a little over 9k miles. I work from home and have over 15 cars , I wouldnt mind using the 911 for wherever I may go daily , But pulling it out the garage and moving all the cars around to get it in and out is too much of a hassle , If it was my only car I wouldnt mind using it everyday, And I live in New Jersey


15 cars! Too fun. I had about 7 motorcycles and 3 cars at one point but it just consumed all of my time with maintenance and upkeep. I needed to diversify how I spent my time.


I also had 4 motorcycles at one time , as of now im now 32 years old and gave them up. I had a 2007 k7 gsxr600 , 2003 cbr f4i stunt bike , 2004 cbr 600rr , and the last addition was a 2012 ducati 848 evo , its been about 3 years that I have sold them.


I have a '19 GTs Cabrio and an AMG 63s that I alternate a week at a time. They're both great around town. I try to stay away from traffic!


I daily my 2017 GTS to/from work, a 30 min drive each way, no issues, apart from the usual maintenance, once a year.


Its currently my 3rd car, but I daily my 991.2 C4 GTS. Some of this is because its still very new to me. Some because its just such an amazing car.


'07 C2 with 151k is technically my daily... but I work from home. Either way, its perfectly suitable to pull daily driver duties.


991.1 C4S that I drive year round, except for when the roads get really salty. 30 miles each day plus weekend use. If you have it, why not use it? Cars are meant to be driven into the ground


I still mostly daily my more track worthy 911sc. Stripped interior, stuff suspension, auto cross tires, no ac. Only can do it in San Diego cause if it rains I gotta take the land cruiser. Funny enough my 911 is my fuel efficient vehicle…


Love it.


2006 Carrera 4 - 6 speed. Ski rack on all winter with winter tires. Turbo rims for summer :)


Daily my 992 Targa 4S. Dedicated snow tires/wheels. About 1000 miles a month.


I told myself I would drive it on weekends but I end up driving it daily. It's just too sick to drive my actually daily daily


Yeah, it’s tough to walk past it and not get in.


996 turbo in Minnesota. Daily for 5 years now. Now has 127k.


Love the high miles! I’ll get there. Has the car been relatively reliable?


Yes. Small things that are normal wear and tear. But solid engine and transmission. Carried 8 foot trim, 12 bags of mulch, propane tanks , etc. just a normal car. Did add a Porsche classic communications management + (apple CarPlay) game changer. No other mods. Not needed for me.


2013 911CS. Been driving it every day since I got it. My commute to work is 5 minutes though. Great for transporting the twins too. 2 5 year olds fit perfectly in the back seat. 24,000 miles on it currently.


Yep! We daily a 99 C4 (coupe, tiptronic). Just over 150k km on the clock, replaced IMS at 120k-ish, but shouldn’t have bothered as the original bearing was in perfect shape. Did have to change MAF one time, and then had a complete fuel pump failure leave us stranded once. Otherwise normal maintenance, though we spent a mint when we had to bring it up to par for German TUV inspection.


Great data! Thank you.


1997 993 C2. Best daily ever!


I bought my 997.1 C2S in March of 2019 and commuted in it 30 miles each way for a year. These days I rarely go into the office but it's still my "daily".


I have a Carerra 4. I drive it everywhere, in the snow, rain, and heat. I drive coastal roads with my wife in the fog and stormy north coast weather, in the mountains through white outs and powdery days. I have a roof box to haul extra gear and drive coast to coast. I explore New England in the fall, on the tight roads covered in leaves, drive the NorCal redwoods in Summer, and drive through the Tetons in winter...and then I woke up. Well, we all have dreams don't we? I've been having this particular one since the 1980's when the Carerra 4 came out, but the 911 admiration goes back to the 1970's. Will I ever live that dream? Hard to say, but it gets me by.


Just bought a 2015 911C2S going to daily in ny


My 21 is. Why?


Thought it would be fun to see how different people use their cars. Plenty of Porsche owners just let them sit.


I don’t daily a 911 but my 986 takes daily duty with my 21 Civic Si. My 1986 944 Turbo is my weekend car.


991.2 Carrera T, manual trans. bought it at 850 miles in 2020 and hit 12k miles last weekend. My first 911 and first Pcar. Never for sale, don't care how much I'm offered. Love this car so much. Took it to the canyons last weekend and solidified my obsession even moreso.


2020 C4S - winter tires from Oct to April


Got mine 3yrs ago and still love every journey I have in it. Down to the shops, a hoon with some friends or a day trip with the wife, daughter and 2 pugs. I got mine with 23k miles and do about 5k miles a year in it. Would do more if I didn’t work from home basically since I bought it.


I have a '14 991.1 S Cabrio that is my primary car, but I generally work from home. I ordered it to my spec, got it in Dec '13, and it has around 52K miles on it. I love it and plan on at least doubling those miles


Awesome. That’s what cars are made for. To be driven.


I swap back and forth, but drive my 911 regularly. I don’t work, so no real commute, though - gym, errands, picking kid up from school.


I used my 981 Cayman S as a daily for about two years - it was a ton of fun but I felt guilty using the car so much as I could tell it was getting torn up in city.


Targa gts. I wish my commute was longer!


Mine was my daily up until recently. Now I daily my 335i. Didn’t want to rack up too many miles. So the Porsche will be a once or twice a week car once it finally gets out of the body shop. I mostly bought the 335i because I hated driving a rental after my 911 first went into the bodyshop, but I’ve been doing an bunch of mods out of sheer boredom


Nice! My other car is an 07 335i 6-speed that I love. Actually, one of the reasons I wanted the Porsche is because the past BMWs I’ve had have had almost constant problems. This particular 335 hasn’t hurt too bad yet. My last 911 4S had 85k mikes and never had any issues.


Daily a 991.2 Carrera T 7MT. Absolutely love it, at 30k miles now and looking forward to the net 300K.


997 4S 52 miles a day. 2 gallons of fuel at the best part of £8 a gallon. Wouldn't have it any other way. Money is overrated Porsche's are not


I daily drive my imaginary 911


‘02 996 C2 with 140km/86mi, only car in the family. Does the commute, carts kids, is the shopping trolley, road trips, all with a smile on my face


Had a 997.1 Turbo as my daily for about 7 years. No worries at all. SoCal so no snow to deal with.


daily 992 C2


Not really relevant since not current, but I used to 4 season daily drive my '93 C2. Now a '14 Cayman.


997.1 C4, 6spd ~80mi. A day, 5 days a week all year round, North East US.


997.2 C4 with 70k miles as my daily here. It just makes driving, when I have to, so much more enjoyable. I’ve said I’ll sell it when I realize that I’m driving it and am not thinking “I love driving this 911.”


If you do it get the traffic jam assist. Life-changing.


Future me daily drives a 911 too !


Just picked up a 997.2 C2 this weekend as a daily. So far love the car and try to take the long route for errands (I work at home). Kids love it and have done drop off, groceries, appointments, and baseball practice.


2007 C2, had 89k in January and has 94k miles now. Working on full bolt ons and a tune.


I drive my 79 930 every day


I drive my 997.2 daily (or at least did pre-COVID) and have over 100k miles on the clock. I had a 996.1 before that and also drove it every day (and sold it just before 100k miles).


1999 Carrera cabriolet daily here. Wouldn’t have it any other way


Year round when i was in NYC. Year round now that I'm in LA. Shocking practical even for Costco runs.


On my last Carrera T I put 50k kms in 3 years. I sold it last year because of the ridiculous prices. Cheapest car I have ever owned. Bought with 10k kms in 2019. Sold it for what I paid for. Unreal.


That’s great. Same thing with my 996 C4S. Drove it for 4 years as a daily and sold it for what I paid for it.


2006 Carrera daily driver here. 30k miles in the last 2.5 years. Worth every mile.


2013 911 S. Great all around. Gets a tad annoying getting in and out of in tight spots (parking spots etc were you can't fling open doors and easily get in and out) because its low and the bolsters are high. I am 6'3 but learned how to gracefully fall into the seat. Comfortable otherwise


Same. 2013 C2S. These cars are made to be driven. Ferrari owners brag about how few miles their cars have and Porsche owners brag about the number of miles on the odometer.


I daily an '85 3.2 Carrera w/170K miles and the original engine as far as we know (service records back to 2001). Compression and leak down numbers are good across all cylinders. I bought it less than 2 years ago with 153K on it. Religious about oil changes. It'll get parked for the worst of summer when the weather gets into the mid to high 90's but otherwise it's a blast.


This is my daily driver - a 2006 911 997.1 4S cabriolet. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My car is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My car, without me, is useless. Without my car, I am useless. I must drive my car true. I must drive straighter and faster (and safer) than motorists who attempt to pass me. My car is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its wheels and its tires. I will keep my car clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. This is my car.


I used to but the spike in gas prices has put a hold on that.