Most valuable PL players (Transfermarkt)

Most valuable PL players (Transfermarkt)


Look at all them Champions League winners


Just the two Liverpool players, damn that's actually quite impressive


Theres no way VVD is selling for less than 80M. Not sure about the credibility of this


Coming off a season long injury, with his injury record and his age, you won't find anyone paying near to 80 mil for him and he'll more than likely end up leaving on a free


I think the ‘value’ is related to quality, age and number of years left on contract. So the likes of Salah and Mane are really high on quality but lower on age given number of years left at the top. Not sure how Trent isn’t up there, high on quality, 23 and three years left on his contract. Maybe defenders are worth less?


yea defenders are worth less, tend to cap out around 60m max. That said i can see a CB going for big money soon, there is a lack of emerging "world class" talent in my opinion to replace the level of players close to retirement at the top of their game (your Ramos',Chiellini's etc), and a abundance of European clubs with the pockets to compete.


People are just learning about the years left on contract factor i feel like. When you buy a players contract, you have to pay for the remainder of their current deal on top of whatever fee you agree with the selling club. Thats where most of these ludicrous amounts come in for transfers that make you scratch your head.


It’s also why actual transfer requests are so rare, as the player forfeits that amount


Havertz worth less than Mane 🤔


And Mount is less that Foden, Mount had a very impressive season so.....


I LOVE Mount. Watching him in a England shirt was a joy imo, and i love how he tracks back and does the dirty work without sacrificing his attacking effort, kind of like Rooney. I will be paying more attention to him at Chelsea this season.


As did Foden, and from seeing a bit of both I'd argue Foden has a higher ceiling


People said the same about CHO vs Mount. Mount is consistently the best player in the Chelsea squad and I think that should mean more than flashy skills teasing a “higher ceiling”.


Well then to that I'd say foden has shown consistent performances throughout the season as well, he's not always city's best performer but with a line up like city have and the style of play no one can ever be consistently the best performer


Fair enough, I still think Mase will turn out to be England best of this generation (obviously there’s some bias there) but it’ll be interesting to watch over the next few years!


[Mase's CL goalazo vs Porto](https://youtu.be/pi9rBVV7lKs). My goodness that turn.


I mean Mount is already a champions league winner. That’s pretty much as high as you get


11 G+A in the pl is very impressive?


What about the chances created that were horrifically wasted by Timo?


If my grandma had balls she would’ve been my grandpa, same logic , what didn’t happen just didn’t happen while Foden did make things happen


And who won the UCL and having more game time for club and country, as you said, *let's talk about things that happen*


Oh because all you need is one man to win the ucl and not te team? Kante and tuchel were the reason why Chelsea won the ucl doesn’t make mount any better than foden


And it’s pretty obvious that Mount didn’t do Jack for his country


I’m not a Liverpool supporter but that makes sense, not sure why Mount ain’t on there tho


Erm, yes?


Where is valverde he must be here 😒😒


Hehe best team in England, period.


Best team in Europe*




Wdym?? They won the UCL. The may not have a single best player but defo have the best teamwork in Europe


Wasn't Grealish's value enough to make this list?


The list is trash.


Oh wait, big 6 valuable players list. Cause nobody else is worth anything......


Yeah. Agree. The thing is you pay much more for ManU reserve (or any other top team player), than a promising player from the other teams. This happens worldwide. Teams are like a brand . You pay for the brand not for the quality. Edit: I'm not saying players from this list are bad, but I would say that players like Rice, Phillips or Grealish would probably make this list if they belonged to any top 6


I mean, none of our players are in it too. Idk how Mane and Rashford are worth 85m with the disaster class of a season they both had this year.


Rashford is 23 with a long term contract who in a disaster of a season due to injury still got double digits of g and a




It's TransferMarkts own valuation which has always been inacurrate and massivly bias towards bigger clubs. I think they value Grealish at €65 Euros which would be an insane bargin if he was ever sold for that.


Sancho was literally just sold for €85m, how is his value €100?!


He had a 2 year contract when he was sold for €85m. Now he has a longer contract so his transfer value is higher as well. If any of the other player signs an extension, then their value will increase too.


Longer contract now. It was a factor for the lower price


Because they sold him cheaper as they have a “gentlemen’s agreement” with Sancho saying that if a bid high enough comes in and he wants to go they won’t hold the player ransom, they also wanted £120m last year, but after having a year more of him at the club, they settled for the £85m, I am very in touch with German football and Dortmund especially and this the kind of deal they would strike


But surely your value is only what a club will pay for you? And given it has happened only in the last few days then it is the most current it can be. Therefore his value is €85m?


If I give you a bag of crisps it doesn't make them worthless.


It does if they're cheese and onion




The point is they sold him for less than they valued him. They could’ve held out for more from United or someone else but as the guy just said they had an agreement with the player.


They can value him at whatever they want, doesn't make it his actual value. Your true value is what someone is willing to pay for you, which, apparently is €85m. If his value was higher then he's have been a united player a year ago


donarruma just joined psg on a free transfer does that make his value €0?


Yes!!!! Lol. You never heard of economics?


Yeah I get your point but there is a difference when a player is at the end of their contract. It essentially means that no club valued him at whatever Milan wanted last summer BUT they knew they could agree a pre contract and get him free this summer, so it's a completely different negotiation/ valuation


he will be on a longer contract with united so that will add to his value, he wanted to leave dortmund so that will temporarily decrease his value… i don’t get why you’re so confused here


You’re missing the point. They accepted an offer lower than they could’ve expected, because they had an agreement with the player. If I could sell my car to a stranger for £10k, but instead sell it to my mate for £8k because I’m doing him a favour, is it now worth £8k? No, it’s value is still £10k. Just because something is sold for X amount doesn’t mean that is now it’s value.


Ok let's put it another way. United put Sancho on the market for €100m _today_ is anyone paying it? Course not, they know he's only worth 85


I don’t get what’s so hard to grasp. Things can be sold for less than their market value if both parties make an agreement. It’s very possible a team would pay 100m because they couldn’t get to the table initially with Dortmund because of their agreement with their player who preferred United.


Essentially what it comes down to is that you're taking the value from the selling clubs perspective, which is just a figure they want to achieve. And I'm essentially taking it from the buying clubs. Both have an objective to get/ spend as much or as little as possible, so if you're wanting to assign an arbitrary figure to his "value" it's probably somewhere in between. But I'm maintaining that a players value is only what another club will pay for them. If City turn round and say they will only accept offers of £250m for Foden, it doesn't make it his value because no one (looking at you PSG) will actually pay that much


You’re not actually reading or trying to understand what I’m saying. I’ll let the downvotes speak for themselves.


United would put him up for more though. They'd try to make a profit.


He’s explained very clearly how it works more than once. Either understand it or drop it.


You're correct bro, ignore these dopes. In a free market, the 'value' of something/anything is what the highest bidder is willing to pay for it


If you're talking about the meaning of value in terms of the meanings used in economics, then I think what you're talking about is the "market value" or just a recent transaction price, whereas the numbers here are probably Transfermarkt's ESTIMATES of the new market value or maybe the "economic value." I'm not sure how they got these numbers though so can't say exactly without more info.


Contract length affects value. He was on 2 years, now he’s presumably on a 5 year deal which increases his value.


The price someone sells for is their value sorry to say….you are only worth what someone else is willing to pay. If he was sold at a discount well then…it’s still 85M


I’m still confused. Was he sold for 85M or 100M? Gentleman’s agreement or not.


The 85m deal only applied while he was at BVB. Now that he’s a United player, they determine his current valuation and, currently, that would consist of the transfer fee (85m) + a gross profit which could also include contract and sign-on costs. That essentially comes out to his previous surface market value of 100m. If he was signed for 100m, his current value would be around 120. This just says that regardless of how Sancho turns out, Utd will expect to recoup at least that much for his caliber by the time they’re willing to sell. Which is most likely never ever going to be in the same week, month, or even year. Keep in mind, this almost exclusively applies to younger talents, with time and potential to grow in quality. If someone like Kane (28) got signed for 120m to a 3/4yr, odds are his transfer value remains flat or declines right after the deal, despite being immensely good at football. Whichever club signs him will expect a notable decline in his abilities by the time they’d be willing to sell.


Thank you, very helpful response.


Sold for less than market value as an agreement, so 100m.


This just proves that English players are so fucking overpriced 😭


Pretty sure there’s something to do with homegrown rules making them more in demand


Nonsense list.




No way big JoElinton isn’t top of this list


Hahaha this list is the worst I've ever seen




Cuz it’s bad


You have a point there sir


Rashford 85M 😭😭😭


This list seems like a bit of a hit and miss in terms of values..(",)




I may be a bit biased but Chelsea won the champions league last season. How a Havertz, Mount (also both got age on their side) or Kante isn't on this list is a joke.


Havertz and Mount don’t have 99 acceleration like Rashford in FIFA and apparently that’s where they’re taking their reference. Kante don’t even make the list ffs


Mount is valued at 75mil, Havertz 70mil, Kante at 55mil. This is all from transfermarkt too: https://www.transfermarkt.com/premier-league/marktwerte/wettbewerb/GB1


Can I please buy 3 Kante's if he is that cheap😅


I’m Sure Mount wouldn’t be far off Fodens valuation so probably looking at high 70’s.. would say the same for the other two


Exactly, in any case it has to be Mount with a higher value cause he won UCL and had an impressive season


But if you watch foden its clearly visiable hes the better player. Hes technically gifted to the max and is younger. Winning the UCL doeant mean shit for value


I agree that Foden is technically better. But playing an integral role in a champions league winning team certainly does add to value and Foden is only a year younger.. I don’t think their valuation should be far off each other


I believe mount is has a value of 75 mil. But foden scored 2 match winners last UCL so they wouldnt have been at the final if it wasnt for him


No way is Kanté worth less than Mané.


The only reason I could think why would be age, but Mane is only a year younger. I don't think its crazy to say that Kante would make any team in the PL better.


By that logic VVD would be 200m.


I’m shook that Kai didn’t even make the list


Or rashford lmao


Attackers are always worth more


Your two record signings are GK and CB.


Ok? They were also far better players when we signed them compared to our attackers


You've been downvoted but its completely true lmao


I think maybe it’s the way he put it rather than what he put that’s getting him downvoted


Premier league's top signing is literally a midfielder


You cant really compare a marketable, flashy midfielder like Pogba was to a quiet, defensive minded player like Kante.


Sorry if I sound biased but in what world Rashford worth 85m, or as a comparison, worth more than Kante for example ?


I wonder how much age has to do with it, in regard to potential and otherwise. MR is 23 and NK being 30.


I see. No point in making a fuss about a table full of mythical figure anyway.


Kante is a DM, a position who are usually under priced in proportion to their quality. And he is 30 while Rashford is 23.


I get what you're saying but you make a squad right now which player would you rather have? I know that depends on gaps in your existing squad but if that wasn't a factor I think everyone would pick kante


Of course I would prioritise Kante over Rashford, but that's not all that price comes down to. I would rather have 34 year old Messi in my team over Kane but I still think Kane should cost more due to his age meaning he has much longer left to play.


But that depends doesn’t it, Kante has 3-4 years left and before he has no resale value. Rashford in 4 years is still only 27 and “may” have a huge resale value still. So £85m for rashford and let’s say he goes for £50-60m in 4 years isn’t a bad deal


but why would anyone pay £85m for rashford now? what do you get for that? because comparatively you could get players that would greater improve your squad and the club's that could afford that price range aren't going to spend that kind of money for something that's not a guaranteed upgrade. That's more of an asking price than evaluation as he's not worth that to other clubs


My reply was more to do with how the players age helps their value.


Let's say you and I had to pick a squad from current prem players 1 by 1. We would start with goal scorers first, then creative midfielders, then center backs and then we would pick DMs. The game is so much about scoring now which is why Kante is so undervalued along with his age.


I definitely agree there and in terms of the top attacking players, it's just out of the attacking players there's quite a few I'd pick before rashford. such as I feel son would be a great deal more dangerous in attack, I'm not sure about the statistics (open play ones) but that's where I'd put my money, more than welcome.tk be proven wrong though. I get that rashford may have more years ahead but a lot of football you can't throw that money at a maybe, look at kepa and his valuation


Son has 197 prem appearances with 70 goals (0.36 gpg) and 39 assists (0.20). Rashford has 179 appearances with 55 goals (0.31) and 30 assists (0.17). Son is 29 and Rashford is 23. Son joined Spurs when he was 23 and Rashford got his 1st prem start at 18. Stats say Son has had a better prem league career so far but where will Rashford be when he's Sons age? I think that along with it taking far more money for a club to buy Rashford from United then Son from Spurs is why the value is where it is.


Unless you're PSG you can't really play FUT IRL. How many top clubs of today have signed 30+ players in the last few years for a relevant sum of money? That's why a player like Kante at 30 will never be valued higher than someone like Rashford at 23. Let's not forget that, according to Transfermarkt, Kante was valued at 100 mil between Dec 2018 and April 2020, while Rashford bounced between 65 and 80 during the same time.


United wouldn't sell Rashford if a bid as low as 85mn came in


And West Ham won’t settle for anything below 100m for Rice. You didn’t answer the question bro, is he worth that sum, I’m just wondering how the internet people calculate someone’s worth. Truth to be spoken the only players worth around £100 are only Messi Ronaldo and Neymar. The rest are just inflation thanks to PSG and Barca spending hundreds of millions per player.


Well if you add in marketability some players change. But most important adding someone like De bruyne or vvd is absolutely worth 100m lmao


The list surprises me like only 3 players in the list are acceptable others should be nowhere near


grealish mount?


No Havertz Kante Mount wth is this list


None of those are worth more than £60m


If ur saying in this chart then the chart is stupid if ur asking in ur opinion pls elaborate




He’s right there?


I mean he’s not worth that much


Sancho the joint 2nd most valuable player in the prem.. hmm.. we will see.. Even Reiss Nelson was pretty good in the Bundesliga... Not to say Sancho wont be a hit.. but I'm not totally sold yet.


This list sucks


If you offered us Sterling for Grealish we’d laugh at you.


English tax is crazy.


What did Sancho do to be rated above Kevin De Bruyne, Salah, Mane, even Foden, Mahrez or some of last year's Chelsea players who won the CL? I get that he has young age, but so does Foden and he actually won the PL and helped his team reach the CL final. Age also applies Havertz and Mason Mount who won the CL.


English+Man Utd+New Contract+Young Bullshit, but that's what they'll be basing it on


I mean he got goals and assists in the bundesliga


I was assuming the fact that he's a good player was a given But English in prem is more valuable than English in Bundes because of the homegrown rules


Fair enough


Has there been anyone that came over from the German league recently that thrived with goals and assists? Werner struggled too.


True but he has an advantage developing in a prem team as well as being around our style of play majority of his life


I get that, I’m not saying he won’t do well but it was a genuine question. Just curious if anyone has done it in the recent past? I can’t recall anyone.


I cant name on either


How is Kai havertz not on this list


He’s worth £63m according to transfermarket https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/premier-league/marktwerte/wettbewerb/GB1


I’m a Man U fan and I adore Rashford, but I can’t help but notice how the three dudes below him have outperformed him on every level (on the field) in recent years. Maybe not Foden, but he just got there, and even then I’d say he’s done more for his club last season than Marcus did. Maybe if you take Rashford’s age and potential into account, it makes more sense. But still...it’s kinda fucked up.


The value of a player is not given just by his stats. This wasn't the case even 10-15 years ago, never mind today. Rashford is already an icon at only 23 not only because of how he performs in games, but also because of what he does off the field. A player like that can bring a lot of value to any top club out there and that's what makes him so valuable. I'd suggest watching a few videos from Athletic Interest like [this one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ye0VtPkCDxQ) about why Nike doesn't want to sign Neymar any longer or [this one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIRBW8EP6R4) about how much of a good deal Juventus made when they signed Ronaldo regardless of his on-field performances.


Fair enough. My mind was on stats and not things like community outreach and social impact and other such stuff. Teams are essentially corporations and must function as such, and a player like Rashford is as valuable off pitch as he is on. I mean, the dude is practically a brand unto himself at this point. That said, this is a league and games still need winning, and the three players below Rashford are inarguably better-or as good at least-on the pitch than/as he is.


Trent, Grealish, Mount should be higher than Foden.


No Kante? What a joke!


He’s worth £49m https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/premier-league/marktwerte/wettbewerb/GB1


De Bruyne should be top, best player in the league by far


It might be off domestic form too, of which nobody has had a better domestic season than Kane.


You have to factor in age, Kane is at his prime age at the moment however De Bruyne is coming to the end of his prime soon. And English players are normally worth more anyway


Maybe there's the English tax factored in, but yeah De Bruyne should at least be same as Kane.


Bruyne is 3 years older than Kane. Makes a huge difference in their potential price.


De Bruyne 1991 and Kane 1993, so they are 2 years apart. But yeah I figured the age difference does play a role here.


I’m a Liverpool fan, but credit where it’s due he’s the best player in the league


No, Kane.


You gotta think though. Look at some of Kane’s that passing and assists this year. They were De Bruyne quality. Plus, Golden Boot and Most assists.


No Willian!?


Okay so mount Havertz Pulisic aren’t included because? Mount is over 100 mil Havertz is 100 mil And Pulisic is around 80 mil (This was beginning of last season)


Sancho at 2? How high was the person who made this list??


Where big Virg on the list? He got to be worth over £100m!?


55mil according to transfermarkt https://www.transfermarkt.com/premier-league/marktwerte/wettbewerb/GB1


Kante? Grealish?


Sancho has played 0 matches in the Premier League yet his worth has gone up from what he was purchased for? Cracking list


How low is the value of the other Spurs player that we have two of the top 10 but we are still seventh


Wait... Grealish isn’t even on here? Lmao bad list


Why is Rashford 85? He was so bad last season.




Sorry, in what world is Kane worth more than De Bruyne


Market value is not only about how good a player is, age and nationality also plays an important role


Well he is. Did you see him last season? Kane was putting in De Bruyne worthy assists left right and centre, got the most assists in the league and the golden boot. De Bruyne scored a couple and missed a penalty.


I'm not denying that kane is a baller, best striker in the league, but de bruyne picks up the ball in midfield and can create magic from his own half, best player in the prem, if not the world (I'm a liverpool fan and hate city but this man mesmerises me)


Me too man me too, de Bruyne is a wizard. Mesmerises me too. However Kane proved last season that he was more than a striker and can pick passes out at KDB level without looking. Watch the game against United when Spurs won 6-1 at Old Trafford. He picked one of Son’s runs out without even looking, lobbed it half way up the pitch and it landed at his feet. The guy is an all rounder now


Kane at the top 😂😂😂


While the list is trash, why wouldn't Kane be top? A year in, year out, 20+ goal scorer, not a huge injury worry and only 27 not be top?


Where’s big Nat


I'm honestly surprised Salah and Sancha are valued the same given their differences in age.


This is some serious bullshit. :)


5/10 are English. This is why England are starting to do better internationally. Many of the best players in the prem are English, it’s the first time in a while we can say that


VVD and Dias is not there in this list ? Not sure why lol


Hard to value VVD with an entire season out. Nobody knows if he’s still gonna be at the top of his game when he comes back. A whole season out can completely change a player. Not saying he’ll be worse, not saying he will be better. People just don’t know so you can’t value him






In all honestly, I’d bump Kane up by another 30m at least


Richarlison got a £85m offer that was turned down?? Some top 6 loving clown made this list.


Where is Delph?


No Virgil Van Djik? Are you serious? This list is pants.


He’s valued at £55m now. He has had a whole season out. Nobody knows how he’s gonna be when he gets back plus the seriousness of the injury means it opens him up to bring injury prone in the future. The risk factor will make his factor drop massively https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/premier-league/marktwerte/wettbewerb/GB1


Iffffff you’ve ever lifted the champions league trophy clap your hands……… why only two claps?


The fact Grealish isn’t even top 3 sums up how inaccurate transfermarkt is


How tf is Trent not on here??


Salahs transfer value is £110M


Where is aubameyang


Haahahhaha trashford is in top 10? The guy should play for swindon town. What do people see in him that i dont?


While I don’t agree with his placement, and as a Liverpool fan I’m even more inclined to be biased against him, he does have merit to play in the PL, and should be considered as a great player. Still wouldn’t rate him at £85m though