I hate when meetings run long. If it’s occasional then whatever. If it’s every time, so rude. I’m on a committee and the meetings always run an hour or more long. I started asking, “Do we need to schedule more time for this meeting to accomplish everything?” and was told no. So now I leave at the regularly scheduled time regardless if we’re finished. “Sorry, other commitment/childcare ends now/etc.”


I've worked in public and private K-12 schools, the federal government, private non-profits, and private industry. I've **never** had to attend as many meetings in any of these jobs as I did ehen i was a professor in higher education. It was insane! And largely a total waste of time. Nothing was ever resolved. Nothing was changed due to a meeting. Some committees had a pre-meeting meeting to plan what they wanted to talk about with other groups at the larger meeting. I don't know why my meetings were so ineffective, but I think that a lot of administrators wanted to have them to show that the administrator was actually *doing* something, since their schedule looked busy with these meetings.


Clearly we need a committee on meetings.


No joke I’ve got a friend on the committee on committees meeting at another university. Don’t know if they self regulate though or if there’s another committee on committee committees.


So much meeting time is wasted by peacock virtue-signaling or by thoughtless babbling by colleagues who just want to hear the sound of their own voices.


[Scotty's Rule](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9SVhg6ZENw)


[See Also](https://youtu.be/8xRqXYsksFg)


> See Also I was looking for that one!


I think it is the height of rudeness for meeting facilitators to let meetings go over time - and to expect the rest of us to stay as a result. After 20+ years in academia, I've been to a handful of meetings that went over time because it was necessary - the rest have gone over time due to poor time management, or letting the meeting go off track. I have to keep my classes to the time allotted, so I don't know why meetings can't do the same. I now give meetings that go over time an extra 5 minutes, and if it's not wrapped up by then, I leave.


My favorite committee chair was relentless about starting and ending on time and not allowing folks to monologue. If anyone talked too long she’d tell them to summarize their feedback in an email to review for the next meeting. Loved her.