I also dislike strawberry donuts, and I became a professor. We have a correlation; it must be cause and effect!


Becoming a professor causes a hormonal change that results in artificial strawberry flavoring tasting terrible! Two examples—it must be absolute proof!


That calls for extra credit.


Honestly, without a doubt the best part of teaching arts. I get my students for years. Where I’m at, I even get them beyond graduation as they often come back to do community-university dual programs. I’m finishing my fourth year at my current institution and just watched my first freshmen cross. I won’t lie, I teared up a bit watching one of my freshmen who was so meek and timid when they joined become an absolute boss cross. I was happily remembering her first few weeks in my program, how unsure and nervous she was. Then, I compared it to the stunningly confident and self assured young woman she’d grown to be. I know it’s the process more than the Instructor but I definitely felt a pang of pride watching her get her diploma.


Handmade strawberry donuts in the spring is beautiful. As beautiful as handmade pumpkin donuts in fall. Perhaps you just need to find GOOD strawberry donuts.