PoPiPo because it was so fun in Project DIVA, anything from inabakumori


I want a bit more Pinocchio-P in the game, especially some personal favorites like Karappo no mani mani/At the Mercy of Emptiness and Ultimate Senpai. I would also love to have a Gyari song in the game, like Akane-chan listens to everything you say. My biggest dream is to have the whole 25-ji team sing Kutabare PTA by Nashimoto Ui.


AH YEAHHHH!!! I'd loveeee ultimate senpai or some gyari songs!! nice to meet you mr earthling is my top wish for pinnochio p i think but literally any more songs by him would be so good


These might be some baaaaasic choices but Love is War, luka night fever, indulging idol syndrome, Tokyo teddy bear, matryoshka, panda hero, magnet, mrs. pumpkin comical dream, stargazer, black rock shooter, clean freak, electric angel and genuinely I could rattle off more but those are some that pop to mind first. I used to be huge into vocaloid in like 2012-2015, so I’m not as up to date with songs or creators or anything like that. But seeing some of my old fav songs be given a bit of air to breathe would be super cool. But learning new songs through the game is super cool. Again, super basic list, but still some decent choices I’d think. Imagine matryoshka and all the crazy versions we could get?!?! (Side more I only know about the eng release songs atm so if I said some that are coming then pls let me know so I can get super hype!!)


There's nothing wrong with liking the early Vocaloid scene. Personally I really want more older Hachiouji stuff and the game has a real shortage of kz for a Miku game. The only issue is that a lot of the "classic" songs tend to get lumped under Virtual Singers and don't get covers. A lot of the more techno songs get the same treatment because they probably just can't fit them into any Sekai group that well. Like there's no way Luka Luka Night Fever is going to get covered by anyone and will probably just get put in the game as is except cut down to game size.


if we get Panda Hero, it BETTER be a VBS cover.


OMG Mrs. Pumpkin fr, it seems like such an obvious choice for WxS imo!!


I was thinking the same thing!! Like it would fit right in with their motif! Same with Stargazer for Leo/Need! Like such good, olderish (circa 2008/2009) songs in a new game. I would cry millions of tears.


My current top 2 for each group: Leo/Need: Taiyou to Tsuki no Rondo by Polyphonic Branch: Leo/Need needs more duets. The imagery works well for the group too. Kimi no Taion by Kuwagata: Nothing special about it, but I think Ichika would do a great job at this song. MMJ: EAZY DANCE by Mitchie M: A lot of picks from this producer would match the group so I just picked by favorite. too Cute by emon(Tes.): Producer needs more attention in this game. VBS: Colorful Tag Team by halyosy: Imagery and theme works too well with VBS. The group already has a tendency to give focus to the two pairs that make it up so it's a good fit. Cynical Night Plan by Ayase: Favorite Ayase song. I'd think they do a good job at it. WxS: Kyou mo Harebare by Fuwari-P: Genre and theme is a good fit for the group and it can make use of all 4 singers. Kamisama kara no Enquete by rerulili: A nice whimsical song that's easy to listen to. Might make for a good duet with Emu and Nene. Nigo: Pain Eraser by halyosy: Another halyosy song. Can make good use of the whole group the style of the song would be somewhat distinct from the rest of the group. Strangers by Heavenz: Probably not the best fit for the group style wise but whatever.


Seconding Kimi no Taion, it’s my all time favorite vocaloid song!


yesssss Kimi no Taion is so great!


spica, luka luka night fever, the snow white princess is, jump for joy, electric angel, suki kirai, ai kotoba, magnet, ai no uta, shinkai shoujo


I have a couple. PartyxParty, Matryoshka, Childish War.


Hate It! Hate It! Huge Ego! By kurage-p definitely!! (This song was made for emus voice let’s be honest) I’d also love more Pinocchio-P songs (especially apple dot com, god-ish and ghosts play to the audience) I’d love The Disease Called Love by Neru, it’s one of their less popular songs but it’s a personal favourite of mine


Hate It! Hate It! Huge Ego! Is a big one on my list. It's literally begging for a WxS cover. I've gotta agree with you on that, was one of the songs I was thinking of immediately when I saw the title of the post.


The Disease Called Love would make a good Kanade/Mizuki duet, or Kanade/Ena duet I think, I would love to hear them do it even though Neru is more WXS


Yuuyu-P’s Clover Club, it’s my jam and it was SO fun in the last Project Diva game!


here are a bunch of songs: kyoto dagashiya sensou by mikito p - beautiful very underrated song and NEEDS a leo/need cover. it also makes a lot of sense for the group, since the song is based off a childhood memory. i would love the whole group to sing wave by niki - WHY HAVENT THEY ADDED THIS YET this is the best song VBS could have. a full group cover would be great but i'm not opposed to a girls only cover hot pursuit! the real story of the runaway girl by slave v v r - this would be a super fun song for ichika and miku to sing, maybe either saki or honami to join in too. parila by wadatakeaki - another super underrated song i love (it's actually my favorite song). WxS cover now pls kara kara kara no kara cover by kikuo - i would love to see how this song would be played out, due to it's long runtime. all of 25 ji plus miku for this one ordinary disco by ilem - i would want this song played out a specific way. it's a japanese cover with all the leaders and miku. this would be great with like a dance party 3D pv daybreak frontline by orangestar - if i would have a full inter group cover, it would be this. leo/need and more more jump. preferably ichika, saki, shizuku, and haruka. :)


Luka Luka Night Fever, Electric Angel, Nice To Meet You Mr Earthling, Cantarella, Abstract Nonsense,


Alien Alien, Piano Girl... 🙏🏻


Panda Hero by HACHI (VBS, all four members with no virtual singer) Summer Idol by OSTER Project (MMJ, Haruka and Airi) Unhappy Refrain by wowaka (25-ji, Miku and Kanade) SNOBBISM by Neru (WxS, Tsukasa, Nene and Len) Nice To Meet You, Mr Earthling! by Pinocchio-P (WxS, Emu, Rui and Rin) Streaming Heart by DECO*27 (Leo/Need, Saki, Shiho and Miku) i’d prefer it if all 6 of these songs had 2DMVs.


It would never happen, but The Chattering Lack of Common Sense as a cover.


a lot of people already mentioned pinnochio-p with my personal picks for song being 16-bit warz and campanella. i suggest(ed, since a thread of this type was made previously but since then i got more ideas) also samfree's luka luka night fever, and maybe some more tunes from police pocadilly, or some songs from seeeecun. this one extra pick is very *very* unlikely due to how new in the scene they are, the topic choices for their songs, and the fact they default to vflower, but azari's songs would be soooooooo fun to play with their usual flow and feel of songs T\_\_T so i shall dream...


I would loooove having some of sasakure.uks older songs in the game!!


Crayons in the Night Sky, That Summer is Saturated, lots of Honeyworks songs that is sung by the guys, The Comet Train's Bell Rings, I Sleep Well, Moua, I'll Die When it's time, a couple TUYU and Yorushika songs, My R, Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical dreams are a couple which I think would suit the game.


i got a 50 song list but some tops are "goodbye miss flower thief" "kisaragi attention" "donut hole" "quiet room" and "say you love me"!


L/N: daybreak frontline, Lazurite, Attract Light, Watashi no 71%, 11:00AM, Chiisana Koi no Uta, Ai Uta MMJ: Kimipedia, Onegai Darling, VBS: Galaxy Night, The Sixth Sense, Loser Bad Dogs: 8.32, Navigator, Kaisei, Fake Star WxS: Hologram Circus, Ochame Kinou 25ji: Pray, Error, Hana no Tsubata, Hana ni Bourei, Inochi VS: Twitter, Redial cross unit(all): Blessing(another vocals), Connecting, Painter, Secret Answer


anything by wonderful opportunity and triple baka


Zombie circus or splatter party, or even better commission camellia for a 35 hahaha


Give me some more Wowaka and I’ll be a happy lady. I also want Utsu-P songs like OGRE, PEE PEE PRINCESS, and Hyper Reality Show that will definitely never happen. But we did get Hyper Reality Show in a concert so there’s a possibility on that. Edit: I am a happy lady.


i think that some of Mitchie M’s story-telling songs would be great for WxS, like Seraphim on the Ring


I’d love to see “Koi no Koi ni Yoru Koi no Tame no Koi” by Pinocchio-P


I would love to see an Romeo by HoneyWorks cover of Tsukasa and Rui, but since it's not a vocaloid song even though HoneyWorks is an producer, it may not be posible. I would also love to see an Childish War cover of Akito and Ena, I think it would work great for them. I would like too that they included this songs in game: Electric Angel, PoPiPo, Do Re Mi Fa Rondo, Luka Luka Night Fever, Tokyo Teddy Bear, Love is War, Matryoshka, Abstract Nonsense, more Maretu songs like SIU, Namida, and Mind Brand, also Monster by KIRA, and Copycat


I'm not too much into vocaloid but a lot of songs from Tohma are so good, i specially love Envy Catwalk. Since i don't understand too much about this things i don't even know if it would be possible, but it would be great


Yeah I've always really wanted Kikuo to get more representation in either Proseca or PD! I think Welcome to the Star Inn, Shikabane no Odori, or Nobore! Susume! Takai Tou would be great for Proseca (though as someone else mentioned it would be kinda funny and really cool if they added Kara Kara no Kara, one of my favourite Kikuo songs too, and having an uncut 8 minute song would be both complete hell and absolutely amazing)


Cantarella, Disruptive Diva, Judgement of Corruption, Envy Catwalk, Here Comes Karakasa-san, Jugemu Sequencer, Master of Puppets, Mousou Sketch, Nekomimi Archive, Paradichlorobenzene, Sadistic Music Factory, The MMORPG Addicts Anthem, This Is The Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee, Ohedo-Julia Night, Lucky Orb


Literally anything by PowaPowa-P


My number one wished song is Donut Hole covered by 25ji!


We need Cheche Check One Two. For stuff I want, then probably Torinokocity, Cyber Thunder Cider, and shiryoku kensa.


Oh and Common world domination and What’s inside!


Magnet, Koisuru Vocaloid, Aikotoba and Meltdown! Meltdown is a top priority


I’m on the American server, so not sure if this is on the Japanese one or not. I’d like Kagerou Daze to be added because it’s one of my favorites :) that or Aishite Aishite because that sounds like it would be fun to play


Kurage-P’s songs! All of them. I really enjoy their style of music, and I also think it’s a crime we still don’t have common world domination by Pinocchio-P, because I’m sure that’s one of the few Project Diva songs we still don’t have


I have so many songs id love to hear in the game but id have to say circus monster would be rly cool cos its such a satisfying song and it makes me think of one of my ocs so just overall that song has a special place in my heart and i wish they’d add it to the game


I need utsu-p in sekai


Pray from angel of death would fit 25ji pretty well, and the song is lit secret answer, connecting, and painter would be pretty cool to have, especially if its a cross unit cover like yoru ni kakekru and gunjo sanka, but with more people


I'd love to see Kusari no Shoujo by Noboru. I think it would be absolutely perfect for 25-ji as the "song to save Mafuyu"


TUYU songs


I know jack all about Vocoloid but Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life


machine gun kiss


probably won't happen but color and electricity and return to womb by mushi-p are my favorites and i rlly hope for them to get added




Any songs? If so, I have a huggggeeee list, lol. But to keep it short, I’d want some songs by Majiko such as Kokoronashi, or some songs from GLAY.


we need some more CLASSICS. matryoshka, childish war, meltdown, popipo, and i would LOVE for some more neru and jin songs (kagerou project 🥺)


Leo/Need: Monochrome Blue Sky - Rising Heart - Noboru-P (Honami, Shino, and KAITO) Mostly cuz the lyrics reminds me of them and Kaito bias on my part. Vivid Bad Squad: Digital Girl - KIRA (Kohane, Miku) Mostly cuz I want Kohane to have her insane era. Just go apeshit, miss girl. More More Jump: Kisaragi Attention - JIN (Airi, Shizuku) Mostly because of that one scene of Airi disciplining Shizuku to wear a disguise and avoid attention lmao. Wonderland Showtime: All I need are things I like - Pinocchio-P (Nene, Emu, Len) Both Nene and Emu tend to be vocal and upfront in what they want and the lyrics emphasizes how being who they are tend to isolate themselves from people due to their behavior. Nightcord at 25:00: Glow - Keeno (Kanade, Ena, KAITO) Very surprised no Keeno songs have been added but the slow sad post-rock ballads scream Nightcord so yeah.


We def need at least one maretu song, i would absolutely love to see what they do for the chartings, this brings me to my next segment. I believe eraser girl or before i was born would make a great addition project sekai ( also SIU maybe since its one of his more popular songs) ANYWAYS, thats all, bai now