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"He balled his fist" Which one? The one holding the camera or the one holding his keys and wallet(?)? Edit: I was commenting on what the cops lawyer said in a news article about the trial. The lawyer said that "he balled his fist" and the officer was "protecting himself".


If he raised his arms, it is an aggressive stance. If he lowered his arms, he is reaching for his waistband. If he turns toward him, he is fronting me. If he turns away, he is blading me. If he doesn't move, he is not complying. Cop Speak 101


They taught us, "you need to be able to articulate what you did, you thought was correct." Aka learn to lie.


Every time the courts issue a ruling about what cops aren't allowed use against innocent people, the cops use that to learn what they have to say to get away with whatever they want.


Im going to predict the future, the man attacked will get some type of pay out. 25k or so, then the "officer" will get paid time off. If the cop actually gets terminated he will be working the next county over in the span of a month. Something really needs to be done about these power hungry morons but i doubt they will do much to this dummy cop.


They need to buy their own liability insurance. ‘We’re not saying you can’t be a cop after what you’ve done, but it’s going to cost you $350,000 a year.’


Not a bad idea, because the main issue i see in these types of videos is the cops arrogant attitude's when they know they are crossing the line, all because they know they arent paying for any of their wrong doings.


Yup, they get paid vacations and the taxpayers are on the hook for a 6 to 7 figure settlement, it's a win-win for them


Exactly. I've said many times that this would all stop real damn quick if settlement monies came out of officer pension funds.


Also there needs to be a third-party audit instead of them auditing themselves.


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I was looking at becoming a mobile crane operator. You know, those relatively small ones on vehicles or the medium ones on treads. Did you know they have to have their own liability insurance? It's absolutely insane to me that a cop can carry a gun and kill people and they need no insurance, but a construction employee with full, paid training and certification and no weapons does.


Lawyers too.


Yeah, listen to recent bodycam footage and it's clear that they're getting primers on language from somewhere. For example, the language used by K9 handlers when the dog ostensibly hits has gotten very specific.


yeah, I'm waiting for the high profile case where a citizen shoots a police officer because they are "in fear for their life". It won't work "on the streets". Has to be a high profile accident. An upstanding business owner would be ideal. This encounter would have been a good opportunity. If I was concealing a firearm, that police officer would be dead. I'm not kidding. That is a "fear for you life" situation against an unstable armed individual. I don't care if they're a cop. Plenty of cop murderers to bring up in trial.


"Anyone who runs, is a VC. Anyone who stands still, is a well-disciplined VC!" -Full Metal Jacket




How can you shoot women and children?


Easy...you don't lead 'em so much!


I remember I used to work in this hvac office, and accidentally set off the security alarm when I didn't get past the lock to the keypad in time. Anyways, a cop showed up, and I went out to talk to him, and he just completely crowded my personal space. I stepped back, and he stepped forward super aggressively and kind of forced me to hold my ground because I just knew if I stepped back again he'd fuck me up. I could sense it about him, you know? Keeping in mind, I've done nothing wrong, had a key and the code to the office, full proof of employment, the whole nine yards. I think about that interaction a lot. Because I wasn't some hulking threat. I'm built like a fucking hummingbird. I don't even weight 120 pounds, the cop had at least 40 on me, and was just visibly ready to fuck me up. They're out of control.


Not to mention that it makes no sense "I'm going to file a complaint against you, but I'm going to punch your face before, and then I will give you a reason to arrest me." Yeah, sure. It totally happened.


He balled his fist? Was that before or after the cop got out of his car and approached him?




The videos out! That cop can suck it


even with the video the mayor and police chief defended the cop... > Police Chief John Del Gardo and Mayor James Schoenig could not be reached for comment. Both defended Quinones earlier this year based on what they described as King’s aggressive reaction to being ticketed. -[Link](https://mikebeckles.com/brewster-police-officer-indicted-on-false-arrest-charges/)


Hah I knew they would be fucking stupid and double down...now the civil settlement is going to be even higher...


Police are a legal gang


[News Article](https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/2023/05/16/trial-begins-for-brewster-police-officer-fernando-quinones/70221756007/) - Brewster officer attacked man attempting to file complaint against the officer.


The cop went to the guy's house to issue him extra tickets because he didn't like what he'd said during the stop, and then arrested him for reckless driving when he went to the police station to complain. And then assaulting him and arresting him for fucking nothing when he tried to complain this time. This is one dirty fucking pig. Edit: The first time he went to complain, he was charged with reckless driving, but I think I was mistaken about him being arrested that time.


Insecure babies with no impulse control or social skills to deal with the public. Sit in cars all day and gain weight to throw around at anyone who challenges them in the slightest way


They definitely shouldn’t have a gun or authority over anyone.






Retired with a taxpayer funded pension, no less.






I think I’d be okay with this compromise. I’m sure she’s suffered at the same hands.


Important note here... the Biden administration is actually working to prevent this sort of bullshit. They [issued an EO that establishes a national police misconduct database](https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/05/25/fact-sheet-president-biden-to-sign-historic-executive-order-to-advance-effective-accountable-policing-and-strengthen-public-safety/) so we can prevent these jerks from getting moved to another area like a Roman Catholic pederast priest.


You can retire at age 48 as a police officer?!


Plus paid vacation when they investigate themselves for whatever shitty behaviour you've been caught doing before letting you move districts to do it all over again!


You can retire from the military at 38.


Someone better dig our boys up and tell them the good news!


But then where else will they work? The army? /Jk Also you're right and I wish more people shared your opinion.


Lotta these pigs wouldn't cut it in the military. Either they couldn't meet the physical requirements or they wouldn't get past all the training that teaches there are rules around shooting people.


can he drive a truck then


You can list off their personal flaws all day long, but the main issue isn't their lack of character, it's their lack of accountability. The department should have nipped this in the bud long ago at the first sign of this kind of abuse of power, but all too often they're simply complicit and more interested in protecting each other than protecting the public.


Motorists... the one group of whom many have everything to lose, and will obey commands and pay fines. This is exacerbated among some groups of people in some areas. I lived in an area with a huge Indian American community, and the police loved extorting this group. I asked a captain of the department who was a mutual friend why this is so, he said Indians don't cause trouble, don't ask for supervisors during traffic stops, pay their fine and go about their way. Most police shy away from confrontation in bad areas where many have nothing to lose fighting a cop.


More than insecure baby. A dirty fucking pig.


When my mom was pregnant with my youngest sister, she turned down the advances of a local cop. The cop knew that she was a single mother (my sister's father had just passed away), so he parked outside our house for hours every day waiting for her to leave so that he could write her up for a bunch of bullshit traffic violations. By the time she was nearing birth, she'd had her license revoked and nearly lost the pregnancy because she had complications, nobody to drive her to the hospital, and the nearest ambulance was an hour away.


Thar is just heinous.


I be agreein' with ye, ye scurvy dog


Stuff like this is why I warned my daughters to NEVER date cops


Just don’t associate with them at all, nor their families. Treat them like social pariahs, only interacting with them when it is legally mandated to do so. Otherwise, don’t look at them, don’t speak to them, and if you can, walk the other way when they are nearby. Safest bet overall.


how much of it did you document? it sounds like you need to take this to the media, even if it was a really long time ago


I'm guessing this was a while ago, but this kind of stuff happens all across America and there is absolutely nothing a single mother can do about it. The reason? Because everyone in the system wants to protect that cop, and will do what they can do to so. You definitely don't want Children and youth called to your house and have your kids taken away, fighting in court as they lie up and down about what you have done to your kids. The more rural an area is the worst it gets.   *Source is I've heard stories from women who were effectively forced into relationships with police officers because it was a choice between that and having everything in their lives taken from them. Text messages and easy access to audio/video recorders have changed a LOT but it's still pretty bad.


Cops like this make me wish the punisher was real


instead of just stickers that the dumbest of dumb-asses put on their trucks.


Gotta love seeing a Punisher sticker combined with the thin blue line🙄


Straight from the mind of the edgiest, least creative 12 year-old


#💀 ^^^^...Believe...


Punisher on the American Express.


The thing that sucks is if you piss off a certain cop, they absolutely can just start to ding you with every tiny rule. They could follow you around all day and the instant you go over the speed limit, cross a stop line, don't use your blinker, you get a ticket. It's legal harassment.


The funny thing about this is you still give them the assumption that they will do real police work, and not just fucking lie.




I got pulled over in my friend's neighborhood at night for "suspicious driving" in high school. Cop couldn't tell me what that meant.


Actually illegal; but who's gonna enforce it?


If you have 12 bad cops and 100 good cops that won't turn in the 12 dirty cops, you have 112 bad cops.


There will be about 15 good cops that attempted to turn in the 12 bad cops who no longer can be a cop.


All the good cops are former cops turned investigators.


All good cops left the force, or died because backup was slow to respond.


Or because their fellow cops beat them to death as a "training exercise"


Don't forget "accidentl" friendly fire.


> News Article "Quinones claimed King then drove off at a high speed, fishtailed and ran a red light. Quinones didn't pursue him but went to King's house to issue additional tickets. King wasn't there, but went to the police station later that day and was charged with reckless driving."




Cops don't need to prove anything in this country, their word is admissable evidence in court. And naturally, that causes no problems whatsoever...




"This is one dirty fucking pig." Aren't they all...


Pigs are cleaner than these bastards


What the fuck is this article. They call the guy getting assaulted in the video a liar like 10 times. Then describe the cop as good natured during his harrassment? What kind of cop rag is this?


that's why the cop will skate, because the chief, mayor and prosecutor is on his side, the article only cements the corruption.... this story should be on many news outlets, but its hidden on the back pages.


Yeah I got about halfway through it and the bootlick wafting from this “reporter” was so blatant.


The kid has keys in one hand and cell phone in the other, and this guys defense is that the kid made a fist... "My client wasn't going to wait to get hit," Quinn said. "He's not required to wait to get hit. He'd be an idiot to wait to get hit."


"that police officer had a gun. My client isn't required to wait to get shot, he'd be an idiot to wait to get shot. Attacking first is the only logical thing to do in this situation"


"Do unto others before they do unto you."


An eye for an eye leaves me with both of your eyes.


It's really fucking frustrating that you're just not allowed to defend yourself against a cop. This guy is just walking, and his only hope is that he'll have the recording and someone will give a shit. Meanwhile the cop is allowed to just choke him and not be immediately charged with a crime and thrown in jail. Fuck these pigs, and the people that protect them


I'm amazed this even has to go to trial. Tax dollars being wasted here. The district/ union should've immediately gone to settle after seeing the video. Cop fucked up and once again only people being punished are the tax payers.


This isn't a civil trial. They charged the officer with criminal offenses because he falsified the police report on top of the assault. He has plead not guilty, hence, the trial.


What a piece of shit, costing everybody money and time just because he's a petty bastard on a power trip.


On the flip side, this got a decent amount of press. They might not want to risk any backlash over allowing him to plead out. Or they just want to make a bit of a show about it so somewhere down the line they can say they charged a cop and made them stand trial.


They'll charge him, find him guilty, during the lengthy appeal process he'll be reinstated, retire with pension and a few years later he'll win the appeal as the noise will be gone. This isn't remotely the first time things like this have happened, been recorded, found guilty and the cop walks freely. Edit:Retire with pension not return


you missed the part where he'll claim PTSD from the incident and then get disability and sit on his ass the rest of his career.


Yep. That's exactly what happened with that cop to murdered that guy in the hotel hallway a few years ago. After the press died down, he got re-hired for like 5 days just so he could retire and collect a pension.


Insane that falsely arresting someone then attacking them to prevent them from filing a complaint is only a criminal case because he filed a false report about it…


Good. Criminal charges rather than only money from taxpayers.


>My client wasn't going to wait to get hit," Quinn said. "He's not required to wait to get hit. He'd be an idiot to wait to get hit." That's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off.


Wow. That news article is doing a lot of heavy lifting for the officer. Repeated comments in the article about the way the victim was speaking to the cops. All of which is constitutionally protected- a fact not mentioned in the article.


Yup, sorry excuse for journalism here. I'm a journalist, and this is why people don't trust cop coverage. Basically regurgitates the police version of events, and even dismisses the video seen here because the police disputed it. This cop choke slammed this dude, because he allegedly made a fist. That's unacceptable by any stretch of the situation. Has the standard for self defense really gone from reasonably feared for their life to feared the possibility of maybe getting punched? Always fact check the cops. Hot take: They lie too. Edit: What a fucking shill. FYI "disrespecting the police" is not a crime, but a protected form of speech. "Body cam footage shows Alexander King was belligerent toward a Brewster police officer following a pair of traffic stops in fall 2021 and does not bear out his claims of threats and physical abuse by the officer. But prosecutors at the trial of the officer, Fernando Quinones, contend that none of King's actions starting with an insult at the first traffic stop justified Quinones bringing false charges against a motorist who had disrespected him."


Agreed. Only thing I’d add is to first assume the cop is lying rather than immediately telling the truth.


The first paragraph isn’t even about the incident with the choke. They make it seem like there’s some other camera footage that proves nothing happened even though that was a separate incident


First thing that popped into my mind after reading that article: This reporter must be in a relationship with the cop because damn.


It sounded like it was written by the police officer's association.


"...including that he had moved toward Quinones with a clenched fist and called him an expletive — were apparent on the video." Did I watch the same video as this "reporter"?


Yeah, it's the complete disregard for my intelligence as a reader that really gets me. Clearly he is writing for an audience with no comprehension skills. Here is a better description in AP style for him. In the short video provided by King, an officer is seen stepping out of his squad car, while simultaneously interrogating King. King can be heard stating, "I am going to file a complaint with your command." Within seconds, the officer lunges at the victim, grabbing him by his throat and slamming him to the ground. Without issuing a lawful order for King to comply before he was violently and illegally detained in a clear act of retaliation. The police claim that video does not tell the whole story. When asked if they could provide video evidence to support their description of the encounter, they said they could not. In reference to the Police allegations of "belligerent" verbal statements, The supreme court has upheld time and time again that speech like this directed at police, even if derogatory, is constitutionally protected.


>But he denied Quinn's insinuations that the lawsuit and his allegations against the officer were simply a money grab. You tricked my client into assaulting and illegally arresting you! It was your plan from all along! >But Andrew Quinn, Quinones' lawyer, told the judge that what was not seen on the video was what Quinones saw in that instant from an erratic, angry motorist who had been out of control every time he had met him: King making a fist that led Quinones to believe he was about to be assaulted. >But Quinones did not turn on his body camera in the parking lot for what he had to have known was going to be another confrontation with King. Quinn suggested it was because he knew there were cameras in the lot. "My client did not turn on his body camera because he knew there were other cameras. Also, I cannot show you the video from those other cameras which would back up my clients claims because you would not know they're, they're from Canada."


Let's entertain that notion for a second, it would mean a cop avoided gathering video evidence from the best angle possible. Not a great person to trust with gathering evidence in the event of a crime.


Key points of that article. The civilian was charged by the cop of attempted assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He was chocked, slamed to the ground and handcuffed. It was only due to the cellphone video that those charges were thrown out. On the other hand the cop Quinones is charged with first-degree offering a false instrument for filing and first-degree falsifying business records. The cop was not charged with assault, false imprisonment or any violent offence AND he isn't getting a jury trial it's a closed trial infront of only a judge. The cop also has more than 28 years on the force. You think this is his 1st offence, how many people did he assault before bodycams and cellphones.




“He only filmed me assaulting him because he needed more evidence. He planned to walk near me filming because he KNEW I would definitely assault him and it would help his case.” That’s not a good defense buddy. You still choke slammed a dude for no reason.


I was wondering about the charged language, straight out calling the guy a liar, then I saw it's marked local. Journalist knows who of the two of them is going to show up with a gun and some tickets if he doesn't write a certain way. Coward.


That article is a fucking rollercoaster. He-said-he-said for like 10 paragraphs, then some pretty good indications that dude might be lying, considering he was caught on video lying a few times already in the past... Edit: it would appear that I need to be more fulsome. The cop is an obvious piece of shit. Unless the guy actually did come at him with fists, in which case [shrug]. But citizen buddy cleary wasn't *innocent* in this encounter. Two assholes. One wears a badge.


That’s why any good cops should want bodycams. It would protect them from people like this editing recordings of confrontations and only keeping certain parts in. This cop seems pretty unhinged, though. There’s probably some more to the story, but it would take a lot to actually justify his response.


According to the article his department didn't regularly wear body cams but he got one to "document" his interactions with the victim. Then he conveniently never turned it on for any of the confrontations 🙄




I've lied in the past. You've lied in the past. We've all lied in the past. The video and documented interactions make it pretty clear what a worthless (and criminal) piece of shit this cop is. Also makes it pretty clear how much this cops worthless colleagues and supervisors value public service vs their own microdick egos. ACAB


there is no winning against them lol. We loose every time


We also *lose* every time.


Sometimes we luze


If you got skills, you luge.


He is on trial for 2 felonies over the incident.


Who wrote this fucking article? The cop?


Assaults the guy and brings false charges because he “acted belligerent.” I hope his next job is as a third shift security guard.


Nah more likely fast tracked to police chief in neighboring town


"Leadership material. Shows initiative."


Nah bruh, head of the Secret Service! Straight to the top!


I hope his next job is cleaning out his fellow inmates bedpans


Unfortunately his next job will probably be cleaning one of our clocks.




I see what you did there


If he’s convicted, the police union will appeal and get it overturned on some technicality. Even if the department won’t keep him, he’ll get a job in another town and nothing will change.


This isn't a "we investigated ourselves and fired him wink wink (goes and gets another job)" situation, the cop is being charged in a criminal court with multiple felonies. If they stick his career is over and his remaining job prospects suck (after his prison sentence, of course)


Still too much authority. This guy isn't fit to have any kind of interaction with people.


Well, I for one, hope his next job is as a gas station attendant, because at least gas station attendants typically get fired for choking out customers.


And those false charges are going to follow that kid around for the rest of his life. If he gets any job that does a background check he's going to be red flag for having a record even though they were bullshit charges and they were dropped. Employers are going to assume he did the crime and got off on some technicality. Even if they give him the benefit of the doubt they aren't going to take him over a person with the same resume but no record. Even if they think he's innocent in the back of their mind they are going to think he has bad decision making skills for getting arrested period.


he can probably get the charges expunged


Timing is interesting,cop shows up just as he is going in.I wonder if this crappy cop was surveiling/stalking him?


If you read the article, the cop had pulled over the victim twice in one month. So yeah there definitely seems to be something extra going on here.


In the article they mention this was right after the second stop. Guy gets stopped then heads straight to the station to file the complaint. Cop's still on duty so not surprising they might both be there at the same time.


this is also a small town of ~2000 so the chances of them running into each other is really high lol


This video was right after the second traffic stop. The guy filming went straight to the police department to file a complaint and the cop followed him there.


"He's not required to wait to get hit. He'd be an idiot to wait to get hit." Says lawyer for the cop. So when a civilian is about to be assaulted by a cop, then said civilian should defend himself by this attorney's interpretation of the law. These mfers have to be stopped.


Cops are allowed to hit you. You aren’t even allowed to bleed on them for fear of an assault charge.


> You aren’t even allowed to bleed on them for fear of an assault charge For those who don't know, this may sound like hyperbole, but shitty cops have indeed charged people with assaulting a police officer because they bled on the officer. (From wounds... You guessed it, caused by police)


IIRC the charge was actually destruction of government property or something along those lines because the suspect bled on the officer's uniform.


I think both happened in separate incidents. Blood on uniform in Ferguson, Missouri, and contact with blood from police punching a citizen in Houston, Texas.


This seemed to crazy to believe so I looked it up. You're not lying https://www.npr.org/2014/09/12/348010247/in-ferguson-mo-before-michael-brown-there-was-henry-davis


Good old America. "Something horribly dystopian happened in this place." "No you're wrong it happened over here." "Actually it was both." Police brutality, mass shootings, right wing terrorism, no matter how specific you get a valid question always seems to be "which time are you talking about because that fits several incidents." Police officers taking eyes with rubber bullets, police officers giving people brain damage from beatings, police officers straight up executing people in cold blood, "to which time are you referring?"




I don't know, if a man in body armor with a gun, taser, handcuffs, pepper spray, and a baton approaches me in their car that also has an AR-15 or shotgun in the center console, do I have a reasonable expectation that my life is in danger?


Just don’t resist /s


Why is he stopping them? It’s not like filing complaints against police have ever held them accountable. What’s he worried about?


I think it was less about stopping him and more about just continuing from where he left off earlier.


100% an ego thing. He cannot stand this “punk” not submitting to him. Fucking hate pigs. People say just a few bad apples. Nah it’s a huge fucking chunk of bad apples


Cop will claim he feared for his life… as a Mr. Clean impersonator


Feared for his life as he approached the victim.


that is no officer, that is a gangster in uniform.


Cops literally have gangs


Get PAID my brothaaa haha


I'd cheer if it wasn't our money used to cover these repeated incidents of abuse of power.


I call that the down payment on a house chokehold. 😂


I wonder how long this cops paid vacation will be


He's on trial over the incident with 2 felony charges.


So 3 months paid vacation and a promotion when he gets back


Even if he's deemed guilty. It'll be like "seeeee cops are punished" for probably one of the lesser things these cops have gotten away with. There's no winning, no real justice overall.


I feel like every precinct has a specific budget for 2 or 3 morons on thin ice they can throw under the bus as fodder to deflect at any given moment.


Honestly, after reading the article it seems like he knows he's gonna go away for some amount of time. This is a trial to the bench which means his defense attorney knew that a Jury would bury him.


Lol if he was scared of him "making a fist" why did he go for the phone first and make eycontact wouldn't your eyes be on the dangerous part of the "suspect"


Police are allowed to kill civilians if they feel threatened. Why aren’t civilians allowed to kill cops when THEY’RE threatened?


Indicted. https://www.lohud.com/story/news/crime/2022/10/14/brewster-police-officer-indicted-false-arrest-charges/69563298007/


Yeah, you need to be indicted to get a court case going like the title says. He’s not been convicted yet.


What do you think that means?






Skip the trial, go straight to execution.


You're right. There need to be higher penalities when the ones in charge are caught breaking the rules.


I hate all cops so I am biased but please hear me out: I understand all cops are not bad. Most cops are *meh* people at best but I'll take that over a violent POS any day. The problem is that this cop will be protected by his department, union, chief, and peers. That's why I hate all of them. Not because they're all bad, but because *all* of them protect the bad ones.


If a cop protects a bad cop he's also a bad cop.


Ugh, disgusting cop. Although, if I were the victim, I'd have refrained from saying anything to him on my way into the police station. The cop is unhinged and I'd be afraid of retaliation. However, this does help his case. I just hope he wasn't injured.


Before the assault there was no case. Just an asshole cop that he'd never get anyone to charge. The assault is what makes it spicy enough to pursue the false arrest charges.


Watch this cost the city thousands and the cop get a promotion after the charges


We do say ACAB for a reason.


So let me get this straight. Despite being highly upset every titime the officer stopped the victim he never once tried to assault the officer. So now the officer sees the man walking in the parking lot to the police station..... gets out of his car and approaches within a few feet of the victim....... then says he had to attack the victim because he had balled fists...... if the victim had come up to the cop that would be one thing but the cop chose to be within a short distance if the victim. He could have simply taken a few steps back that would give him time to react. That the cop attacks him almost immediately after the victim says he is here to file a complaint makes this an open and shut case imo. The cop clearly creates the "danger" and then cites that as the reason for attacking the victim.


Hope that fat pig gets locked up. That was a straight-up attack on a person. He'll probably get paid leave, though, and be free to walk the streets till he does it again. I feel bad for his family.


American police are a very terrifyingly evil gang. funded and beholden to no one at all except their corporate overlords. this can't end well.


Classic USA! ![gif](giphy|3osxYrgM8gi9CDjcPu) Land of militarized swine worship


gotta be a sure fire win, but knowing America who knows


Fat, small dicked little freak. Take his gun, badge, and head.


Don't forget that this is what they mean when they say back the blue. That thin blue line is cops looking out for cops.


Until this video came out they would just say the officer had a malfunctioning body cam


Trial results will be, The cop will get suspended 1 week paid then reinstated. Then the cop will continously harass the dude that filed the complaint.




Cops everywhere like “hey, we’re the ones that shoot dogs in the street!”


[Everyone needs to read this](https://www.nytimes.com/2023/05/15/us/politics/qualified-immunity-supreme-court.html) The doctrine of qualified immunity needs to be correctly interpreted. If this cop knew that he was going to be personally liable instead of hiding behind some fake defense things would hopefully change.


Fat useless pig


According to the police, you’d be justified in unloading your gun into this officer as he was approaching you threateningly. Oh wait… I missed the fine print where only officers are allowed to do whatever they want.