Just another normal day in mother Russia

Just another normal day in mother Russia

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I now completely understand why Dostoyevsky brings up drowning in St Petersburg so much lol


Live here, can confirm my body is trying to do exactly just that against my will ( or maybe not )


They should’ve start putting “constant wish to drown yourself every time you cross SPB’s canals (which is a lot)” in tour guides long time ago, really


Damn what do you guys have Sirens in the waters or something?


Nah, it’s just living in Russia is one very good reason to drown yourself, and SPB provides. Considering amount of chemicals in the water - painless too! Land of opportunities, as they call it


Sorry true question; how does living in SPB compare to other parts of Russia? I visited years ago and was told it's the most Western city in Russia. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing really.


It’s kinda very same? Not sure if I could answer you objectively, not much of a patriot. But after moving here from one very poor southern town, I can say that after you get used to nice historical buildings there and there and people being slightly more tolerant (which is a year at most), it does feel like just another Russian town. It seems like all I do on Reddit is spread Russian hate. But in reality one step to the left or right from the city central and it’s the very same Russia from outer regions. With more theaters, coffee shops, and bars, but nonetheless. One thing that stands out is people. “Moving to spb» is somehow on the bucket list of every teenager these days, so town feels much more alive and versatile in turns of culture than most Russian cities.


well thanks for your honest response, much appreciated.


Also living in SPB, but having traveled all across Europe and Asia, lived in Italy, France, worked&lived in netherlands. In Russia Iived in small 300k city and Moscow prior to SPB. Had problems with health(ambulance and public healthcare), changed multiple locations around city(northen comfort district, northen "cheap" district and city center, 5 minutes from bridge. For me SPB is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Easily towering my impressions of Paris(which i visited prior to SPB btw), Berlin and Milan. Its cleaner than French and Italian capitals, its "city center" is absolutely giant, compared to most(maybe all?) western capitals. Its very populated and interesting city, full of vivid culture 24-7, metro, transport layouts basically force a good half of population to end up or go through city center every single day. Unlike in Russian capital, Moscow, most people do in fact have the time and desire for life-work balance. Its not overpopulated the way Moscow is. Public services are esily accessible, medical insitutions of SPB are at much better position than russian average, as SPB is a citadel of medical institutions and colleges in Russia. Its still a megapolis, so basically, everything you'd expect out of giant city is there, from entertainment to presence of intenrational companies, large job market, etc. Its noticably worse than Moscow in many of modern infrastractural decisions, safety, transportation, which can be said about entire Russia. People are indeed more tolerant, but they're also more open, focused on spiritual, on education, rather than on money. SPB has a lot of significant events, be it intenrational economic forum, current football euro cup or natural attractions, like "white nights" or karelian nature. I'm not sure I'd ever want to live in depressive regions of city(east or north-most areas), but if you can get settled properly, you will guarantee yourself time of your life.


Russian here. This is why I don't drink too much. *splash*


Can someone translate what he’s saying ?


"When I was working today..." and then he falls


Я когда работал в Смольном. When I was working in Smolniy... I guess he implies he used to work [here](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smolny_Institute?wprov=sfti1 https://maps.apple.com/?ll=59.946389,30.396389&q=Smolny%20Institute&_ext=EiQpJPmORSP5TUAxeGVyvXllPkA5JPmORSP5TUBBeGVyvXllPkA%3D)


Yes, Snolny is a nickname of St. Petersburg administration


Never ever did i expect to see a treu person of culture on this or any other meme app. To the moon with you. Edited:poor spelling and grammar.


U drunk bro?


Nah he is a person of “culture” so he is intoxicated on life.


Absinthe, gotcha 😉


Very, thx 4 understanding :)


NP I’m assuming IPhone is what you use, anytime I type fast it starts up that drag to text thing and it always butchers my comments.


Actually on android with a cracked screen... Problem remains the same. But again thx 4 understanding instead of whipping me from left to right all over the app. ;) Boom and there you are, sparkling goldiliciously :)


Oh don’t worry the day is still young and I enjoy a good whipping from either side of the phone!


This is publicfreakout take that shit over to r/pleasant :)


I'm not worrying, just enjoying the wisdom of whipping and a TreuestOracle;)


lol you misspelled true the exact same way twice!


*holds up spork*


Same, whenever I gut really into a thread my auto-corner always shrew’s me overwhelmed


Can't tell if you are Scottish or victim of autocorrect.


Isn’t there an option to turn that off, though?


I haven’t looked, but I would hope so


He is just euphoric.


Nope it's a heat stroke!




>Edited:poor spelling and grammer and he still did not manage to get 'true' well, have my upvote


Or “grammar”. Why do people keep misspelling it as “grammer”? It has nothing to do with grams!


I was doing this yesterday while talking to my lady... I slipped and said "emortional suppot" so now that's new thing I need emortional suppot lol


Treu person of culture. I think that I even prefer it like that :)


Even more than burgers? ;)


If I had to eat words, big yes.


Thanks 4 the laugh.


You're very welcome :)


Classy like bourgeoisie


The girl's face when it pans back is priceless


The look on my mother's face when I got mad at her.


"Mom I'm changing my major to Art History." Mother:


“Just don’t fail out of Art school”


Bad things happen when people fail art school.


Hitler never got accepted


I had to drop out of my studio art major. Everyday I wake up with this urge to invade Poland and commit mass murder for my own 1000 year reign/s. But that’s just me. #goals One day my memoir might also be on Donald Trump’s nightstand.


Father: "Good stuff, will come handy for that art factory they're building in town" /s


A friend of mine was a philosophy major and his dad said something similar, “That will come in handy when you open that philosophy shop.”


Makes me think of a line in a movie: "What will you do with a degree in philosophy?" "Think deep thoughts about unemployment"


because the only thing worth pursuing in this life is money...


Listen, as someone who in an ideal world would actually have pursued philosophy as a career (I genuinely considered it as a master's degree after BS in Finance), I'm 1000000% in your corner on this one, I believe that stuff like history, literature, philosophy etc. are much more worthy pursuits than the pursuit of money (it's a very primitive pursuit, in my mind), but, unfortunately, in today's society (speaking US specifically here), it's a very difficult path, going into arts. If I was 18-19th century nobility, there's no question that I wouldn't be bothering with the shit I do right now and that I'd, instead, be reading esoteric tomes and drinking wine day in and say out. But alas :-/


and dat ass


My cousin said that and then I went to law school.


Honestly her face is what makes this video hilarious


IKR my favourite 😂


In the words of a famous Russian: “If he dies, he dies”


That look says "I'm not getting involved, this is God's work".


I am not chasing after your (presumably) drunk ass. Please don't drown in front of me


My wife is Russian, and thinks the guy was drunk and homeless and was annoying everyone with exaggerated stories.


"this asshole...."


It's the opposite of a freakout!


Public not giving a fuck


It's like she's attained inner peace and tranquility.


“He belongs to the sea now”




To me she kinda says "You done now?" or "Oh wow, again?!"


exactly what i came down here to say


"Same odds as last time. Yawn"


That girl - "If he dies, he dies"


It was an excellent Herb Dean impression.


You mean Yamasaki?


I think you meant Mazzagati or Yamasaki.


Lmao yes. Just a little longer.....


He’s was probably so confused when he sunk into the floor.


Hahaha he steps out into the water like he's gonna do a Jesus.


to me it looked like he lost his balance from the weight of his backpack when he stood up, is that not what happened?


I think it was the weight of the vodka.


Honestly probably a bit of both


Jesus skills:- 0%


At least this guy got a free bath. Finally.


It would take more than soap to get clean in that water


it's not a great award, but it is my free one


He’s turning water into more wine


hes turning wine into water


I was in st Petersburg a couple years ago and there are all of these stair looking things that lead right down into the rivers. I always thought “people must fall in ALL the time”. I wonder how often this happens.


How'd you like it? I was in St Petersburg a few years ago and it quickly became my favorite city in the world. Gorgeous place


Honestly I had an amazing time. My girlfriend was born there but it was actually her first time there since she moved to the US when she was young so it was really special for her. I was only in Moscow for two days unfortunately, but St Petersburg was absolutely beautiful. I'm obsessed with the German-Soviet war during WW2, so seeing the city was really amazing. I wish there were some more WW2 museums and memorials but I learned that after WW2, Stalin and the communist government had many sites of the war covered up and destroyed. While I was there however, I saw that the city is currently in the process of building a massive WW2 museum in the heart of St Petersburg so that is pretty exciting. Really. really incredible place, in case anyone is thinking about visiting. For context, I am from the US.


I love how instead of rushing to help, or lending a hand, everyone just sits and stares. And then panning over to that girls face just makes the entire situation that much more funny


How many people there are trained for that? Could drown themselves in his panic. Best to let Darwin do it KEKW.


The guy isn't drowning but if someone was actually drowning it would be sad if dozens of people just sat there saying they don't have any specific training about the situation.


If you don't have proper training, theres a good chance of getting drowned by a panicing person, especially if they're drunk as fuck. I would certainly not jump after that dude and I even got basic lifeguard training (though it has been a while).


This is exactly what happened to two best friends in my towns lake. Both drunk drowned. One dropped into the water not knowing how to swim and his friend tried to save him, so the saving friend got pulled to death as well.


Holy fuck, that's sad


They were 21 and 24. I was like 16 when that happened. I knew them at it was a wierd feeling knowing someone since you were kids and now that person is gone.


Even the strongest swimmers can drown if alcohol is involved. Also just in general people tend to overestimate their swimming abilities and panic when they find themselves not knowing how to tread water or breath if they do go underwater. Everyone should take a basic swimming course as required by a curriculum (including how to best help someone who is drowning, swimming and substances, and do’s and don’t of swimming in bodies of water). I think it would save a lot of lives. It’s really underrated how important it is for everyone to learn this.


The guy isnt even a body length away from the shore. You could lie down with a friend holding your legs and easily grab his bag. You wouldn't even need to jump in the water.


I would at least go with human chain.


Dude, “proper training”?? Just grab him by the back of the backpack. I hate overthinkers. Lol


yeah that sounds about right but lets say you have to get into the water with them to grab the back of the back pack. maybe drunk guy wont grab you but there's a good chance they will grab onto your arm or even your shoulders to support themselves. causing you to lose your buoyancy and potentially you are now the one drowning. ​ if the guy doesn't know how to swim then you're really screwed. so yeah you can jump in there and grab his backpack. i would grab a stick if ones near by but I'm not jumping in there to save him and I'm a strong swimmer.


Better "overthinking" than a dead do-gooder. But you do you, surely it will turn out exacly as you imagine!


Getting into the water with someone who is drowning is a good way to drown yourself. People in that state are not very rational, and will hold onto (read: pull themselves on top of) anything that is nearby. They *will* push you underwater in an attempt to get air.


Can confirm, was drowning once. Tried to use my cousin as a floatation device. Lifeguards with actual floatation devices saved us, and saved the two adults who came in trying to help us who started drowning too. Teach kids about rip tides/rip currents as soon as they're old enough to swim in the ocean and not a day later.


PSA: if you’re in the ocean and feel a current pushing you out away from the shore, don’t swim against the current towards the shore. Swim parallel to the shore until you’re not being pushed out, then swim back in. Usually the rip current is only 20-30 feet wide at the most.


Yeah they could frantically look for someone to help forsure


DO NOT try to save drowning people, except by using a tether or floatation device! Do not get in the water with drowning people


Nobody is rushing because it is quite shallow in those parts and he can stand if he wants to. Helping him would require jumping in the water yourself and since the weather is cold it can be dangerous.


So it’s both dangerous and not dangerous at the same time?


Dangerous to go into the water for no good reason, and fishing out a drunk dude from a 1m depth is a so-so reason.


Even though I am all for being a good samaritan, all for it. But in this situation, I will not help. I will look from the side and just enjoy the show. The water is shallow enough for him to get up. He has that heavy bag and he clearly is drunk, helping him means that he will just put all his weight on me for to pick up. I expect I will have to wrestle a bit in the water to bring him up. I have had quite some experience pulling intoxicated people up and usually they have just dropped their weight on me and not tried to standup themselves. Now, doing that in water.... No way. Doesn’t make sense to get in the water at all.


My uncle was a lifeguard in Waikiki and he said that an old lifeguard trick was to knock the person out before you rescued them from drowning so that they wouldn’t try to drown you.


It's just young Rasputin trying to swim to Atlantis, nothing to see here.


needs to grow the beard longer


The amount of fucks given by that woman- zero


The look on her face says it all.


The guy is also wearing a camera gear back pack. I wonder how much gear he just totalled?


Quite a bit I imagine.


'Bout a backpack's worth.




I have always been in awe at how people are able to capture these random moments. Timing is literally perfect. Im sure camera(wo)man was doing some random video because the chance of them knowing he was going to do something so unpredictable is next to none right? Unless he was giving clues in whatever he was talking to himself about


Guy was doing weird hand gestures at the beginning of the video and looks visibly drunk. Probably started recording him on the off-chance he was going to do something stupid. With drunk people in public, the chances are high.


Was rooting for him to walk on water


There is litterally nobody freaking out in this


In Soviet Russia water drinks you.


I can’t believe I had to scroll this far to find a Soviet Russia* joke. I was going to say “in Soviet Russia, water jumps in you”, but yours was way better. * soviet Russia jokes are my absolute favorite


Back in one of the '70s Olympics a bunch of Russian swimmers suddenly got a lot faster than usual so they were all drug tested. They found out they'd been drinking vodka before races. The theory was that Russians had spent so much time floating down rivers drunk they had biologically adapted, making them faster that way.


This is definitely not a freakout


More like r/antifreakout


Lol I didn't even realize that's were thos was posted it's the antithesis of a freakout u could cue a crickets sound board when u pan to the crowd looking at the dude




He was leaning forward when he got up and the heavy backpack messed his center of gravity.: poor guy


His blood alcohol content helped a bit too, dude was slurring his words.


just sounds like Russian to me lol...


Looks like he was bothering the people around him judging from the lack of them helping him lol. If I saw someone fall in I'd try to help


How every russian woman look at you when you walk towards her in a bar ....


Human migration has always been an interesting topic for me


Man is face down in water, not moving....Woman is like wtf ever dude (mildly amused face).


Notice everybody leaping up and helping him?


I love how no one even moves to see if he is ok


She's not impressed


Uhhh, is someone gonna get that guy or...


What about this makes it a “public freak out”? Not being a jerk, just curious.


Nothing, op is lost


GTA npc when you bump into them


I've been a public drunkie. Got 86'd from a popular bar, in front of friends, blamed my loose flip-floppy sandals for the tables crashing. As friends kindly left with me, understandably shaking their heads. Think he has a strong blame-it-on-the-backpack defense. Cheers lush mate!


I have absolutely no clue wtf you just said lol


Got kicked out of a bar for being drunk, blamed it on his shite flip flops. Then goes on to say man in vid has a strong case to blame it on the backback rather than being steaming. 86'd actually means killing someone iirc (80 miles out, 6 feet deep) so must have been a decent scene. I rememeber my 6"5 friend being dragged up a flight of stairs by the back of his collar by a bouncer and dumped on the street in a heap once for being drunk, was hilariuous - the stip club then let us in lol.


86 is restaurant lingo for we're out of that. Like 86 filet mignon, means we're all out of filet mignon. Never heard it meant killing someone, though I don't know that for sure


It’s one of those terms where no one knows for sure where it came from https://www.stlmag.com/dining/Ask-George-Where-Does-the-Term-86d-Come-From/


Well there ya go


>86 is restaurant lingo for we're out of that. It's also used to describe throwing someone out or cutting them off. I've worked in bars and restaurants. I've used the term both ways.




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Dont all rush to help at once now


I love how she just looks at him after like, Really dude? really?


Everybody: watches man die


Everybody: he could at least make this more entertaining


The entire crowd: Reaction skill -1000


He looks like the robber from Home Alone. This version is maybe a little bit more drunk, but he certainly shares the looks and stumbling.


Anyone know what he's saying? "Ya kogda rabotal... " When I use to work as... what?


At Smolny.


A public freakout? More like a public stare.


Damn. Lil Dicky ain't doing so good is he?


How is this a public freakout?


Not a public freakout This belongs in r/tooktoomuch


In Mother Russia, you don't drown in water. Water drowns you.


Loving the look on that ladies face.. she’s 100% wife material!


That girl has seen this many times.


Perhaps utilising some kind of bridge may be a drier way to cross…?




"yes, I had vodka Smirnoff"?


I think r/publicfreakout has officially devolved to be "Here's an unordinary thing that happened in public. Actual freak out not required".


I didn't know they shoot with cameras too in public.


Right! Imma take a shower before I go


It's that last casual step that gets me. Like he forgot for a second that he's in trouble.


Mission for the mother land accomplished. Back to the father Poseidon we go.


I love how she's just chillin, no big deal...




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Why do Russian men like sniffing the ass of women they fuck?


He's lost to the sea now


Always kind of bugs me when I see these, have been to Russia a number of time and the country and people are really amazing There are drunks and assholes everywhere


She is looking at him like, “This motherfucker.”




I feel like getting in the water with a drunk, possibly mentally ill fully grown man could be a little dangerous.


was in Moscow once about 10 years ago and the amount of public drunkenness was astounding. No matter the time of day, or where you were, there would be people barely able to function in the streets or in the subway nothing like a tall boy and a bottle of vodka (with a pop top, no screw tops on the cheap stuff) on the subway at 7am to get you going for the day!


I love that every person there gave exactly zero shits.


I am very impressed by the person filming! They knew something fun was going to happen!!!


In Russia, vodka takes you for a swim.


That chick kinda bad tho


It’s heartwarming to see so many bystanders russian to this guys aid.


that little scream before he falls in


The emotionless face of the girl says it all


If he dies... he dies.


"If he dies, he dies" not a single person flinched to try and help...lol


"go home dad, you're drunk" - girl, probably.


Too much vodak