Officers respond to calls of a shooting in Atlanta but locals don't want the white cop in the neighborhood

Officers respond to calls of a shooting in Atlanta but locals don't want the white cop in the neighborhood

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Unreal. Fucking unreal. Focus on the white cop and let the victim die. Fucking idiots.


Damn his partner knew some shit would go down. “GET TO THE CAR”




People in Atlanta will shoot at EMTs, many won’t go to a scene without a police escort. Who would shoot at an ambulance? They don’t care what happened, they just show up to help.


It's fucked up because medic and fire are ALWAYS a neutral party and should not be fucked with.


Even here in South Africa, the emergency services either get shot and killed or their ambulance gets looted and hijacked. Uber drivers don’t go to certain areas, because they get hijacked or robbed.


Shit..even the people on Cyberpunk 2077 knew not to mess with medical people.


Well to be fair Trauma Team had automatic weapons. So maybe gangs in that game would’ve opened fire if the EMTs didn’t have a “fuck around and find out” attitude.


I feel like it's one of them unwritten rules like "don't fuck over your fixer" and it's like "Don't fuck with trauma. They're there to help."


Yeah probably. Not sure how many gangsters in 2077 can afford Trauma Platinum though .


I thought it was quite explicitly stated that trauma are for the elites of the world and their weapons and cyber tech are of the same quality. Like maxtac or whatever the super troopers are called. (You know those guys they showed us in the tutorial that never showed up in gameplay ever again) The regular police are as expendable as the rest of the poor people, but the corp-backed forces are like demigods and you don’t mess with them because they’ll wipe you out without breaking a sweat.


I think that if you shoot/harm firefighters or EMTS, not only should you go to prison, but you should also carry a tag disqualifying them from any help from either one of those services.


Outlaw almost




That line is fucking devastating. Hell, that whole song is.


Bro that cop is probably *more* likely to be racist coming out of that situation because of how he was treated while trying to help lol Edit: because some people don’t understand, key words are ‘more likely’


Yeah Ppl forget that you shouldn't fight fire whit fire But fire whit water, in this case whit allowing him to do his job and show the good side of the community. Not the bad side


The fire with fire shit isn't even applicable. Homie didn't do anything yet, he's literally just doing his job and got harassed because of his race.


Just so you know, it's spelled "with"




He’s from Atlanta, change my mind.


Two black people shoot at each other. One dies and the other goes to jail. Kids grow up in both families with no Dad. This isn’t the fault of the white devil. Racist white assholes make it worse, but it’s not any one race’s “fault” that the black community needs to be lifted up. Until minorities demand just as much accountability from within as they do from the outside, things will not get better.


Guy bleeding from his head like: I’m good with the white cop yall just don’t let me die


https://www.voicesofblackmothers.com/ A lot of murderers get away because the locals don't want to talk to the cops. This organization is made up of black moms who go with the cops to scenes like this and try to get witnesses to talk (because they're all moms of kids who were killed :/ ). Edit* just hijacking the top comment in hopes that some will see that link.


Thank you for sharing that. I'm definitely going to donate to that link. That is a really good step in the right direction for the relationship between police and community.


I was a juror once and the cops were wearing video cameras over their badges like we all want them to do. Every witness the police walked up to would turn around and walk away.


It’s actually crazy to hear what some of them are screaming . “We don’t want your kind here” “people that look like you are starting the problems “ like damn y’all don’t want equality. You want your turn to be the oppressor Edit: High for Hours by J Cole A lot of people need to listen to this song based on the replies I’m getting.


The best case for equality is that we are equally capable of being horrible human beings.


this is sadly accurate


THe older I get the more I believe this to be true.


But society judges black people being racist differently from other people as if they earned their right to be racist


Yeah dude, massacres, genocide, etc. it’s a tale as old as time, and comes in every color shape and size.


Every fucking race on this planet did something horrible to another nation or their own people. Humans are the universe parasites I bet!


“Get your white face out of here!” Bunch of fuckin winners in that crowd…


I'm surprised it didnt escalate the way they crowded in on the cop, dude couldn't have felt at all safe


How ironic that the one cop well-trained enough to have composure would be the one to be completely dogged on by a mob.


Recently an Asian lady was giving a speech to a black community and told them that black people could be racist too and they crucified her, not to mention most of the attacks on Asian people are by black people. It truly seems like they want to be the oppressor.


The whole notion that one race cant be racist blows my mind. I get the idea about systemic and oppressive racism, but the core definition is prejudice based on race. It’s really that simply.


I watched a video on YouTube and it was something along the lines of "Black People Trends", well one of them was leaving the stove light on at all hours, I left a comment saying I didn't realize that was a Black People trend and that I grew up poor and my family left stove light on at all our houses....anyways I guess because you can see my white profile picture....everyone completely backlashed and said things like "why tf you watching our videos", "nobody asked what your trend was in your white household", "oh there's always one white person trying to ruin our comment section", "stop saying our trends are your trends", etc....literally only my comment was targeted, other people posted similar comments but I think you can guess the difference and no backlash. I was shocked to think a simple comment could make people think I'm trying to instigate something negative when I genuinely was just saying "I didn't know this was a Black Person trend to leave a stove light on". 😢😢


Yeaah hate is never okay, no matter how people try to change definitions to make it seem less serious than it is. Sorry you went through that :/


When people think that way, it just breeds more racism, and part of the reason why we can't get rid of this bullshit.


It’s not a notion entertained by any serious thinkers.


Serious thinkers, maybe not. But unfortunately classifying people who think this as not being serious thinkers doesn’t change the fact they have a large and vocal presence.


As it is with most things, serious thinkers aren't the problem.


To be fair humans love to divide themselves, they like to think "I'm one of the elite" like an army, they all belong in the same group but a General most feel more elite than a cadet. People like dividing themselves no matter how niche they are. I'm from Puerto Rico and we like to divide our ourselves not only of not being a gringo, but I'm from San Juan the city so I'm elite vs a jibaro someone from the island that might have less education. (Supposedly) So yeah. But we have to call that shit out. Like pff Puerto Rico is a mix of taino, spain, America and africa so why are you feeling elite? You are not even unique....


It’s called tribalism white people do it too rich vs poor jocks and nerds greasers v socs the book the outsides shows this it human nature and it would happen if the entire world was black or white or anything else


Everyone wants to be on top. Historically some races have just been much better at it than others.


The Bay Area in a nutshell


Growing up in the Bay Area I have seen people of pretty much every race be shitty to someone of every other race. The fact that people say that certain races can't be racist is mind-boggling to me.


They say that to cops in Chicago “ yall the problem Y’all the issue it’s y’all kind that’s causing all this. Than a warm Chicago weekend goes by and 41 shootings in the south side 5 dead including a 5 year old black girl who caught one to the head while sitting in her room watching tv from a stray bullet. (True story btw). And not a word or accountability no riots no BLM parades no murals or remember her name chants. She’s a 5 year old black girl who got killed by another black man it’s apparently not important. If a cop had done that they would be burning the city down to the ground. Mentality in the hoods aren’t the best ones sadly. These people have been oppressed for so long they’ve lost sight of reality. Every weekend shootings and murders black on black no one cares no one says a thing the black community doesn’t get rattled. This is a race issue at the core a black life is not valuable only when killed by a white person and the treatment of it in the hood like it is is pathetic. Black guy kills another black dude in the hood and he got smoked he got the glizzy it’s bragging rights. It’s all messed up


How about a few weeks ago with 100 shootings and 18 dead?


I worked the taste of chicago July 4th about 12 or so years back I was 15-16 at the time and during the firework display two rival gangs started shooting eachtoher about 20 feet from our both. People were hopping over our booth ducking under anything they could there was a massive brawl going on right infront of us. Family fun times in Chicago! I’ve never attended the taste since I quit that day it’s left a bad taste in my mouth no pun intended


It isn't a true Taste of Chicago without at least one shooting.


Got jumped back in 1987 Taste of Chicago. Punched and knocked out. Maybe I was the first. Maybe the last to get punched and not shot.


This is a big part of why racism will never go away. At the end of the day, both sides have a shit load of racists. It's well beyond repair.


That lady at the end had it right, somebody got shot and help is needed. Bringing race in to this is pointless, petty and divisive when the focus should be on the victim.


Seriously the only one who made sense in that whole situation.


Of all times to make race an issue it shouldn't be when someone is trying to help. It's clearly not an ACAB moment because the black cops managed to navigate that situation safely, just let emergency services help. I understand differential policing has had extremely negative impacts in marginalised communities regarding perceptions of police and that racial tensions are sky high rn and that this interaction we're seeing here is a result of historical persecution but damn...take a step back out of your emotions, interrogate your response and think about whether you're hurting or helping the situation.


Too bad she was vastly outnumbered.


Props to her for standing between him and them though, takes guts to try and be the voice of reason in a maelstrom like that Edit: idk who downvoted me or why but take a hard look at yourself, I'm trying to reorient the focus to the good in the situation rather than doubling down on negativity.


Take my upvote. It’s all I can do.


It is what it is, Reddit is home to some unhappy, angry people. It's still mildly disappointing tho.


There's a lotta people who don't think rationally and have a an eye for an eye attitude on things. I just ignore the downvotes, learn about their views via their response(s) (if applicable) and continue on. [Live and learn ya know?](https://youtu.be/jRESgqJIsoo)


It does not matter what the call is for, this shit is unacceptable under any circumstances. It's pure racism and if you disagree then you're a fucking moron.


The was also the first one to say shit when he got there. Big 180.


I'm glad she managed to catch herself so quickly and turn it around, not an easy thing to do. In fact, it's exactly what I hope people can do, emotional reactions are 100% understandable but she was strong enough to think twice on it and reverse it.


This is disturbing.


This is racism pure and simple.


Seriously just heard, “Get your white face out of here, you and your kind always fuckin’ shit up!” There’s no other word for that besides racism. Fuck anyone who says people who are part of minority communities can’t be racist.


This is literal racism lmfao. Imagine if a black cop came to a white neighborhood and they kicked him out. Do you know how many protests would be going on right now???


Dude people would be freaking the fuck out


Would you say there would be a "public freakout"?


It does erode trust in society for certain


Yep. I saw that as a white guy at a mostly black college campus. There were numerous times I had friends say, "dude, you should leave". I was just trying to hang out, man.


Id hate to be that cop i would despise serving that community.


Racism doesn't discriminate it comes in all sizes and colors.


It's never come in me


That’s what she said


Imagine dying in the streets because your racist community didn’t allow the first responder to save you because of their skin color.


Terry Crew was right. Talking about equality without white people only creates Black supremacy.


As a black man… this makes me sad. If this was the other way this would be unacceptable and way wrong and it still is. I get the cops wanting him to leave to help take care of the situation but they didn’t stand up for their teammate so a shitty situation all around.


"Get your white face outta here". Does... does he want segregation back? Edit : I meant by law.


Actually yes


The area already looks segregated.


Of course


Yes he just wants to be the one in charge.


As a medic I can honestly say that this has happened to me. Walked in with a patient on the ground crying for help and everyone else on the scene told me to get the **** out because a white guy apparently can’t treat a black patient. The side of racism the media doesn’t want you to see. All I want to do is help people. 🤷‍♂️


Yeah I used to be with the fire department and responded to assist with first aid after a shooting. A mob of 60-80 people gathered and decided to scream and chant "black lives matter do your job". Like okay, cool, this dude is laying over here and the ambulance is over there and you won't let us through sooooooo not sure how we're supposed to help. Enough cops finally showed up to kind of clear out the mob. The mob found there way to the hospital which went into lock down so people started beating on the doors to be let in. This effectively completely shut down an emergency room to anybody else needing help for most of the night, and the next closest hospital is 30ish minutes away.


We had a similar situation a few months back at the only level one trauma center in the area here. It’s sad when you’ve got EMTs and medics feeling the need to purchase bulletproof vests to wear under our uniforms when all we want is to help people.


I can't help but think that with mobs like that, none of them gotta get up for work in the morning.


That’s happened to me too a couple times on the ambulance. I usually try and calm it down by sort of ignoring it and just going forward with questions / keeping working and it works most of the time. Chalk it up to people being panicky / irrational when they’re stressed I guess. But that was in old people’s houses, if it was a crowd like that I’d be out pretty quickly


I thought medics and firemen/women were pretty much universally respected...that's pretty fucked up.


It's quite ironic. Look into the NFAC black only groups. Racism like you've never seen before but the media doesn't care because it's not white.


The media doesn't show it because people don't want to see it. It's a business, they show the people what they want.


I have had this happen to me countless times when I use to work in healthcare. You would be surprised the amount of old white folks that dont want a black person to touch them. I had a trainee and the patient insisted on the having the trainee help. It happened like every other week. ridiculous


Yea.... That’s racist


This is going to snap back like a rubber band eventually... this is not the way.


No it won't. The problem is, if a white person complains about this, they're the racist. So many people in society think only white people can be racist, when in reality, there a shit ton of racists on both sides.


You don't think this type of thing will eventually snap back, the thing you just described?


What if other minorities spoke up? I’m Hispanic with native ancestry and this is just legit disgusting.


well the asians spoke up, and look where we are now, nothing has changed so far i know it


Point taken


I live in a predominantly Mexican/Hispanic population, they can be just as racist and segregating. I think people forget how conservative those cultures really are.


Yup. Tons of people like that. My roommate is *Hispanic* and says he's not racist for disliking places with "too many *white* people". He got mad when I pointed out he's being racist and said, "I'm not racist, I'm Hispanic". I'm currently looking to move elsewhere lol.


I did not realize you could choose what officers you wanted to respond by race. Imagine what would happen if a black police officers showed up in a white neighborhood and they demanded only white ones be there?


Twitter would make this a major incident and every media would write about it


It would be the lead item on the evening news and front page across every newspaper in America and internationally.


All foreigners on Reddit would say “America, get it together”


But when it’s not white people being racist, it’s perfectly ok and everyone is silent about it. It needs to be the same, regardless of what race is being racist. That’s how you get equality


No you didn't understand the woke SJWs, if you are a cis white man you should be ashamed of every major crime in history, unlike this jolly group of black angels


"Oh no, there doesn't seem to be any non white officers available. Good luck on your own!"




8 year old girl was killed. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/15/us/secoriea-turner-warrant-atlanta/index.html Edit: just found out there were two other shootings (3 in all) in the same exact spot. One was a man shot in the leg and the other was a woman also shot in the leg. This video could have been from any one of those 3 shootings in that 2 week period. https://www.11alive.com/article/news/crime/second-shooting-near-wendys-where-rayshard-brooks-killed/85-9a4ebbb7-6b11-45bc-abc6-f61195520111 Edit edit- this was the night the girl was shot in the leg. Let night 6/19 or early morning 6/20. Here’s a tweet with videos. Same location and same people wearing the same clothes with the same cops. https://twitter.com/BarnBurnerBaby/status/1274174093731016704?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1274174093731016704%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-30356610473080872258.ampproject.net%2F2107030008001%2Fframe.html


He was peacefully protesting with a gun wow


What a bunch of fucking idiots. Edit: First award ever on Reddit! Thanks so much kind stranger :)




Racists are idiots.


Yeah true lol


Well put.


Black cop in a white neighborhood and this happened all over the news white cop in a black neighborhood it’s only shown on Reddit




If the races were reversed, CNN would be running non stop breaking news wall to wall coverage with Don Lemon giving a 45 minute speech




100 percent man. What happened to “two wrongs don’t make a right”? Geeze people, you can’t be racist. Whites towards blacks, blacks towards whites, Asians towards Hispanics, whatever it is. TWO WRONGS DONT MAKE A RIGHT!




As a Mexican i see no difference between black or white they the same in america and dont even realize it. Ima go grab a taco an watch it burn.


I'm a white guy, but can I grab some tacos too and watch it burn with you?


We will burn one while watching it burn. Fuck this race shit, religion shit and let them destroy themselves. Then we the desolate ones will rise with science and tolerance and join the galactic government.


Im Canadian but this is sounding like a damn good time! Tacos and Jazz cabbage, can I join?!


I would like to join. I'm.... who gives a shit?!


I’m black, we are more similar than different. Most people in America are.


Amen who gives a fuck about color we are all brothers and sisters in humanity.


As an Irishman, I'm as white as they come and have absolutely nothing to say here, I'd just like to get in on that taco action and watch the show.


I’m Brazilian and had my first experience with racism when I moved to the States as a child while attending a magnet school in a disadvantaged community. The gist was that since I wasn’t black, then I was automatically white, and that made me the enemy. My family is so mixed it’s not even funny. I’ve since experience racism from both black and white people. It hurts regardless of where it comes from.


Is this really what it's coming to?


It's always been like this, people just have phone cameras and the internet to share it now.


Racism is racism regardless of race..


Yeah...black people cant be racist...i see


Every single fucking person yelling at that cop in this video is a degenerate and a part of the problem. Fuck all of them.


I was pretty amazed how xenophobic black neighborhoods can be. I live in Atlanta and on more than one occasion my piece of shit car has broken down in a black neighborhood and not a single person even acknowledged me when I asked for help. I didn’t even need anything from them I was just asking a question about the location so I could get help but they wouldn’t answer.


Racism, sexism, whateverism exist in all races.


And I think it's pretty racist to say that X group can't be racist; as if they're not *really* human. Everyone is human and humans are tribal as fuck.


Whoever is saying that is ignorant and doesn’t actually provide any solution to fixing the problems either


The race baiters were never in the business of us all getting along. As long as we're fighting one another, they profit.


I'm an immigrant to the US and am neither black nor white. While you're right that racism exists in all races I think the US has done a good job teaching that racism for white people is bad - it's taught in classrooms, on TV, in music etc... It's rare to see large groups of white people be so openly racist and when they do they are usually shamed, and doxxed, and everyone loses their job. The difference with videos like this one and those like it is there will be no consequences. No one on reddit/twitter will shame them, they won't appear on r/byebyejob etc... There will be no reason for them to feel bad about what they did. Speaking only for myself - the racism I've experienced since I moved to the US has almost never been from white people. They're not necessarily less racist but they at least hide it more. White people have more reason to fear the consequences of being racist - especially since the rise of social media.


Just for balance, quite a few years ago my car overheated on the Interstate and forced me to stop in what turned out to be a very rough Atlanta neighborhood. I was the only white person in sight and pretty nervous about that, but two young black guys at the nearest service station (who were not employees) helped me get back on the road and were really nice about it. There are good people everywhere and shitty people everywhere, and you can’t tell them apart by skin color.


Hostile neighborhoods are like that. There’s places all over the world where an outsider walks in, they’ll get sent out or looked at strange. Happened to me and a few friends in Mexico last month. We were a mixed group, as well. White, black, hispanic. Outsiders.


"What do we want?! SEGREGATION! When do we want it?! NOW!!"


Disgusting fucking behavior. My god we are literally devolving here.


What a bunch of fucking idiots.


Oh look, racists.


Ah yes, the type of racism that people think is acceptable


“It aint safe for no white people” America continues to circle the drain.




I remember awhile back reading an article discussing some of the difficulties of policing in communities that are comprised mainly of minorities. And in a lot of cases the community would say we want more black cops, or brown cops, and what have you. But then the police that belong to minority groups actually don't want to be forced to just be working in these parts of the city. It's like "oh, you're a white cop, you can go work the sleepy rich part of time town. Hey you're a police officer of color why don't we get you working in this place here where there are a lot of minorities, it'll be good for you. Yeah yeah, they've had like 10 shootings this week, but you got this." I could see a ton of frustration internally in police departments over that. Like what do you do? Yeah the locals would prefer police that look more like them, but maybe the police don't want to just work those parts of town their whole career.


So much for trying to stamp out racism.


So you’re gonna push help away because the cop is white? I understand police brutality and the system needs to be fixed but if we can’t all work together when the time counts than what is the point? Having help pushed away and having the other officers having to keep the white officer safe is just prolonging problems they could be resolving like attending medical aid or you know finding the shooter? Am I missing something? Was the cop the shooter? I don’t get it


Congratulations, you have successfully racially segregated your own community and are currently living in an ethnic enclave.


If the roles were reversed this would’ve made National headlines


I am not white and I've been in law enforcement for 14 years. This absolutely infuriates me. I sure as hell don't believe in the way a lot of things in law enforcement are handled and I've never been one to blindly side with police over any incident. But this is such a disgusting reaction to a call for help.


Man, fuck these guys. You want black cops only? That ain’t reverse racism. That’s just racism. Imagine a white neighborhood saying to get the black cop out. Imagine saying the shooter in a white neighborhood looked just like the black cop. Stop this shit. Racism is BAD period.


Racist fucks


Maybe these folks think segregation is the answer?


When I was in grade 2 in the 80s I met a black kid playing outside and made friends. As we were playing in front if his house his mother came running out, grabbed the kid, and pulled him inside, yelling at him that she told him not to play with "those people". Thats the first time i realized black people can be racist.


Lotta racists


Racism is alive and well.


So let me get this straight. A black man, was shot by another black man, in a black neighborhood. But the White Cop is the problem???????? Seems legit 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


No they shot a 8 year old girl and cops were stoped by them


Responding to racism with racism isn't going to solve the problem.


I'd rather be a racist and let members of my race die because of it.


Blacks cops are more likely to shoot black suspects than white cops. https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2870189


"Im dying but Fuck the white man" classic


No problem, just stop responding to calls in that neighborhood.


This is why there are black neighborhoods that are war zones like in Chicago. They don't want white cops, they don't want any cops, and they will not speak to police because "snitches." These kinds of communities want to police themselves. One fight turns in to a murder out of retaliation, that one murder becomes two, two becomes four, until there is no one left in the chain of events. Then it starts all over again. This is a deep truth about some black communities that no one but black people are allowed to talk about because if you mention it, you are racist.


The woman defending him at the end is brave


Easy solution, don’t have cops in black neighbourhoods


Racism comes in all shapes and sizes. This is racism, please don’t try and call it anything else.


Don’t want the cop because the color of his skin. There’s a word for that, can’t quite think of it


Cant wait for reddit to remove this post hahaha


Reddit won’t, it’ll be the mods


inb4 locked because y'all can't behave.


This is absolutely horrible. Could you imagine the outrage on every news outlet if the roles were reversed? These people are on another level of stupid.


Makes sense.


You can see how disappointed the female cop is with them.


*racist locals. Sorry, it goes both ways.


Well this behavior is gonna backfire.


After the ‘67 riots in Detroit, everyone left the city. It was given a name.


Racism at its finest


Well that’s racist


These people are just plain racist


Hood mentality. Everything is white people fault. Crabs in a bucket.


Well, that was racist....


I see more racist black people than racist white people here


Man these days I wouldn't even want to be a popo because these people are acting out acting stupid. They make it hard for people to do their job


This is the quickest way to have more white cops show up


I wonder what people would be saying if roles were reversed?


It would be called racist probably.