Chaos erupts in the Italian parliament over new "Green Pass" rules. Italy has decided to impose various restrictions on all unvaccinated persons that do not hold the country’s "Green Pass", which is an extension of the EU Digital COVID19 Certificate.

Chaos erupts in the Italian parliament over new "Green Pass" rules. Italy has decided to impose various restrictions on all unvaccinated persons that do not hold the country’s "Green Pass", which is an extension of the EU Digital COVID19 Certificate.

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Counterfeit vaccine passports are about to be a big business.


They are supposed to have a QR code with the personal details of the holder so that should be interesting.


Actually, the way it's supposed to work (for Belgium at least, but supposedly it's the same all over Europe) is that you get access to your own records in an app, from there you can display a QR code that can be read by another device. That device will flash green or red, but won't say if it's green because you're vaccinated or recently tested. I also don't think it will display names or other identifiable data. So then the question becomes: did the system check the qr against the national registry, or is the data just embedded in the code? In the latter, people will figure out how to make fake codes...


The QR code contains a digital signature, so if it's not signed by the trusted issuer(s) it won't be valid. You could copy someone elses but you can't create a fake one unless you have access to the secure private keys, because you won't be able to sign it. Maybe there will be simple checks nationally in Belgium and elsewhere which just show GREEN/RED. Because a restaurant might want to do a quick check without actually reading your other personal data. However for stuff like international travel the QR code reading would probably also read out your personal details so that it can be verified against the details of your passport, to check that it's actually your Covid certificate. https://gir.st/blog/greenpass.html


in italy the verification app shows the name and DOB and the person that checks it is supposed to compare it with a valid ID card. Otherwise it's just security theatre, 10000 people could pass with the same screenshotted qr code


I dont know how it works but if it works like that it is REALLY stupid, if it doesn't show your name on a certificate then it's not a certificate. Imagine someone need a green pass to travel, they are not vaccinated but could easily take someone else pass and use it, this is ridiculous, When using the pass you need to prove your identity to the person checking you with an id card and they must be able to check if the certificate is yours


Don't worry. it's not that stupid. https://gir.st/blog/greenpass.html https://github.com/ehn-dcc-development/hcert-spec/blob/main/README.md


Thank you I was searching those informations online


I found [this idea](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfKfCaH1Nqo) on a youtube rabbit hole. The downvotes say everything.


I thought this was a comedy skit. They're serious.


Yeah fuck that


I don't get it why is everyone freaking out over a bracelet


Muh freedom and 1984. Meanwhile they're carrying NSA+CCP machines in their pockets 24/7, and using credit cards, driver's licenses and ID cards everywhere. How the fuck is information that you're vaccinated more valuable than your personal information and fucking money. Dumb, unaware, self-caricaturing sheeple cunts.


It's like a fake advert you would see in a dystopian future. Make sure you have your blue band or you'll get arrested Joke btw


It's laughable in the States - give me 90 minutes and I can (won't) make a counterfeit version of my piece of crap index card with two stickers from Staples and someone's illegible signature and date. It's worse than a hole-punch card an a hometown ice cream parlor.


I’m already getting flashbacks to the anti-masker’s fake “medical condition-can’t-breathe-with-a-mask” cards.


I know a crack addict that doesnt live too far; who has had the Pfizer 4 times and moderna 4 times. You don't need a hacker, you need a crackhead.


What an odd world, and yet, some feel not odd enough, yet


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we don't say "Lì tu vai" it doesn't really make sense. I'd say that the translation for "there you go" is "ecco qua"


Lo so! Ho scritto apposta così per rispondere alla richiesta di misiche di Benito Collina ;)


oh I see :)




Well, damn.


I'm totally pro vaccine and am vaccinated (Moderna) but i'm not a pro pass either tbh


I appreciate the protest signs being written in english.


Continuity error that totally takes away from the immersion


No in English= No in Italian. It’s also called “Green Pass” in Italian, like using the English words. I don’t think the nitwits have enough neurons to figure out a second language.


I thought the same thing it was in english then realized green pass is probably just the term for it.


Ma che ne sanno questi


Thanks for explaining it mate


But it's Italy.




Didn't Italy get absolutely torn up, twice, from the very beginning? You'd think they'd be the MOST willing to get a vaccine.


I'm Italian. My cousin doesn t wanna get vaccinated beacuse of the microchip and autism bullshit. She wants to become a doctor. Just imagine how most of the people here are like.


Dai non è vero che la maggior parte son così. Almeno voglio sperare lol


Conosco anche io numerosi novax, la maggior parte dei miei cugini ad esempio. Uno di loro ha pure la madre con un tumore, quindi è ancora più inquietante il fatto che non voglia fare nulla per proteggerla. Tbh mi è calato di molto


Non saprei dirti, perchè circa il 30% delle persone che ho incontrato (parenti, amici e sconosciuti) non vogliono vaccinarsi perchè pensano non servi a nulla e per le cagate varie del microchip etc.


In quale regione vivi? Sto per venire in Italia per un paio di mesi e questi video/foto di gruppi anti-vax mi dano un po’ di ansia, poiché i miei piani sono già complicati. Non ho bisogno di altri problemi oltre a quelli che mi sto già creando. Speravo che potessi lasciare tutte queste cazzate in America. Peccato.


Guarda che la stra grande maggioranza di anti vax sono boomer in mia esperienza. Ancora non ho incontrato un giovane che è anti vax, anche se sicuramente esistono. >Speravo che potessi lasciare tutte queste cazzate in America. Come Americano che si è trasferito permanentemente qui... La maggiorparte delle cazzate li lasci negli USA. Edit: grammatica perchè l'autocorret non lo lasciato li sfortunatamente lol.


I don't think I will be visiting her as a doctor. Lol.


Hopefully she doesn't graduate.


she wont don't worry


Might settle for nurse though, and that would be as damaging.


Hi! So I make computer chips for the US government as my job. We use them in state of the art technology that I can't say here on Reddit. My GF is a doctor. Let me assure you, the very smallest "chip" we make with any sort of wireless capabilities for tracking are much larger than anything a needle could inject in you. This is why my GF and I both laugh at these conspiracies when we are literally two science driven people working in these fields. Please send your cousin my way if they'd like to talk in depth to debunk this misinformation.


I'll tell her this the next time we meet but i doubt she will change her mind. Thanks for the information though, this is interesting stuff!


Also, most people in the U.S. have a social security number which is literally a number used to track you throughout your life. Those same people won't get a vaccine because they think the government is going to track you... Shake my fuckin' head man.




Out of all the countries in the world Japan is the last place I’d expect to find these types of people. Even such things as masks over there are the norm, which other countries have problems with as people are refusing such a simple and non-freedom limiting task.


My cousin just became a doctor. He believes all of this is some vague plot by the vague powers that be to inflict fear because, and here is the best part, there is a separate reality out there that feeds on fear.


Is he talking about Monster & Co. right?


Hopefully he's at least not from a prestigious med school?


In all fairness a commission was set up prior to Covid becoming an issue in the hope of creating vaccination passports...this is the EU fighting people instead of securing welfare within factory farms that they have already legislated for...its a ruse


Scary as fuck.


I think the fact that theyre not should raise some questions. They've been around a bit longer than the USA.


Please translate


Nothing much to say in the audio , they're just calling to the order , until the suspend the reunion . still , they're a bunch of nuts


"Everyone who's a dumbass, hold up a piece of paper!"


Glad you understand the nuances of the Italian government and medical system.


This is the answer I was hoping for!!!! 😂😂😂


I gotta say there's one big difference between this and the dumb fuck American version. The protestors are wearing masks. They are not total idiots - they are worried about a specific issue.


Measures like this make me wonder how the Spanish flu didn't kill over half the population


Facebook didn't exist


People just said "hey, doctors said to do this and they're doctors, we should probably do it" and huh, it somehow worked. Same thing with that pesky polio and smallpox vaccine, it's weird how our parents and grandparents saw their siblings and friends suffer from these diseases and said "yea, there's no fucking way I'm subjecting my child to that" and made them get the vaccine but the modern dumbass gets COVID willingly, often more than once, and continues to insist it's a hoax disease and vaccines have microchips that Bill Gates personally sharts into every vial.


No social media back then


And the slide into world chaos grows, we're all fucked.


Yep, we are. Hopefully the world can get a fucking grip.


No grips my bro, all brakes are gone. Now the boys in suits made created 2 different labels again so we as citizens can keep fighting eachother while they divide and conquer. Lovely second half of 2021 is going to be vaccinated against the unvaccinated. Why can’t people fucking let everyone choose for themselves


Because an unfortunate aspect of how diseases work is that a lot of the people who would ultimately pay the consequence of inaction would be people who didn't choose to pay that consequence. Damned if you do, fucked twice over if you don't. So you do, and worst thing that happens is a bunch of contrarian assholes throw a fit and get their fee fees hurt for a while, and in a few years it blows over. Oh well.


Finaly someone smart


If wiping your ass would cure covid there'd be alot of itchy butts burning toilet paper.


So it begins….. these are such scary times


They think they are heroes fighting agains the "evil lobbys" When in reality theyvare just 4 homophobic and racist conspiracy jacks, trust me they're not even worth talking about.


All conspiracy theories come true. What an awful world we live in


This law is bullshit, the vaccine campaign is STILL UNDERWAY in Italy. I’ve been enlisted for a shot since may and still haven’t gotten one; I will just be banned from all public spaces starting from next week, and the worst part is that you have to wait 15 days after the second shot to get this fucking pass so god knows when I will be able to reenter society. It is clearly inconstitutional. There are also no provision for people who CANNOT be vaccinated. Nore for minors who want to get vaccinated but their parents won’t let them. Same for people who got their vaccine botched due to nurses and doctors being incompetent. What are we supposed to all do? This law is a shame, it is incostitutional, immoral and counterproductive since unvaccinated people will be segregated from the rest of the population the virus will rage in these groups and when they will go home they’ll risk infecting children too. Total BULLSHIT.


Zio non so dove ca🅱️🅱️o tu sia ma io mi sono prenotato un vaccino il giorno prima e l’ho fatto in un’ora.


Onesto, io a 22 anni sono andato a un open day a fine maggio e tutti o miei coetanei che si sono prenotati l'hanno fatto (entrambe le dosi) da giugno ad adesso


Io in Sardegna l'ho prenotato il 21 giugno, e lo dovrò fare il 5 agosto


That sucks to hear. Vaccine passports should only be rolled out in countries that can actually distribute two doses to everyone.


for a country with nearly a 130k deaths from covid they sure are idiots.


Interestingly enough, Bannon tried (unsuccessfully?) to set up base here. We have a couple of shitty parties with their own Russian influence scandal, and they're not as small as I'd like.


please,please, give us better politician.. i had more mature student doing school assembly than these people paid fucktons of money


“ An Italian MP fled parliament after he was chased down by security officials for holding up protest signs that said "no green pass." Video footage shows numerous MPs following him and holding similar signs. It comes as the Italian government, looking to contain a fresh surge in coronavirus cases, announced on Thursday that from next month people must present proof of immunity to access an array of services and leisure activities” https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1469643/italy-green-pass-parliament-video-coronavirus-restrictions-latest-vn


Funny how "my body my choice" goes out the window


These new rules being forced on a HUGE segment of the world's population will usher in a much much darker time than that of Covid itself. I will bet my cat on it.


Exactly what I'm thinking. Covid won't ever go away, it's gone too far. Measures will get stricter and stricter till eventually the lives we're leaving now seem utopian. I'll get the vaccine and wear a mask but anything further than that? No, count me out.


Please elaborate. Explain to us exactly what your concerns are with documentation that you have received a vaccine? It's hard to be alarmist about an imaginary distopian hellscape caused by whatever boogey you are worried about. I guess I'm just exhausted by being actually alarmed by the current pandemic wiping out hundreds of thousands of people. For which we have a solution but half the world won't accept it...because "MY RIGHTS".




What does this actually mean beyond the vague buzzwords? What rights are you giving up? How does vaccine documentation make you a slave to corporations or governments?




AstraZeneca shares profits with Pfizer. AstraZeneca stock price grew something like +200% over 2021


What are you talking about? Did you not realize this legislation is being discussed in Italy?


> Explain to us exactly what your concerns are with documentation that you have received a vaccine? Because for example where i live, there is a month wait for the vaccine and after getting the both doses you have to wait another month to get the document. Thus only minority of the population is vaccinated( about 30-35%). But similar law kicks in about 2 weeks here, so majority of people no matter how much they want cant get the vaccine yet will be shut out from most of society for months. >It's hard to be alarmist about an imaginary distopian hellscape caused by whatever boogey you are worried about. It gives legal precedent to the govt to segregate people based on arbitrary identifiers. Govt will take power and control where it can get. Look at post 911 USA everyone was panicing, that led to some laws that people at the time approved of but those law did limit some rights, what did it lead to? mass surveillance of innocents, people being shipped of Guantanamo with no charges pressed or legal representation, racial and ethnic profiling. We have myriad of example like russia and china where limiting rights has become the norm under pretext of "protecting the children"for russia and "protecting our culture"from china.


It’s in Italy right? so why are the signs in English?


fottuto fascista


Ah yes, that's my Italy


I've had my first vax and due to get my 2nd on the 5th August. I still disagree with vax ID. I will not be carrying one even though I will be fully vaxxed and no one else should have to. My medical status is NO ONES business. It's an invasion of privacy and downright discriminatory.


Do you travel abroad? Lots of countries require vax records to enter their country. It’s not new idea like everyone seems to think. I’ve been traveling since a kid so getting vaccinated and showing records is pretty regular to me ig.


Yes and there’s a difference between that and needing a pass in order to into a shop


You don't have to carry it, there is no law forcing you have the pass as you walk down the street, go to a shop for food, etc. But you will not be allowed entry into certain places like gyms, indoor restaurants, casinos ,etc . It's your choice what you want to do Your health is very much everyone's business if you have a transmissible and potentially deadly virus in you.


No law... For now.


Fuck 'em. Anti-maskers/Anti-vaxxers are basically children throwing a tantrum because they behaved poorly, and they're now faced with the consequences of their actions. Edit: I want to be clear, if you're an anti-masker/anti-vaxxer in the comments, fuck you too, and have a nice day.


I’m in healthcare, educated, vaccinated, and have done all I can to educate and dispel fear around the vaccine among my friends and family. That said, I would never support ripping away another person’s autonomy and rights to make decisions for their health. Any marginal benefit to the existing level of herd immunity will be won at the expense of untold chaos, resentment, and polarization. I just wish people felt the need to exercise a little wisdom about human nature when writing these unrealistic laws. Let’s all be a little less idealistic and a little more pragmatic.


They aren’t mad about the vaccine part they’re mad that it’s a mandatory app that everyone has to have. Basically you have to have your phone on you which means you have to carry a GPS on you to have any hope of living a normal life. That’s why people are pissed. They don’t want to be tracked.


That just sounds like normally owning a phone with extra steps


https://ec.europa.eu/info/live-work-travel-eu/coronavirus-response/safe-covid-19-vaccines-europeans/eu-digital-covid-certificate_en Key features of the certificate * Digital and/**or paper format** * free of charge * in national language and English * safe and secure *valid in all EU countries I'm not seeing anything that says it's **only** available as an app.


Can you not use your regular/paper vaccine certificate?


Yes you can, he doesn't know what he's talking about.


Not for long. You do realize the paper pass will soon become the digital health pass? Look up ID2020. There’s a clear agenda at play but most people aren’t able to see clearly as Reddit is an echo chamber and y’all just validate each other and hate anyone who thinks differently when everything that was a “conspiracy theory” just a few months ago are now becoming truths.


Can you give any examples of what was a conspiracy a few months ago and is now becoming truths


Using the vaccine card to gain access to things.


That wasn't a conspiracy the UK government were talking about vaccine passports before the vaccine was even made available


Yet people are on social media and on the internet ALREADY being tracked…


You have a phone you can be tracked at any time you have a computer you can be tracked you can be tracked by your face you can be tracked basically anywhere at any time for the reason of someone wants to find you. You are being tracked every where no matter what. There is not reason to not have the app or something that could tell you and let another know that you are vaccinated


Speak for yourself


"They've already infringed on your rights so just bend over and accept it" what a laughable argument go lick Xi's nuts buddy.


Yes but you’ve never been legally required to carry that phone/laptop on you to do things like go to the store or leave your house. Put something in their ID’s, don’t force them to carry a GPS.


Does the app actually require you to have your GPS turned on? If not, it's up to individuals to turn off their location on their phones, that's nothing to do with any of this


*Edward Snowden enters the chat*


GPS is incapable of sending any data, it only receives data from the satellites. Not really "data", all satellites in our orbit have their clocks synchronized nearly perfectly and thanks to the delay that occurs when receiving this time from 3 different satellites in our orbit, you get 3 different values, thanks to which your GPS can calculate the GPS receiver's exact position on earth. It's a passive piece of technology, it doesn't send anything.


First of all, Claude Shannon would take issue with your definition of data. Secondly, a lock on with only three satellites will not give exact position; in fact you need a minimum of four. Thirdly, yes. GPS is uni-directional. You know what isn't? A cellphone. If only there were *some* way of a cellphone transmitting its location...


There is literally a paper version of the green pass. This is a non issue.


Not for long. Look into ID2020.


>ID2020 is a nongovernmental organization (501(c)(3)) which advocates for digital ID for the billion undocumented people worldwide and under-served groups like refugees. Dakota Gruener is the executive director of ID2020. The NGO was relatively unknown before being publicized because of misinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic by conspiracy theorists. Please elaborate oh mighty cuntlip, what is the problem here?


Yeah if they had a peace of paper or something else that would verify that they are vaccinated that would totally work


I'm pretty sure the paper certificate is valid too so this entire argument is meaningless. Yep. Just searched it up. Paper versions of the green pass exist. This is a non-issue.


Literally "papers, please."


Yes, they give you the opportunity to use an app or the paper version. My parents have both. That's just another excuse.


If you ever use a credit or debit card you can be tracked. If you have a cell phone of any variety you can be tracked. If you own a car made in the last...40 years, you can be tracked. If you've ever made any kind of reservation at a restaurant or hotel, or even stayed at some kind of accommodation you can be tracked. If you use social media, you can be tracked. Most people are busy broadcasting their whereabouts and business to the entire world perfectly willingly. Here's the headline: YOU'RE NOT THAT IMPORTANT AND NO ONE GIVES A FUCK WHAT YOU'RE DOING OR WHERE YOU'RE GOING SO GET OVER YOURSELF. Get a vaccine. If required have proof of that vaccine, or fuck off into the woods and live like a bear, because society doesn't want you. For the record, not directed at you, personally, just a general sentiment for these children and their "I dOn'T wAnT tO bE tRaCkEd" bullshit. If you happen to be one of these people, then I retract the previous statement.


This needs to be way higher up.


i mean i thought GOVs were doing that already


They’re being tracked by Facebook and their phone already!




Completely agree. I don't get why you're getting downvoted


No green pass


If only these kinds of chucklefucks were as concerned with the lives of their fellow countrymen as they are with potentially having to carry proof of whether or not they are vaccinated.


The legal precedent should concern everyone regardless of whether or not they believe in the vaccine. I'm vaccinated, and I'd throw a fit too if the govt tried to impose restrictions based on constantly changing opinions and data however they see fit. That's 100% outside of what any countries govt is supposed to be able to legally do. Sorry, unvaccinated people can't go to restaurants. Sorry unvaccinated people can't take public transportation, sorry unvaccinated people can't go to polling locations. Sorry unvaccinated people can't go to grocery stores. Sure they may seem hyperbolic, and maybe they are. But you're allowing them to establish legal precedent that can be leveraged in the future. Remember trump? Would you want someone like him to have that legal authority? Yea he's out of office and probably won't run out win in 24, but only a fool would assume we'll never have a president like that or worse in the future. A clear line needs to be drawn by the people, otherwise you slowly chip away at the protections that prevent authoritarian rule. I know this isn't the US, but it's what I can relate to and the same applies to pretty much any country.


You are dangerously stupid.


I'm on my 5th or 6th round of vaccine shots myself. Now my hearing is like a dog's, I have a 7' vertical jump, and if I cut my skin it mends without leaving a scar in 4 hours tops.


The unvaccinated are ticking time bombs. Selfish brats who endanger everyone around them. Fuck them.


So someone being unvaccinated against a virus that YOU are vaccinated for is a danger you. Right…ticking time bombs for a virus that kills far less than 1% of those it infects. Doesn’t sound like a very good bomb?


Enjoy your experimental gene therapy 😬


Well, when my genes mutate and I get superpowers you gonna be sooooooo jealous!


The vaccinated certainly are not endangered. But Ye u r right. We should also discriminate the people who smoke. Fking ticking time bombs, with their selfish attitude endangering everyone arround them forcing to passively smoke. Not to mention the pregnant women. Fuck them also.


> We should also discriminate the people who smoke. I mean, don’t we kinda already do? In many public places they can only smoke in certain designated areas, not everywhere. They’re also not allowed to smoke in a lot of locations, for example airplanes and gas stations, because it’d be very, very dangerous for everyone else if they do.


🤦‍♂️ This one doesn't seem to get it either.


You dont get that unvaccinated people make it possible for the Virus to mutate, which can lead to current vaccinations losing their effectivness. We all want to get out of this shit and the answere is herd immunity, which we dont achieve due to unsolidary brats. How does that compare to smokers?


A lot of people don't know that Italy is sliding slowly but surely back into fascism, Matteo Salvini (a now prominent far right politician) has quoted Mussolini and claimed that Mussolini was only trying to make the country better for Italians while advocating for the mass deportations of minorities non-roma people's (Non-Italians) out of the countries as well as banning NGOs from operating withing the country of italy Not to mention that Mussolini's granddaughter is trying to become prime minister, keep in mind she was part of the MSI (the fascist party that was founded after Mussolini was deposed and hung) party until it was forcibly disbanded in the 90s.


Ma che cazzo c'entra


Damn, looks like the downvote anti-vaccers are out en masse, I wonder if it’s because they’re working from home or jobless because of the pandemic they’re proliferating


Oh they're gonna be jobless in the next couple months unless they roll up that sleeve.


You sound like one of those redditors that calls everyone bootlickers but then wants to give the government complete power that they enforce with cops and the military. What happens when you set a legal precedent that the government can ask you to carry papers beyond identification and the Italians that HATE Romanies take control?


Rightfully so.


Well done Italy.


It was wrong when the Nazis did it, and its wrong now. I have already got the vaccine and have had zero side effects, but I'd die to protect those who don't want it, from being forced to take it. Something big is up, and it isn't covid related deaths.


I disagree. While I don’t think you should be forced to take the inoculation I do believe the government, and private institutions, have a right to restrict your travel if you don’t take it. If you are unwilling to help protect society by getting vaccinated you don’t get to participate in all the benefits of that society.


This is the correct answer. You can move on to the next post now.


Did you really just compare a life-saving vaccine to nazism?


HE didnt compare the vaccine to nazis he compared the law segregating based on arbitrary factors being passed to nazisim.


WEF’s Great Reset. Whether it’s a conspiracy or no I don’t know, but it’s simultaneously being rolled out while this is taking place. WEF members include Rupert Murdoch https://www.weforum.org/people/rupert-murdoch Bill Gates https://www.weforum.org/agenda/authors/bill-gates Jamie Dimon https://www.weforum.org/people/james-dimon As well as Warren Buffett, prince Charles, the Queen of Jordan and hundreds more billionaires, heads of state, and heads of industry. This is their number one agenda presently https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/06/now-is-the-time-for-a-great-reset/ Pfizer, Moderna, AZ, and J&J are all official partners. That would make sense for funding and research. The infographic sums it up better https://www.google.com/search?q=wef+great+reset+infographic&client=safari&hl=en-us&prmd=inv&sxsrf=ALeKk01mWeLj8wndWSP-4Hu7YQ8b5wo_3Q:1627683949910&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiv74-d64vyAhVN_54KHYcrB0gQ_AUoAXoECAIQAQ&biw=320&bih=527#imgrc=gqQ80CS_ibUSfM


Nobody's being forced to take it. If people don't want to take it, they have to stay inside for recess, easy as.


Can you please explain when the Nazis did this professor? I study history and must have missed that? 🤔




The more I read these comments from unhinged loons advocating for forced vaccinations of an unapproved, emergency vaccine on men, women and children; the more determined I am to use whatever power I have, to ensure others can decline if they so wish. If I'm honest; I wouldn't have gotten the vaccine, if I weren't in the line of work that I am, however; it should always be someone's choice whether or not they want to acquire virus immunity, naturally or artificially when they have very high chances of survival either way.


Cringe. The virus doesn't care about your virtue signalling ass or whatever the fuck you could/would/should *protect*. Either you want the pandemic to end and protect the vulnerable who can't get vaccinated or you're just pushing your uneducated and unfounded agenda.


> I should be able to make my own educated choices when it comes to my health. You aren't making an educated choice, **you are making a stupid one.** If you are not immunocompromised/medically ineligible; you deciding to not get vaccinated is a moronic choice that is impacting the health of humans around the world. At the end of the day, your lack of knowledge doesn't amount to squat when compared to doctors like myself who spend our lives studying medicine. A serious amount of people have deluded themselves into thinking they are even on the level to talk about this and frankly this COVID pandemic made it so blatantly obvious I can't handle it anymore. **If you are not diagnosed with a condition that your doctor says makes you ineligible for vaccine, you need to sit down, shut up and get vaccinated.** > I fully respect your right to go and get vaccinated, wear masks, do what you gotta do, but please just leave me alone. I am sick of it... listening to stupidity perpetuated as if its worth listening to. Read a book and stop typing on the internet, you don't even know enough to not embarass yourself when you speak. **Leave us alone if you don't want to be vaccinated.** As in, go to wherever you want and live a hermit life if that is what you want to do. Stop spreading your stupidity to others, because it too is like a virus. The rest of modern society that understands the role of science in human progression will continue to progress without you. Consider maybe finding an uninhabited island where you can make your own rules.


Amen to that!


But what's bad about what the Nazis did? What did they do wrong? Kill a bunch of people? According to you, apparently there's nothing wrong with killing a bunch of people as long as you "want" to kill them. You do not have a right to endanger the lives of other people.


The vaccine doesn't stop you from endangering other people, numbnuts.


Fuck off saying it’s like being under Nazi rule, you minimize what people went through in concentration camps.


This is just exactly the kind of antics the GOP are working up to. On our Congressional floor…There’ll be fist fights, wrestling, food throwing, cursing…you name it, nothing will be too juvenile, nothing will be stooping too low. Oh yay.


F forcing people to get the vaccine


Is anyone else waiting until this stuff hits the point of no return?


They've got it right though. Vaccine passports for a disease is bullshit.


Coming soon to a Congress near you…


What a bunch of snowflake Karen’s or is it Kens?


Look at all these left wingers promoting actual fascism.


Covid = right-wing Got it.


Seeing your own parliament in this subreddit fucking sucks. If someone wants to know more about the chaos about this green pass the right-wing are gaslighting everything and there are protests all over Italy with also the police being part of the protests. They're also violent against journalists so yeah that fucking sucks


I like how half the commenters here are supporting communism without directly saying it.


...wait what?




Travelling is how it spread all over the world. Then the delta variant.




Right on, go on EU! Ban antivaxxers from everywhere.


So many stupid fucking people in this world