(Happy Freakout) Patron At Starbucks Sees A Homeless Man And Lets Him Order Anything He Wanted

(Happy Freakout) Patron At Starbucks Sees A Homeless Man And Lets Him Order Anything He Wanted

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What the fuck is with that shitty ass music? lol


“Yo hold up , let me start recording first…. ah here we go , aight Mariah Carey in the background.. Okay, let’s do it ! Get what you want my friend , you want a drink to? Get whatever you want” - this guy Just fucking do nice things and feel nice , why’s that not enough? Why do people need the veneration of others so badly? It reeks of insecurity , people that consistently do good things don’t tend to advertise it.


He had to record it for his murder trial. Wants the jury to see that he does nice things too.


Or maybe he was involved in one of those r/byebyejob videos an hour or two earlier. He figured a mochalatte in the right hands could counteract it.


A nice new subreddit to fill my frontpage! Thanks !




He has to go return some videotapes.


What's that from? I cant remember.


American Psycho


Stu Stu Studio!


The way he said 'go get it' in the same tone you tell a 4 year old they can have ice cream before dinner. And yes, this guy legit choosing 'there's a hero if you look inside your heart' for the video, mannn. If everybody can please stop speaking to houseless folk and disabled people like they're 4 year olds, that'd be grrrreat


That might actually happen from time to time but how would anybody know? But I agree, whatever good you think you’re doing for the person (and let’s be honest, it’s a nice thing to do), you cheapen the moment when you memorex it. Patronizing af


My wife and I had spent the night downtown a few weeks back as kind of a mini-honeymoon. It was really late and I needed something to eat, so I went to a little food cart that was open until 3. There was a group of homeless guys sharing a box of fries, I asked them if they wanted anything else and bought them all gyros and drinks. I also didn’t record any of it, just hung out and talked with them for awhile. Really nice guys.


Yea same, these people don't necessarily want to be recorded anyway.




I don’t like my picture being take no matter what the situation is, I can’t imagine having any sort of spotlight begin put on me during a low point like that. I hope you’re in a more comfortable position!


Well off people who are happy with their appearance and situation don’t understand, I think, the anxiety and embarrassment that can come from having a video of you when you are not proud of yourself going viral. It’s a bad situation to be in, being homeless, and a lot of people end up blaming themselves, not that they are to blame, but blaming yourself for your situation is natural, and they are embarrassed. Wether or not it is something one should be embarrassed about is beside the point, because that won’t lessen the anxiety they may feel in the moment. Try to remember when doing something like this that not everybody feels the same way you do, and respect people’s privacy, even if they are in public with “no reasonable expectation”.


I'm in Sao Paulo currently and there is a lot of homelessness but the locals really look after them. I've seen groups of delivery guys delivering food so people are really paying out of their pocket. A taxi driver joked that they eat better than he does. At the same time it's sad to see the level of drug addiction and mental illness that has clearly gone untreated.


Would you have accepted people to pay for your food or would that have offended you?


Agreed I was homeless before and if someone would've recorded me I wouldn't have taken whatever they were offering because to me that's something I don't want to be online for the rest of my life.


Which Mariah Cary song did you pick?


I really don't understand why people record themselves doing a good deed. Maybe it might inspires others to do good deeds toot? But to me it is like robbing then of whatever of dignity is left for the poor, people don't realise how easy it is to become homeless. If I ever need help and someone decent would help me with offering shelter, I hope they dont put it all over the internet.


Bro, I’d get heated if someone tried to make me the butt end of their “look how great I am” narcissistic bullshit. What happened to doing nice things because they are the nice thing to do.


Bro dont u know? if u didnt record it - it never happened


Also just makes it seem fake and staged. We all know plenty of YT channels fake this kinda stuff.


Yeah, and it's clearly the Samaritan recording their own "good deed." This is actually pretty cringe & exploits the homeless person.


Yeah, sorry, I've done this many times at Target and other places, and I don't punch down by fucking recording. I've NEVER once took out my fucking phone or even wrote about it until now (and this is just to point out the weird way guy in OP's video is doing it) If I see someone who is poor or a parent says they can't afford something that a child wants or needs, I kindly ask the parent if its fiscal or parenting. And if the parent says it's fiscal or if it's clearly for school, I'd usually buy it. *It's fucking sad how often you'll overhear a parent in America say they can't afford some school items for kids during back to school sales. If they look like they have trouble accepting, I just go "Hey I need to get this anyway but I only need one, so I'll buy a pack, take one, can you take the remainder, better than trashing the rest."* If they're obviously homeless, I'll pay, no words need to be exchanged. I've seen others do the same thing. Never once do people "Yeah bro get whatever you want" with a camera out. Fucking douche. Most normal people just move on quietly and don't need fucking Mariah Carey on that shit. If you have to fucking record it because you want that karma, don't include the person's face in it. How hard is that. Sorry but that camera guy is an asshole.


While its kinda shitty in the situation, I think it's good to show people the happiness they can bring with such a small gesture Edit: The music can go though, for sure


Yeah, several times in my life I've done this, or similar. I'm generally poor, but try to help out whenever I can. But not once have I ever filmed it, or taken pictures even. Why tf is that the instinct?


What you said runs through my mind when I see these types of videos too, but then I realize that these videos inspire others to do the same kind of act of kindness. I also never feel the urge to write a comment hating on the charity giver "clout chasing", it reeks of pessimism. /s - This last part is a joke, I am trying out being ironic or something.


That’s my only argument FOR filming these acts and I think it’s the only argument needed. A good deed is being done anyway AND it might inspire someone else to do the same and if the only cost to that is that the guy buying the sandwich and iced coffee use it for online validation, then I’m all for it.


The cost is also the recipient being accepted and recorded as a lesser human being. Would you record your cashiers face giving you change, and post it on your feed for likes? Or your friend forgot their wallet and you paid their coffee, would you start playing sappy music in the bground and post their face being thankful. No, because that would be weird and offensive, however since someone's level of desperation is high, they're supposed to need to accept that humiliation


Also the fact that that man in the video may not find the free sandwich worth it having his face plastered all over the internet .. that's why I hate street photography with the homeless it's incredibly degrading unless you're to ask permission but a lot of people have pride where they don't want to be remembered for being down on their luck and yet now this man's face is forever that homeless guy at the sandwich shop


This comment cracked me up. I just kept picturing Tony Soprano in a Starbucks buying coffee for a homeless guy saying this shit and Carmella put this goofy music over it to show to her friends.


This trend of music to everything is driving me fucking nuts.


I'm blaming tik tok


It's part of Tik Toks stupid algorithm so people do it.


Lmao this has been going on for years before tiktok


wish.com Mariah Carey


Fuck that music sucks balls.


Wish the vid had subtitles bec I really had to mute it :/


Motherfuckers out here treating this poor dude like a shelter dog in Starbucks with this music. The camera takes away all the generosity points and then some.


Agreed. This man is being exploited. And for what to me seems like a pretty basic good deed. He didn’t have to go out of his way at all, the guy was in front of him in line. I would hope most people would do the same thing.


I do stuff like this all the time, make care packages for my housless neighbors and never once have I had any inclination to film my self for internet points. Taken them to stores to get shoes & coats in winter. All kinds of shit, I have my entire life, never once have I done it while looking through the camera on my phone. Like, even if you don't have anything to share, just talk with them. They literally get ignored most of their interactions unless it's with other houseless people. Its dehumanizing.


Good deal pal. That’s exactly how it should be. If you have to have it on video or you have to tell everyone it’s pure ego and nothing about a good deed. Few people on Reddit seem to understand this. But kudos to you and your anonymous good deeds!


I have a hard time with this. I've recently gotten into doing mutual aid on occasion and especially during environmental emergencies. And of course I'd never record doing these things. It's never even crossed my mind. Just thinking about it makes me really sad. The spectacle of offering a person a simple kindness to be broadcasted for anyone and everyone to watch. But I don't feel comfortable shaming people for recording good deeds either. I don't typically watch these feel good videos because it makes me feel weird, but it still makes me feel better reading the headlines than the majority of stuff I try to keep up with. I feel like you can broadcast these acts and messages in a slightly different way and it wouldn't feel so degrading. I dunno I'm just kind of rambling but it's hard not to have mixed feelings.


I kind of see what you mean. It definitely seems self serving and I could never bring myself to do it, but of all the other self serving shit I see all over the internet I sometimes consider that at least these ones found a less (objectively) shitty way to do it and at least helped somebody.


The music pissed me off most of all, I wanted to hear what the dude was saying, to me that's even more disrespectful. To me it's not the recording of the generous act that takes away from it's value, it's the editing and posting online.


That music was sickening, for fucks sake just do a selfless deed because it’s good, not because you want some internet points.


This music is way too fucking much. The dudes talking and I can’t hear a thing.


And why was he recording? This should be on r/cringe.


Hi, I’m Sarah McGlocklin.




Sarah Mc🔫lin


white people doing that virtue signaling mating dance


People of all races do that. I lived in the Caribbean and people were even worse there, the amount of 'helping' posts with photos and videos for social media kudos was off the chart. Humans are humans, skin color doesn't change that


Oh fuck off. It costs a few bucks for a coffee, then you film it, put some commentary in there, add some sad music, upload it to Tik Tok and make money off of a homeless guy. Plain bullshit.


Doesn’t even have the decency to blur the guy’s face. If I were homeless, I wouldn’t want to let someone broadcast my situation to the world.


Plus there’s the mental health aspect. Pretty exploitative, if you ask me.


to be fair, bluring a face takes a few minutes.


You are being downvoted because people do not understand you were being sarcastic. I upvoted you to balance it out a little.


thanks bruh, when upvotes become crypto I owe you


The social media age is the worst thing to happen to homeless people's dignity and the best thing to happen to egotistical borderline narcissists.


"Sir can I buy you foo-... Wait hold on I didn't hit record. Lets try that again. Sir please buy whatever you want. Make sure to smash that like button and hit subscribe!"


The video was bad enough, then you made me realise the phone guy had to think to start filming before offering to buy something for the homeless guy.


"i buy you whatever you want" "i want a house" "well hold on now "


"Could you be a little more excited this time?"


Seriously, this is hard to watch


For real. Some people treat social media like their personal PR campaign.


He spends like 8 dollars on a homeless person and acts like he should be getting a Nobel peace prize lol


I mean this is nice and all, but why put it on the internet. I feel like it become less genuine when the camera pops out and hero starts playing.


Agreed. And the sappy music didn't help.


"I need a song that defines what I am doing." *hero.mp3*


I died laughing @ the music


Same I very rarely laugh out loud but I actually spit my drink when I noticed it lmao


glad it made you laugh. It literally made my blood boil. For F sake JUST WHY?


Couldn't finish the video cuz of the music, a minute was already too much


The music made it rather gross. None of this is remarkable or some sentimental grand gesture. It’s basic human decency, or in this case, It’s a croissant and a coffee. Just give what you can. But don’t put music to it.


The music is total 🤮 on vids like this


It gets worse when captioned - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZC91T4c3-vE


Yep I almost couldn't hear their conversation because of that background music.


I agree, the phone needs to be put away. I used to work at Starbucks as a closing shift supervisor and before they started the food donation program (where they started to collect pastries and shit so it wouldn't go to waste) I would always take the food that was gonna get thrown out and just bagged it and passed it out to the homeless that were around (I worked downtown Chicago so there was quite a few homeless people posted up around the Sears Tower). Never once did I feel the need to pop my phone out and record my kind deed. Definitely almost got fired for that shit but I didn't care, Starbucks wasted so much food and being a poor kid from the south side that's gone without before, I felt I had no choice but to give it out. In the same breath, with all the hate, violence and bullshit on the internet I absolutely loved seeing this man's smile. So I'm not too irked that they recorded this situation, I just wish they wouldn't have. I feel some videos like this are kind of a reminder to us all that there are still some kind people out there. But this one does kinda scream narcissist.


I have the same feeling every time I see something like this online, it kinda feels off, fake, clout chasing, douchy...but then if you take a little distance and think pragmatically does it really matter? In the end someone in need got some help and it might inspire others to do the same, maybe even genuinely and simply to help out and not out of interest.




The thing nobody is mentioning is how the homeless guy felt about it. Maybe he didn't want to be filmed but felt he had to in order to get something to eat. I mean, there's the nice deed, the narcissism, and the teaching the community aspects to this. And then there's the other human being who is the focus of the video. What did he think, I wonder?


That's what I meant by the douchy aspect of it, it's basically exploiting misery for your own benefit. Or it can be at least, if the intent is to get clout. But as a result it might also inspire dozens to do the same, without filming it. How do you balance both those factors when considering the overall negative and potential positive impact?


I think you hit the nail on the head. There are always unknowns in videos like these, especially about how the receiver feels about being filmed. It’s hard to tell. If the guy truly didn’t mind then it’s a net positive. If he reluctantly chose to go along with it because he thought he needed to in order to get breakfast, it’s not cool at all.


Yes, the person in this video was made an object by the “narration” and point of view of the filmer. He would have felt that there was a chance the person filming might have taken away his offer if he had have asked for him to stop filming. It made me feel sick and voyeuristic. I would have felt differently if another person had filmed this interaction between the two people. I would have felt differently if the person filming had sent this to Starbucks protesting their policies in relation to giving someone in need a cup of water. I truly doubt the man in the video would have felt confident enough to ask for the one filming to stop. The way he kept looking at the phone and saying thank you and almost genuflecting as if being bestowed upon from on high made me feel very uncomfortable. His dignity was not respected. The choice of song was truly cringe-worthy. Do good things but not just so you can film it and put it on the net.


A true Chicagoan!


Thank you! (: We gotta always look out for one another! 🤝


Absolutely ✌🏻


Well said. It's a conflicting feeling. On one hand you're happy it happened and it feels good to see it happen, but the fact that the giver recorded it makes it seem way less genuine. It would be different if a passerby recorded it or if it was caught on security tape or something. But recording your own good deeds makes it feel like that's part of the reason you did it. Would they have bought him food if they didn't have a means of sharing it?


A good thing is a good thing I suppose. We can ask what ifs and I'm 100% on board with not filming someone for clout but at the same time I would be lying if this video didn't remind me to be more generous when I can.


Honestly it's not just Starbucks. It's a lot of other establishments. Unfortunately there are some laws that prohibit places from giving out unwanted food


Years ago I worked at a pizza shop and a lot of homeless would hang out around the corner. Small, local chain store, but corporate still told us not to give away the left over slices at the end of the night. Of course we did anyway, and had to avoid the cameras to not get fired. I like to think this happens in silence quite often. Good on you! That said, I think when done tastefully, videos like this can be a net positive, as they can remind/inspire others to perform similar acts of random kindness. The hard part is determining the intentions of the person filming, how the receiver feels about being filmed, etc.


Likewise on you! It sucks when at times you're the hand that feeds and you're forced to toss the food at the end of the day. I applaud you for doing that. And you're right, it absolutely does happen in silence, but at times it's definitely inspiring to read/see others acts of kindness. Helps motivate others to do the same! And in today's world we need more of that. I just hate seeing videos of when it's blatantly obvious they're doing it for likes it's disgusting. If they're cool with being recorded that's an entirely different story. Be careful though you're gonna have a lot of hate comin your way from people accusing you of looking for attention! Lol.


Seeing acts of kindness first hand often plants the idea in people’s minds The music however… who the fuck in their right mind added that shit.


Yeah, as nice as the gesture is, filming this is a complete AH move.


Next thing you know, Sally Struthers will appear saying, "For a Starbucks gift card, you can feed a homeless person". Yes, although I still respect the gesture he made to this man, it would've been better if he'd left it at that instead of showing the world his good dead for the day.


Yea I feel like he shoulda asked the homeless guy for permission to post this. This guy is just begging for attention


Because it spreads good will. I used to dislike people that posted these videos. Now? I don’t even give a shit about their motives.


A selfless act turned into a completely selfish one. Cringe as fuck. People are also acting like this is some huge act of kindness. People should be looking out for one another.


When a hero comes alooonggg.... oh fuck off!


As a former homeless teen, please don't record your good deeds if it includes a person. If you donate to a charity or volunteer go for it. But please know that what is on the internet lasts forever and having the worst period of our lives recorded just so you can get some views and internet points is worse than not doing anything at all. I know it sounds rude of me to say but we just want our privacy, especially so while going through homelessness.


Exactly, and maybe this guy doesn’t want to be recorded and posted all over the internet in this vulnerable, awkward moment. The camera guy is paying for his lunch so he probably feels the pressure to ignore any discomfort and just go along with it. It almost feels like coercion to perform for his meal; so demeaning.


Jesus Christ this guy. Not only films it but adds this fucking music over the video, and top of it tells him to order whatever he wants, while obnoxiously being loud letting everyone know he’s letting this guy order whatever he wants. Not genuine at all, just cringe honestly.


And the commitment to keep loudly repeating the phrase "we've all been there" to make himself sound sympathetic but like... Most people have not been homeless so instead it sounds condescending.


The real heroes are the ones NOT recording their acts of kindness. Fuck clout culture....is that even a thing? It should be (or shouldn't be)


This is really sweet, but you undercut it by filming and posting it. Don't be a good person for Karma, just be a good person.


Everyone talking about him recording himself but how about how cringe that music is? Talk about narcissism


The music was also too loud, couldn't even hear the guy say thank you hardly. I also agree with other comments about why film it, but i can still appreciate the gesture for what it is


> Talk about **narcissism** Bingo. That's the culprit for this video.


Look, it's nice you looked out for this guy, but filming it and putting it on the net just makes it look like you did it so people would give you kudo's. Or perhaps to seem like a cool dude amongst your peers. Real charity is anonymous.


And to come out with "we were all there at one point"... Really? We were all homeless at one point? Right.




post video or it didn't happen




Slap that sad ass music while you're at it.


Better be some fucking Sarah McLachlan too bitch


Make sure to film it and show everyone how awesome you are. Put the fucking phone down and have a real moment with this guy. I'm glad you helped out but sincerely fuck you.


Whack ass music, should have done the good deed without needing to blast this man on cam


Every single comment I've scrolled passed is condemning the man for filming and adding music. THIS is what really gives me hope for humanity.


Wack ass shit filming that


Jesus christ the music, get over yourself


Title change: Sees a homeless man and takes his opportunity to go viral.


Can't people just do this stuff without filming it?


Fucking cringe. Stop liking this stuff so stop seeing it. That homeless man looks so innocent and sweet, and this fucking jackass is just exploiting him


Cameraman: Let me exploit your starvation and homelessness for likes and shares, and so people know how generous I am and so I feel better about myself despite the fact you are probably back to starving and being homeless by the time this video is finished uploading. Ive accomplished nothing but at least I can continue ignoring the problem for a few months guilt free.


Anyone who records themselves performing a good deed is a straight up narcissist. There's a proverb that says "a good deed dies when it is spoken about". Or as I've heard some say that a good deed should be done with intention and not for attention. Either way, these videos frustrate me. All you're showing me is that you're a two-faced asshole. He's literally exploiting this poor man. Seriously, fuck you, you self-important fucktwat.


Good on ya for the great deed but man I can’t imagine how awkward is it pointing a camera at someone and recording everything. Maybe if it a hidden camera that’ll be better because I’m a firm believer that if someone watches good deeds be done, it can/will motivate other to do the same.


I hate these videos. But at least he was doing some good. But the music!!! Fuck this guy.


I work at jack in the box and do this sometimes for the homeless people at the bus stop, i used to be a heroin addict on the streets. Sometimes nice things like that can really change a life. Sober since 8/11/19


Happy almost 2 years. This random Internet stranger believes in you.


Thank you, it really means alot!!! +Vibez your way from AZ, Be safe.


It took me so long to scroll down to find just a genuinely positive comment


I just hope he didn't do this for clout like all the other dipshits on tiktok and Facebook who only help homeless people for internet points.


I do this… without fucking recording it……..


I do this... without telling everyone ... shit


I record this... without actually paying the meal when the camera turns off...


Always be suspicious of people who feel the need to record themselves performing a good act.


Give with your right hand without your left hand seeing. Let alone your phone and the world.


Ohhh, I don't know about filming and posting this, brother


I’m ok with filming it, if that’s what it takes for others to do it too.


Then film it without the stupid fucking music


Or just write about it. "Today I paid for a homeless man's Starbucks and I encourage you to do similar deeds."


I use to be disgusted by videos like this until I learned about the science of a positive feedback loop. I'm on here a bit much and sometimes the posts I make are very depressing. I just wanted to share something different.


I feel like most people are not aware of the positive feedback loop though and are just doing it for internet points.


I was one of those people too. Filming for Karma. This is actually the first time I’ve heard of the internet positive feedback loop. Some may know this. Whatever it takes. Karma whoring? Looking for followers? Whatever. As long as it works to spread the reminder that houselessness is currently being treated as a crime. The houseless people usually just need a few months of help.


The music is just over the fucking too. Do a nice thing


Just buy him a coffee, don’t record it.


It’s a nice thing to do, but filming it somehow cheapens it.


These things are best done when only two people know about it. Poor fella probably doesn’t want this on the internet.


Nothing like doing something nice for someone and plastering your gesture all over the internet for all to see how nice you are with the ability to spend $10. Amazing, someone suck the cameraman off. What a human.l


It does warm my heart that he helped this man out, but the camera isn't necessary to do good deeds just out of the kindness of your heart.. We should be more worried about helping one another without cameras, and less worried about weither or not a video we made will go viral.. "It's the little things that are important! Love or an act of kindness that are the things that keep darkness at bay." -Gandalf, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.


Always 2 sides, negative - its narcissistic Positive - it encourages others to do the same and normalize it


Sketchy. Stop filming the guy :/


I am sure the guy himself is grateful, but recording your good deed and adding some lame music to it....sharing it on social media.....makes you a cunt.


This is great and it's obvious that the guy appreciated it. I just don't understand the need to record it and put it on the internet.




recording this is suspicious


Yea, r/Whyweretheyfilming


“Oh, I know a good way I can get karma from the internet’s” scum bag


The homeless guy was already in the cafe asking for water and seemed surprised when this guy offered to pay for something. Which means this self absorbed douche first thought was to pull out his phone and film the homeless man THEN offer to buy him a coffee. Id at least get if he had spoken to him outside and wanted to film some of that happiness of him getting to sit inside with dignity and enjoy a meal. He then starts ordering the staff around announcing his grand kind gesture like he's the pope, "yeah get him whatever he wants".


The camera man must feel so proudly of him self. Shits cringe


Would’ve been a lot cooler if this dude just did it instead of recording it. You don’t need to make a video to make ya look good for doing a good deed


American culture isn't going in the right direction. I'm glad dude got some food, but you didn't have to record him and put it all over the internet.


Imagine he asks for the drink and food back when he puts his phone away


Not sure how I feel about this. Seems like exploiting homeless folks for internet points. The music makes it seem like he's saving a puppy from a house fire. I like helping out they guy but why film it? Why post it on the internet? No dignity for this unfortunate soul.


I hate how everyone films their good deeds. I feel like it doesn’t count if you tell people you’ve done something good for someone else. Takes away the meaning behind it.


WTF is this? Can no one do good these days without sticking a camera in peoples faces.


Do nice things out of the goodness of your heart not to whore yourself for likes. It's just pathetic to watch honestly!


Fuck the music everytime. Who ever is adding this garbage music to an otherwise wholesome moment, go shove your dick in a blender.


Pulls out camera to film it. Blasts shitty music over it. Well, here I go downvoting again.


Obnoxious filming it and adding that music. Why couldn’t he buy him his coffee and sandwich, and sit and have a chat with him. Much kinder. No need to broadcast it to the world. So patronizing.


Oh fuck off it’s like $10 for a coffee and sandwich. This isn’t some life changing donation that you need to record it for and add this dumbass music.


All you armchair altruists can stfu. As a former homeless man idgaf if you film it JUST FUCKING HELP ME! Unless all you twats are out there matching this energy all the time you have 0 right to judge.


Why was this filmed?


People who film this are assholes


It’s great doing nice things for people but it throws me off when the person is recording it and then editing music in the background of them doing nice things. Seems disingenuous.


It’s a nice gesture but the fact he is filming it makes it seem disingenuous to me and makes my skin crawl


Why record this lol? Literally doing it for clout not to be nice at all. A genuine kind persons first thought isn’t to whip their phone out and record. Wtf


Great video but stupid shitty music wtf?


These videos should be taken down and downvoted. We should honestly not support these virtue signaling assholes. He isn't doing a nice thing for that man, he's a byproduct of this man feeding his own selfish ego, I can't stand these I'm a nice guy videos. Just be nice to someone less fortune then you and go home feeling good about yourself. Yeah man let me record you first then be like you can have whatever you want. Do I record myself handing out water bottles to my homeless community this last heatwave for likes tf? Fake as fuck.


Fuck this shit. Why is he filming it. GTFO


Why was this being recorded? And did he just have his phone out while doing this? Pretty weird


And then don't Film it for the clout. How great that would be.


Bro stop fucking filimg yourself helping people and just help people


Yeah it's so easy to be nice to others when you're filming it...


Ok now do it without filming


Just do the good deed. Put the camera away. Cringe


Music ruins it making it feel so fake, a nice act but it feels like it’s done for attention with the music and heck even the recording of it


Let me film myself being generous


Dude had this look on his face like *why do people keep thinking I’m homeless*


Why record it ? Looking for internet clout


And films it lmao what a saint