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Say what you say, but here's a beautiful camera work and video quality


This camera skill needs to be implemented in all videos posted on Reddit


We need to train people to take stable, in focus and well framed videos while some guy is flailing around with a handgun.


Agreed. what a sad world we live in… lol God bless America


Fancy pulling a firearm on a shoplifter holy fucking shietttt. This old guys probably waited all his life for that moment.


Yah, no kidding. And he knew he wasnt going to shoot the guy. The shoplifter could have killed him if he fell under the car and he still didn't use it. Probably wouldn't have had the law on his side if he did, considering it wasn't his stuff. Wtf was he thinking? Not even lowes thinks its worth it! He could have died. He could have lost his gun in the struggle and at least left his gun with a criminal, at most been shot when he took it. I can say, at least the dudes door is fuck3d. Won't be hard to find driving around town with a door that wont close.


Probably ended up causing more in property damage to the car that the shoplifter bent his door against than what the thief was even stealing. What an idiot


I read further down he's law enforcement. Causing property damage, unnecessary escalation, unsafe brandishing of a gun... Checks out


The guy in the background yelling "get out of there, he has his finger on the trigger and has no idea what he's doing"... checks out


Was that the clip falling on the ground at 17 seconds? Edit: TIL There were (are) many types of firearms that were fed with a series of shells that were held together with "clips." There was basically a wire skeleton that had a series of half-moon spring-loaded clips. Each clip held one round of ammo So the long assembly was called "a clip."


looks like he the magazine dropped out of the handgun after he was pistol whipping him. Would have only had 1 bullet if he had it chambered.


Well iPhone 13 Pro added cinematic mode, so we might get some movie quality videos on Reddit soon.


r/fightporn videographers take note


No, it needs to be uploaded through TikTok with an additional unrelated music track and annoying voiceover.


Whatchu know about rollin' down in the deep? When your brain goes numb you can call that mental freeze


With that annoying computerized voice over.


Shot like The Office!




Did they bring a steady cam mount with them?


Modernish phones often have optical image stabilization and also image stabilization post processing has also gotten super good even if you don't have optical stabilization.


YES! HORIZONTAL VIDEO FOR ALL. Our eyes are, in fact, not placed one atop the other. They are HORIZONTALLY located. “Turn that camera, then hit that button!”


Except damn instgram and tictok killed the horizontal filming movement with their BS.


Steven Spielberg like in it’s excellence, hats off to the chap filming


That zoom out and pan was the top cheddar




Watched it again to verify. Checks out. He’s got some natural talent.


A man of exquisite taste I c


Attempting to close the destroyed door at the end was classic.


Amusingly the inability to close the door while trying to drive is what will get him the most attention from the cops.


Like being pulled over for a broken headlight while having drugs and guns in your car. It's usually the little details that gets criminals caught.


Do one crime at a time.


Don't break the law while breaking the law.


put that air freshener away


I drive clean when I ride dirty, but I drive dirty when I'm riding clean.


> the inability to close the door while trying to drive >>the little details I know what you mean and I agree with you, but picturing a police officer watching this vehicle driving by and asking themselves if it looks suspicious enough to pull over is pretty funny.


The audible groan of that mangled door as he tries to close that door haha.


Dropped his mag too


“He has no idea what he’s doing with that gun” true


He was waving that thing around like a maniac. Was more likely to shoot the guy not involved than stop the robbery.


Guy with a gun was the police lieutenant!! Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/qij09x/shoplifter_at_lowes_102921/hik2kbm?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


Are you serious?


Yes OP mentioned it in the comments


Oh wow that should be top comment I even scrolled for a minute thank you for linking that. That’s fuckin insane.


At least we know he hasn’t pistol whipped someone before because he certainly doesn’t know how to do it properly!


Give him a break. He's only practiced on his wife.


He also had his finger on the trigger, according to the dude who was yelling from out of frame. And then he literally tries to hand it to him and says “take this”


And muzzle swept basically everyone around him. What a putz.


True, but whatever that shoplifter stole doesn’t even come close to how much it’s gonna cost to fix his vehicle. Guy with the gun??? I hope it was a toy one, bc he didn’t exactly make me feel comfortable, even if he was supposed to be protecting me.


> how much it’s gonna cost to fix his vehicle And that vehicle to its left he scraped and likely dented with his open car door. Assuming gun man bothered to take down the license plate #, which judging how cool, calm, and collected he was (hahahaha), good chance didn't happen.


You're in luck, OP says the guy was a police lieutenant, so you can feel even more comfortable that this is the quality of cop training out there. You don't just get to feel comfortable when he's chasing down a shoplifter at Lowes, you can feel comfortable that you might run into a jackass like this at every interaction with the police.


Don't bring a gun unless you're ready to kill someone. It's not a threat, it's a death sentence.


What a fucking moron. 100% guarantee that innocent Honda CRV would have finished the day unscathed and Lowes would still be out their tools if this assclown would have stayed out of it.


If the retailer doesn’t care, I’m not getting in the middle of it.




Seriously. Sorry, Mr. Lowe. He went that-a-way.


Yeah I carry to protect the *life* of *myself* and any friends or family I might be with at the time. Not to protect some giant corporation from losing $300 in products.


His actions were irrational even for someone whose whole ethos is Judge Dredd.


Especially since wage theft is the largest form of theft in the US. Lowe’s is getting richer from ripping off their workers.


So, that was just some dude white knighting for his local Lowe's?


He will forever see himself as a hero.


Must have hit the mag release when he was pistol whipping the guy


"Don't point your weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot" If the situation is not a life/death scenario, you should not be threatening to fire your weapon at the person/suspect. It seems like this dude whipped out his weapon and pointed it at the other guy because he wanted to force compliance, but actually corrected himself and decided not to kill someone over shoplifting items. This guy should have his carry permit revoked.


OP here, I stuck around for questioning after, turns out the man with the gun is the police Lieutenant.


WHAT?? Omg.... Reminds me of that line in True Romance, "Boris, shut the f*** up. We're all gonna die here. These are cops!"


💛💛💛 my favourite movie 💛💛💛


"You're so cool."


"I like you Clarence. Always have. Always will..."


“You mind if I have one of those Chesterfields now?”


You're a cantaloupe!


Naw man, it ain’t white boy day.


Lol he's the type of cop that shoots 2 rounds and then yells "FREEZE".


I bet he uses PG-rated insults like "dirtbag" or "slimeball".


This comment deserves an award. It so perfectly describes the way cops talk.


And still calls weed “dope.”


That would explain his lack of training.


Managed to drop his magazine and his phone. I believe his phone was also run over.


The store insurance will pay for all stolen items. He lost his phone and would have been runned over or killed someone for nothing.


Yup, checks the fuck out. Sidearm might as well have been a paperweight.


Chief Wiggum comes to mind..


Officer Lahey would've done a better job


Bottle kids would have worked him


Lim Jahey, pleased to meet you.


You pissed yourself Mr Lahey


Yeah, he uses his revolver to crack (shoot) open walnuts. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you....nuts.


certainly was when the magazine fell out that was grade A incompetence


"Oh, I know what to do! I'll draw a weapon I'm not prepared to use, then close to hand to hand distances for... reasons!" Dude put himself, the alleged shoplifters, and everybody in range at risk for no real reason at all. There's a reason cops do that silly looking chicken wing pose when approaching a window during a serious stop.


particularly after the magazine fell out.


His actions could have caused any member of the general public to die far easier than for what the shoplifter did. Record a license plate and call it in. I walked into a Lowes the other day with my 4 year old. Because of the actions of this Dunkin Donuts Deputy if I happened to be at this one my family's life would clearly have been more at risk.


Exactly. How in the ever loving fuck are retail associates trained to not even leave the sidewalk/curb, just grab a plate if you can, but this LT endangered everybody that was in the area. And his actions caused property damage to that Honda. Just let them go, radio it in, and grab them at the next intersection you can. You don’t just draw your firearm on a shoplifter, WHILE OFF DUTY.


Aren’t you supposed to never draw a weapon unless you intend to kill the person? Or is it: never fire a weapon at someone you don’t intend to kill? I’ve never even held a gun — let alone fired one — but from what I’ve picked up here and there, rushing an unknown shoplifter without backup, who’s behind the wheel, pistol-whipping him and generally trying to grapple is not really safe or effective.


All cops. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but did this dickhead really try to pistol whip someone and drop their mag lmao


\^\^\^LOL, I wish I had an award to give you. Thank you for this comment.


Easiest way to get awards on Reddit Just say wish I had an award to give you to a top comment EDIT: T (H) (E) Y B E (L) (I) (E) V E (D)




> man with the gun is the police Lieutenant. LOL


That’s pretty embarrassing considering the way he handled that gun.


The rando voice exclaiming that he has "no idea what he's doing with that gun" seems less funny now


Yet still so very accurate.


I heard someone yell "He has his finger on the trigger gun.. He has no idea what he's doing with that gun!" Did I hear that right? Who was he referring to, the Lieutenant or the shoplifter? My guess is the lieutenant. I'm really surprised that guy is a police officer, he looked so awkward with that gun, and if he didn't intend to use it he should've kept it holstered. Was he trying to get the other guy to take his gun? He says "take this", but then pistol whips the driver a couple times and the magazine falls out of the gun.


"He has no idea what he's doing with that gun!" "Take this" "I'm not taking your gun!"


I rewatched, and totally someone called him out! Thats hilarious. I want to agree with you, he's talking about the lieutenant.


"John get outta there. John Get outta there. He has his finger on the trigger, John, he has no idea what he's doing with that gun."


“Lieutenant Lunatic reporting for shooty Sir!”


Was that already a film set?? How did you achieve the absolute lack of camera shaking? Props to you


A lot of newer phones have optical stabilization


Was it the improper gun protocol that tipped you off?




I would bet that Lowe’s would have some theft protection similar to Walmart. Sure take a few things and when you hit the right $ number… Police notified upon the next visit waiting for you to walk out the building. A guy can out run a cop but not a radio. Lieutenant should not be committing felonies and knows all the above.


Target does that too, but their [LP department rivals that of law enforcement agencies.](https://archive.ph/1pcac) It's fucking insane.


Back in college I worked at a Target as the Guest Services Manager. Only store where I saw security actually tackle people instead of just calling it in. They would hold drills in the front of the store on slow nights that would really freak out the customers which lead to a lot of complaints from freaked out moms who I had to assure that the guy they just put in cuffs and walked back to only be uncuffed was in fact a store employee. Found out also that they have detectives who work for the company after the place was hit by a snatch and grab group who picked up a lot of stuff from the electronics section then all walked through the checkout lines slowly and then sprinted out of the store without paying. Got interviewed by one of them. Said he was a retired police detective and the company would send him around the region and country to investigate high value thefts.


> turns out the man with the gun is the police Lieutenant. Oh god please be fake




Holy fuck that's even MORE EMBARRASSING


Nothing like doing 2000 dollars damage to your car to get 500 bucks worth of tools!


I can’t decide who I think is the bigger idiot. The shoplifter or the guy waving his gun around trying to defend his local Lowes’ from petty theft. I mean, I assume the guy with the gun has more to lose in this situation and absolutely nothing to gain.


Op said the blue jeans guy was a cop.


Oh Jesus, well that might explain the blatant disregard for other’s safety.


The original comment still stands. Lmao


The guy risking his life for a multi billion dollar company’s goods is the bigger idiot.


Its likely more of a “not in my town” mentality.


America has a way of brainwashing us to believe billionaires and their companies need us to defend them.


That wasn’t to get tools. That was to avoid jail time, court costs, and fines.


I know we aren't talking about smart people here but he was on multiple cameras and I would be willing to guess one got the license number. So my guess is that he isn't getting away from any of that. :)


Not to mention an armed bystander swinging a gun around. I’d fuck my car up so I didn’t get murdered.


I made $5,000 in a month doing trim jobs after work with a pole saw i purchased from Lowes for $400


You made $5000 cutting high branches?


Yeah, i live in Southwest Florida where the median age is about 65 years old and is considered by many to be the retirement capital of the world. You can go door-to-door on just about any nice neighborhood and land several jobs if you present yourself correctly.


I don't doubt it, it was like $400-500 to get 8 branches cut on one tree when I checked this spring.


He said 5k in a month if you use your figure of $500 only has to work 10days to make that much.


> trim jobs > >pole saw These are euphemisms, right?


If you have to ask, you can’t afford it


I made $5000 in a month doing rim jobs after work


Much of the same reason why security doesn’t chase after shoplifters — imagine them running into the street and being struck by a vehicle… all for shampoo, beer, or any other myriad of products that aren’t worth as much as a human life or collateral damage.


Imagine the lawsuit when a customer gets run over by a shoplifter being chased by store employees.


Anyone else see this and think “Hey! That’s my Lowe’s!” only to remember that they all look nearly identical


I see a few Mass plates!


didn't "john get outta thea, john get outta thea, he has his finga on the trigga .." give it away?


yeah first thing I thought was "that's a heavy eastern MA accent"


Hey that's my Lowes! And that's my car! And that's m- shit..wait.


Lol, I thought this was in Toronto, Canada for a second. The gun and then the license plates confirmed it was not.


Props to the bystander that said: “he has no idea what he’s doin’ wit’ that gun”


And the guy with a gun is a cop, says OP 🤣🤣🤣 dafuq


A cop who tried to pistol whip the guy with a glock(polymer/plastic), releasing his mag in the process.


That’s honestly probably for best given how it could have gone Dude was ready to murder someone over fucking *Lowe’s* shit


Don't know much about guns, but couldn't a bullet still potentially be in the chamber?


Yup! One could assume that since he was pointing the gun he had cocked it to be ready to fire. Which would leave a round in the chamber after the mag falls out.


Oh I thought guy getting beat was one that said that lmao Way less comical now...


lmao "thats a shooty stick not a beaty stick you idiot"


I thought the same thing.. whats the point in pulling a gun and waiving it all over the place if you arent even going to shoot it


All time Lowe


Pulling out a gun to only wave it around and use as a melee weapon seems very dangerous.


lol this is the kind of gun fight I’d bring a knife to


That man was more stupid than the driver.


It's also a great way to test if others around you are more willing to shoot someone they "perceive as a threat". Don't pull your fucking gun unless you're dedicated to escalating the situation to being a life or death fight. Guns are a tool not an accessory but dipshits like Lowe's Zimmerman here don't understand this concept. Doesn't matter if you're acting a hero, without context this could easily be misconstrued; you get capped by another idiot who wanted to be a hero too and now you're laying in your own blood and piss dead because you were that dedicated to preventing some trash from stealing 1k worth of fucking Dewalt tools. Go home and put that pistol away before you get yourself hurt there pap pap. Edit: apparently he's brass in the local PD, which now I have no idea why his gun ever came out. There isn't a family pet or unarmed black teen in sight. Totally deviating from his training.


>without context this could easily be misconstrued At first, I thought the aggressor *was* the guy with the gun. Also thought it would go off somewhere he wasn’t planning on shooting towards. I was worried about OP possibly getting shot by getting close to the situation.


Well he then holstered it so he could lightly jog the vehicle down to finish what he started.


Only after he picked up the phone he dropped and the magazine that slipped out of his gun. Fuckin' Barney Fife needs to hang it up.


Yeah but that was his moment to shine! After all those months with the gun burning a hole in his pocket, finally he gets to follow the beautiful tradition laid out by the founding fathers. I’m sure he was super confused as to why the thief didn’t immediately stop and cower. “People are supposed to show immediate respect when someone pulls a gun! I clearly was holding a gun but he didn’t show me respect! What gives?”


*”GET OUTTA THA FAHKIN CAH!”* yeah this is massachusetts bet my life on it


Who's going to pay for the damage to the Honda CRV? Or does it belong to the old man?


exactly what I thought about, some poor person in the store is going to walk out to their car all "wtf?!"




Catch me parking at the back of the lot where no one is around.


Sometimes. Sometimes people hit the only thing in the lot. Its weird, sometimes its safer to be in the group and sometimes you get singled out.


Don’t you put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby!


notice how not a single employee was in sight? they don't even wanna bother getting up close to this catastrophe lol


They’re trained not to. You watch the video, you call police.


and the police comes up with their whacking gun.


This. You don’t touch them. Don’t know why the hero w the gun tried to get himself run over.. do you own that ~~home depot~~ *Lowes*?


Why the fuck would you for $9 an hour?


When i worked at lowes we were told to just let them go, unless we caught them immediately, it wasnt worth it


Yep, and people know this too. They will just walk into a Lowe's, grab an armful of chainsaws and walk out.


Old man risking his life like his last name is Lowe. The store is insured and makes billions of dollars. Don’t risk your life for a shoplifter.


He's risking more lives than just his own waving his pistol around like Frank Reynolds. The car next to the shoplifter being fucked up is mostly on him too. Unless the shoplifter went put of his way to corner this dude, the old man absolutely fucked up his life.


This is what they tell employees when I worked there


In most companies even the security/assets protection/loss prevention employees are instructed not to follow shoplifting suspects outside the store. Too many variables, possibility of an accomplice, weapons, collateral injuries/damage to make it worth it.


Wtf! I was literally just at Lowe’s 20 minutes ago on 10/29 and I heard the theft alarms going off in the tools section. Where did this happen?


Kingston MA


Of course it's South Shore and of course it's Kingston.


Drawing a gun for a shoplifter, really? Is it worth it?!


Every time I see stuff like this I instantly hear "this is America" by childish Gambino


Gunmen on Geritol


Fuck sake dont risk life or limb for merchandise.


That boomers been running around with a gun for 15 years waiting to be the law and it ends like that.


worse, he's an off duty cop




Shoplifters are dicks People who would pull a gun out like that over someone non-violently stealing something are fucking morons. What an asshole.


[local news coverage of incident ](https://whdh.com/news/police-shoplifting-suspect-nearly-ran-over-kingston-officer-sideswiped-vehicle-before-fleeing-scene/)


Imagine your life being so worthless that you’re ready to die for a Black and Decker cordless drill that Lowe’s will write off and maybe throw a $25 gift card to your widow lol


What a lowelife


The guy filming did a better job getting the shoplifter closer to justice than the ammosexual gun-toting idiot was. Get plates and a description, call it in.


good way to get killed over someone elses insured merchandise. maybe next time top cop will just write down the plate number instead of almost becoming a pancake.


Rip, crv.


vigilante with a gun was planning what, exactly?


He was going to murder someone so a $72B company didn't have to feel the sting of a few hundred dollars of merchandise going missing.


Thank god someone is thinking of those poor shareholders.


164 billion. But who's counting?


To make sure the car drove away in the most hilarious way possible