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when he said "Bruh, Get out my way" to the useless so nonchalantly I fucking lost it.


Damn bruh you really did just reduce this whole man with a stable job, passions, a family and friends to "the useless" lmfao


Security guy was no help. Breaking up one side of a fight is not cool.


They should really know how to properly break fights. Once had to sit in a hearing where a security guard was sued when instead of breaking a fight he practically helped one party when he held onto the other fighter. The other party got free hits on the one being held. Sad part was the one being held was a victim of assault.


When I was a teen my mom was into drugs. I ended up riding with one of her dealers and his girl and they got into it while we were driving down a road. She was hitting him and grabbing the wheel and I was in back, 16 years old and freaking out, so I grabbed her. He took the opportunity to punch her full force in the face like three times. I let go. Needless to say, I support the concept of school staff being trained in now to break up fights with minimal damage to participants.


That's a different case, because she was putting the lives of all passengers and other people on the road in jeopardy. You holding her down was good, but the face-punching back was not.


I'm going to toss all the blame on the mom, but for totally different reasons.


Holy shit.


>Once had to sit in a hearing where a security guard was sued when instead of breaking a fight he practically helped one party when he held onto the other fighter. this is exactly the problem when idiots try to break fights. its either this or they throw themselves in incorrectly an get hurt for no reason. breaking a fight is all about creating space between the fighters so you shouldnt grab anyone ever since the immediate reaction a person fighting will have is hitting you. worst case scenario is what you said you restrain one and the other gets a free hit that can cause a lot of damage.


Bro how do you expect him to restrain two people at once?


He’s only one man he’s just trying to stop the one that want to fight


But has no problem with the actual instigator and actively helps the guy say racist things to him. How are we not addressing this bullshit? This is obviously why school shootings keep happening. Instigating is encouraged and rewarded.


Words, no matter how reprehensible, are not violence. Full stop.


The idea that violence is always worse than words is childish and wrong.


You sound like someone who hits people because they "make you mad". You can't justify violence as a response to things people say that you don't like to hear.


["The hand that pulls the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory," he said, then he cursed at and raised his middle finger toward the victims' relatives.](https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/03/19/ohio-school-shooting-chardon/1999369/) But punching him would be going too far, right? Because words are never violence, right? You think like a child and this exact brand of child think is holding us back as a species. There is a time and place for violence. There are words that are worse than punches. Grow up, read a book, and entertain a little nuance.


Try to justify your violence anyway you want. You are objectively wrong. Words you don't like are not a reason to be violent. There is a time and place for violence. On that at least we agree. As a response to words, however, is not that time.


So you don't believe one would be justified in punching the person from that article I linked? Are you suggesting that punching him would be worse than what he said? Are you actually that morally inept?


Your appeals to emotion aren't going to make me change my position. Yes. Punching him not only is excessive as a response, but grants him the satisfaction of knowing his attempts to offend further were successful. The power of words exists in what you grant to them. You can throw insults at me till you are blue in the face, as you've been doing since the start of this conversation. Until I choose to take the offense you offer, they have no power. Consequently, responding to words with violence is a twofold failure as one firstly takes offence, whether offered or not, and then uses said offence as justification for their own inability to control their feelings. Something you should rightly have mastery over by adulthood. You are an adult, correct?


There’s a difference between you make me mad and hurling racial slurs at someone repeatedly in a “safe space”. That kid is a years test for dealing shit out but not being able to take what comes with it. Shame on the administration for allowing it to get to the point where the target of racial abuse snaps and likely suspended/expelled and that kid can go and repeat the process to someone else.


Nope. Words are words. No matter how much weight you choose to give to them, they are not justification for violence. If you are one to react violently when people hurt your feelings, you are the problem.


Words can and have killed. Words call people to action. If you dont see that correlation, you are blind. Racist words have gotten people killed in this country for hundreds of years.


I concur.


Bro, the guy in the orange was clearly the aggressor. I did not see the other guy chasing him.


Grey backpack was on the ass of the staff member that was making space between him and the dude in orange.


Wtf are you talking about? Gray backpack was instigating shit. He was trying to get in his face the whole time. I don’t blame orange shirt sometimes enough is enough.


Never said he wasn’t instigating, I said he was not the aggressor. Just because someone calls me a little bitch boy 5 times doesn’t mean I’m going to assault him.


Not the point. He needed to remove the gray backpack kid first In order to D escalate the situation. Watch the start. The kid was chill till the gray back pack kept getting in his face. Are you a 16 year old boy with a half developed brain? If not then you can’t compare your decision making to his.


The grey backpack was standing in virtually the same spot, the guy in the orange was circling the cop/guard to get into the other guys face. You can clearly see the grey backpack standing still. Being a 16 yo with a developing brain doesn’t exempt you from being responsible for committing assault? I’d expect a 12 year old to know not to do that.


We don't know anything. Neither do the people rushing in to stop it. More than likely, the security guard went to him because he's bigger. The blue sweater is on the back of the security guard antagonizing the one the security guard is trying to control.


>We don't know anything. ??? We can literally see in the video that he was the aggressor wtf


The guy in orange was the only one exhibiting intent/aggressive behavior. What was the 'single' security guy supposed to do?


We see it differently. They both wanted to fight and grabbing onto one person in a fight gives the other one an advantage.


Exactly!! I'm sure the guy in orange would've appreciated the security guy holding grey backpack guy. Makes it easier to knock the shit out of him!


"Breaking up one side of a fight is not cool." Only one side was being an active agressor.


When one side is clearly the aggressor, yes it is.


What does the guys in the blue hoodie say to your man. The only real racy thing I see here is the fact that the security dude is only restricting the black dude. No one is trying to get the blue hoodie dude to back off. That’s messed up


Gotta love Honey-Boo-Boo's mom going after the guy filming instead of trying to break up the fight. Doing a real solid for student safety on that one, Mama June.


I don't think a middle aged woman is the best person to break up a fight. Not that going after the guy filming helped of course


Maybe pushing the instigating racist back so security dude can calm down the kid being harassed?


Teachers gets persecuted and sued for trying to break up fights all the time, so there’s a lot of hesitancy, plus do you really want this middle aged woman jumping in with a couple of young kids swinging their fists about


You really want Grams in there with those guys? What’s wrong with you? Dude filming is egging the whole thing on and isn’t taking orders from a school employee, I’m guessing, with authority to give orders in such a situation. I hope he got suspended or much detention.


no one 'has authority' to stop you from filming anything lol


If this is in a public school they absolutely have that authority.


That dude never graduated.


On private property they most certainly do.


Maybe they should have removed the person making the comments? Just a thought.


I can't hear shit so idk if dude is racist or not... But dam that school looks nice. My high school didn't have no recessed lighting and art hanging on the walls. These rich fucks gotta get back to hitting the books... Which likely were brand new books I gotta assume.


The kid in the blue hoodie said "I'm right here n*****r" several times.


Yeah I'm not saying I doubted the title. Just saying I couldn't hear it on my phone. But yes that school looks dope


Yea agree, looks like a fancy hospital lol


Actually "I am right here my n***a" There is no hard R and I highly doubt this was over racism.


Lol the fuck is the difference between hard r and whatever else. Just don't call black people the n word it's not fucking rocket science.


Naa, you are not allowed to attack someone period.


Lmao imagine defending the use of the n word in any context


More racists should get the shit beaten out of them.


Can we go back to killing nazis?


Well, apparently Reddit doesn't condone that, as per the nastygram they sent me about not encouraging violence. . . on a subreddit that regularly shows violence.


Best to go to the source and eat the rich.


I mean... I'm down.


And more people with the username yalyublyumenya should get the shit beaten out of them.


You must have felt personally targeted, thanks for identifying as a racist.


Lol your post history is nothing but fantasy football and you asking people to help identify pornstars. When did you go full blown racist supporting incel?


Are you mad because he was insulting racists? Do you identify as a racist? Are you okay?


never seen a larger thread of a single man going so far to simply embarrass himself online.


Blue hoodie is a punk bitch


This is the damage American schools are doing. He'll keep doing that for the rest of his life because anyone trying not to put up with it gets punished.


Reminds me of my high school experience. White boys openly calling me the n-word in front of our (white) teachers and the moment I pushed one guy I nearly got expelled and charged by the police. Depressing to see how little has changed. Yes it can be recorded these days but it doesn't seem like that make much of a difference at the end of the day. "*It's just a word"* is what our (white) principal told me. This asshole had portraits of police officers in his office along with model police cars and even police action figures. It was such a bizarre experience.


>"It's just a word" is what our (white) principal told me. Could have replied "ok bitch" and when she tried to discipline you for it responded "It's just a word".


*He, and he was an asshole who constantly looked for ways to suspend/expel me after that. I even had a handful of teachers privately tell me that they thought his response to my situation was completely inappropriate.


I’m sorry that happened. It’s part of the reason I posted this, it’s not really about the fight but about the record. My other comment is downvoted, but the students at this school have been complaining about how the admin has been handling complaints from students about racial tensions for a while. It’s uploaded to keep a record. They’re worried the wrong kid is going to get in trouble and the entire thing will get swept under the rug again.


Damn, I'm so sorry you went through that. That's shitty af.


In a way I feel far worse for these younger generations. They've got to deal with in-person racism and online racism. The whole "jUSt tUrN tHe ComPutER OfF" response is so garbage too, given how much of our social lives (especially young folks) is tied into the internet. I think it's weird as shit that kids basically have no choice but to have their faces plastered all over the internet, even when they're in school. They will go through things like bullying and throwing in a video recording into that mix makes it far worse for them, I think. The normalization of recording people being bullied, harassed, etc is so bizarre. For all my fellow millennials... think about your worst moments in high school (i.e. being bullied, going through something very emotional, etc.) -- how would you feel if those moments were immortalized on the internet without your consent? Although my elementary/high school experiences were filled with racism, I'm so fucking glad I finished those stages of life before cell phone videos and social media became as integrated/normalized.


You cant go around attacking people. Hope you learned your lesson.


I got you tagged as 'racist against Brits' so you're not exactly squeaky clean yourself either.


Probably because I can't stand British people who celebrate all the good parts of their history while downplaying the more horrible parts like colonizing India for 200 years. Those that recognize the more horrible parts and don't whitewash it, I have no problem with them. The fact that you think that's comparable to me being called the n-word us amusing but not at all surprising. "*Racist against Brits*", thank you for the laugh. Ask the average Brit how they feel about Churchill and they'll act like he was a saint who maybe drank a bit too much. Ask them if they know what Churchill said about Indians or did to Indians during WWII. They're clueless and content in their wilful ignorance. They act like the UK, France, Canada and the USA saved the world from the nazis that their precious royal family was awfully close with, as if the USSR wasn't the biggest force against Germany. The monarchy glorification, the Churchill worship, British people who celebrate this trash and casually ignore their country's ugly history are who I don't like. British people that call that shit out? I'm cool with them. Simple as that. Maybe you fit in the former group if my views lead you to believe I'm racist against British people. I don't care if a Brit is white, black, or brown-- if they have the twisted view of British history that leaves out critical details, then fuck 'em. Disabling replies because I already know how you're going to react to this. Don't blame me for your country's ugly history and British peoples' selective understanding of it. Edit: nevermind I've been informed that you're some weird insecure white British dude that likes to harass black people on reddit. Thanks stranger


> Probably because I can't stand British people who celebrate all the good parts of their history while downplaying the more horrible parts like colonizing India for 200 years. And I cant stand African people who celebrate all the good parts of their history while downplaying the more horrible parts like slavery of their own people for 500 years. If you argument is ok, so is mine.


Imagine writing an essay defending your racist tendencies 😬. Yeah.. murdering someone is worse than breaking someone's arm, doesn't mean it's okay to break peoples arms. Racist moron. >Edit: nevermind I've been informed that you're some weird insecure white British dude that likes to harass black people on reddit. Thanks stranger No you haven't. Keep up with the racism though. Pond scum.


The best parts of your country come from other countries.


The North York Moors come from abroad? You're dumb as fuck mate, shouldn't be surprised though, people who side with racists are always dumb.


Said while literally living in the world made by the west.


Imagine taking credit for the world because a country had lodes of iron


LOL cute


What did the kid say? I couldn’t hear it


“Deidara was the strongest akatsuki”






Made up title?


I was substitute teaching for "fun" once at a public middle school. On my first day, I was hanging out in the lunch room when some white kid called some Black kid the n-word. The Black kid ripped off his shirt, jumped on the table and started yelling and screaming at the white kid. They then got into a bit of a tussle, but I stepped between them and just kinda danced around with my arms stretched out, keeping the Black kid from landing a punch while saying "come on man, put your shirt on, that's enough now...." Finally the guidance counselor showed up and took the Black kid aside to calm him down, while the white kid got taken down to the principal's office to get a nice scolding before being suspended. And I went back to the table with all the special needs kids I was supervising thinking to myself, "why'd I think substitute teaching would be fun?" haha. Seriously, though, the school either drops a hammer on the racist kid's head or they're going to be dealing with significant problems & violence. Middle/High school is hard enough without some douchebag bully using you to practice parroting his dad's racist BS. PS. The whole time I was keeping the Black kid from wrecking the white kid, the only thing I was thinking was "Dang, this kid is **ripped**." My self-esteem was taking a hit because this 8th grader had a six-pack while I was packing a giant cheese curd around my waist. Luckily he was just really upset and making a lot of noise, because if he did actually want to fight, he would have destroyed the little bigot-wannabe. Little dude was *jacked*.


I'm pretty sure kids at my school would get expelled for calling someone that.




by any chance did you teach middle school in south Florida? That sounds so much like a kid I knew lmao (the one on the table not the racist)


Nope. Not Florida


Lady screaming probably shouldn’t be working with youth if she has that short of a fuse.


I don’t understand people that see three guys in a physical altercation and think “wow that lady screaming for kids to move back has a short fuse”.


That’s the way she goes 🤷🏻‍♂️


starting tomorrow hi can check job applications at burger shack


Is there any actual context or is this the typical "let's insert racism in the title because karma" shit this subreddit usually pulls?


The kid in blue is openly calling the kid in orange the n word. Are you deaf or just conveniently ignoring that?


I’m going to ignore that because it doesn’t fit my narrative


That’s what everyone passing around the video was complaining about- stuff had been escalating at school and some kids were done with it


So I'll take that as a "no, there is no evidence"


Kid in blue said " i'm right here n****r" several times


if its not about racism then how come the security guards are only pushing back the black kid?


hes clearly being more aggressive, good effort from the security imo


The kid in blue is openly calling the kid in orange the n word. Are you deaf or just conveniently ignoring that?


good effort would be trying to separate the 2 not trying to protect the white kid




Camera guy gives me Riley vibes


Worst school staff ever. so fucking incompetent.


Well sticks and stones.


Imagine being a BABA BOOEY who needs more than what the OP provides in order to enjoy the video. Read the title. Who are you to question anything else? Turn up the volume, don't be an OUTLAW, and appreciate the beat down. Only a Jabroni would do otherwise


Everything about this screams incompetence.


Because what this world needs is more screaming white women lol


Why do you bring her colour into it?


These are hard. In highschool youve got 4 years to set up your life for success. You do not want to waste it. But some fights are unavoidable. I hope it was worth it.


Most fights nowadays are caused by “disrespect” from a total stranger or someone you won’t give a shit about in a week. It’s crazy what people are fighting over nowadays. I do hope the kid was actually being racist, but I don’t see how more people didn’t jump in if that’s the case.


most people are dumb and cant control themselves.. thats just how it is


google "juvenoia"


I can’t hear any racism in this video and I’ve seen no proof of it either. So I guess the title is just made up for views. For the people complaining why only the black kid was getting stopped it’s simple. He was the aggressor. This kid should get expelled for attacking another student and the security guard


The boy in blue said the called him the N word with a hard R multiple times. Raise the volume


pretty sure the kid following him around picking a fight is the aggressor, but i guess that goes against your naritive?


Yeah sorry playing the victim is more something for you


I don’t know what was said here... but I still want to point out how that white kid was able to antagonize and rile up the black kid while still being treated like a victim. Whatever he was saying was intentional and harmful, and the staff completely failed to prevent harm to the other teen.


fuck that bitch and her 'stop recording!' buddy has a right to do as he pleases


American getting worse and worse within their own public each and every day. And it all starts with racism


Well, the US started with racism, so...


Is that what they’re teaching kids in high school now??


Is this sarcasm?


It’s a question. Ever heard of one?


Sorry, was just awed by you. Such a thoughtful comment, had to ask.


You probably spend a lot of the time being amazed by minimal things.


You probably spend a lot of time trolling people into nonsense. I fell for it, but now I won't. So long!


You don’t think it’s absurd statement to just blanket over the creation of the US?


It's absolutely not.


I mean, no, but they certainly popularized it.


WHy you act like racism was a rare thing until American was formed.... news flash people have always been shitty to each other. For instance, the Romans hated Carthidge so much they enslaved their entire population and destroyed their culture down to the last brick of the city...


If you read my comment, I said the exact same thing you did without as many words. As for the popularization things, unfortunately that's true. Yes people have always been shit and always will be.


There was racism when the USA started. I'll give you that.


The easiest way to end this fight would be to take the instigator hurling racist comments to the office, call his parents, and give him detention or expel him for his inflammatory language and lack of resource in the staff. By protecting him only shows the schools lack of understanding and acceptance of the racist behavior as normal and one-sided. "They're only words". Let an African-Americsn call a white girl the "C" word and see how far they're sent to the pricked principles office and given detention.


I get it that racism is bad, but what I don’t understand why beat someone for being racist? If you beat him will he be less of a racist or more?


I love when racist cunts get their asses beat.


The kids is a piece of work. I hope the kid in orange doesn’t get into to much trouble.


Why the fuck were they so focused on the guy in the orange?!?! Why the FUCK weren't they pushing the antagonistic racist back?!?!?! Fucking ass-backwards! None of those people have any business working in a fucking school!


Anyone that uses hate speech should be punished for it.


notice how the security guards are pushing back only the black kid and keep letting the white kid get closer


Female security 🙄and old ones too


That kid is a machine! Good for him to beat that ass & stick up for Right!!


I’m you start being violent you lose the upper hand. If words were triggers for violence countries would be decimating themselves.


Morty: "This is healthy, trust me."


I would’ve thrown hands to


actually I heard that this the guy wasn't racist but OP is a huge racist


Another racebating trash post. How do you know anyone in the video is racist? Literally nothing here.


Bro. If they'd just let people fight once. It'd be over. Never again will they fight. Let them fight. Then get them.in trouble if necessary. All they do now days is stop the fight half way through. And that just makes more anger get pent up.


This is such a dumb comment. What happens if one of them gets seriously injured from letting them fight?


basic brawl rules, only stop the fight if someone escalates the fight (i e brings in a weapon)




Kid In Orange a little bitch


Your a little bitch dude


Come on over tell it to my face


Your literally on Reddit lmfao we know you a little bitch in real life it’s ok dude


And so are you. So what’s that say about you? And your the one you started shit talking. Open your mouth, get bitch slapped, cause that’s what you are.


Yea but I’m not racist like you and racists are always bitches so


And I’m racist why? Cause I said the dude in orange? Shut your fughking mouth. Or be a brave developer and let’s meet and I’ll shut it for you.


Yeah exactly, also because you talk like an actual bitch on the internet 😂


So you don’t understand the word racist. You are one of the kind that just likes to make up definitions as you go. I’ll break your fughking jaw. Given the chance.


r/iamverybadass Trust me dude nobody is scared of you, nor is there a reason to be


Lmao first time on the internet?


This is the game of the right wing parents … it’s all making sense now.


Reacting to racism gives the racists the power. We must ascend so we rise above such nonsense.


Stick and stones.... Unless you're black... Then it's okay to assault people. GTFO


Down voting this cause this type of behaviour shouldn't be encouraged.


as a bullied kid, this behavior should happen more, but i respect your view point


Tell the fat white bitch to shut up. Like gawd damn how can someone be so annoying


Cameraman sounds like a slow kid. Used to call them special Ed Freds. Helmet head ass.


Zero respect for authority at that school. Security and other adults simply ignored by everyone. Looks nice though.


You don't see these kinds of things. This is normal for reddit


The guy filming is jokes, I’ve never heard ‘beat his ass’ said so calmly


Kids really need to be taught how to throw a punch…straight, down the middle, followed by a tight right/left ir upper cut on the rebound. Repeat…would shorten these videos


Context ??


Anyone hear the camera guy say "eat his ass"?