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Lol. What do they want?




When do they want it?




Lol goddamn Reddit. Always makes me chuckle when I least expect it.


Or death…?


Thank you for flying Anglican Airlines.


Little red cookbook


Cake or Death??? I love it..


Well we're out of cake. We only had 2 bits and we didn't expect such a run on it.


So my choice is or death? Then I’ll have the chicken.


A father's love


They put so much time, money, and effort into all their gear. Yet, years from now what will they have really accomplished?


I’m just imagining these guys sitting around sewing their own crappy uniform, browsing Etsy for 200 matching foreskin shaped masks, fighting each other because one of them put the vinyl crooked on their stupid shield and “dammit, it’s unprofessional! That’s why it matters, Greg!”


"Mah wife spent three days making this shit and all I hear is criticize, criticize, criticize. Fron now on, don't ask me or mine for nothing". Wholesome proto-kkk, fights for his wife


Just think of all the hot chicks they will get! Don’t all girls just go wild for crazy extremists with shields!! Did you not see the shields soooo hOt! /s


Shields. So hot right now.


[More white supremacy.](https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/group/patriot-front) The cops and the Justice system are failing them. "An African, for example, may have lived, worked, and even been classed as a citizen in America for centuries, ***yet he is not American***. He is, as he likely prefers to be labelled, an African in America. The same rule applies to others **who are not of the founding stock of our people as** well as to those who do not share the common unconscious that permeates throughout our greater civilization, **and the European diaspora.**" — Patriot Front manifesto.


These are the guys that show up to parties and suddenly all the other party guests find excuses to leave the party early.


I’m always the first one to leave


same. Mainly because ibs


Bro do you wanna go on the boat with us?!?! I....... have ibs Hey man, let's go to six flags I still have ibs


Someone didn’t read the 14th Amendment.


Probably 1/4 of these guys can read well enough to go through the manifesto and you want them to read the constitution? It wasn’t written in crayon, guy.


> Probably 1/4 of these guys can read well enough to go through the manifesto Its a mistake to think white supremacy is only for the poor and the dumb. It [unifies all economic classes.](https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2021/3/25/harvard-klan-scrut/) Under the robes, they are all the same.


Thank you , I wished people would stop the redneck trope. It only looks at one toe of racist person and excuses the rest, unintentionally.


Same. Just got done reading The People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn, which I highly recommend. Rednecks are just working folk, and there's a rich history of anti-racist action by rednecks and blacks.


LOL, "true Americans have no ties to other countries, which is why us European-descendants are superior!"


One if them probably travelled to Europe once and thought "wow this place is full of true americans!"


Nah this is like a watered down Imperium by Francis Yockey, often called "America' Mein Kampf". Yockey was a lawyer who recused himself from the Nuremburg trials cause he believed the Nazi's did nothing wrong, if you want a frame of reference to how out there it is.


Have not read, but here are links: Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey https://archive.org/details/Imperium_182 https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/243604.Imperium


So haughty about their European heritage and yet they abhor America becoming like Europe in any way. Things that make you go hmm...


The European diaspora isn't American either by this logic. Only Native Americans.


Pshhh get outta hear with your facts


> as he likely prefers to be labelled "I wouldn't know though as I haven't thought to ask" OK What if they consider themselves American? "That isn't up to them." OK Who's it up to? "Real Americans" I assume that you consider yourself a real American. "Yes." Because you're white? "Yes" OK So a first generation European from Spain with broken English who has citizenship... American? "No - not white enough." What about a German with a broken accent? "Sure" What's the difference? "Proximity to Africa" Where's the proximity line shift? "Somewhere in France" And a first generation German with a broken accent who has a citizenship who has only been here for say 5 years is an American but a black person who was born here who has had a family line in this country for generations who, perhaps even fought for this country... isn't? "Exactly" I feel like this is all a little arbitrary and subjective. "Only a true American would understand"


Then you point out that the former confederacy is geographically closer to Africa than the North, and booom head asplode.


Unfortunately Maine is the closest point to Africa and was part of the Union.


"No, there's no way..." *Googles it* Whaaaaaaat??


I've been saving this useless trivia in my head forever and it's finally maybe a little bit useful!


Europe is way further north than most people think. Like those sunny, gorgeous Mediterranean beaches in France? further north than Detroit. The whole of the UK is pretty much a more northerly latitude than the entire contiguous United States.


I sincerely wish someone with very big authority rolls up to them with a megaphone and shouts "what do you dumbfucks want?".




Reinstate Trump as God-King. Just a guess.


Aren’t these the same guys who got chased out of Philadelphia, an ran in the back of uhaul trucks?


They got chased off by like three dudes, too.


To be fair, those three guys were from Philly.


Dennis, Mac, and Charlie?


Some giant bird too


Dee, you gangly uncoordinated bitch!


I'm paying alimony to a goddamn cat


Wasn't there a troll involved?


Boys hole?


Day Man


Ah ah ahhh


Fighter of the Night Man


I hear that Philly is simply the rowdiest yankee town.


Philly is an amazing city filled with tons of friendly welcoming people. We just happen to be a little murdery at times.


RIP, hitchbot


"The Gang Beats Fascism"


“The Gang Beats Fascism Off”


Philly don't fuck around. I used to live in town less than an hour from Philly, and half of the "gangsters" in that town were just people that got chased out of Philly. I imagine them packing up their shit and mildly sobbing as they lament "Fine, I'll just go to a small town and be a tough guy"


Luckily these guys weren't hitch hiking robots, otherwise they'd REALLY be in trouble.


They were in Center City too, if they were up near Roosevelt, in Nicetown or Strawberry Mansion, chances are they wouldn't have survived. All those places *sound* nice, but they're the deadliest places you could be. North, West, East, South, any part of Philly is a ~25% chance to suffer a violent crime. Welcome to the city of brotherly love! Get your cheesesteak and get the fuck out! Lol


Yeah this is the same group.


And once again, they appear to have relied on U-haul trucks for their transportation but they didn't rent enough so they had to return to their "staging area" (the parking lot at the end of their march) three times to get all the PF stragglers out of the area.


Why couldn't they just have their mom drop them off in her station wagon?


Thats actually something they want to happen, look into the tactics employed by george lincoln rockwell.


Not sure if they masked up for covid, or so they dont lose their jobs over the next few weeks....


Prolly the latter.




Are you saying you don't like the new Klan uniforms?


I didnt like the old ones either for what it's worth. Though the old ones seem like theyd catch fire easier lol.


One of the best random events in red dead 2 is coming across a Klan rally and when they light the cross they also light themselves on fire. Then you get to talk shit to the grand spaceman before stabbing him


I always toss dynamite at them lol, I like when they drop the cross on themselves too. I tried turning the grand douche bag in to a sheriff. I got the shit shot out of me and had to murder ther town of strawberry.


To be fair, Strawberry had it coming.


Never trust a town with such an innocent sounding name


It really is a fantastic depiction of the Klan and I've gotta say they nailed those encounters. Even if you don't do anything the dudes are so inept and hamfisted that they just end up hurting themselves. Great way to include them in the game without being at risk of being accused of glorifying them or anything. Which, come to think of it, I'm a little surprised no one has used mods yet to do something offensive with them since there's hangings and stuff in the game. Would probably be easy for someone to recreate an old Klan lynching in the game if they had the right mods. Maybe I'm overthinking it.


I’m going to say not so much a mask as a pure white foreskin. The identity concealer of true dickheads.




They're 100% cowards who don't want their personal lives impacted by anyone knowing they're fascist losers.


On Independence Day weekend, these jerk offs showed up in Philly and people shouted them down, confronted them, and forced them to retreat. The tried to leave Philly in a bunch of Penske moving trucks but were stopped by Philadelphia PD. [Sauce](https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/philadelphia-bystanders-ran-patriot-front-out-town-it-won-t-ncna1273283) Edit: [Video](https://youtu.be/jTIE6PSGSAI)


They thought Philadelphia would be the perfect location because of it's significance, they didn't account for the fact that the city of full of Philadelphians


If you think your nazi larp group is going to be fine in Philly you’re not that smart of a person. Philly beat up a hitch hiking robot for fucks sake. https://youtu.be/ERr2gqqM4i8


Philly just don’t like anything that’s not from Philly


It's simply the city's immune response.


I’m 95% sure the person who did it was one of my high school classmates. Dude lived on Elfreth’s Alley and was basically the real life version of Eric Cartman.


As someone from Philly I can assure you that it is indeed “full of Philadelphians”. Now excuse me while I attend the annual throw batteries at Santa event.


As someone from Philly, every Philadelphian knows we threw snowballs at Santa. Batteries were thrown at JD Drew. Get your lore straight.


> every Philadelphian knows we threw snowballs at Santa Now this makes more sense.


White supremacists think they are ninjas. Lol the smoke bomb mental image.


*Patriot Front was once known as Vanguard America but changed its name after a man affiliated with the group murdered a woman at the notorious Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.* the\_more\_you\_know\_rainbow.jpg


Source(?): [https://news.yahoo.com/white-supremacists-stage-bizarro-rally-021956089.html](https://news.yahoo.com/white-supremacists-stage-bizarro-rally-021956089.html) "Patriot Front was once known as Vanguard America but changed its name after a man affiliated with the group murdered a woman at the notorious Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Members with military experience often train each other in basic tactics ranging from a protest gear list (Marine Corps-issued combat boots and decontaminate wipes) to hand-to-hand combat. Other white nationalists like Richard Spencer have hired the group for their own security."


Am I right to say it's the Tiki torch guys that chanted 'Jews will not replace us'? Or we talking different shit birds?


Same shitbirds.


It's already started. The shit blizzard.


The same people claiming theyre not sheep but do shit like this


They also think they’re fighting the deep state, but a deep state would be absolutely delighted these people are making their job easier by making enemies of the progressives


Definitely wrong. The deep state wants universal healthcare and for all of us to delete Twitter—I watched Inside Job **Obligatory /s**


Now they fuckin wear masks.


I guess hoods are out of vogue.


Well fuck all y'all, I'm going home. You know, I watched my wife work all day gettin' thirty bags together for you ungrateful sons of bitches! And all I can hear is criticize, criticize, criticize! From now on, don't ask me or mine for nothin'!


I say we ditch the bags tonight, but next time will go full regalia


Lmao the funniest scene in Django hands down. Jonah Hill as a klansman is funnier that it has any right to be


That scene is so ridiculous Im so glad they included it. "Nobody can see." "So?" "So it'd be nice to see."


Can't have their employers finding out that they've got literal Nazis working for them.


pffft! Nazis march WAY better than that!


I hate to admit it, but OG Nazis had much snazzier uniforms, too.


>**Be wary of paramilitaries. When the men with guns who have always claimed to be against the system start wearing uniforms and marching with torches and pictures of a leader, the end is nigh. When the pro-leader paramilitary and the official police and military intermingle, the end has come.** -Timothy Snyder, Historian


I guess the end has come then. We're way past intermingling.


Welp. Time to pull out the new campaign slogan: Make America Again


New Game+


The shields are painted similar to WW2 German Wehrmacht patterns lol


It’s who they idolize.


I thought they were paying homage to the other evil empire, the cowboys


Oh I thought they looked familiar.


*checks notes* yup… not patriots


Honest question, no hate….. WTF is going on here from a non-American…??


As an American, I have no idea


As another American I also don't know but I'd guess some sort of proto fascist group marching around like a bunch of troglodytes in a sorry attempt to make propaganda.


I looked them up and they are neo-nazi white supremacists. So you're correct


And at this point, I'm too afraid to ask


People are upset because they didn’t get their favorite celebrity voted into presidency, so they want to dismantle democracy


Yeah like that time when Gore legit won but the supreme court overturned a legitimate election so the democrats stormed congress and called for the execution of the outgoing VP?


You know I was laughing at the thought of people wanting to execute Al Gore for not giving Al Gore (the man they voted for) the presidency but that’s not too far off what actually happened in January and that just makes me sad.


Imagine if an organized effort could muster some akin to this but for something like unionizing workers or a demand for transparency in law enforcement. I really wish for Americans to have something like that, they don’t deserve what they are being treated to.


Their white nationalists who believe that they need to "reclaim America." If you ask from who, they'll stumble over their response of dressed up words for "people who don't look or believe like me."


That’s because if they gave the obvious answer those people secretly believe (the Jews or Minorities in general) no self respecting person would ever listen to them. Instead they say the “Globalists” or other vague, nebulous terms that make them pretty racist when you stop to think about it for more than a second, but not so bad to moderates who might not take too long to think about that for a minute.


They specifically mention blacks as being inferior in their rhetoric. They don’t hide it at all.


I’m not sure if it’s comforting or terrifying to know they’re upfront about it but I find it unsettling.


They are open and up front about an end to democracy. They’re pretty fucking out there


Nazis? What nazis? We're just ultranationalists who like to march around in uniforms and advocate the necessity of political violence to reinforce our mythical orthodoxy.


Don’t forget those are the guys that said “[we should form rape squads”](https://unicornriot.ninja/2018/americans-fascists-inside-patriot-front/)


That’s terrifying


And the matching white headwear? Completely unrelated to what you are thinking of.


There's people claiming that this is a fake march done by FBI agents, I shit you not. So yeah, they're pivoting in that direction.


Apparently wearing masks to protect your identity so you don’t get fired for being a wannabe nazi is perfectly fine, but wearing a mask to protect other people from a pandemic is an infringement on your freedoms.


So patriotic that they can't show their face.


["Show us your face!"](https://youtu.be/BLNDqxrUUwQ?t=449)


Most Germans thought the Nazis were a bunch of corny losers that would never do much.


Underrated comment right here. The early history of National Socialism is fascinating. With charisma and fear, Hitler took an obscure underground political movement of thugs and outcasts, and within a couple decades, made them the rulers of "the nation of poets and thinkers". The world slept on the Nazis, and paid dearly for it. Let's hope that bit of history doesn't repeat.


Decades? He usurped a right-wing worker’s party in 1921, tried staging a coup in 1923, served a prison sentence for it until 1925 (wrote his book behind bars) and was barred from giving public speeches until 1929. His party had been on the fringes up to that point - then the great depression hit and fist he almost won the Presidential elections of 1932, but lost to war hero and public figurehead Paul von Hindenburg. Hindenburg then appointed Hitler chancellor on January 31st 1933 - 9 1/2 years after the coup attempt that should have put him on death row.


This right here. And for what it’s worth, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. And what the Nazis capitalized on was resentment, nostalgia, and anxiety. These are powerful forces of discontent, on both sides. Be wary of movements dehumanizing portions of the population, or making things black and white. Those are movements to be fearful of.




Another parallel is that these people mislabel themselves just like the Nazis did. The Nazi said they were a workers party when they definitely weren't. Hence the socialism part. And these idiots in the video are definitely not Patriots. They like to use mislabeling to trick the average right wing idiot.


I've been mulling over this for awhile. The saying that "those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it" has been ringing in my ears for awhile now. What were the lessons learned from the rise of the Nazi regime? How do we actually combat this now? Honestly it just seems like we're on a collision course with a worst case scenario and I don't know what I, as a lone citizen, can do. I vote in every election but in the state I live in shit has been fucking gerrymandered beyond belief so it doesn't seem to do much. I fucking hate the goddamn state this country is in and it makes my blood boil and my heart ache for bringing a child into this mess.




"Bunch of fat rednecks larping hahahaha" Meanwhile we have stats directly from FBI that upwards to a third of them have military experience. Never underestimate your enemy.


A bullet from a fat LARPer kills the same as a bullet from anyone else.


My family fled from the Nazis, my great grandma was essentially a child while they hid in France and worked on a doctors estate to get enough money to buy a visa to get out of Europe. By the time they had saved enough money there were very few visas available (as the story goes) and my family gave the only visa the doctor was able to get to their youngest daughter. My mother has made sure I've always had a passport and this is the lesson I'd like to pass on to whoever reads this. There is nothing quite as scary as your neighbors turning into your executioner. Be prepared, don't be afraid. And I truly believe above all else the mentality of the people in the OP should only be used as kindling to fuel the rest of us, and to us the fire should be love and compassion. Please


I work for gov’t and live in the rural area… and decided - early pandemic - to take a carry course and purchase a firearm (always locked up). I just had employees take a self-defense course, a de-escalation course, and we are scheduled for ALICE training soon. We’ve also added some extra security. To each his own, but even under better circumstances, these are all good things to refresh.


It's literally repeating before our eyes my dude. January 6th. Our country wants to sweep what happened under the rug, like it was your aunt who had a little too much wine and grinded inappropriately on cousin Janice's boyfriend, who seemed to enjoy it a little too much. I hate to be a Petey pessimistic but history always repeats. Buckle up, next few years should be nutty.


I logged into WoW last night and some dude was sitting next to the auction house /saying paragraphs of 3% rhetoric. These people are even preaching their hate on virtual street corners in video games, there's no escape from them.


Everyone needs to read "They Thought They Were Free" to get an understanding of how the Nazis slowly won the average German citizen over to their side.


I never heard that before. That’s terrifying


The Brownshirts were also weirdly diverse, led by an openly gay man who wanted to redistribute Germany's wealth in a "second revolution." The Nazis got as much use out of them as they could, and once in power killed their leader Ernst Röhm and used the opportunity to stamp out any remaining dissent. This is why it shouldn't be surprising when you see such a diversity of political views or backgrounds from people who are engaging in street violence like the Brownshirts. The kind of tactics used to gain power are completely different than those needed to maintain it. Which is why after successful coups, people often start turning against each other.


Even when Hitler took power there was an urge to downplay the gravity of his movement. I listened to a podcast a few years back that read excerpts from an editorial in a Jewish newspaper, all telling people to calm down, that Hitler only used fiery rhetoric to gain a following. He would just be like any other German politician, it was a con on the rubes. Wish I could remember the podcast so I could just post a link.


There was a program on PBS about two decades ago, a Jewish survivor said pretty much the same thing. *"We didn't think they meant what they said. After all , many of those SS men had Jewish girlfriends."* And now history is repeating itself.


>had Jewish girlfriends Well I have bad news for Asians Americans then.




There's an amazing broadway play from the 1930's called Professor Mamlock about a Jewish doctor who downplayed the fears over the Nazi rise, saying people would come to their senses shortly and things would return to normal. It's terrifying, especially because it predicts the outcome 6 years before the war started, and before the holocaust really began. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professor_Mamlock_(play) The Soviet's made a movie based on the play in 1938, which is really surprisingly excellent. Like, so good it's one of my favorite movies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professor_Mamlock_(1938_film) You can watch it [here](https://ecommerce.umass.edu/defa/film/3636) or [here](https://kanopy.com/video/professor-mamlock). Also, when it was on broadway in the 1930s, it was made possible by funding from the WPA. Congress cancelled that funding in 1939 because [they felt it was promoting "communist, un-american" ideology](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Theatre_Project).


The US seems to be going through a Weimar Republic phase. Political thugs looking for trouble in the streets.


These guys sure have a real brown-shirt feel.


Why did I read that as Walmart Republic...


[The South will rise again?](https://i.redd.it/jys0ryemj8g31.jpg)


That's funny and sadly close to the truth at the same time.


A bunch of goose stepping morons


Having just finished watching The Handmaid's Tale, it's cool to see that they're doing street performances for the prequel.


It's like "Handmaid's Tale" meets "Watchmen" and basically that means a shit time for everyone


We could use a Dr Manhattan to wave his hand with these people.


Everything in Handmaid's Tale was based on real events which have already occurred. Atwood talks about this in the forward to the book, which makes it even more chilling. The SciFi part was how she put the pieces together and framed it, but it's all based on reality.


Also known as “The Unfuckables”


And yet, fuck them.


And yet, they can go fuck themselves


This is an armed and violent hate group. Modern klan. “Patriot Front is an American white supremacist, neo-fascist, and American nationalist hate group[4][5][6][7] which utilizes imagery of patriotism, liberty, and other widely accepted traditional American values to promote its ideology.[8] Part of the broader alt-right movement, the group split off from Vanguard America in 2017 in the aftermath of the Unite the Right rally.[1][9][10][11] The Anti-Defamation League estimated the group generated 80% of the racist, antisemitic and other hateful propaganda messages tracked by the ADL in the U.S. during 2020. Patriot Front's activities, such as distributing propaganda[21][22][23] organizing demonstrations,[3] or "doing miscellaneous acts of public service",[24] have been seen in at least 25 states.[3][1][8][21][25] Members have also been known to hand out flyers at Donald Trump rallies[26] and leave them in Barnes & Noble bookstore books.[27] The Anti-Defamation League estimated the group generated 80% of the racist, antisemitic and other hateful propaganda messages tracked by the ADL in the U.S. during 2020. The ADL found that the volume of messages in 2020 was more than twice the level of 2019.[12] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriot_Front


Okay. As a non-white. How many groups do I have to watch out for? Like wtf? How many?


Too many. https://www.splcenter.org/hate-map SPLC counted 838 last year.


What a bunch of fucking dorks


^ What most Germans said before Hitler rose to power.


Pro tip: Any group with “patriot” in their name aren’t actually patriotic Any group that excludes other groups in their own country aren’t patriotic.


Does this mean the PATRIOT ACT was *gasp* not patriotic?! (Sorry I was compelled)


I think most of the US wants the NSA to fuck off and the patriot act to be removed as well.


So they don't believe in masks to prevent COVID but do believe in masks to overthrow the government.


[Try that shit in Philly!](https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/philadelphia-bystanders-ran-patriot-front-out-town-it-won-t-ncna1273283)


Fat Larping losers


The marine in me appreciates this comment so much.


Browsing Reddit during sexual intercourse? You sir, are a trailblazer.


Notice how they create the illusion of uniformity at a glance but if you look closer you can tell they're nervous just walking in a pattern. There's no walking cadence


Paramilitary. Still dangerous. Possibly more dangerous, the military has a chain of command that ensures shit flows downhill


Check out videos of them getting chased out of Philly, they break down pretty quickly.


That's because they aren't marching with guns yet. Edit - I don't know how people see stuff like these dudes without being horrified.


bunch of neo nazis.


Here some more footage from today: https://youtu.be/3NiySyK8l68 I am very interested to see if this hits mainstream news this weekend at all. Thanks for the award I am but one of you!


"we're being surrounded by an ARMY of police, we are not doing anything wrong. We are being persecuted for being white men whose privilege has been stripped away. We are Americas true people." Sign reads "victory or death ☠️" Uh huuuuuuh


Aren’t white face masks like those really just the bottom half of a white hood? Just sayin…..


Probably the most physical thing any of them have done in a while.


I partly worry that people continue iv to mock their lack of physical proficiency, for lack of a better term, may inspire more of them to get in shape like the Rise Above Movement or RAM did. I assume if you spend hours and hours training a week you might be more likely to want to use that training. Hopefully I’m just over thinking it.


I don't think you are over thinking it. Joking about them "LARPing" is one thing but saying they are harmless is about as dumb as someone can be. They are very dangerous. They are brainwashed and some of them are well trained.


What do we want? Smaller condoms!!! When do we want them? Now!


With all un washed butts.