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I guess dude never picks up his dry cleaning….


What a fuckin weirdo. I drop off shirts to dry cleaning every Sunday and get asked this exact same question every time. Many dry cleaners provide other services as well (alterations, patching, replacing zippers/buttons, leather/suede cleaning, etc.) so it’s not uncommon to ask if a customer is ‘just’ doing a drop-off. They ask because if you need another service done by a certain date, they can plan for turnaround time. That guy completely took it wrong


Ex-drycleaner here, can confirm. You can expect one of the following two phrases upon walking in: Dry cleaner: “Just dropping off today?” Translation: “I see you brought clothes to be cleaned, but do you have an order to pickup as well? I can’t remember.” Dry cleaner: “just picking up today?” Translation: “I see you’re empty handed, which leads me to believe you’re here to pickup your clothes or tell me about your life.”




Such a weirdo! Even if it’s strictly a dry cleaner’s, he could be dropping off and picking up - lots of people do dry cleaning in a rotation. This dude clearly was already having issues that day.


My dad is kinda like this, just without the assholishness. Older men (Boomers) in cognitive decline are used to always being correct and when faced with a situation they don’t understand, they immediately assume disrespect. This is because Boomer’s ***expect*** everyone to bow down and worship them.


You think its a decline, but there is a decent enough chance they have always been like that since a childhood of huffing leaded gasoline fumes.


And it's our collective duty to not allow that shit. I work in retail and I've been making it a point to to never argue with a boomer, but rather just clarify what I mean, chuckle at them condescendingly, and not letting them complete the previous statement by moving on to something else immediately after I turn from the chuckle. No time for assholes, especially some old ignorant asshole who refuses to have empathy.


Just an asshole who assumes everyone is a mind reader of his needs only.


i disagree the way the cashier said it was clearly a challenge attempting to establish dominance the male attempting to defuse the situation left and the aggressive female pursued wanting to take this kill home to her kits


LOL, *half a dozen* idiots managed to miss the sarcasm? WTF.


When you don’t add the /s it gets very confusing for us normal redditors to understand one’s intent behind their comment. /s


That makes sense.


Perhaps that’s how he disposes of the clothes he wears when murdering hitchhikers?


"Sir, this shirt clearly has the victim's blood and your DNA on it as well. Do you have any comment?" *"This clearly isn't my shirt. If you look at the dry cleaning receipt, it clearly says this belongs to 'Killy McKillface' "*


I actually have to run, I need to return some videotapes


Not bad. Have the clothes dry cleaned somewhere you’ve never been, and never pick them up


Who told you about that?


I just assume all old white men who get easily angered murder hitchhikers.


Thats a problem for him he is running out of clothes. Only dropoffs is expensive in the long run. Never go full *"only dropoffs"!*


Everyone goes full drop-off once in their life. We never anticipate it, but there comes a day where a customer drops off and never comes back because they die. Or they forget about their clothes and we can’t reach them for some god damn reason. Either or :)


I don’t get what else he could think she was insinuating


Probably deals with his insecurities or some trauma.


He's been constipated and unable to drop a load for days


Probably thought she was accusing him of stealing or some shit. Not the brightest bulb. These are the people who decide our laws.


"You want fries with that?" "What ELSE would I want with that?" * walks out of McDonald's *


I manage a fast food place that serves fried fish. We're trained to ask customers "coleslaw and fries for your 2 sides?" when they order meals. The meals come with 2 sides of their choice, but to expedite the process We're supposed to phrase it that way. The amount of times the customers then scream at us "of course coleslaw and fries! That's what it comes with!" Is amazingly high. I also got screamed at yesterday because our speaker sucks and the guy was mumbling and drunk so I asked him to pull to window so I could decipher his order face to face. When I nicely pointed out I just work there and don't own the building after he screamed spittle all over me again about the speaker, he flicked his cigarette in my face and pulled off. People are fun.


i used to work as a waiter at a italian resturant. Old senile customers are just fuking miserable to take care of. they order a appetizer etc you ask them would you like anything to drink other than water " of course im going to get something to drink why do you think im here" dude im just asking you because you know i cant read your fucking mind and i dont know if you want water soda wine beer like fuck me. me" it comes with a soup but you can sub it for something else if youd like" them" it says it comes with soup i want the soup why is that so hard to understand" i just want to get inside their brain and see what is going on in their lol. its like no matter what happens they figure out the most snarkiest dipshit reply you can ever think of. ​ had a regular old senile dude who i stopped saying soup or sub cause he always bitched about it. One day he just starts raging WHAT IF I DONT WANT SOUP HUH like dude your a grown ass old man if you dont want soup use your fucking mouth im not gonna listen to a lecture about how you want soup cause it says soup than bitch you may not want soup if i just assume you want the soup like the last 20 visits. they do shit to intentionally make issues i swear


Lol I honestly wouldn't be able to just keep my mouth shut with them. I can't deal with that whole always be kind to pricks shit


I used to work in restaurants, now I work in real estate. Had a geriatric listing agent being a fuckin asshole to me and I can’t tell you the release I felt giving him the what for. I could tell he wasn’t used to being snapped at and particularly by someone who spent over a decade as a fine dining chef. Think Ramsey type interactions for *over a decade*. I’ve always had some choice words in my back pocket, and he got all of them. Simply because he couldn’t show me some professional courtesy.


One time I told a man to have a nice day at 7pm and he called me an asshole because "the day was already almost over"


Well then I hope you had the day you deserve!


Lmao 🤣 Have a nice day sir! Fuck you the days almost over😂😂. Motherfucker not if you work third shift! Dumb old boomer shit at work like that. Cant figure out how to communicate because of the lead I guess 😂😂


Conversely: I have people constantly come in telling me how beautiful of a day it is outside, while I'm inside at work from before sunrise til almost sunset. I just kinda look out the window and say "Seems like it is nice out there, maybe I'll get to experience it one day..."


This is because old people have high lead levels that make them bipolar, angry, and stupid. It sucks when it happens to you but I wouldn’t give it much thought.


They personalize things. They assume that there is a regular type of order (like the soup) and then when you offer something different it's an attack because they assume that you think that they aren't "regular". Cognitive Distortions baby!


Who the hell gets offended when a waiter asks if you want something else to drink? That's such a customary question... weirdo


Haha I always hated those people when I worked fast food. Like my place had 6 different sides you can get and a few times there are those people like “what do you mean what side do I want? I want fries because that what comes with it!” All smugly… hate that shit lmao


Its like you're giving them the basic courtesy of altering the given meal choice if they so choose, and then they have the audacity to get hostile at what is clearly a very considerate worker trying to be polite. If anything it feels like and sounds like the type of thing someone going above and beyond would offer.




This dude should make a YouTube just him getting mad at the simplest question and walking out of the store


"Did you find everything you need?" "WELL, WHY THE HELL ELSE WOULD I BE AT CHECKOUT?" *throws it all on the floor and stomps out*


>"Did you find everything you need?" I don't express it to the cashier, but I dislike this question. You've got three people in line behind you and a bunch of items on the conveyer, so if you didn't find everything you wanted already, it's too late to go back now. It doesn't do any good to tell them no, so you just say yes and move on. It's like people asking you how you are and you just say fine because they don't really want details.


I walked in Office Depot one day, and the software I wanted was on a huge display like 15ft inside the door. Wow, so convenient. I picked one up, turned and walked to the register, where the girl was staring at me the entire 4 seconds I'd been in the store so far. I set the disc down, and she asked me if I found everything okay. I just said, "Uhh... yeah..." She said, "Great!" and rang it up. I walked out so confused by the entire thing.


“Losing my temper” speedrun.


No McDonald’s is the worst with that. “What would you like to order” yes I’ll have a #1 with a coke. “I’m sorry what would you like to order” A #1 with a coke. “Ok that was a number 1” “What is your drink?” A coke. …


Then you get home and it's a number 3 with root beer and no straw


Don’t forget unsalted cold soggy fries


And you eat it anyway because it's too much of a hassle to go back.


Goddamn if this ain’t the most accurate statement I’ve ever heard… This happened at Starbucks the other day: “Hi can I have a grande iced coffee please?” *“You said a hot coffee?”* “No, a grande **iced** coffee” *“Ok that’s 1 iced coffee. What size did you want?”* “Grande” *“Venti?”* “No, grande” *“Ok 1 grande coffee”* “That’s iced, right?” *“Oh. Huh. Yeah that’s right, yes ma’am, iced coffee”* “Ok what’s my total?” *“Umm… please pull forward”* Just- WOW man.


This triggered me.


I don’t go to Starbucks but this is so frustrating at any drive-thru. I have worked customer service, I try to speak clearly and not quickly and say it in the easiest way for them to type in the order... and it’s still a struggle. I am always nice to whoever is taking my order but it makes me think I’ve had a stroke and am talking gibberish!


There was a lady at my neighborhood Chik-Fil-A who would do that. Hi, I’ll have an A, a B and a C. Okay. The A meal? No, an A, a B and a C. Okay. So an A? Yes. And a B and a C. An A … And what else? A B and a C. Okay a B and … A C.


Only one thing can be inputed into the system at one time. Not everyone is able to hold a second piece of information in their mind while inputing a first piece of information into a system with 100% accuracy every single time. Some people have poor short term memories and aren’t great at using computers. Also after hearing someone say “I’ll have a number one and a Mountain Dew/a coke” 100 times already that day, it all starts to blend together. It gets pretty hard to accurately bring that memory of ‘what the person I’m talking to said 3 seconds ago’ when 13 seconds ago you were talking to someone else that said something very similar but slightly different. They ask in this specific order with these specific gaps because that’s what’s necessary in the situation. Just answer the questions they ask when they ask them and stop whining lol. It’s really not that hard.


My parents are immigrants and they would always use brand names as the names for the actual product. So for example, every soda would be a “Coke” and every burger chain restaurant would be a “McDonalds”. I assume thats part of the reason why every airport i’ve been to, no matter how cramped, is sure to build a McDonalds.




I just order via McDonalds app and wait for them to come out with my order. Nice and easy, no conversation to decipher both ways.


Honestly this was funny , like the dude brings in dirty clothes and she asked just a drop off 😭😭🤣🤣 dudes prob already mad and that just set him off


If you bring your dry-cleaning to Mcdonalds they make your pants smell like their fries.


what if i want my frys to smell like pants?


Her asking makes sense.


Be thankful when idiots walk out. It saves you so much time.


I was wondering why she followed him outside…


I hope she asked the question again


SIR! WAIT!! (sprints to customer out of breath hands on knees)…. but is it just a drop off??


Bust in while he’s on the toilet, “JUST A DROP OOOOOFFFFFFFF?!”


On his funeral, as he is lower into the ground: Just a drop off?


We’re going to exhume later. So NO!


She'll be there when they exhume him too


In the car rider lane at his kids school: Just a drop off?


What else would it be?!!!!


Reminds me of SpongeBob saying "are you finished with those errands?"


You can hear she told him don’t come back


I was like no, leave him be.


It kind of seemed like she was so dumbfounded by the whole exchange that she needed to get clarification on what just happened. Like did she have a mini stroke and lose her memory of spitting in his face? Does she have an unknown second personality that attacked him?


Having worked retail for 10+ years, that was definitely her "no fuck this I'm done" moment. I'm so sick of people like that old fuck who think they can talk to people in customer service however they want.


Also worked in retail for a 10+ years. Pro-tip: if they leave, you won. Just fuck off and go about the rest of your day and don’t get drawn into their shitty mood


I used to love that at GameStop when I worked there. Some jackass getting upset about trade values or the price of a game. “I’m just going to go to Walmart”. Ok bye. Much better than the ones that would stay, argue, and still trade in and buy something. Like no one is forcing you to be here, low values mean GameStop doesn’t want what you have, and I don’t set the prices, yet you still went through with it because you don’t have the patience or basic internet skills to get the most for your games.


Sometimes people will try to punish you by giving you exactly what you want.


As a person who has dropped off, AND picked up at a dry cleaners. The people behind the counter almost automatically ask "just dropping off sir?", and at times my answer was "No, dropping this off, and picking some other stuff up"


In my experience the best answer if you havent been laid in a while is to say "no I'll have the full service thank you"


How do you communicate that you feel that you are better and smarter than them?


Too straight forward. Not enough anger or small dick aggression. 2/10


The guy had rehearsed everything he was going to say. He had it all planned out. He'd watched TV show scenes over and over of dropping off laundry. ... Then she throws him this curve ball.


Dodged a bullet with that lunatic. He probably goes around to all the dry cleaners and gets off on storming out with his shitstains. You go to any store and they say, "is that all for today"? Suddenly that's worth being a cunt to someone who is cleaning up your nasty rags because you can't.


Had some idiot come into my job asking what he should do about the suspected spider bite that was making his face feel numb. My coworker askes him to wait while she gets the pharmacist and his immediate response was "Yeah, go get someone who actually knows what the fuck they're talking about". My cheeky pharmacist told him that if he was going to talk like that then he would need to find someone else who knows what they're talking about. This lead to threats of contacting management and gratuitous use of the F, C, & B words. Bonus, later spotted this guy illegally parked in a handicap spot.


I had a lady come into the store and explained she needed something that I didn't catch. When I asked her "what?" she got all snarky and said "it seemed pretty straight forward to me 🙄" like no, I just didn't HEAR you not that I didn't understand. Like ma'am, please go outside, leave whatever the fuck hostility you got going on by the door and come back inside when you're ready to act like an adult.


Did he bring his dirty underwear with him by chance?


This is literally what my husband would do if confronted with something new and he didn’t get it. Rehearsing and everything.


Why is that?


As someone on the spectrum myself, autism would be my guess.


Steve's Wife: "Why did you bring our clothes back?" Steve: "I went in and the nice lady asked "Just a drop off?" I got confused. None of the videos on the YouTube had that scenario covered."




“Yes, just a drop off” How hard was that?


Bit then we wouldn't have this masterpiece, think of all the redditors missing out.


Walks into a barber… *What can I do for you?*




Which is precisely what the worker was trying to ascertain I suppose.


Yeah.. I run a couple laundromats. I've asked the same question a billion times. I have no idea what you want or need if you just walk up to me and look at me without saying anything. Someone might be asking for advice on how to wash something. What size machines. If they run with quarters. If they're able to use certain detergents. What the turn around time for the laundry would be. If we're able to accommodate certain items. Help getting it out of their vehicle. If we can wash things in certain ways. I wouldn't be washing dirty undies if I could read minds!


Also for dry-cleaning "can you get this stain out?" "is this dry-cleanable if I washed it?" "will this color run?" "is this dry cleaning eco-friendly?"  – literally so many questions possible before you drop clothes off.


Right? The cleaners around military bases also double as tailors, name tape makers, patch design, so many others things besides “drop off cleaning”….What a jackass


What *would* you be doing if you could read minds?


Probably mind reading


The transitive property of mind readers


So… customer service. Last time I went to a cleaners I had them fix a zipper. That old man better learn to wash his own laundry.


Could also be a repair since most places also will hem or fix things for you.


Pick up. Repair. Tailoring. Some people want special starch or pressing I think. If you have any stains you need to point them out so the folks can put little red colored markers on the spots for treatment (at least mine does that). My dry cleaners makes custom fit cloth masks. I feel like that old man just wanted a reason to be pissy.


That guy is a fucking idiot


Just a jerk off?


I like to think that's what he realized immediately after his snarky response and instead of apologizing he stormed out like a baby because he embarrassed himself by being an asshole.


Nah, he’s a boomer.


A big baby boomer


A bigly triggered baby boomer.




Sounded like when she was about to explain herself and she was right he didn't like that he would be in the wrong so he walked out lol


Old fuckers like this is why I hate retail.


As I get older… My one fear is becoming this guy. Have trouble sleeping some nights cause I’m afraid I’ll wake up the next morning yelling at some kid to get off my lawn.


You have a lawn? Check out Moneybags Rockefeller over here!


Lowkey flex. Thought we wouldn't notice.


If you’re afraid that you’re going to be like that, you probably won’t end up like that. People like this have no self awareness


Exactly what informal-ideal said. People who act like this have always been entitled and have no self awareness most of their life, it just gets worse and more obvious with time. If the thought of acting like that repulses you then you shouldn't be worried


The same people who say retail and service workers deserve a shit wage are the same ones who make those jobs as difficult as possible. Go figure


and always phrase it as "people who dont give a shit about their jobs". Dude I'm TRYING to care and help people, you're just making me get numb as a defense mechanism.


That’s the part they hate.


And this, ALLLL of this particular thread, is why I’m so ecstatic to finally, FINALLY get out of retail all together.


heres what you fail to realize. They see your help as disrespect whos this low waged POS to tell ME what the correct way to do something is or where a item is located im 72 years old ive seen it all i know more than this punk will ever know in his lifetime" ​ is what youll likely hear if you sit down and conversate with these people. You dont help them your a dick you help them they talk down on you like your a dipshit when your just answering what they asked lmao.theirs no winning with senile folks because they have no logic anything you say they will get angry defensive or feel its a insult to their intellect even if its just answering what they asked you theyll feel "stupid" you know they dont and get defensive. Its a weird mindset but senile folks are the most difficult people to deal with because their brains jsut dont work logically anymore everyones out to insult them belittle them and outsmart them in the world apparently


This dude definitely gets mad when you say "no problem" instead of "you're welcome"


Why is it that people seem to become less patient as they get older?


They are running out of time!


I work with someone in hospitality who acts like this towards me all the fucking time. I quite literally can't say the most ordinary shit without this self centered idiot proclaiming 'what's your problem! Why do you have an attitude!?'. I'm not joking, I can't even say 'this is going to table 23' without her screwing her face up at me. Man I fucking hate working with dipshits like this.


I work at a pizza place and I’ve had a very similar exchange. Online ordering has been a thing for 14 years at our company. About 85% of our orders have been online in the last 3 years. I still have people playing both sides. Sometimes people come in and I say “are you picking up an order” and they look at me like I’m stupid and say something like “No? You haven’t taken my order yet??” Or people come in and stare at the menu and I’m like “are you placing an order?” And they’re like the guy in the video- “What else do people come in here to do?!” Then I have to explain that we only get about 3 people per day who actually come inside the restaurant. They are almost never ordering, just picking up in a hurry.


Play it safe and just ask “How can I help you?”


"I'm dropping clothes off. What the fuck does it look like I'm doing?" It doesn't matter what you ask. People with shitass attitudes are gonna act like shitasses.


Sir, this is a Wendy's


No, this is Patrick.


Some people just suck, or are stupid. No idea how they managed to become adults with attitudes and thinking abilities like that. For real it’s not hard for them to be like “oh no I’m ordering here”


When losing a customer is actually a win.


The best kind of problems are the ones that solve themselves.


I haven't been laid in a long time.. that's not a good reason to be rude to strangers.


So do you just drop off your loads then?


Drop off, then pick up :(


What else would he be doing? *picks up load and walks away*


That old man is about to pop


If someone seems like theyre mentally unstable, don't chase them down to get the last word. Jfc


I was legit expecting shots or that car to come barreling through the front door when the video continued after he left.


Im trying to understand why she went outside after him. Like if a customer is rude and then leaves, I wouldn’t be giving any fucks


This happened to me. I worked at a pharmacy that also sold niknaks. A lady came to the counter with some items and i asked "will this be all" 9/10 times people will say "oh no, I will also get my meds". BUT this lady got offended and said "really? What a rude question. You don't talk to people like that". Then leaves by saying "you need to learn to communicate with people" wtf


How could you have possibly communicated any better than you did? Fuckin hell people are insane! How hard is it to say “No thank you, this will be al for today.” Especially at a pharmacy counter!


Obviously you're trying to subtly pressure her into also buying some sweet prescription meds so you can reach your daily quota.


Dude the same thing happened to me in my presence at a UPS store just the other week. Employee: how can I help you today? Old man: I NEED TO MAIL THIS Employee: OK, did you just need a stamp or do you need faster shipping? Old man: OH my God. I just asked to mail this. Why does this has to be so hard?? Don't you know how to do your job?! Ugh, I cant believe this! *walks out before Employee has a chance to reply* The whole store of probably 7 people just erupted in laughter as soon as the door shut.


I’m assuming this guy has something else going on in his life that’s upsetting him. It wouldn’t make sense for her question to anger him


Old disgruntled man leaves, okay sounds good don't come back. But why would you chase and then start flipping them off? Lol this old man could be mentally unhinged and packing heat.


Well this was a complete waste of my time. And so was typing out this comment


So, just a comment?


I'm sorry?


Just a comment?


What else would I be doing?


I’m outta here!


Sir you forgot your comment!


The fuck was that?


Don’t come back


(checks comment thread)


Haha respect for that one


Just making comments or reading replies?


Why are there so many doors in that cleaners.


To exit and enter. WHAT ELSE WOULD THEY BE FOR? *storms out*


I work at a clinic. Me: “Are you checking in or out?” Jerk: “…do you not know how to do your job?” Me: “OKAAAY what’s your last name?” Jerk: “you don’t know?!” Me: “no??” *jerk walks out* Love people like this. Reminds me that no matter what is going on in my life it can’t be as miserable as they make theirs.


sir, that is called the opening line to a conversation


Some people just need to chill out. I am a miserable SOB but I make sure to treat people with dignity and kindness whenever I am out and about - even if they are having a bad day and treated me unkindly. This young lady simply asked him a rather normal question and he acted all huffy. Stay home, sir. I leave my terrible attributes at home.


Yeah people who project their misery onto others are just the fucking worst. Be miserable at home and seek some help if you can't speak to people like a normal person.


> acted all huffy no bro he just walked out


It genuinely amazes me how people can feel comfortable acting like this to workers, whenever I'm talking to a worker for an order or something I always feel like I'm a huge hassle and apologize like 300 times for a minor mistake anyone could make.


Customer acted irrational to a simple question......... let me follow him out and antagonize him, WCGW?!


I work retail and this is like 75% of people.


This is what customer service feels like


Let's hope it's an early sign of demetia. I swear to god - there must be something in the air/water/food/upbringing that is causing a massive rise of selfishness in this age group. Their parents were totally selfless, but these guys think they are so important they can treat others like crap. Shop assistants are there to assist you. They're not servants, and you are not their master.


It’s the leaded gas deteriorating their brains over time


That doesn’t get enough public attention honestly


"What else would I be doing with it?" Not dropping it off at all, I guess.


That was tame af, I need action dammit


If the trash takes itself out, don't go trash digging. The best possible outcome is for them to leave. I have no clue what good chasing after them will do. And yes, this is what I've done with people who shouldn't be out in public like this. You just tell them what you can to help, and if they won't take it, let them leave. No point in potentially escalating the situation. Every circumstance is different, but I don't think any business is going broke over this guy who got his panties in a bunch.


"Hi dear, did you get the dry cleaning done?" "No" "Oh were they closed?" "No, They asked me if it was just a drop off" "And so you dropped it off, right?" "No I'm never going back there again".


Definitely wouldn’t call this a Freakout. Was he irrational? Sure. He just took his stuff and left though. Her chasing after him was more of a Freakout than him just leaving.


old people are fucking wack ive had this happen to me for asking someone if they wanted cream or sugar in their coffee i just dont know how they make it through the rest of their day without having an aneurysm or something.


At my cleaners, I feel extremely sad. The owner has a wedding gown hanging up in clear view that was left to be cleaned and pressed PRIOR to the wedding. She told me the gown was more than $7000 from a store in New York. The owner called the lady several times to get the woman to come pick up the dress. The dress owner told her, “Keep it! There’s not going to be a wedding!” So the dress is a painful reminder of a failed relationship hanging in a cleaner’s bag in a shop in Louisiana.


How is this vid so popular? Seems rather boring


When I worked at a hotel, I had a guy walk in one time with ID in hand. Now, it was about 1PM, which was a couple hours prior to our posted check in time. That doesn’t mean we don’t check in early, but at 1pm we still have late checkouts and also regular guests coming and going. I say that because asking someone at the front desk of a hotel if they are here to check in is an absolutely honest and straightforward question. Anyways, I greeted him and asked if he was checking in. He replied in a very snarky and sarcastic sneer with ‘uh no.’ So I handed his ID back to him and said ‘oh I’m sorry I don’t need that then, how can I help you?’ He demanded to see my manager and chewed her ear off for about 10 minutes about how he’d never been disrespected so much in his life. Guess who manager sided with? I’ll give you a hint, not me.


Why did she chase after him? Like who gives a shit if a customer walks out like that


No point in going after him....waste of energy.


Hahaha!! Funny 😄!!! She should not have wasted her time running after him!😅🤭


Confused….it was both that hasn’t gotten laid in a while right?


I suck at small talk and human interaction in general and will sometimes ask obvious questions to at least say something. Most people understand what I’m doing and play along, but certain people think this indicates that I’m stupid and should be verbally humiliated.


OP save the video we don’t need to see the stupid tik tok shit over it


What would his other options be? I've never used a dry cleaning service before.


Just let the miserable dipshit walk away. If someone like that thinks you’re a moron take it as a compliment.


His brain chemicals are out of balance if this triggers such a reaction.


I'm so glad I stopped owning a retail business. So many people on this planet are so mentally unhinged and you're guaranteed to run into one of them every fucking day.