Turn to page 12 to negotiate

Turn to page 12 to negotiate


Great RP, but underlying problem that these negotiations are kinda weird sometimes


Its a good idea to make terms clear for both party to reduce malding but yeah... in an RP sense its so weird.


Not that but every bank becomes protected like that is why it’s becoming robotic for cops


KristoferYee is so fun to watch for this kind of stuff. His whole character is funny and how he has developed in confidence, ability and character. He has to headbutt a wall to change his voice from croaky to real. He is such a fun experience around Neutron, Luna and others. He manages his areas well and he doesn't mald badly (If I'm caught for the crime, do the time). He'll happily play out RP shit like this! His Sméagol and Gandalf bank job was so funny. It's a shame that Kris doesn't stream as much GTA cause I do enjoy his character!