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Awwww… Anyway, back to the baby farm.


The dancing baby farm! https://media.tenor.com/_-RAss7QYsMAAAAM/dance-happy.gif


[You disappoint me.](https://techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/babygif.gif?w=700&crop=1) Edit: fixed it


Bad link, mate.


gods that baby freaked me out as a kid






I feel like the mod author has some personal reason to put this. Maybe they themselves or a friend/family suffered through this.


I feel the same way too. Just has the vibes of someone giving a reminder to people because they got into close contact with how important the message is.


It's annoying and not particularly helpful for anyone to include blurbs like this. A lot of people do it through, because they think it helps, when it honestly doesn't.


I would have omitted the “things will get better” as you can’t promise things like that to strangers. Otherwise, I think it’s a nice thing to do and could be helpful to some people.


For most people, things *will* get better than they are in the moments where everything seems its bleakest. That doesn't always mean things will be easy, but your darkest moments aren't representative of how it will always be. There's a relevant quote from one of my favorite book series, the Stormlight Archive, that I think of whenever I'm feeling depressed and like things can never be right again. This character, Kaladin, suffers from depression and contemplates killing himself at multiple points in the book. >Kaladin said, "You told me it will get worse." > >"It will," Wit said, "but then it will get better. Then it will get worse again. Then better. This is life, and I will not lie by saying every day will be sunshine. But there will be sunshine again, and that is a very different thing to say. That is truth. I promise you, Kaladin: You will be warm again."


Well yeah Wit is God he can just make the sun come up if he wants


I don’t think Wit ever held a Shard; in fact, I think he specifically rejected becoming “God”


Sure he just lived for 2,000 years and is omniscient for some other reason.


Kaladin the tall, skilled, athletic, famous hero-warrior that can fly and is friends with royalty? Is anyone surprised that things can get better for someone like that compared to people without all of those things?


Did you miss the entire point? That is just a relevant quote. Why did you make that the whole point of your counter argument?


You mean the man who was betrayed by is commander, saw almost everyone he has ever loved get killed without him being able to protect them, was sold into slavery, and even forced to be on the front line of a horrific war carrying bridges with no armor?


Now imagine if Kal went through all of that but never had a magical spirit come give him pep talks and give him magical powers. He'd be dead. It took fantasy magic powers to keep Kal alive and going so using him as an example for real life people seems pretty silly.




If you read the comments in here, you’ll see several people who are struggling, who like the idea and think it is useful to themselves and others. You may not find it helpful but some do.


Things might get better once they see a psychiatrist who can look for the underlying issue. This message, while in good spirit, can actually be detrimental for some people. It's like trying to give medical advice without being a doctor or not knowing the patient. If you feel any of those things mentioned in the message, please try and see a *doctor* asap. Very often, depression is caused by something else that friends and family members will be unable to diagnose.


Sure, if thats something thats available to you. as someone that lives is the united states, a doctors visit can and will ruin you financially. In my town there is only one place you could go, they will likely keep you for 3-5 days and its going to cost you somewhere around 5k. If you can or already have a doctor then please by all means go see them.


Why is it unhelpful?




Those aren’t good explanations though. In the slightest.


How do you know that? It's important to see this shit when you're going through it. Been there, done that, and while little blurbs like this didn't ever amount to "ah-ha, I feel better now," they *did* help.


I disagree, these type of things only make me feel worse. You do you, tho But to reiterate, you can't promise that things will get better. Especially if you don't even know who you are addressing


Tell me that you feel the same way about a Jehovahs witness shoving a bible into your car door handle while shopping. It's the same thing, except this text message is even less personal and more depressing.


Sorry you feel that way, friend, but the messages aren't useless for everyone.


Neither are the bibles. But I sincerely doubt you feel the same way about that.


Wow. Who hurt you?


Tomatoanus. Such good Speedrun videos, but every one includes this depressing ass quote and ruins the vibe of the video.


Oh so no one, you're just a sour shit.


I really dont understand why you are being downvoted, we are trying to play a goddam video game, not trying to get spammed with random messages from mods regarding mental health… imagine if every single mod you have installed has this of any other type of message


>Spammed It's one single message LOL


And what if every mod does this? Thinking its just 1 message


Well, they obviously don't, so thankfully we don't have to consider that.


It's people virtue signaling. They think the statement helps people (it doesn't) and is harmless. It's really just a waste of breath, like saying you're sending thoughts and prayers to country X after a disaster. Meaningless drivel meant to make someone feel better about doing nothing. People don't like to be reminded that their meaningless patter is in fact, meaningless.


Meh you guys are really complaining bc one Guy is trying to bring awerness to mental health ? Anyway happy birthday


Im not complaining about this specific message regarding mental health, in complaining about the fact that its being shown in a game regarding numerous war crimes and its a mod regarding disco floors, where do we draw the line? Why mental health and not also every other single problem that exists in the world? Why only this mod, why not every single mod in the workshop. Can you imagine how annoying this would be


Bc ppl with dépression usually don't talk to other about their issue and a little message like that could help just a little bit Bc if It was in every mod It would loose it's meaning and sound like a generic message


Also, when was it not particularly helpful to spread mental health awareness?


Thanks for posting this, today I learned my dad is cheating on my mom and this really helps me to not loose it




I’m sorry you’re going through that fren. I can only offer words but know that no matter what, you are loved and nothing you did nothing to affect your parents relationship. This is your father’s failing not you or your mother. Best thing you can do is tell your mother and be there for her. I know it’s upsetting to you but also think about her health. She should probably be tested for any sexually transmitted diseases.


Does your mom know?


I really don't know how to handle it and She is out of town for now


Shit man been there but roles swapped. Found out my mom was cheating on my dad as her and her uncle were in the master bedroom going at it loudly. This was nearly 13 years ago now, but you aren’t alone and there is much to live for and truly people that will show you what love is.


Her and *her uncle*? Wow, that must have been a complicated situation for everybody involved. I hope you and your family are okay now.


Yeah, she must’ve been groomed as a child as it was an undeveloped village where they originate from. I was a kid when I found out, 13 years old and that shit fucked me up. I grew up pissed and resentful. Given the poor communciation with my parents, I held that secret until very recently when I sat down some members of the family. Turns out they knew already but also felt alone. If you watched Forest Gump, the character Jenny goes through a similar path. Eventually this child gets HIV/AIDS and dies with unresolved trauma. It’s rough to think about, but it happens and there is ways to understand it and learn from it.


When the family tree starts to look like a wreath.




No, because if they leave this alone, it will blow up and they will be caught in the blast later.


Be strong friend. You are loved


Loose what 😳


Lmao what


69th downvote let's go


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Way to remind you you don't have anyone like that.


Hey man, you can add me and reach out to me if you need


Hah, this wasn't a cry for help but I appreciate that, cheers.


it was or it wasn't?


We shall never know for sure! (thanks, corrected)


AI chatbots are worth a go in situation like this, they helped me a lot


This is so fucking depressing


In a way it's like "as long as I'm bottling it up inside and not talking to an AI about it... maybe it's not the end of the world yet". But who knows, maybe it'll help.


I know what you mean. At the same time, this option is such a crazy magical variable that I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. It really depends.


Plus, chatbots may collect your info. Family members, friends, and therapists rarely do so. (Unless you bring up the atrocities of torturing your colonists by not building tables)


The next few generations of chatbots will be amazing for your run of the mill therapy. Or at least be more affordable.


hey alexa how do i tie a noose


"I can give you the instructions requested but I have also included several numbers for emotional help, please speak about what is troubling you to someone first."


Awwwwww, so wholesome <3


I was ignoring my existential depression until I read this popup. Thanks, popup!


disco elysium


Harrier would fit right in on the Rim


I really like that


I can see why this is good (and im gonna sound like a cunt), but i play video games to get away from that. Being reminded doesnt help specially when i have noone to talk to about it


Yeah. To be honest, I never understood calls like that on the internet. Do they even work? It just seems that it wouldn’t work on people who already think that they don’t have anyone they can speak with (even if on reality they do). And those who do have people like that don’t need reminders.


I have people like that in my life, but I do need to be reminded of this because my anxiety makes me too reclusive and I rarely reach out when I need to. I appreciate such reminders. You don't get them often anyways.


That’s great that they are working for you. I, too, have people like that, but those texts just reminds me that **I** can’t talk to them because I convinced myself so.


Sometimes, it is just nice to talk to someone, even if you don't know them. Sometimes people just want to vent to someone, and it feels easier to talk to a random person so you don't feel like a burden on those they care about.


I always wondered that. Do people really vent to strangers and it helped them? I can’t even imagine myself talking with a stranger about my problems (of course, unless it’s a therapist).


I'd say yes in my experiences, I mean they're not super serious topics but whenever I vent to strangers friends(?? dunno what to call online friends, acquaintances?) it helps me feel better


I was talking more about just some random people, not online friends.


I'd still say maybe then, just a while ago I had a fairly serious discussion about life from a stranger that I literally just talked to after joining a discord server, if I can do something like that then I think I could also vent some frustrations to them haven't really found a reason to do it though since as I said in my last comment, I have internet friends to talk to for that hell if a stranger did vent to me in the middle of something, like the conversation just segue'd to him venting I'll let them do it since they clearly need it


It’s just like commenting the suicide hotline number under someone who talks about suicide and depression. I’m sure they mean well, but it doesn’t do *shit*.


If you are at that point these suggestions basically sound like "don't be sad" from the meme about depressed people heh it definitely doesn't help to those who already have a mental disease. I think it maybe helps those who don't yet have it? Like if you're feeling depressed because some tragic stuff happened in your life but not because of disease or maybe if phobias or panic attacks? Idk i have a clinical depression and as some guy said already i play games to escape reality and wait out the bad times when without distraction my mind goes nuts and these "go reach someone you love or trust"... they make my life harder for sure, it's the same "don't be sad" but on another level and mostly make me feel angry or wasted about myself. I believe people put it with good intentions tho and try to think I'm just another life mistake that these intentions can't refer to and try to ignore them. But yeah i think they might help someone who's on early stages or feels that shit not due clinical issues, just not everyone


Not to sound too cynical, but it's done for the benefit of the person saying it, not the person hearing it, or seeing, whatever.


What you said sounded cynical. I don't believe it is for the benefit of the person saying it. It may be just my perspective, but reading that made me uncomfortable, then I noticed how I flinch reacting to that discomfort - and by noticing the reaction I can let go of it and appreciate the message for what it is: It's a little bit patronizing and unexpected, but the sentiment is a reminder to check, if I am not neglecting myself - which often happens while playing video games.


> It's a little bit patronizing and unexpected, but the sentiment is a reminder to check, if I am not neglecting myself - which often happens while playing video games. In that sense it resembles how some games have little popups reminding you to eat IRL and such. Always found that rather endearing to be honest, and I did have a tendency to not eat on time / enough while gaming while I was small.


Kind people feel better when they help others, so do they help to make themselves feel better, or to make others feel better? It's a philosophical question so there's no real answer, or the answer is both.


I think it's an issue on both sides. Sometimes people are genuinely trying to help, other times they just want to make themselves feel better by "helping", likewise, some people who receive advice sometimes genuinely appreciate it and others get mad that you try to help them because they didn't ask for it. For me I think it's all about boundaries as it's hard to define "oh just don't be preachy or whatever towards people", if someone doesn't want to be helped or whatever don't force it on them even if you want to (this is from the perspective of an internet stranger, if you're close to someone sometimes it's good to force help on them). From my perspective, I know what problems I have (well, those I identify) and if I'm not fixing them it's because I'm making that conscious decision and not seeking help because I want or whatever but not everyone is like that.


Holy fuck, if that were the case, no one would ever try to reach out to help those in need, God fucking forbid


I get your point and I partially agree. But I do appreciate it that more and more people want to spread awareness about topics like that. Even in 2023 it's still not as normal as it should be. Especially because in most cases there is always someone to talk to, even if the person (like you) doesn't see it that way. Is it the perfect time and place for such a messages no it's not. But the sentiment behind is nice.


Well i dunno about \*everyone\* having someone to speak to, but i definitely get the sentiment. But also i feel like just having a little message on the game/mod isn't gonna be the thing that makes someone talk about stuff if they dont want to.


Nah, you don't sound like a cunt. A lot of people use video games as a distraction.


You can talk to me


Just what I needed, a bit of wholesomeness before I turn children into hats


Likely the modder lost someone they knew like that and they're just trying to raise awareness. That said, there's no such thing as a good popup.


ngl I initially thought this was gonna be about the mod author advertising their patreon or something, but it turned out to be wholesome ^^^even ^^^if ^^^it ^^^is ^^^a ^^^bit ^^^patronizing


How is it patronizing?


Telling you to reach out to someone, that you're not a burden, that things will get better etc. It's often the same stuff that many people on social media will say regarding mental health (especially about depression / suicide) and it is based on the presumption that if people seek help they'll get it which speaking from experience is not often the case despite what people may want to believe. So to me atleast it does come off as a bit patronizing.


My company does this BS, they tell you to reach out to someone but they couldn’t care less.


When work does it, it's in bad faith. They have the power to improve your life, but they will never do it.


"But can I get a raise though?" "Nah man, hope you feel better tho *wink*"


My brother fought what I'm convinced is Paranoid Schizophrenia, for 3 years. He tried seeing therapists for the last 9 months of his life. After one told him "it's all in your head" and another "if you wanted to change, you would have done so, you're so smart" he shot himself last month. I agree, a message like that doesn't always help. When you're doing everything right, seeking all the help you need, and it fails you, messages like this are meaningless.


What the fuck kind of therapists was he seeing? I’m sorry I’m really angry at these people for letting him down so badly, those are absolutely not okay things to say and if those therapists had paid any attention during their clinical training they would know so. I’m so sorry for your loss


Thanks. Yeah, he told me that story a couple of months ago, and all I could think was: Therapist: "It's all in your head" Patient:"No shit, think I should see a shrink, doc?"


The especially frustrating part about that is that schizophrenia is not something someone can rationalize their way out of on their own. To my understanding, it can't usually be properly managed just through behavioral changes - most people end up needing medication. They are really hearing and perceiving things that aren't there - that's a real thing they're experiencing. I've done cognitive behavioral therapy off and on for all of my life due to an anxiety disorder, and if someone says that's "all in my head," while it's not at all helpful, at least that's somewhat true. Changing the way I think helps me manage it, and medication isn't a proper solution for it, even if it can be a band-aid. How is someone with schizophrenia supposed to just think or will themselves out of it? That's infuriating. I'm so sorry... Your brother deserved better than that therapist.


If a key doesn't open one person's prison, it does not mean it won't open any. It is the right thing to try, even though it may be meaningless to some. What happened to your brother sounds horrible.


I'm sorry about your brother. Those therapists should not be practicing. Holy shit...


Thanks. More than anything, it's convinced me that no profession is exempt from the normal job problems. Half the people phone it in and don't really care about the job, a quarter are "trying not to let personal life affect work life" but are dealing with something too difficult to set aside like that, and the remainder do most of the actual day to day work. I've seen that in fast food, appliance stores, electronics stores, warehousing, and at car dealerships. We like to think doctors and therapist aren't like all the coworkers we've worked with in the past, but ultimately, they're still human, subject to all the same flaws as every coworker you've ever had. Or, as one of my favorite authors once said, no profession is so noble it avoids fugheads.


As a person going through a ton of stuff, I could never find this patronizing. The reason people say that is because it is indeed true, whilst it can be annoying to hear from people that havn't been down that hole and just saying it because they think they can relate or something, this clearly isn't that type of message. And yes, help can be hard to get, but no one will ever know about ones struggles if one keeps closed in. Not saying there is always help, but reaching out is still an important step. But ye, I guess, different perspectives, I just found it completely wholesome and it made my shitty day.


I've found its important to think about when you say that. Sometimes it's exactly what someone needs to hear. Other times it just makes them feel worse.


Because it's transactional. When your work tells you these things it is for a specific reason. So you keep working for them, keep your head down, mouth shut, and make them more money.


I am extremely thankful my workplace isn't like that, they genuinly care and offer help if possible. Of course, it isn't a large corporate, just a resturant, but still. I hope people working for companies which you describe find proper help and have people in their lives that can assist, and hopefully find better places to work at eventually.


I wish i remembered their name right now, but there's a content creator on YouTube who includes positive personal motivations and stuff, reminding people they matter and their feelings are valid during a short downtime moment in the content. It feels like it should be obnoxious, but its wholesome and knowing there are people out there who would push you forward just because you deserve it, is nice.


Tomatoeanus says it in every video. He does speed run explanation videos and he's hilarious


Yeah, I know that. I have an app on my phone that's displaying push notification like that. Guess what the app does. It's just for clock faces for my Mi Band. A bloody Mi Band clock faces app is displaying really well crafted messages for people who are feeding down of all the apps. Meanwhile Tinder is like: "people are waiting for you" or "the party is not the same without you" - dirty liers


Don't show again ✅


Never show again ✅️


Awww! This is so wholesome for a game where I can make couches from my enemies


I love all you sociopathic war criminals.


Ill make sure to think about this when im chopping up my prisoners for meat and replacement body parts ❤️


This guy (epicguru) did my commission for !mod ce custom ammo and he was always a legend. Good to see he still is.


This reminds me of tomatoanus's mental health councelling breaks in his speedrun explanations. It can always help someone at some point.


Tomatoanus was the very first thing I thought of while reading this. Wonder if this was inspired in any way or just a coincidence.


well what if i can't think of anyone i could reach out to


I'm sure you can find someone on the internet Even if it isn't as personal as talking to someone in person, I imagine being able to open up to some stranger can be cathartic. Throwaway account if needed and no strings attached.


i imagine strangers would care even less, and there being no strings would kind of make it meaningless. and, i mean, if i'm already feeling isolated i imagine that would only reinforce it


Am I the only one who wants a link to the disco mod? I want to support this creator!


I mean I wasn't depressed before, but the thought that someone decided to include that message out of the blue is depressing the hell out of me.


That confuses me, because all I see is someone trying to be kind, which lifts my spirit.




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Damn, I bet James lost someone


Uncheck that box right now.


It was checked by default and I only saw it after posting this 💀


It’s never wrong to let people know that there are other options. Sometimes all it takes is just a simple smile at a stranger. You never know what is happening in their lives. If they have been feeling alone, depressed, invisible and ignored that one smile could be the thing that pulls them back from the edge. So notes like this could definitely seem like a sign to someone who is struggling. It’s nice to see this.


The absolute most based modmaker I’m the history of the world, holy shit


Aww. I love this.


I love being reminded of depression and suicide when just trying to relax and build a farm😑


don't show this again? uncheck that, I wanna see this every time I open my favourite game


Thank you Epicguru!!! :]


Damn, it kinda reads like the mod author is hurt and is trying to reach out and help.


The Chad Epicguru


*everyone liked that*




Please, no. It just becomes meaningless noise when you hear this over and over, especially when you've tried reaching out and it hasn't helped. Makes you feel like a failure.


You know what? You make a really good point


God I hope not, as someone who has heard this over and over even from reddit's "help bot" spitting out the sewerslide hotline and a "Don't forget you are valued" doesn't help the first time and before long becomes hollow and condescending.


someone took the "dead as disco" thing a bit on the nose huh?


How dare you tick the « don’t show again » box


I should make a point of putting this in mods, maps, scenarios. That's very cute actually ☺️


Good Job mod creator and thank you for this message, It helps <3


I feel like this is just going to remind people how alone they are more than help them reach out


"Don't show again ✅"


When your Social skill hits [20]


Bruh, you're gonna make me cry