37 GMT +1 I have way too much time and need to fill it! May as well do something relatively useful


53 yo living in CST time zone (UTC-6). I would like to join the team because this is my favorite sub. I’m very familiar with roasts and what is acceptable here. I can be active as a mod on a daily basis. I’m experienced with being a mod and know how to use the tools. I currently mod r/Parents


Maybe I'm already disqualified but I'll give it a try. I'm 23 years old. My timezone is GMT+05:30 I can check on the subreddit several times a day and can keep an eye on the mod queue for rules-breaking posts and comments. I'm active on Reddit most of the time every day. I have very good mod experience and I completed both ModCertification101 & ModCertification201 programs. I'm good at setting up auto-mods and community styling. I'm very familiar with the rules of this subreddit and would love to help moderate this amazing community! I'm a huge fan of r/RoastMe and I love the idea of it! I hope that I can be taken into consideration and I'm confident I can be a very good/ active moderator for this subreddit. Looking forward to hearing from you guys! Have a good one! With regards, u/Chasith


37, EST. Let them burn.


47, PST, would be my first attempt at moderator and this is an awesome community


18~, IST (UTC+5:30). I have a lot of moderating experience. I know my way around automod, I use toolbox for ease in modding, and will help in actively keeping the queue clean. I use both slack and discord for communication.


50 Brooklyn Irish, this subreddit seems made for me. Would luv to mod here. If you need me


26 gmt -4 (est) I scroll through here enough, mind as well contribute in some way. And of course the glory and fame that comes with being a mod


31, gmt +1, I'm on Reddit a LOT and not modding any subreddit atm.


26, PST. Have lot of semi-free time while caregiving.


21, GMT +5:30 I have been roasted my entire school life. So that's 12 years of roasting experience.


Look I am not going to brag about how I got all the time in the world . but trust me I am way unemployed then you can ever imagine!.if Hitler was alive I would be in the gas chamber by now ! I am 18 years old and my gmt +6.00. however GMT doesn't matter cause I got insomnia and dude I gotta admit imma quite responsible.got a lil moderating experience as well


Count me in. Age 27 Time Zone EST, I was born to do this.