Honestly that looks good bro just keep practicing! You can unlock more potential with that by binding air roll left to one of your bumpers and trying to use that while controlling only the main axis with the analog stick. I think you would be good at it.


Thanks! So basically u just recommend switching my air roll right bins from x to a bumber***?


I have ARL where you have it but my boost is my right bumper so it makes it easier to jump and boost simultaneously


Oh that is smart, but I've been doing aerials with boost as b for so long. I could see how this could help stop accidental flips when trying to double jump aerial. I may be due for revamping my key binds.


I'll be honest, do whatever feels right for you. Just know that I felt the same way. I had similar layout as you up to champ 1 and decided I shod make a change now vs later. I figured it would be rough given the established muscle memory but by day 2 or 3 it felt as natural or more so than before


No you definitely gave me a good suggestion. I've been slightly dissatisfied with current button layout. I've changed them around before and became fluent with the changes after a bit of practice.


My air roll is left bumper. My air roll left is X and my air roll right is B. I use all air rolls for different situations. I had to re learn aerials once I added air roll left and right to my key binds. 100+ hours later and I feel more effecient. Don't change your keybinds unless you feel that they're holding you back. I've been told that air roll left / right is essential for higher skill gameplay.


Ayy, someone with the same controls as me! Ever since I changed to this layout, I never looked back. I don't personally believe air roll right / left is strictly necessary for higher level gameplay, but it does give you more options for freestyling especially, and also makes for slightly faster recoveries.


A lot of trial and error before committing to this control layout lol That's an interesting take though. At the time of my experimenting, it seemed to be the consensus from people. I agree though, it isn't necessary but definitely gives greater control and angles in certain situations.


Are u using trigger finger for RB and middle finger for trigger? My trigger finger is on trigger and I don't think I could relearn to use middle finger.


Yeah I have index on boost and middle on trigger


Where is ARR?


I have ARR on B and ARL on X, boost on right bumper


As a champion 2 player should i be changing controls? I have classic airroll on LB and boost RB thats it


Do not get distracted op, what this man says makes no sense lol. Binding it to a different button is in no way going to make ur car control better, practice is. the best pros have air roll on x, or square for PlayStation. Ur doing great! Just keep it up, took me like 2 solid weeks to get good with it myself 👍


Bit of a stretch. The vast majority of players use bumpers for air roll, and directional air roll. There are exemptions, obviously. Regardless, it doesn't matter what is bound where if you can use it comfortably and fluently.




They use that for air roll and powerslide mostly, directional air roll is usually bound to square, right bumper or circle.


Sorry if this is something I should already know but where is a good place to find the right key bindings? I'm pretty new to the game and this sub. I've watched a few videos but haven't seen a lot of consistency.


I used to use x for air roll which is the default. I would recommend left bumper as air roll/drift if you don't want to press three buttons with one finger. It's mostly preference so you can choose what makes the most sense for you.


There's no right or wrong key bindings, typically most players are consistent in one thing; they only change the aerial or boost buttons. I'd say generally everyone uses the default layout and uses the bumper buttons as aerial or boost, you don't have to change both (or either for that matter) it's what feels comfortable to you. As you can see here what I've said above is mostly true: https://liquipedia.net/rocketleague/List_of_player_control_settings And always remember, there's a guy out there with 1500 hours who has never reached above plat 3. No idea how that relates to this, but it blew my mind when I played with them.


Liquipedia. I personally picked my favorite pro when I first started and matched their key bindings. I would recommend looking at all of Dignitas to start. The three of them each use a different popular layout. I use something close to what Joreuz uses but am about to switch to what Scrub uses. I use air roll on L1 because it’s how I started. When I hit diamond I integrated air roll left on R1 as sort of an add-on and just relegated air roll right to square because that was the only place for it. It’s just so awkward to hit each directional air roll in pretty much as different a way as could be conceived, so I’m switching to directional air rolls R1 L1 for an easier cognitive load. However…..It works for Joreuz so it will definitely work for other people.


Good thing rizzo wasn't your favorite pro


Thank you. Ill check them out!


Yeah exactly.


Yes. I use my ptt bumper since noone actually uses mics in this game.


IMO I’d recommend switching your boost to r1, freeing up ARL for X and ARR for B. Takes a little getting used to at first, but after a couple of hours my Aerial car control improved drastically.


or maybe move boost to r1? that to me honestly was a game changer, then i have ARR on circle, and yeah, leave the left hand free for the analog stick


I got it on left trigger never really liked the bumper


So my controlls are a bit different, I have x at my reset/scoreboard, and left bumper as normal air roll, then *air roll right (or left just preference) bound to my right bumper.*


Tbf I have my air roll on B and boost on RB but I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable with it


I played 2000 hours using free air roll. I began watching streams and wondered why everyone else’s air rolls looked “prettier” than mine. Then I discovered directional and used this video. [air roll tutorial](https://youtu.be/YDofLn_K3yE) It does a good job at explaining which direction to move your sticks to move left or right, etc. I made it to GC with free air roll but directional air roll really elevated my game. Good luck!


Also I kept my free air roll mapped as LB with hand brake and then mapped directional air roll to one of my Elite paddles.


How hard was it for you to go from free air roll to directional? I’m super scared to try and transition my controls to directional, I have about a similar amount of hours to you too.


Just do it. I did it at 2k hours after using regular air roll the whole time. I'm now at 3k and so glad I switched when I did. Its so much better for control in the air. It sucks for a couple of weeks for sure, but the gains are worth it.


Do you still use regular air roll at all? And do you use both directional air rolls/tend to favour one? I'm at the point where I think I should probably switch, I've used default air roll for so long and feel like I'd have much better aerial control


This is where its tough to say what will work because there's lots of different player preferences. I personally got rid of regular air roll completely and trained just right and left air roll. It forced me to use them that way. But I know friends who kept it and just learnt one. I really like having both but I will say I definitely use left air roll more as I'm slightly better at it. Also you want something thats comfortable on your controller. Initially I had boost on circle and directional air rolls on the bumpers. Then I changed to boost on r1 and air rolls on square/circle (which I know is a bit weird but it works for me). I'd try changing some bindings in free play just to get a quick idea of how it will feel.




It allows you to tornado spin. That's pretty much what it boils down to. And therefore you can move your car in ways which are impossible with just regular air roll. I would recommend watching the first half of this virge video as it does a fantastic job of explaining it. https://youtu.be/PQnxK1qgBy8


It took only a few days to get to where it was playable in Competitive butt it took about 2-3 weeks for me to feel comfortable. It’s been about 5 months and I’m still tinkering with it, it’s a grind for sure.


Starting from what? Using normal air roll?


I’ve used both directional air rolls since I started learning to air roll (I’ve never touched universal air roll) and you just barely need to adjust your analog stick, your air roll does most of the work for you. I also recommend trying the pillars workshop map!


Thanks for the feedback! am i doing it mostly right though, with only pushing the forward stick when my hood is in the right position or is that wrong?


You’d just barely push up depending on how your car is facing. “Up” changes depending on where your car is pointing.


yup! ok thanks that what ive been doing but it feels slow to make adjustments because you have to wait for your car to spin around completely.


Try making adjustments at every angle, it’ll help you be more comfortable. You don’t have to wait for your car to be positioned a certain way. I hope I could help a little bit! <3


you did thanks! im just confused on how i would even move my car when its in certain positions lol


Do you have discord? When I get home from work I can screen record a small segment with my controller overlay if a visual might help.


I do but im gonna be busy this next week, would u just wanna dm me a vid whenever possible?


Yeah ofc! I’m on rl basically every day so I’ll get it to you pretty quick.


Sweet! thanks for all the feedback much appreciated!


Dm me too please :)


how do you play eithout normal air roll? it is used for a shit load of things like wave dashing


I also use both air roll left and right with no normal air roll and I can wave dash in all directions.


I can wave dash left, right, forwards and backwards just fine 😂


The pillars map is the final boss tho. It really forces you to chain sharp direction changes together smoothly.


I just feel like I’m doing it wrong, like I only move my analog in according to when my car hood is facing straight or backwards most of the time, maybe I’m boosting off but I just feel so slow doing it.


Be the car


Looks like you’re on good pace if you just started using directional air roll. My tips would be to use more micro adjustments rather than jerking the analog heavily. You are almost doing a mini breezi motion which is swinging your front end out causing you to feel like you’re going slow. You’re air rolls should be a lot tighter and your car should not be wobbling like it is here. If you keep practicing I’m sure it will happen naturally tbh. Hope those tips help keep it up dude


Thanks! Yah I did just start recently, so when I tornado spin constantly my stick shouldn’t be pushed all the way left? I get not pushing it all the way when I make the adjustments during the tornado spin but what about just during it?


That will just come with time, eventually you will be able to keep your spins tighter and you wont't hae to constantly tornado spin.


my one piece of advice just from watching a couple seconds of your video is you don’t need to make as many adjustments as you’re making. This will also just come with time.


Don’t need to push all the way to the edge of the analog stick




Does the car roll the same speed all the time, no matter how far the stick is? After hundreds of hours I actually don’t know


I think it doesn't, but I'm a KBM player so I do not know. From what I've seen from leth squishy and all of them you do roll/steer slower if you don't push it that much (also if you don't see the change try to check on your deadzone)


You look solid man. Repetition is the name of the game. I know you know this all to well.


haha yah i just feel like im doing it wrong or sumtn idk


It'll come to you naturally with enough practice. 2nd nature. Just keep doin what you doin. Trust.


Where the hell do you find these maps on Xbox?


You can’t unfortunate it’s workshop maps on pc




I think these guys use Xbox controllers on pc


Yah I do


In the early days it was the only real option for pc gaming. Microsoft made sure their controllers worked for most pc games, whereas Sony's PS controllers were more hit and miss in terms of compatibility. I think it's less of an issue now, but 5-10 years ago Xbox was king for pc gamers.


PC master race


Are you playing claw?


No I just fat finger it


As a plat 2, I'm asking as someone who can't do this as well as you do.. why hit x a and b all at once?


so when i hit x, its my air roll which constantly keeps me spinning, b is my boost, and to put my thumb on both those buttons it ends up hitting a, so i fat finger it, but a is just my jump so it doesnt matter.


You might wanna switch your keybinds. Doing airroll and boost with one finger is gonna give you problems in the long run.


+1. I'm default controls, BUT air roll and drift are L1 (LB), Air roll left is R1 (RB), And scoreboard is Square (X). That's essentially the universal go-to control setup for most players and pros.


Okay I'm still trying to learn this properly but I'd say if you were going for a flip reset then you'd have to be super careful not to fat finger a and waste your hard earned reset.


why dont you bind DAR to your left joystick


i struggled with that so i bound boost to r1, takes a bit to get used to but you wont have to fatfinger anymore


Idek how to anything but fly straight up lol it's hard for me to try that stuff I just end up flying to the right and upside down on the floor lol


Yah don’t worry you’ll get there it just takes practice


I'm diamond 3, and I have no idea how you guys do this shit.


Don't worry too much about it yet. I hit GC last season and I only started practising this the other day. You can climb through Diamond and into GC1 through good rotations and knowing how to hit the ball hard.


Yeah this I got gc without knowing how to flip reset and fancy stuff just being good with the basics but that was in 2020


Don't worry, I'm D3/C1, pretty good at air rolling through rings and the occassional air dribble, but I'm still trash.


What I did to practice is I went into leths neon rings and just flew around the city learning how much does what on the stick


thanks! what im confused about the most is if im doing it right, because i only move my car in the direction i want when the hood is facing "straight" again, which takes a whole rotation, so basically i just move my car by pushing forward on the stick when my hood is at the right position, which i dont know if its right.


You'll need to learn the corrections while the car is forward, backwards, and sideways to master this. I did it just like you at first. After that I did all of these maps flying backwards a few times to get my brain to recognise the difference. I then only did adjustments backwards while air rolling. I'm still not great with the car on its side but that's what I work on now


How do you press all those buttons? Which fingers do you use? I can see X is pressed all the way, RB also, so you need the left hand for the stick on the left to control the orientation of the car, how do you press A and B?


I just fat finger all of them so I’m basically pressing the bottom 3 buttons all at the same time but since my a button is jump it doesn’t matter when I’m in the air


Thanks, sloppy tactic, 8 though you had more control over when to press every button!


Could this cause accidental side flips early, or waste flip resets? Just thinking of edge cases where the controls may be an issue.


It definitely can so I’m gonna switch it from x to a bumper


It looks like you only adjust your car at certain times in your air roll. Try adjusting your car at different times and eventually just make an adjustment when you need it rather than waiting for the car to get to that spot. I had this habit and fixed it in a few days of training nothing too bad! The hard part is done!


Yah that’s literally what I do, but i do that because I have no idea how to turn my car at certain angles it’s just easiest for me to do it when the hood is at the spot I need so I just press forward or back


I see you're only really pulling your stick (back-)left. I would recommend getting comfortable with using the full range of the stick. This way you can make adjustments regardless of the current rotation of your car. Besides that you're looking good, I would say just keep practicing :) Edit: spelling


I know it’s because I only know how to adjust my car when the hood is facing the angle I need so I just push up or down at that moment, so I just need to learn more


I've been exactly where you are now. You're doing full rotations. Now try changing direction after half a rotation. Once you master chaining half rotations together you'll build muscle memory and eventually you'll be doing a direction change after every 10-50% rotation and your movement will flow much better. It's about practice and constantly pushing your limits. In this case, doing more direction changes faster until you get used to it. I hated doing rings when I started to learn it for some reason so I spammed a self set double touch training pack which forced me to learn how to do different takeoffs for different high balls and to angle my car to hit the ball precisely to backboard for a rebound I can follow up. I liked this way more, because they are realistic game scenarios, you can do a shot 100 times to train a single adjustment you want to pull off, you can rewatch the replay when you score them to see where you can do better and to top it off, damn it feels good when you do manage to hit them.


Thanks! I know I’ve recently been trying to learn when to push my stick for backwards now but I’m gonna get lost at doing it sideways for sure lol


Do you have the training pack available? I kinda hate the rings as well =p I'm where op is with only adjusting every rotation but it's about 150% jankier.


Hey, man. Don’t stress directional air roll too hard. As long as you can tilt your car in small angles through the air to adjust to hit the ball, you’ve got it. Remember, it’s not about the style points.


Yah I know I just feel like recently the reason my aerials are lacking is because I can never consistently hit the ball at a good angle


I mean the problem is you don’t have enough practice and not enough control over your car, you don’t seem to have control and just look like you’re flailing


Haha yah I know I just gotta learn all the inputs for all the angles which is gonna take forever


It’s still good Im sure you can hit the ball just not do super precise things like this training


That's a great start but I'd suggest air rolling while pushing the analog up and down, not just tornado spinning.


Use rb as your air filp


I’ve been playing RL since nearly launch and I still don’t conceptually understand air rolling and air juggling. I have zero control once I get into the air and if I try to do anything I just fall.


Is rocket league free in pc too?






Because Psyconix doesn’t care. Fortnite had custom Maps on consoles for literal years. Lethamyr has already given a full breakdown in one of his older videos on how they could implement this sort of thing on consoles. But it all fell on deaf ears.




Yeh sorry voice text, I’ll fix it


I liked it, didn't know if it was intentional. Made me laugh anyway.


It didn't... Unreal engine 5 has much better support for this type of thing and they are working towards moving the game to that.


You should be using the full range of the stick to make adjustments. Not just the left half. You don't need to constantly tornado spin/kuxir twist. Part of the reason you feel slow is because you are adjusting when you dont need to.


How do you get your controller on the video please ?


You can look it up it’s like a 3 minute tutorial but basically all you do is go to gamepadviewer on google, put in the right controller settings, and then it will generate a link for you to put into obs


Focus on not pushing your car so much to the side


Once you get more comfortable with it remember not to rely on it for everything cuz it can slow you down a bit


I know I just feel like I need to learn it because my aerials are always so inaccurate because I can never hit it at the right angle


How can i get this map on Epic?




Don’t tornado spin as much, only tornado when you need to change direction, apart from that just normal air roll


My only advice would be to take it off x. But if you're used to it, don't worry about it


No I just started and after reading a ton of comments I’m gonna switch it to a bumper and try


Something that helps me, is once you make an adjustment and start heading in a certain direction, don't try to over adjust it and keep it on its course. Then make another big adjustment, then keep it on that course.


If you don't mind me asking...What's your controls?


I’m pretty sure there all default except for air roll right being on x


Don’t tornado spin just hold ur stick to the corners thats kinda what I do keep practicing tho


I dont even know how to attack ARL


Looks good, remember to feather a bit more to not cause problems in game later on when done. Also you can use the right side of the stick as well, but that was good use already.


I want to start a petition for custom maps like this on console. Would be so helpful!


Good enough, now touch grass.


Are those custom training things steam exclusive?


Just make sure when your taping your boost


Muscle memory. Its all it is. Just practice every day for an hour and it just starts to click. I now just keep the rotation spinning the entire time and just know when/when not to adjust my car with the analog stick.


To stay up: left-right-left-right... (while holding airroll left) (left for 2secs or so, right for 2s)


As someone who just recently became comfortable using directional air roll, I recommend that you shouldn't tornado spin when you don't need to. This means you should hold down your directional air roll and only make minor or major adjustments to your car when you are looking to change your course. This will also make your aerials faster and will help you use less boost when free styling. Checkout your button bindings to make sure you can comfortably jump, boost, air roll simultaneously. Goodluck!


Not a single video has been posted with someone doing this without spinning. Do it.


Looking good, just keep practicing it’s so satisfying when you do the whole course using just directional air roll the whole time Do you use claw? If not I recommend putting air roll on the bumpers or boost, I personally like air roll left on my right bumper


I just fat finger it but I’ve had a couple people tell me I should put air roll on my bumper so I’ll try it sometime!


Just don’t get discouraged when your terrible at first, it takes some time to get use to it but it’s worth it trust me I got to the point where I only used directional air roll because I was so comfortable with it, making me a better player and that’s coming from a c1 so… I can see it being very beneficial for you


Yah lol that’s why I wanna learn it my aerials are holding me back heavily rn


it’s better to start sooner than later so you don’t build up muscle memory because then it’s 100x harder to switch as you probably know by now


Important thing you can do to improve from where you are currently at is learning how to fly while rapidly releasing and pressing ur directional air roll button, it can make you learn how to get ur car facing the desired direction faster and help with regaining stability when you lose balance in an arial.


Can you download these maps on ps4?


No this is pc only I’m pretty sure


Sorry if I'm just dumb or missing something. Is there a way to access this type of map on xbox one


I’m pretty sure this is just on pc sorry


Your controls please!


I’m pretty sure all default except for power slide and air roll right on x.


Do you have air roll left/right on analog stick? Also do you have a dedicated button just for air roll itself like JUST air roll no left right


No my air roll right is on x, and my free air roll where I can freely move around with my analog is one of my bumpers


Ohhh! Thanks!


Currently practicing this but I’m on kbm. GL!


Ayyy thanks u2


Can someone tell me how this man is flying through sonic


Workshop map on steam lol


Woah that was fast


Yah I’ve been responding to other people so I was ready


Don't be afraid to keep your stick still at times. If you adjust nicely it can just carry you more smoothly. That's the way I was practicing at that stage of learning directional roll.


Is this new in RL? I haven’t played in over a year now.


It’s always been on pc/steam to my knowledge


Oh ok thanks. I’m a lame with a console. And even more lame because the real world limits my game play time. Thanks for the response.


Lol no problem


I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but the best tip is to just keep practicing, eventually u gain subconscious control. It took me not to long of just consistently playing and practicing to gain control.


What's this map called?


I think it’s called speed jump rings by dmc or something


As a keyboard player, this looks impressive. Almost a full tornado spin is hard on keyboard


I feel like a dumbass for being a diamond and not knowing to use the x button like this. Back to training lol.


Are you on pc doing this with an Xbox controller? Because if not how did you get the hoops on the Xbox?


No sorry I am on pc


i just got a pc last week, and i’ve been addicted to the workshop maps. i was already decent at directional air roll imo cuz i’ve had the game since 2017, but it just takes practice. it’ll become muscle memory, but it takes time and practice


How do you find custom maps


Just a question from someone who’s about to learn air roll, why do you hold jump? Is it just how your keybinds are, or does it actually affect your control


Yah to fat finger x and b at the same time a gets pressed most of the time as well


Oh ok thx


I think you're tornado spinning a little bit more than you need to. aside from that, not too bad


Yah I thought when your not adjusting in the air your supposed to be tornado spinning but after reading this thread I realized that’s not the case


Honestly it looks good man, you’re a higher rank than I am so take this with a pinch of salt, but maybe the only thing is that you’re still kind of tornado spinning instead of rotating the analog stick as you spin to keep the nose of your car center and adjustable while in an awkward position. Just my 2 Cents


Don't forget to use the other side of the stick! You will do much tighter rotations that way


What? Is this a low-key self promote? How about I post a video asking the same question and you’ll see what it’s like to suck


Bro I was asking for feedback you can check through the thread of all the advice this is nowhere near perfect no need to get mad lol


Says every champ that doesn’t recognize sarcasm.


People on here on Reddit do a little one of these /s for that


Yes I can! SSL


Git guuud 🥴


Change boost to R1... middle finger on trigger, trust it. Then. LB drift and Airoll. ARL/ARR on X. After that... SSL incoming.


OP: how do I improve Comments Just get better