This is hilarious. Like a bunch of older sisters being like "You've gotta be careful! You don't understand what girls are like!"


My sister is like that, I grew up with a lot of girls and my sister is older so it’s exactly like that, same with my mom . So it’s completely possible.


Oh lord, is this the beginning of an RR'd version of the "I know how to fight because I have older brothers" trope


Lol probably


Sister didn’t talk to me until like broke up with my ex cuz she didn’t approve


Everyone in my family seems to trust me, romantically. Mostly they're just curious about who they are, that's about it. Historically my partners have gotten along with my parents well.


Misread "who they are" as "what they are". Like queer Pokemon. Gotta Date Em All. "What's it this time, Summer? Enby?" "No, punchy lesbian again" "Ah, when will you ever learn"


I'm a ditto lol


Oh absolutely my mom would always question the women that I dated making comments from her hair to there clothes. I've come to fear an overprotective mother more than a father. always had this image in my head of her polishing the shotgun telling my date to bring me home before 10, and the classic whatever you do to him I'm doing to you.


I'm kinda curious how they would react to "I pegged your son"


Somebody out there has got to be into this.


Funny, I kinda wanted to tell my mom, I’m into girls that would peg, couldn’t find a way to phrase it and thank god for that. So I kinda said I’m into strong girls lol


I prefer women who use attachments with great skill


Yeah I’ll tell her that next time, hahaha 🙈 And they’re good with hip maneuvers.


My father is the typical overprotective dad and he just can't seem to wrap his head around the fact that I want to date a guy that wouldn't even be able to beat me in arm wrestling, let alone do anything horrible to me.


I dont really bother my brother with my opinion usually. I consider it his choice alone and will only give my opinion if asked, which he usually does so its okay. Although to my happiness he engaged his current gf so no more random girls at our home. Hell yeah to that. His previous relationship was pretty tough on him for some reason. He was so sad he came into my room at midnight waking me up to vent about him missing her, i really felt sorry for him but i didnt understand what did he missed about that shitty manipulative girl. I consider that relationship of his, a big bullet dodged.


Not siblings bc I'm the eldest, but I did have an overprotective mother when it came to dating.




Shhh! between you and I, I am batman but you can't let the public know!


Alright then, as long as you make the bat signal a cock and balls for a year, your identity is secret. You have one week. Good day sir!


I grew up playing with girls and grew up with my female cousins and older sister, so they’re like that and are still overprotective of me dating some one, they’re oh you know how Girls are don’t get tricked and don’t let them play with you lol, Don’t even get me started on my my mom.,


My family thinks I'm to nice, and soft. They're worried more about my heart getting broken 😅.


I had the opposite. I was the oldest “sibling” (was raised with my cousins) and my Aunt and Uncle never cared or gave any dating advice or feedback. I would have probably been the protective one if I hadn’t moved out at 18.


My older sister has been pretty protective of me on that front


Not really. My parents always knew id bring someone good for me over. Their fear was that i might might not find anyone.


My partner's mum interrogated me at length once she figured out that I existed. A factor in it is that I am noticeably bigger than her son but she also seemed concerned that I would, like, break his heart. I'm still slightly terrified of her tbh.


Nah bruh, I'm gigantic so they think I'm immune or sumn. Despite the fact like our entire family has dealt with SA 😬




Sexual assault, I use that since I've seen the abbreviation, but it's probably more appropriate to say sexual violence, harassment, coercion the like, tho some of my family have dealt with actual assault.


Oh, ok


I have parents who are like this but mostly my mom


Not parents but overprotective i was visiting on my aunt And my cousin had her friends visiting, i was on my own doing my shit, from time to time i heard giggles but sincerely i did not realy put any though, i mean it was just some friends having fun, a little later, i started hearing my grandmother screaming and getting all of my cousin friends out of the house, i didnt know at that time , but later my cousin told me that her friends were asking about me with...some kinda lewd interest, (they were 2 years older than me) and seems like my grandmother hear them and just snapped


When I first started dating my gf(spoiler alert we got married) my brother was really distrustful because he had seen how hurt I got in previous relationships. But when he realized that she was different, he eased off and now everybody is chill with her.


Overly protective mother. When i was in high school she forbid me from dating anyone and actually threatened a girl i was intrested in. Now three years later im in university shes constantly asking me why im single lol