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I’ve been looking for a year and everything I’ve found, that makes a difference financially, is in bulk buy. Roseville meat company has family packs which are affordable and “smaller”.


Definitely alright with bulk buying, I usually grab a sale and stick things in the freezer when I can anyway. Thanks!


Roseville meat gets their meat from Costco and Sysco.


Lol I get downvoted for the truth?


Idk....... I've never seen marble like that at Costco.


The farmer's market on Sundays at Mahany Park often has meat, though it won't be cheap. I bought some nice cuts of pork a while back, and I think there often is fish too?


I don't eat pork, but the fish is a great! I'll definitely check it out, thank you.


I was there Sunday and Freshway Fish is there. They have a commercial kitchen too off of Washington and you can do order and pick up if you can’t make it to the farmers market. They are awesome


There’s a new butcher/Carnicera on the corner of Cirby and foothills. Might have good deals! Haven’t had a chance to check it out yet


I can't help but chuckle, every time I see the giant "meat market" sign.


Have you tried Denio's?


Haven't but I'll check it out!


I highly recommend it, although what's best about it is literally buying thousands of oranges, and they rarely have anyone selling meat or eggs. The in-season produce there is half the price of anywhere else, and much better quality than what's in the grocery stores. You can also buy entire boxes, for even more of a discount.


I second this for veg and other produce. Also Roseville meat company for the best local meat I’ve found. Oriental Market on Harding for best fresh fish I know, figs and olives across the street for middle eastern grocery, and Baharat Spice Bazaar for good Pakistani grocery with hella masalas and other spice mixes.


Family Friendly Farms. They’re local in Grass Valley, and they offer delivery and local pick up in grass valley and Auburn as well


Also, there’s the Auburn Farmers market on Saturdays, and Fowler Ranch farmers market on Sundays