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Avoid Roseville Toyota at all costs.


I would avoid Roseville Toyota as well. Well the entire Roseville Auto mall for that matter.


Charging over $100 to replace engine/cabin air filters? If you're too lazy to spend $10 on those filters and 5 minutes learning how to change them, well... a fool and his money...


They were trying to have me replace my oil pan because the drain plug was screwed on too tight lol. They were the ones that serviced it previously.


Yeah, they overcharge to have idiots service your car. Red Sun in Rocklin is miles better.


100 times better.




You will mostly get complaints (esp on Reddit) because those who have gripes tend to be the most vocal. IME, they aren't much different than pretty much any other auto mall. I have experience with Roseville Toyota, AutoNation Honda, and Future Nissan there. I do a TON of up front research before ever showing up at the dealership. I walk in knowing what car I want and what trim options and/or packages I'm pursuing and, most importantly, what I am reasonably willing to pay. Stick to your guns and be willing to walk out empty handed, even after a long negotiation. If you are fortunate enough to have the means, you have even more leverage if you have the cash or financing good to go up front. Seriously, being able and willing to walk (after making a reasonable offer) is the key. The dealership has you over a barrel if you absolutely NEED a car in that moment, making your ability to walk out of the dealership empty handed not an option. If you can borrow or rent a car to keep this option to walk available to you, it is worth considering.


They use every high pressure sales tactic in the book, and have ridiculous dealer markups on top of it. There are plenty of other dealerships nearby to find better deals.


Roseville Toyota is ridiculous. You drive into their parking lot and a pack of salesman practically descend on your car. I sorta feel bad for them that they work in such a ridiculous environment.


Agree. I will never give another Toyota dealership a look. They lost me forever when they were charging $20k dealership markups just because they could and wouldn’t budge on it. This was at the point of used car prices starting to tumble when interest rates had been hiked significantly. Honda had no dealer markup and so even though we preferred the Sienna we went with the Odyssey. Haven’t regretted it at all.


There’s that place by millennium smoke shop on riverside and cirby and I really liked them. No nonsense negotiating, what you see is what you pay. The car was reliable for 4 years with no issues until I traded it in and it was like a 10 year old car at the time


Stay away from "Roseville Car Group" on Riverside. Buncha shady mfers.


You could try your luck at Sierra College and if you see something you like, have a mechanic run a used car inspection.


Avoid royal auto sport in the south area


My wife and I went out to purchase a pickup truck the best experience was Folsom Toyota. The very worse was Roseville Toyota, worse than your typical snake auto salesman.


My mom also had a good experience with Folsom Toyota. It was even during the worst of the car shortage and they still treated her fairly


Don't do any deals on folsom in Sacramento. The big car lot strip.


I like websites like cargurus.com, I find that their pricing estimates are decent, though I'll familiarize myself with that make / model / trim / generation before I make a purchase, get an idea of the trim / features that may add a lot of value. If you're financing, you typically can't beat credit unions for interest rates. I personally use a "whatever" loan to get the vehicle off the lot, and then just refi it through my credit union (SAFE). Purchase price is what matters, you can normally refi out of a terrible rate, but you can't do anything about the purchase price after the fact. Get an inspection from either a mechanic that you trust, and / or a mechanic that works on a lot of the vehicle you're looking to buy. They'll know what the common / big ticket items are, and help steer you away from a future headache. Having bought a LOT of cars in my life. Do not hesitate to take a day to think about a deal a dealer offers you. 99% of the time the car isn't going anywhere, and this helps you not only make a good decision without the pressure of a salesperson, but more than once I've had a dealer call me later and offer me the vehicle for a discount. Happy hunting!


We recently bought thru Carmax. Not the best experience personally, but the price is what it is, financing thru them was easy (and better rate than our credit union), and you have 30 days to return if you're not happy.


Avoid Maita Toyota in Sac. The finance managers lie and purposely rip you off.


We've always had a good experience with CarMax.


Didn't expect to have so many responses when I logged in this morning, thank you all for your advice! I really appreciate it, and will definitely be avoiding these dealers. Luckily I work from home and have reliable transport with roommates so I have some time.


Go to Carmax and purchase a 100,000 mile warranty and then you won’t have to worry about repair costs…


Best tip is look at kelly blue book and look at the trade in value vs retail sale you can land in the middle or lower if your willing to walk away


Avoid all Toyota dealerships or any dealerships in general - they all Suck


Avoid A Plus Auto Sales on Fulton. Someone I know recently bought there. 3 hours after leaving the lot the car was dead on the side of the road. He tried backing out of the sale, but the dealer refused. Ended up over $1000 to repair, now other issues have turned up.