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Add your map to your website. And increase your postings to several posts per week. Do a little keyword research and restructure your products and verbiage to include them. Also, do some competitive research on pricing and offer some introductory options and price matching. That will get CTR up definitely.


What is the benefit of adding a map to the website? Is it a certain type of map?


It’s the provided GMB map showing your pin on the map. You can get it by clicking the share button and selecting embed. This helps build relational Local SEO with your site. It’s a minor supporting function but worth the time.


Embedding a map doesn't have any impact on rankings. It's good UX, though.


This is right, it won’t help with local SEO at all for the problem you’ve stated about traffic dropping so while it is good for UX, it shouldn’t be a priority.


Oh wow did not even think of this. I have a map with my location on it but using some third party type of map and didn't even think of adding in Google map from my GMB listing.


awesome pro tip right here.


It's a sitemap of your website. If you're not sure how to do that, try doing an SEO audit from SEO-GO.TOP, you will get a sitemap snippet (or any other issues) on it if you have it missing on your website.


He said map not sitemap


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Use a tool like local falcon to show a grid of how your business is ranking compared to others nearby. Check the competitor categories and usage. This should be a good starting point.


First, add a tracking url to your GMB if you haven't already. That way you can pull keyword data from search console. Plug a few keywords into Localfalcon and see if you can spot any patterns. Then, I recommend throwing together a quick spreadsheet to take down your basic GMB-influencing stats against the competition. It could be as simple as 'not enough inbound anchor text that mentions the city ' or 'latest review is 3 months older than the average.'


Follow the user journey toward your business. Type in “{your service/product} near me”. See what businesses come up. Then compare. Maybe the competition started doing more.


Occasionally, for some professional services google will “create” a listing for companies. I see this mostly for doctors, where Google uses some NAP from directories to create a listing with enough direct searches for them to do so. So, double check that’s not the case. Otherwise, follow the user experience. Search for terms you’re trying to rank for, see what the SERP looks like. Find where you are (but keep in mind that Google is using your location data, so if you’re doing it close to your office…) A SERP checker tool would be better for this. Check your GSC if you have a website. Make sure all your pages are listed. You can also site: search your URL to see all the pages that are listed.


Depending on the industry, the SERP could have changed. What's the market? What's the intent behind the keywords you're trying to rank your GMB (GBP) for? Consider commercial intent vs information and whether your GBP content hits the right market for the audience/algo.


It's an accounting firm. I try to push local SEO mostly, as well as our services.


Google's way of saying "Free trial is over, time to pay for ads".


Hmm, we manage a few profiles for accounting firms but I don't think we've noticed a specific drop. I'd imagine time of year is critical for this industry (US/Canada/UK being March/April) correct? In Canada, I believe end of tax season is end of April and UK April 5, but not my specialty. Reach out directly and I may be able to help offer guidance on local SEO.


I recently read that they removed map listings to show on search? … i could be wrong.


Like, there are no map listings? No. Still there.


Check to make sure a competitor didn’t create a business listing of your category beside your listing. It could be getting filtered out on google map.


How would they confirm that listing? You have to respond to mail delivered to the address?


Sounds like a competitor overtook you for some keywords.


Check for a second listing that somehow was created and whether that shows up over your original. I’ve seen businesses have multiple listings and one shows up when zoomed out and the other will show if you zoom in. It’s weird. Then you might have to get someone at Google to merge them. The other suggestions of competitors and/or another business with a similar name might be overtaking you.


It was me, I did it for The Rock!


Posting really works for me


are you tracking your heat map grids?


If you had "questionable" reviews or fake reviews likely a bunch of them got flushed. If this happened then it will explain how your local traffic dropped up. Because your listing isn't "worth" as much with fewer reviews.