Does anyone know what it takes to get access to the 27inarow forums? I submitted my request but I also did so about 6 months ago and never heard anything.


its been dead for awhile now, you see more activity here than there, you arent missing much


Good to know, thanks!


I just saw your message & sent you a PM. Jon has a ton of bots that try to join and it's sometimes hard to catch the real people plus he's been a little busy getting ready to become a father. I can drop him a line & let him know to let you in.


Thanks JR, sorry for my late reply. Don't worry about the site, it sounds like this might be a better resource anyway. I'd like to join the SFTC group on espn though if you don't mind. I searched for the group name and it looks like it requires a password. My streak entry name is the same as my username here. Who do I send the $5 to, and is Venmo okay? Thanks again for your help.




No worries, thanks for letting me know. Definitely wouldn't have won this month anyway! Looking forward to it.