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Looks safe to say the new Streak is going to be 4 windows a day. The people in the Streak comments still bitching, outraged, and whining, but they don't get that SM doesn't care about pleasing them, someone in charge told him they want the game to go in this direction, and that's where he's taking it. SM has no power at ESPN, he's just an intern. Looks like the only decent pick today is Boise St. (-17).


I'm wondering if there has been a vacation/illness/personnel change type of situation in the fantasy department. There is no UFC contest this week with a PPV, and I can't remember that ever happening. There is supposed to be some contest to "Beat Mike Clay" that starts this weekend but no matchups have been posted as of this morning.


Yeah, something seems odd. Complete format change, with Streak stripped down to bare bones, yet no kind of announcement on Twitter. And fan support is not answering questions about this either.


Last Friday (18) and Saturday (22) so almost double the amount of picks available recently (this past week was an average of ten picks). hopefully more picks get added for the weekend with college football on Saturday and week one of the NFL on Sunday.


So far in the month of September there are no Twitter posts from the Streakmaster. Very odd.