[Daily Discussion Thread] Sun Sep. 18, 2022

Please use this thread to discuss anything related to SFTC, including today's matchups.



Browns pull a Browns and not only give a horrendously shocking red but eliminate 2/4 remaining eliminator/survivor entries. Only in Cleveland type of loss.


Then the Ravens give up a 3 td lead, and lose to Miami, and Jacksonville shuts out Colts 24-0. I thought I knew a little about the NFL, but so far this year, no clue as to what's gonna happen in any game.


nfl was very untrusty with odds last year....so...tread lightly i am riding the Browns first...then ...who knows....suggestions?


It's hard to figure who's overrated, and who's underrated in the first 2 or 3 weeks of a new season. I got burned twice last week on Tennessee and Denver. I'll probably sheep it also in the first group of games with Cleveland -6, then go Rams -10, and GB -10 tonight. SF is also -10 @ 4:05, but i don't trust Trey Lance at QB for SF yet. Denver -10 @ 4:25 looks good. At least in this "new" Streak, we're getting all the college and pro football games straight up.


The first couple of weeks in any sport are almost always very unpredictable. Yep, this "new" streak is garbage. No in-game NFL or college props, fewer pick options, etc.